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    26 weeks today.

    I'm feeling really good, but boy am I tired. I just have too much on the go right now and I haven't been getting enough sleep. Especially when I get up often in the night to go to the bathroom. The good thing is, I think I've been getting enough water. Whenever I pee it's pretty clear, and I haven't been feeling as swollen or fatigued as I would have expected for being about 6 months along.

    Yesterday was my pedicure with my mom (my bday present from her). It was really nice. My toes look beautiful in a deep shade of crimson red. And I LOVE the foot massage part. It was especially nice because we had adjoining rooms. Then right afterwards we went looking at baby stuff. I bought one outfit (with cute little puppies on it) and 2 little teddy bears. Mom bought 2 outfits - one with snails & dragonflies on it, the other with whales. When we were done we picked up Ryan & met my step dad at the pub for dinner. All in all it was a great way to spend my birthday - very relaxing.

    My next appt with the OB is on Thursday, and then I have another prenatal class after that. I'm looking forward to both. Oh, and Joni's wedding is coming up quick, which should be so exciting! I sure hope I'm able to do a good job of the photos.

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    Yay for the third trimester!!! Baby has been very active lately, which is awesome, and he's even kicking up high and off to the right, which isn't very typical for him. I guess he's repositioning a little more now. Maybe it's from him getting bigger & not fitting so nicely in the transverse (?) position. When I look it up online, some of the sources say that he would be about 2 lbs now. Still lots to go, but boy have we ever come far already.

    Ryan and I are still debating on the name. There are so many that we like, but finding the perfect one is so hard! We've decided to keep it at only one middle name, too, so narrowing down the list is pretty hard. The last one that we discussed was Arland Jarreth. I LOVE this one, and I was pleasantly surprised that Ryan liked the name Jarreth... so maybe I'll be able to convince him on this one. Some of the other names that have come up include: Zane or Quentin for a first name, and Odin or Jarrod for a middle name. We still have a few months to go (I sure hope) and I'm not too worried about knowing exactly which one we want before he's born, as long as we have a short list in our minds at the time.

    The nursery isn't painted yet, BUT at least we've done SOME work on it. We've cleared it all out and started sandpapering the lettering that the designers had painted on the wall before we moved in (this was the showhome for our complex). It shouldn't take too much longer to finish the sandpapering, and then it's as simple as putting down the newspaper on the floor & starting the painting. I will be SOOO happy when that part is done though, because then I can start putting up the furniture, and getting everything in order. Until then, I suppose I should finish on other things, like rearranging the contents of our kitchen cupboards & transferring stuff into our new pantry.

    Only a few more days until my SIL's wedding, and I have a nice little outfit picked out for it. I sure hope I do a good job of the pictures!

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    28w today! I'm coming pretty darn close to 30 now....

    The wedding went great. I took so many pictures!!! I think somewhere around 400, though I haven't gone through them yet. I'm going to touch up a bunch of them and trash any that didn't turn out. Hopefully most of them did turn out ok though.

    I finally received my copy of the last Harry Potter book in the mail over the weekend, so I've been reading a few chapters aloud to Ryan every night before bed. I love having this time with him... it's so neat. I think baby enjoys it to. He gets to listen to my voice for a couple hours while Ryan rubs my belly. Last night he was kicking up a storm! Once we put the book down I cuddled up to Ryan and my belly was pressed against his back, and Ryan could still feel the kicking. How cute!

    So this weekend will be a long one, and Ryan and I are trying to take off an extra day as well. If that works out, we're hoping to get more done on the nursery. It would definitely be nice, since I'm getting really antsy about it. I know that "we have lots of time", but that doesn't make me feel any more relaxed about it. I want that room ready not only for me to show off to friends & family, but also so that I have a place to put any baby stuff that we buy or receive, and I can work on all the little finishing touches around the room. I still have to figure out whether I can fit a rocking chair in there, too. I've been waiting until I can set up the furniture that we've already bought to see how much room is left over, and how I'm going to arrange everything.

    Baby is moving a LOT within the last couple days. During the weekend I was doing so much moving around that he probably got more than his share of sleep, or at least that's as good of a guess as I have. I just love feeling him moving all the time - it's such wonderful reassurance that everything is going ok, and it feels really neat. I STILL can't stop giggling!

