Expecting Our First Little One

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Expecting Our First Little One

So here I am at 16DPO. I have:

    * high temps
    * no spotting whatsoever
    * tenderness in my lower abdomen
    * I have to pee A LOT
    * my nipples are looking wider & darker & are very tender
    * my bb's are getting more sore as time goes on
    * and I've had 2 BFP HPT's - one on 13 DPO, and one on 14 DPO

Ryan was with me when I tested both times, and of course it didn't even take me 5 minutes to call my mom up to tell her. I told Jim & Glenn, my 2 brothers, yesterday (what a wonderful Valentine's present!) and my mom told my step dad over Valentine's dinner. 3 women at work know, and one of my good friends. Yeah, I haven't been doing a very good job at keeping this a secret, BUT I'm going to try to keep my mouth shut now at least until we hear the heart beat. I'm just soooo excited!

Mom, Ryan & I all figure that this is going to be a boy. Jim wanted to name it if it's a girl, but I told him that we already have names picked out. I suppose there's a chance that we could change our minds between now & then, but here are our first & second choices:
Boy: Arland Mitchell or Seth Harrison
Girl: Evelynn Jade or Emily Katherine

So of course now mom refers to it as "Baby Arland"... Smile

I can't wait until we get through these next few weeks! In two weeks from now the heart should start beating, and in another couple weeks we should be able to hear it in an ultrasound - and that's when I will feel more secure that this is really going to happen for us.

I called my Dr's office a couple days ago & they told me that she will be in today in the afternoon/early evening. SO, guess where I'll be heading! :bigwink:

There is also a Midwifery clinic near my house. I'm thinking of asking my doc's opinion on the subject, & maybe going in for a consult. I'm not sure whether I feel comfortable yet with the idea of using a midwife rather than an OB, but there are some definite positives in it.

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I went to see my family doc yesterday evening, and I feel SOOO much better. She is totally awesome, and always listens to all my concerns AND answers all my questions. We talked about whether using a midwife would be appropriate for my first child (we decided probably not in case I've inherited some of the problems my mom faced with deliveries), and she is looking for a good GYNOB to refer me too, since it didn't work out well with my last one (long story containing much ranting :pissed:).

She also had me do a urine test, which of course came out positive, and she sent me in for bloodwork just to make sure everything is doing ok. I had 2 done this morning: progesterone & HCG, and I'll get another HCG tomorrow. We then compare the two days' values to see if there is a significant enough rise, which would tell us that everything is going as it should. I can't wait to go in & chat with her about the results. Hopefully she will have them by mid-next week. And then maybe she'll refer me to get my first ultrasound (albeit in at least couple weeks from now).

I'm now at 17DPO. I can't believe how slowly these first few days are going by!!! How on earth will I ever make it to the end without going nuts?!?

I think I'm gonna go to Ikea this weekend. I really need to get the office area of our home cleaned up & organized. I want to put in some shelving & a little table for our computers. I hope they have something that will fit nicely!

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So my doc got the b/w results back REALLY quickly! It was Monday afternoon that she left me a voicemail (herself - not one of her assistants) stating that everything came back really good, and that she saw the increase in hCG that she was looking for. My progesterone was fine, and she even mentioned for me to give her a call if I needed anything.

So I called back yesterday asking the assistants if there is any news on my referral. I guess they just needed to make the appointment for me still, so they called me back a little bit later to give me the info on my new gyn/ob. I recognize the name as a doctor that one of my friends/colleagues mentioned, so if it is the same one then it's a woman doctor, which is awesome. They tend to be SOO much more gentle, and I think women are more likely to listen & answer questions than men (not to say that there aren't some men & women that don't fit into the stereotypes).

I'm very excited. There is only one problem: the new gyn/ob isn't available to see me until the end of April. Well, by then I will be 14 weeks along. But the assistant said that it's ok - my family doc will see me in the meantime (yay!) so I have a first maternity appointment with my family doc at 9 weeks. And if anything comes up in the meantime, I am free to come in during her walk-in hours. Unfortunately they didn't think about making me an ultrasound appointment, and the assistant that I spoke to wasn't sure when to book one for me or etc, so I'm going to go in to talk to my family doc on Saturday to see what she says about it. I don't mind waiting a few weeks if she wants me to, but I figure there may be a long wait for booking the u/s, so we may as well look into it now.

