Expecting our 2nd little miracle!

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Expecting our 2nd little miracle!


We're pregnant!!!!:yahoo:

I'm so nervous to start another journal so early in the pregnancy, given our history with m/c, but I'm also so excited because I have a very good feeling about this one!

This pregnancy involved 6 rounds of clomid (50mg), and we were just about to go see the doc about "other options" when we got our BFP. Before starting the clomid, we went through a battery of tests but didn't come up with any conclusive reason for our recurring m/c's. The doc said that often in cases like ours, just the act of monitoring the pregnancy from day one (rather than from the beginning of the 2nd trimester) increases the odds of a successful pregnancy. I won't complain.

I got the first BFP on 12dpo, which was Wed Nov 10th.
Based on when I believe I ovulated (Fri Oct 29th), my EDD is July 23, 2011.

I had my beta's checked at 4 weeks (393) and 5 weeks (? 5800 I think). The nurse at the fertility clinic said the increase was good, and booked me in for an u/s for this Fri (Dec 3rd). I've booked the day off & am bringing both DH and my mom - hopefully we'll see a heartbeat!!! I'll be just shy of 7 weeks by then. They said I don't need to drink all that water because it will be an internal u/s, which is good (to not need a full bladder) and bad all at the same time. But apparently it will be my doc that will be performing the u/s, rather than some random tech like for my previous pg's, so at least that part is good. She's already checked my uterus & tube openings with a scope - I'm sure this will be even quicker/easier than that was.

I do have a few symptoms. Heartburn started a couple days before the BFP, I have REALLY sore boobs, and I'm nauseous on & off. I have some cravings, mostly for thick milk or milkshakes, and pineapple (especially dried). I'm a little constipated, which is common for me in the first trimester. I'm trying to drink as much water as I can, but it feels like I'm always so dehydrated. Oh, and I'm super tired. I want a nap every few hours. That really doesn't go well with working full time!

Best thing about this pregnancy so far: no spotting!!! Not since 14dpo that is. This is the first time I haven't had any spotting, and I'm so happy about it. (Touch wood!)

A day or two before my BFP, I had just woken up & got in the shower, and thought to myself "Gee, it would sure be nice if I got a BFP this month because it would land up being a girl". ??? No idea why that came into my head, and I remember thinking how weird that is, but I just had this feeling that it would be. Sure enough, I get the BFP, and I STILL feel very strongly that it's going to be a girl. I can't wait to find out if I'm right! Don't get me wrong - I'll be just as happy if it's a boy. It's just weird that I feel so strongly that it's going to be a girl. DH is happy with that b/c he's been hoping for a girl so that we'll have one of each. I keep telling him that either way we're going to have another one, so it really doesn't matter. Blum 3

DH & I have had a favourite girl's name picked out for a while now: Evelynn Jade. However, I've just changed my mind & trying to convince DH that Emlynn would be nicer, especially since it's less common (which we see as a good thing). We could call her Emmy for short. He hasn't disagreed, so I've got my fingers crossed.

I'm suppose to be my friend's maid of honor a week before my EDD. I figure I can get a dress custom-made, so I'm not so worried about that, but the wedding is taking place out of town. It's probably about a 4 hour drive from home. Given that my son was so sick when he was born (without a known cause - they theorize that he may have had a stroke inutero), and because of all our fertility issues, we've decided to have this one at a specific hospital that specializes in these sorts of things. We'd have to drive all the way to there if I were to go into labour. I'm sure we'll know more when the time comes, but I'll definitely have to get my doc's approval before I go. But I REALLY, REALLY want to go!

I did work right up until my due date when I had my son (I finished work on the Fri, went into labour on the Mon, and then had him early Tues morning), and I was fine. Also, he was born on his due date, so I figure I shouldn't be early this time around. I guess we really have no way of knowing right now though.

DS is 3 now, and will be a few months shy of his 4th bday when this one comes. He's already so good with other kids - including babies - so I can totally picture him being the best big brother ever! I know he's going to have troubles with me not being able to carry him when I get too big/tired though. But I think he'll have fun once he gets to feel the baby kick & whatnot. I'm so excited!

That's all I've got for now. I figure I'll update this journal every week or so, but maybe I'll post my u/s results on Fri. Then I've got a full weekend packed with xmas activities. Smile

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Well, we have our first u/s on Fri, and we found a heartbeat!!! :wootjump:
It was 150bpm, and baby measured 1.26cm. That upped our EDD by 6 days, so now we're looking at July 17th. That's the day after my birthday! Awesome birthday present, but now I'm almost definitely not going to be able to go to my friend's wedding. Bummer. Sad

The doc was great, as usual, and gave us a printout of the ultrasound. When we were looking at the baby (who more or less resembles a tadpole at the moment), we even saw a little wiggle. It was incredible! Biggrin I would have posted the u/s pic here, but I couldn't figure out how to get it uploaded. I think it's gonna have to wait until I have some time at home to mess around with it.