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    We FINALLY started painting the nursery yesterday. It's looking really good, but definitely needs a second coat, which is what we are doing today. This paint seems to dry really quickly, so hopefully we'll be able to start putting up the furniture sometime this weekend. How exciting!

    We also helped our friends move this weekend (though obviously I just stood around watching rather than helping lift & carry), so now they live less than 10 minutes from us. This is going to be really great, since we spend so much time with them already.

    I'm still feeling great, and I have another doc appt coming up in a couple days. I'm going to try to have a draft of my birthplan ready so that she can take a look at it and let me know if there are any problems. I don't expect that there would be, but it still seems like a good idea.

    The prenatal classes are still going well. The other couples in our class seem like really cool people, and everyone is getting more comfortable in the setting which means we're mingling more freely.

    I have noticed my energy running out a little quicker lately, though I'm not sure whether I actually have less now, or I'm just doing a little more because of all the nesting impulses. I definitely have been wanting to clean more & more, and I'm pretty obsessed with not only the nursery, but pretty much every room in the house.

    Ryan has been really helpful lately. I know he hasn't "wanted" to do the things I'm suggesting, like painting the nursery or helping me clean the house, but he's still done it anyway. And he also seems to keep a close eye on me, too (which makes me feel loved). If he hears a loud noise he'll immediately check to see if I'm ok, and if he sees or thinks that I'm overdoing it he's quick to remind me to slow down & to ask him for help - especially if it's something that involves a lot of bending down like picking shoes up off the floor & putting them onto the shoe rack. He's also been really affectionate (not that he ever wasn't), and I really do feel like this is something that we are experiencing together. I'm so lucky to have him!

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    30 weeks today!

    That's 3/4 down... wow. Suddenly it feels as though it's going so fast (maybe TOO fast). I'm excited to finally meet my son, but I'm also enjoying this part so much that I don't want it to end too quickly. I still have a couple months to go yet, of course.

    According to the online calendar, baby should be almost 3 lbs by now. That might explain why he is getting so much stronger! I can really feel his movements now - it's a noticeable difference compared to a couple weeks ago. I think I keep saying the same thing over and over, but really I can tell he is growing... it seems like every week I notice the difference. It's so neat!

    We've come up with another middle name that we really like: Jace. It still starts with "J", which both Ryan & I like, but this one seems to have more of a ring to it than Jarreth (somewhat unfortunately, since I do really like Jarreth). The funny thing is, we got the idea of Jace from someone's license plate when we were leaving the Costco the other day... heehee.

    Now that the nursery is all painted, I'm REALLY anxious to get everything set up. We had invited some friends over on Sunday to help bring up the furniture from the garage, but they landed up being busy. I'm hoping that they will be able to help us this weekend instead. I did put up the valance though (and when I say "I", I really mean that I got it out & handed it to Ryan to put up for me while I stood back and judged). So far, I think the colour scheme is working. Hopefully I'll still think so once I have everything else set up in the room & am putting up accessories.

    This week I have my last prenatal class (not including the reunion we'll be having after our babies are born), and I also have the last 3D ultrasound. I sure hope that my brother & his g/f are able to come... it would be so neat to have them there.

    After my prenatal appt last week I went in for my 1hr GD test. I haven't heard anything back yet, which I guess is good news. I'm still going to ask about it when I go in next week, just in case. How nice if I really did pass though - that would be just one more thing out of the way.

    Unfortunately, we did find out a bit of disappointing news yesterday. We will not be able to donate the cord blood. It seems there are two reasons for this: one is that I have Crohn's (which meant that I was previously denied donating blood @ the blood bank for the same reason an anemic person would be), and the second being that we've been outside of Canada/US within the last 3 years (we went to Mexico for our weddingmoon). So yeah, that sucks. I'm still thinking of calling around to local universities in case they would like it for research purposes. Not sure that they would though, since they probably just get their stem cells through the same place that just denied us.

    Anyway, I'm still feeling great. I'm getting a little tired (i.e. needing a few naps throughout the week), and I notice that I have really slowed down when it comes to walking, getting up from a chair or bed, etc, but I still FEEL ok. More than ok, probably because I am just so happy.

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    A couple of our friends came over on Sunday to help us with the baby furniture, so it's finally started!!! The dresser is put together, but the drawers still need to be assembled & put in. The rest has been carried upstairs, which is the part that Ryan definitely couldn't do himself. Overall it's a great start.