My bb's are still hurting more & more every day. It's a CONSTANT reminder that I'm pregnant, so there is no getting my mind off of it (not that I would want to). I'm still having to go to the bathroom quite often, but it's nothing that I can really complain about.

I talked to Ryan about things last night, and told him that even though I respect his decision on how long to wait before telling his family or colleagues, I just can't keep this secret from our closest friends anymore, and I'm likely to break down & tell people. And since my immediate family knows, I worry about leaving his out of the loop. So, we've decided to call them tonight to give them the news. He actually seems quite happy with the idea of ME telling them, so I guess that's what we'll do. We'll still ask them not to tell extended family until we're into the second trimester, which is the same thing we've told my family. I think that's fair.

This is all just so exciting! I CAN'T WAIT until I get to see my baby on the u/s, and hear the heartbeat for the first time, and feel the first flutter of kicking!

Oh, and I found a place VERY close to my home that does 3D/4D ultrasounds. It's about $200 for the package I would want, which includes 1/2 hour ultrasound, a DVD of the video, a CD of some images, a print out of 2 images, hearing the baby's heartbeat, and gender determination. Oh, and they also can make a teddy bear that they record the heartbeat in for an extra $25 (though I'm not sure whether I would actually like this or not). Ryan doesn't seem to big on this idea, but I told him that I would like to get it done anyway, and that he doesn't have to look at them if he doesn't want to. :bleh: Heehee!

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On Monday, at 5 weeks & 6 days along, I began spotting. It's continued on through Tuesday, and is still present today (Wednesday). I went in to the walk-in clinic on Monday & the doctor ordered daily blood tests for 3 days in a row to check what my hCG levels are at. If they are increasing as normal, then everything may be ok. If they are dropping, then a miscarriage is on it's way. If they are increasing only slightly, then it could be an ectopic.

So I went to get my b/w done on Monday, and I made it JUST before they closed (I went straight from the walk-in clinic). Then yesterday I stayed home from work b/c not only did I also have a head cold, but I was really depressed & angry. I was so distraught that I actually missed going in for my second day of b/w. I looked up at the clock & all of a sudden it was an hour too late, and the clinic would already have been closed. I guess I'll just be going in today & tomorrow instead. I don't imagine it would be too big of a deal - the doctors should still be able to interpret my levels.

Now of course the doctor said not to get too upset over this, since we don't yet know what is going to happen. I guess I just can't take that advice - I have a terrible feeling about this. Still, it hasn't been heavy and I haven't passed any "tissue" yet as far as I can tell. When I looked it up online most resources say that there is a 50% chance of this pregnancy being brought to term. I'm not necessarily happy with those odds though. I guess I'm not going to be happy until I have a healthy baby in my arms. Is that ever going to happen?!?

I can't even tell whether I'm cramping (which would increase the odds of m/c), or just feeling "normal" symptoms of pregnancy. I'm definitely swollen. I keep feeling like I want to go to the bathroom to relieve the pressure, but it never works. But that's not necessarily the same as cramping. Then again, I never really had much cramping before my periods. It was only ever slight if at all (except while on Clomid).

I'm back at work today. There's no point missing any more work just waiting for the worst to happen. And I know that I can't just let myself sit at home feeling sorry for myself rather than getting on with life. At this point there is pretty much nothing I can do to control the outcome of the situation. The only thing I can do is insist on getting a bunch of testing done if I do m/c again. I looked it up online and there is a bunch of tests that they can do on both myself & DH in order to look for possible causes, some of which are just simple blood tests.

I suppose there is still a little part of me that's hopeful. The rest of me is planning on what steps to take next (after a m/c) since I find strength in being "in control" of a situation - even if I'm only fooling myself into believing I am.

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I went in to see my family doc yesterday afternoon & they had received my b/w results. She said that my hCG levels are increasing just how they should, and that she sees no reason for alarm. In fact, she thinks my levels are a little high and that I am probably a week or so farther along than where I think I'm at (which I am skeptical of, since I was tracking my ovulation so carefully).