When we were leaving the doc's office, DH posted "Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump..." on FB & Twitter. After that, most people had an idea of what was going on. We went over to my bro's house for coffee on Sun in order to tell them, and then posted the u/s pic on FB. I do have some colleagues on FB, so the cat is definitely out of the bag now. News like that spreads like wild fire around here! lol...

I keep going between not being able to eat anything, to wanting to eat everything in sight. Otherwise just the same symptoms as before. I would love to just stay home and sleep for the next few weeks. I have barely any energy whatsoever, and am having a lot of difficulty concentrating at work. I'm trying though.

Xmas is coming up quickly. Lots to do... and so much to be excited about!

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My next ultrasound is tomorrow and I can't wait! I'm still feeling very tender & swollen, which is a nice constant reminder that I really am pregnant. Yay!

I'm still quite nauseous a lot of the time, but haven't been sick at all. I've been eating a lot of bland foods, and craving dairy & citrus. I need to work harder at drinking a lot of water because I'm still feeling dehydrated. And I'm still really tired all the time.

I was thinking this morning & realized that it won't be too much longer until I reach the second trimester! Especially since time is going by so fast right now, between work, friends, and xmas. LOTS of stuff to do.

People at work generally know now, although there are some that are still a little surprised when I mention it. I'm at that awkward stage where I just look like I'm putting on weight, but nothing that obviously indicates that I'm pregnant. Luckily it's been really cold, so I get to wear sweaters & whatnot that cover it up a bit - not because I'm worried about people knowing I'm pregnant, but moreso because I'm feeling self conscious about them thinking I'm just getting fat. I'll feel better once I've got a big baby belly to show off. Biggrin

My friends, family & colleagues are all excited for me too, which is so nice. DH has already given my tummy hugs :love1: and one of my friends says she wants to follow me around until the baby comes so she can see what it's like to be pregnant without actually doing so... Lol And my mom can barely contain her excitement, as usual (which I really love about her).

I can't wait until I can feel the baby kick. That was my favourite part with DS. I'm just so excited & happy!!!

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Well, I'm long overdue for an update! Everything has been going great, but it seems like life just won't slow down. The holidays were fantastic (and Arland was so spoiled!) and now we're trying to get back into the groove of things.

My second ultrasound, which feels like so long ago now, went great! The baby looked far more like a regular baby, and did a little wiggling for us. Smile Good, strong heartbeat, and the growth was right on track. The doc had no concerns, and so she advised to go see my family doc who can refer me to my OB. I did that, and since there's a wait for my OB, my family doc will do the first visit. She's sending me in for the regular bloodwork, and then I go back & see her Jan 31th for the first exam. My first appt with my OB is scheduled for Feb 24th. I'm very excited!!!

I'm feeling great, considering. Still a little tired, but it's picking up a bit now. And my joints have been really loose & a little sore, especially in the hips. Very little nausea, and no real other complaints. The only concern right now is getting in enough fluids. I've been trying to drink more water, but it seems like my mouth is constantly dry. My blood pressure is a little on the low side right now so my family doc said that fluids are important for that, too.

Arland doesn't quite understand what's going on yet, I don't think, but I've been pointing to my belly & telling him that there's a baby in there. When I first tested him & asked "Where's the baby?" he went over to the back door & pointed out the window toward the backyard, lol. But this morning I asked him again & he pointed at my belly right away. He even said "Good morning baby" to my belly when I prompted him. And a couple days ago he gave the baby a hug by wrapping his arms around my belly. He's gonna be such a great big brother!

I'm now leaning toward the name Evalee Jade if it's a girl. Ryan really wants to call her Evee (not sure of the spelling of that yet... maybe Evie? or Evey?) rather than Emmy. And I like Evalee a little better than Evelynn - mostly just because it's more rare, but I also think it just sounds so lovely & sweet. Still working on Ryan though, so we'll see.

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We had an ultrasound this morning, and it was great!!! The tech isn't allowed to tell us what the gender is, but if we ask for them to determine it then they will try to & send the results to the doctor, which takes about a week. However, she let me watch the screen for the entire time and paused long enough for me to see for myself when she got a good view. I'm pretty sure it's a little girl! :sleepygirl:

We'll have to wait to see my doc in a week or so to know for sure, but the tech said she was confident that the image she was sending was really clear. Biggrin

The heartbeat was 154bpm, which is consistent with any of the other appointments we've had. Baby is approximately 12 ounces right now, and her foot is about 1.5 inches long! The tech got some really good photos, which I'm hoping to post as soon as I get a chance to figure out how.

I'm sooooo excited!!! Seeing my baby on the ultrasound just makes everything feel so much more real. She was wiggling around lots, stretched out her legs in front of her face, and even gave us a nice little yawn. :cloud9:

Everything else is going really well. I'm feeling great, I'm not having as much pain with my tailbone as I did with my last pregnancy, and I'm very happy. Work has been a little stressful lately (crappy boss), but otherwise everything else is great.