    While the guys were doing that, us girls were cleaning. I got all my laundry done and folded, and a really good start on the hideous mess that was my ensuite. Oh, and before they got there Ryan vacuumed the house and I cleaned up the kitchen to the point of sparkling. I think he's getting a little tired of his being recruited in my nesting fury, but I don't think it's going to stop until baby comes... muhahahahahaha

    My appetite has been increasing lately, and I sure have had sore legs and feet. I notice that I am waddling more, moving slower, and needing more sleep again. I guess the third trimester really has kicked in. I wish I didn't have to go to work in the mornings, but I keep telling myself that it's only 2 more months and then I'll be off for a whole year. Don't get me wrong - it's not that I don't like my work. It's just that I would rather be cleaning my house (), or sleeping. I'm much too focused on baby stuff right now to be able to concentrate on my work the way I figure I should.

    Hopefully they hire my replacement soon. We all want him/her to have enough time for cross training before I leave. We interviewed a nice girl the other day, so I'm hoping that she gets it. Obviously I gave my impressions/opinions, but I imagine it'll take my boss a little bit to make her final decision.

    In the meantime, I'm happy to be surrounded with so many positive and supportive people. And I have no idea why so many girls complain about people touching their bellies. OK, if a complete stranger walked up to me and did that, I might be a little uncomfortable, but I love all the attention from my friends, colleagues, and family. I especially love it when they are able to feel baby kicking - how neat to be able to share this with people!

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    A few good things: first off, I don't have gestational diabetes!!! Baby's heartbeat is still steady & strong, and he's just gone through (or possibly still going through) a reall growth spurt. I'm up to 14.5 lbs now. My blood pressure is still fine, nothing of concern in my urine, and I'm feeling fine.

    We're still liking the name Arland Jace, so I have a feeling that is what it will be. I guess we'll see when we finally get to meet him.

    Also, one of the couples from my prenatal class had their baby last week, a little boy they named Desmond. Everything sounds like it went smoothly for them, which is great. It sure makes it feel like the end is coming up quickly though... I do only have 8 weeks left.

    I have the consultant coming over tonight to show up the basics on cloth diapering. That should be fun, and I can't wait to see Ryan's & my Mom's reactions. How neat!

    And, best of all ... we finally got the nursery furniture put together!!!

    Here's the crib (of course the teddy won't stay there when baby is in the crib - there is still lots of room on the shelves for one more...)

    A closeup of the mobile

    A better view of the room (the crap in the corner on the left will be moved out of the room, and my rocking chair will go there instead - there's more space available than you can see in the picture)

    The crib, dresser & hutch

    Can you tell I like teddy bears?

    A sweet Alcatraz teddy bear I picked up in San Francisco

    A closeup of the valance

    The clothes that I have already

    Ryan put in a lot of work (as did our friends)

    And Ryan managed to snap a shot of me & my big belly after I woke up from a nap. Excuse the messy hair & lack of makeup...

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    So baby is definitely getting big, and you can normally tell where abouts he is curled up just by feeling what parts of my belly are really hard - chances are that's him.

    Anyway, I was sitting at the table entertaining some guests, and I felt him move around a little to get comfortable, including a few good kicks up high at the top middle of my belly. So I start rubbing my belly gently and feeling him move. A few minutes later, I notice this little tiny bump smaller than the very tip of my pinky finger, poking out just an inch or two away from the initial kicking. It almost felt like a really tiny cyst right under the skin, iykwim. So I feel around a little more, and sure enough I could feel a few of them in a row, but with one of them (the closest to the middle of my belly) being the most distinct. I even had my friends & DH come feel so that I would know I wasn't going crazy...
    I think I felt my baby's toes!!!

    I also did a whole bunch of shopping with my mom on Friday after work. Here is my list of loot so far, along with what I still need to pick up (which the girls from my birth board helped me refine):

    What I had already bought/received (many of which are in the pics in my last post):
    * A few pieces of clothing
    * Crib, dresser & hutch in the nursery
    * Crib mattress
    * Bedding, mobile & valance
    * Lots of teddy bears
    * Playpen/bassinet thingy in the living room
    * Rocker & ottoman for the nursery (still on order)
    * A whole bunch of colourful cloth diapers (on order)