However, she also knows that I've already had one m/c previously, and that the spotting has really upset me, so she said she would try to get me in to the u/s sometime this week in order to rule out ectopic - not because she thinks that's what is going on, but since that is a good excuse to bump me up as a priority.

I can't wait to hear that heartbeat!!!

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OMG, I can't believe it. There was a heartbeat!!! I even got to see it on the screen for myself! As you can imagine, both my mom & I cried when we saw it.

I just can't believe that we've had such good news today - I guess I really had been fearing the worst. It's still early, and there is much waiting to do, but I feel soooo much better. Although it's going to be hard to completely shed the fear & doubts that I've become so accustomed to.

The heart was beating at 114 bpm, and the baby measured at 5mm long. The tech figures I'm 6 weeks along, though I still figure my TTC chart will be the most accurate. Less variables.

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Today I am 8 weeks along, and all is fine - at least as far as baby is concerned. As far as mama is concerned, well, things could be better. I seem to need 10 hrs of sleep per night, and then a 4 hr nap in the afternoon. Yeah, right - try doing that while working full time and going to school in the evening. And then to get other things done on top of it, like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, going grocery shopping... etc. I'm tired ALL the time.

And there is actually one thing that I would like even more than more sleep: to poop. :constipated: That's right, constipation is that unwelcome relative that just won't leave right now. It's been days!!! I've already tried things like Shreddies, large amounts of applesauce, and keeping really hydrated - no luck. Today I think I'm going to stop off at the store & see if I can find some berries. Obviously fresh would be great, but I'm not sure that anything is really in season yet, so I may have to go with frozen instead.

Now don't get me wrong, a healthy baby is totally worth every minute of this, but gee it would be nice for the first trimester to end so that I can enjoy this pregnancy. I can't wait until the second trimester for so many reasons, especially when I start to feel the baby kick. I'm sure I'll feel differently around the time I'm due, but I figure when you can feel the baby kick you begin to feel a bond with it, since you know for sure that it's there and you can tell sometimes when it must be sleeping, when it's doing gymnastics, when it hickups.... Funny how all the thoughts of what is to come makes me feel so much better! :preggo:

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Well, my birth board has officially gone nuts. There are a lot of really nice ladies on there, but there is also a bunch of arguing & nasty comments - even to the point of bullying. I hate to say it but it's left a really bad taste in my mouth, so I think I'm going to find a different board to join. Besides that, there are a few of us from the Clomid board that got a BFP, but our due dates are spread over a couple months. It seems like such a shame for us to not be on the same board anymore. Update: a few weeks later everything seemed to go back to normal. I'm glad that I stuck it out, because now I'm really enjoying it again.

My first prenatal appointment (with my family doc) is exactly one week away. I am so excited! I sure hope that everything goes ok.

Ryan and I are also planning on a trip up to see his parents. We took a week off around Easter time, so we'll probably land up going during the week, which I'm feeling a little uneasy about. If most ppl are working, then we have no where else to "escape" to if the drinking gets bad. I think I'll just have to use the excuse that I'm not feeling well & go to bed or something if anything nasty is said or whatnot. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

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Only a few more days until my first prenatal appointment. I'm now 9wks1day, which is awesome because I've never made it this far before, but yet I'm still worried about everything turning out ok. I've had spotting since Saturday, which makes today day 5 for this round of spotting. Granted, this time may have been around when I was due for my period if I hadn't been pregnant, but it still sucks to see spotting on the TP. I'm grateful though that it's not enough to even use a panty liner - this gives me hope. I wonder what the doc will say.

I've been thinking more & more about renting a doppler. I should just do it, but something is holding me back - almost like I'll be jinxing things if I don't at least wait until I can see or hear the heartbeat in another appointment, whether it be a prenatal with my family doc or OB, or if it's an u/s at the lab.

My mom has been feeling my belly every week to see the progress, and she & I have both noticed the difference. It's really starting to bulge out, even though to ppl that don't know I'm sure I only look like I'm putting on a few pounds. Ryan won't touch my belly yet though. He says it freaks him out a little right now, and that he'll "wait until it comes to him", but this only makes me tease him about it more. Hehehe...

