Due February

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Due February

well, i decided that i was going to start writting my journal becauese i'm so forgetfull.........

Anywas I found out i was pregnant last week on June 15, 2006. I was very excited because me and my husband have been trying for about 4 years now. Well let me start from the begining Earlier this year I found out that I have pcos and that it will take me longer to get pregnant than it usually would. So my doctor but me on Provera to bring my period. And then on my second month he gave me Clomid 50mg, for days 5-9.

So during that time after I took the clomid I was cramping But no AF, so I finally decided to take a HPT and it was positive but very faint, so I waited for that night and took one more and it was a little darker. So i bought the clear Blue Digital and BOOM PREGNANT. I waited for my husband to come home and took another one. Again positive, I was so excited, I told my mom and sister and they managed to tell everyone else. My husband also told his mom and siter and the same thing happened. Well Iam 5 weeks 4 days today.

This morning When I went to the bathroom and wiped i had very little light pink blood. Very Very little and very light. I m very concerned called the nurse and she said i have to go in and get some blood tests. and i might get a sonogram on monday.

so hopefuly its nothing