    What we bought Friday:
    * Bassinet for my room (on order)
    * Stroller/carseat
    * 6 newborn sleepers
    * 3 newborn creepers
    * 1 6-pc set: creeper, sleeper, bib, burp cloth, hat, and pants
    * 1 cute shirt & pants outfit I couldn't resist
    * 12 wash cloths
    * 5 receiving blankets
    * 1 fleece blanket
    * 2 extra crib sheets
    * 1 hooded towel
    * Roll of flushable diaper liners (for the cloth diapers)
    * A diaper bag (complete with little wipe container, change pad, etc)

    And what I still need to pick up:
    * bath thingy
    * 2 changing pads
    * 1 mattress pad
    * Baby wipes
    * Vasoline
    * Zincofax and/or butt paste
    * J&J baby lotion
    * Lanolin (sp?)
    * Baby shampoo
    * Nursing pillow
    * Baby medical kit (the kind that comes with a thermometre)
    * Baby tylenol
    * Car shade
    * Car mirror
    * Baby monitor

    Of course there are a lot of things that we are planning on getting after he is born, such as a sling... and I am leaving a lot of the clothing, toys and blankets since I still have a couple baby showers coming up. For now I'm trying to focus on just the necessities.

    When I ordered the initial diapers on Friday, I only ordered the ones that we're going to need within the first couple months. I sure have a lot more planned though - they are just too cute! Here are some pics of my favourites:

    Kissaluvs fitted diapers

    Bummis Super Whisper Wraps

    Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers (in prints or solids)

    And my favourite: Berry Plush all-in-ones

    How absolutely adorable to have animal print diapers!!!

    (Note: pics taken from http://www.parentingbynature.com/ and http://raisedinreusables.com/)

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    Sleeping is getting to be a little difficult lately. My back is getting sore really quickly when laying on my sides, but my tailbone hurts when I lay on my back... so that doesn't leave many options. I've been trying to use the pillows to support my back, belly, shoulders, etc... but it seems to only help a little bit. For my next pregnancy, I think I might get one of those memory foam mattress tops for my bed. I'm sure it's worth a try anyway - it's really just a matter of convincing Ryan.

    I'm also finding myself to be really hungry lately, especially in the mornings. I think maybe baby is growing really fast right now. My belly is getting quite big, and I'm noticing a few more stretch marks (though that really doesn't bother me).

    Overall, I'm still feeling really healthy & happy. I have another doc appt today after work, which I'm looking forward to. It's always nice to hear my baby's heartbeat, and have the confirmation from the doc that everything is going smoothly.

    Only about one more month until I'm considered full term! It's coming up so fast, it's almost unbelievable! I've got to get going on packing my hospital bag, and picking up the rest of the baby necessities. Hopefully I'll get most or all of that done this weekend.
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    Ok, it's now less than 4 weeks until I'm full term. I only have 41 more days until my due date! Baby is seeming bigger & bigger, and I'm noticing a little more discomfort as time goes on, mostly when I've been doing a lot of walking or when I'm rolling over in bed. Nothing too bad, of course, but it tells me that my LO is growing.

    My rocker/ottoman came yesterday evening just after Ryan got home. The UPS guy was a complete moron. He was suppose to come earlier that afternoon (as per the note he left on my door the day before) but forgot - and the only reason he remembered was b/c he also had to deliver to one of my neighbours. Seeing as how I made sure I was home all afternoon/evening waiting for him, I would have been pretty ticked if he was a no-show. Then, the box was completely tattered. It had FRAGILE written on it, along with one of those "This side up" messages, and here he was rolling it out of the truck (no kidding). Thing is, it wasn't even that heavy!

    Ryan was a little tired & moody last night (he just needed some pampering ) so he didn't bring it upstairs yet. It's still in the box in the garage. I'm hoping to be able to open it tonight to ensure that it's all intact & no damage done. If there is anything wrong, then I'm not TOO worried b/c I bought it from Costco, and they tend to be pretty good about things like returns, so I'm hoping that they would deal with this nicely too. It would be great if there isn't anything broken though!

    On a different topic... I got a message on Facebook from an old friend that I haven't spoken to in something like 12 years. We were best friends for somewhere around 4 years, until some awful melodrama when we were 15. Not a really good situation, and I was really hurt so I'm a little on guard still, but with how much time has gone by... it's not like either of us would be the same ppl we were back then. I can't believe how many ppl from the past I've met up with on Facebook! So many old memories...
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