So, I'm still waiting. It'll be another month before I can breathe easy and start buying things for baby. It's almost ironic that I'm so impatient for this next month to go by, and yet I bet I'll wish that the next trimester wouldn't end so quickly.

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Unfortunately my prenatal appt was delayed until yesterday (Tues) rather than last Friday. Still, at least it wasn't too much of a delay, and that meant that I was exactly 10 weeks along for it. Everything went well except that we think I may have the start of a bladder infection, so the doc has sent in the culture and depending on the result she may put me on a mild antibiotic. Other than that everything looked good. She even had a doppler, and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat!!!

Unfortunately it seemed that the baby was hiding from us a bit, so we didn't get to sit & listen to the heartbeat the way we would have liked, but at least we know the heart is beating, which is the most important part.

So this morning as I was getting dressed in front of my dresser, which happens to have a big mirror above it, I happened to look up when I was turned to the side and I couldn't believe what I saw - I am totally starting to show!!! Now I do have a few extra pounds on my belly, so there's a little, um, insulation there... but it was still obvious that I was pregnant b/c normally those pounds are a little more evenly distributed than what I saw in the mirror. Obviously when I am wearing loose shirts & whatnot, it still just looks like I've put on some weight, but I'm not going to be able to keep this a secret for much longer! Not that I'm very good at keeping my own secrets as it is, but soon enough I won't have a choice in the matter... :bigwink: How exciting!!!

Ryan is starting to touch my belly a bit. He doesn't press to feel the hardness of it at all, but he'll very gently put his hand over the baby. I can tell he is excited, even though he's so much quieter about it than I am. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband!

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11w1d today. I finished my antibiotics yesterday. Luckily I only had to take them for 3 days. What is really weird is that right after I started them for the bladder infection, I landed up getting a mild ear infection and yeast infection. WTH? But they only lasted a day or two, so no real worries there.

Easter is coming up really fast. I'm putting on a dinner for my family on Friday, which I am totally stoked about b/c my brother & SIL agreed to come over early to help me make it (since I've been so tired due to the pregnancy). That means I get some extra time to visit with them, which is awesome b/c I really don't get to see them very often, and I simply adore them both. I know we'll be talking about the baby a lot. They are sooo excited for me, and I know that I'll have to share... :bigwink: My mom says I'll have to have lots of kids just for that reason! Lol

So in about 5 days from now I'll be headed up to Merritt. We'll probably spend either 3-4 nights there, depending on how things go and whether Ryan wants to drive home in the evening or morning time. I'll have to make sure that I remember to bring my pillows. Since I'm having a hard time being comfortable in my own bed right now, I can't imagine it will be any better elsewhere.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. My bb's are still sore but it's not as noticeable; I'm sleepy from not sleeping well, but I have less fatigue; I don't feel quite as much pressure on my bladder - though I do still need to pee more often than normal. The only annoying thing is I seem to have a bad case of eczema right now, which I hear is relatively common during pregnancy. I think I need to figure out what sort of cream or lotion to use for that as well as where my skin is starting to stretch. I'm ichy all the time!!!

I am also more than 1/4 through the pregnancy already! It just seems so much better when put that way. Only a few more weeks until I'm in the second trimester, which will be awesome. And hopefully around then or soon after I'll start feeling the baby move! Oh I just can't wait... :bouncey:

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Oops, it's been a couple weeks since I last updated. I'm already at 13 weeks now, can you believe it?!

Last week I was up visiting the IL's. Interesting visit - I only made my MIL cry once this time. Well, she kept asking us over and over again about our sex life (I guess she wanted to make sure that we're "getting enough" while pregnant). After about 1/2 hour of trying to subtly (sp?) change the subject, I finally said (in a normal voice - not a snappy one): "Don't worry, when we want to talk about our sex life, we'll bring it up". Apparently that was really horrible for me to say, snapping at her and all. :roll: She then proceeded to make some comments about how I'm open with my mom about things like this, so why can't I be with her. Hmmm, first of all I don't discuss with my mom whether we're getting enough, and secondly my mom knows the meaning of the word "discretion". Nevermind the fact that I will confide in people that I choose, not those that demand it. Oh well, at least we got along well the rest of the visit.

