all these doctor visits are causing my anxiety level to shoot through the roof. They don't seem to understand that i am not normally high strung, nervous, and jittery on a daily basis. In truth, I am actually quite the opposite. I am normally laid back, and calm. these doctors just seem to want to give me all of these stress tests. I am not a stressed out person, but what can i do? I have never been a very calm person in the hospital... I have had too many bad incidints happen, that cause be to become extreamly cautious and weary of doctors.
just recently, medicaid has cut me off of the benefits, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PREGNANCY!!!! and you know what my case worker said??!!! she told me
"it is our new management policy, we are trying to get everyone off of medicaid, and on their own two feet. We are also not getting all of the funding that we used to as well"... ISN'T THAT A LOAD OF CRAP??? not to diss you President Bush lovers, but he signed that paper that allowed that cut. SO SCREW YOU TO BUSH!
How am I supposed to "get on my own feet" when insurance company's will not accept and cover maternity, in the middle of your pregnancy. (not to mention, they make you wait a mininum of 2 months to tell you this)... and with out the insurance, my doctor bill is $385.00 a visit. Do they not take into consideration Rent, car, and other bills. [those who live on their own know what i am talking about].
I am able to pay all of my bills, but with this added bill [not counting the one after delivery!] It may put me under, and/or I will have nothing saved for when the baby does finally come!!!!
---some one tell me that i am not in a perdiciment--
and my biggest pet peave is not all of this.
It is everyone who think they know everything, and how your pregnancy is going to go, just because they had a kid (or 4) of their own. Not to down anyone that did. buit just because you had a certian symptom of your own, don't mean the next sally will.
Everyone keeps telling me how i am GOING to have morning sickness,
NOT GOING to be able to stay concious during birth. GOING to have a terrible summer, b/c it is so hot. But so far, no morning sickness, and a great summer!!!!
all of this is so overwhelming already, i don't need people telling me things over and over again!!!! [and then blame my crankiness on the pregnancy] i would have been annoyed with them anyhow, and was, but they never paid attention, and now that i am pregnant, they notice....

-Ladies, don't let people tell you that you are becoming annoyed or irritated with a certain person because you are pregnant.
-It is because they are annoying and irritating in the first place, but because you are pregnant they want to leave you alone that much less, which gets on your nerves that much more!!!!

at anytime, if anyone knows what i am going through, it would help me cope that much better knowing that I am not alone.
I am a first time mom, and it is too much...

Oh yeah one more thing, what is with people that you 1. don't know, 2. don't like, and or didn't like you in the first place. and 3. people you don't want to...
touching your belly without asking? that is rude and an invasion of your personal space and privacy. And then they get all offended when you tell them to back out of your space, because it is uncomfortable.


sorry for all the venting, but i really needed to get this off of my chest.

Tbird mama