My symptoms are definitely changing. A week ago (the night before Good Friday) I was vomitting violently at midnight. Haven't thrown up since, and my nausea seems to be disapating. However, my food aversions have been getting worse. I can't stand beef right now. I'm still mostly craving creamy things like milk, ice cream & milk shakes, but root beer has been added to that list. I've also found that I LOVE the smell of yeasty alcohols like wine, beer & rum. No worries though - the scent is enough to satisfy. Oh, and sleeping is getting more and more difficult. I think I need to buy some more pillows to help me get comfortable.

A new symptom that started on Good Friday (Apr 6th this year) is really sore muscles in my lower back. Thing is, it goes straight across to both of my hips, so I really think it's from stretching out. Of course, I would really rather stretch in my tummy rather than my rear... :shock:

One week exatcly until I meet with the OB. Ryan said that he would come too, since her office is close to the skytrain so it should be easy enough for him to get there. I'm very excited! I sure hope that we get to hear the heartbeat. Then I'll feel confident enough to tell more people at work. Though I hear that the word is already getting out.... I don't actually mind so much, since ppl may be noticing my expanding belly, and a few knew that I had been trying for a while. Now that all of Ryan's family knows (we told each person that we visited with last week), I am feeling a little vulnerable and nervous. I can't wait to hear that everything is still ok.

Oooh, I just tried a chinese gender predictor (http://www.thelaboroflove.com/chart/cal.html) and it says I'm having a boy. I also looked up what it said for when my mom would have conceived me, and it got it right. Fun stuff... :bigwink:

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Today I am officially 14 weeks along - the first day of my second trimester! Yahoo

Today is my second prenatal appointment, which means I finally get to meet my new OB (yay)! Ryan is meeting me there, which is awesome. I am really looking forward to it, and hopefully we'll hear the baby's heartbeat today. I think it would make things so much more real for Ryan. Right now it probably hasn't really sunk in for him yet (heck, it hasn't really for me yet). It probably just feels like his wife is going through something that is affecting her mood & behaviour, but nothing that will be directly impacting his life on a fundamental level. Though I suppose no one is really ever that prepared when they first become a parent. As much as you can imagine & plan, I don't think one can every really know what something is like until they experience it, kwim?

There is only one damper on my day today: I was sick last night. At first I thought m/s had made a comeback, since I've been nauseated for a couple days, but when I got up in the middle of the night (around 2am?) to go throw up, Ryan seemed to not be feeling well either. There is nothing we both ate that could be making us sick that I can think of, but neither of us ate much for dinner last night simply because we couldn't stomach it. This morning both of us feel like crap still, so I called my mom (am I the only one that still calls their mother when they aren't feeling well?) and she said that her & my stepdad are in the same boat. They haven't thrown up, but they have been really nauseous, and haven't had an appetite at all. They also skipped dinner last night because they just couldn't eat anything. So now I'm thinking maybe we have a bug of some sort, but that maybe I'm just a little more susceptible since I'm pg. Weird. Anyway, I haven't thrown up this morning at all, so hopefully it'll be subsiding more as the day moves on.

Symptoms are the same as last week. I've got a nice little ball forming for a belly, and I am SOOOO happy to have my maternity pants on today. They are so incredibly comfortable.

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The appt with the OB yesterday went really well. Ryan & I got to hear the heartbeat, which was strong & steady at around 180bpm (dr's estimate). I'm feeling more comfortable now with sharing the news, which is good because I'm definitely moving from the chubby stage to the obvious baby belly.

So the OB answered all of my questions (not like the other dr that was simply dismissive of me), and I felt TOTALLY comfortable with her. She seems very up to date & quick, but took the time to ensure I was happy. I couldn't have asked for better than that.

Even though Ryan does show emotion, excitement isn't normally one of them. I think in his own way he is though. He seemed to be pretty happy at hearing the heartbeat, and knowing that I'm doing well so far. I figure that this won't be "real" to him until baby arrives. Or at least until he can feel all the kicking as I snuggle up to him at night... *chuckle*

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15 weeks along today. Biggrin

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that the skin on my nipples was a little bit flaky (although very little compared to everywhere else right now). I brushed away the flakes a bit, and I noticed that one of my nipples was a little wet. It wouldn't have been enough to notice if I hadn't already been looking at the skin, but it wasn't sticky like plasma and the skin didn't look raw at all. It was clear, and about the same consistency of water. The funny part is how surprised I was. I mean, I know how many changes my body is going through, and that sooner or later I would notice some leaking going on, but I was still completely caught off guard.

On Saturday evening, I was cuddled up on the couch with Ryan as we watched a movie with our friends. The movie landed up being longer than I expected, so about 2/3rds into it I had quite a full bladder, but I didn't want to ask to pause the movie. Then all of a sudden I felt this little tingle of movement in me, low & forward by my pelvic bone. Just as I'm focusing all of my attention on it to figure out what I just felt, Ryan starts moving around. Of course I freak out & tell him to hold still b/c I think I just felt the baby, but by then it had stopped.

Yesterday I had a similar sensation, again when I had a full bladder. I was stuck in a long meeting & I was trying to wait until it finished before heading to the bathroom, and sure enough I felt the tiniest bit of movement. Now, I can't actually be sure of what it is, but the descriptions I've heard from other women (including my mom) match pretty closely. How awesome!

My mom took me shopping yesterday after work, and I got a bunch more maternity clothes. I'm very happy with my purchase. I spent a lot, but many items were on sale so I got pretty good bang for my buck, and the clothes are really quite nice. I even got a new pair of black pants that look nicer and are way more comfy than any regular pair of dress pants I've owned. They are long on me, which is hard for me to find since my legs are so freakishly long compared to the average girl (my arms are that way too), and they flare out just perfect at the bottom. I'll probably land up getting some more maternity clothes later on, but the ones I have should do for quite a while (if not for the whole pregnancy), and I now have enough to make it through the week at least.

I'm definitely feeling really good about things!

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Wow... 16 weeks today. That's crazy! Only another 4 weeks (or there abouts) until the "Big U/S". I sure hope that they will be able to tell the gender.

So I'm still feeling the same as last week more or less. I have a few more aches & pains in my hips & abdomen, which are welcome since it probably indicates my tummy expanding, and it makes me FEEL pregnant. Unfortunately, the same aches & pains have been keeping me from getting enough sleep. Ugh.

I did the stupidest thing. At the end of my appointment 2 weeks ago with my OB, they booked my next appointment. I asked for one later in the day in order to avoid missing so much work that day, so she booked me for 1:45pm (therefore I assumed the latest was around 2pm). She wrote down the date/time on the back of a card right in front of me, and I don't know whether I was reading it upside down or what, but I saw it as Mon 8 (as in, Monday May 8th - I knew it was going to be 2 weeks from then, so the month was obvious). Really, she wrote down May 8. Now most people when they put it in their day planner would have noticed that the Monday was really the 7th, but not me. I still put it in as Monday. So when I showed up yesterday, I was quite shocked that I was a full 24 hours early. :shock:

Obviously I wasn't about to cancel my appointment for today, since I'm sure she asked me to come back in 2 weeks for a reason. But the thing is, I don't get off work until 3pm, so even though I had already arranged my schedule to allow me to leave early yesterday, doing so two days in a row looks really bad. I asked the receptionist if there were any later appointments so that I don't get my hand slapped at work (even though I know they would probably still be understanding - but I would feel really bad about it), and for that matter, what IS the latest appointment they book. Apparently they book right up until 4pm. Um, what?! Then why the heck was mine 1:45pm in the first place?! Well, she squeezed me in right at 4pm, so I'm grateful (it was my mistake, after all), but I'm also annoyed that I had to miss any work in the first place since I had asked for something later in the day. Gah!

Anyway, that doesn't make me any less excited for my appointment today. I want to hear the heartbeat again (since I don't have a doppler at home) and I am hoping that she does my HofF measurement today since I haven't had that before. I'm very curious if it will line up with the ultrasound date at all. Mind you, I really don't know much of how that works in the first place.

Yesterday when I went for the appointment too early, I didn't want to waste the trip so I walked across the street to the hospital and registered with the Birthing Unit. Wow, do they ever ask some crazy questions. There were some that were obviously looking at whether I may have an eating disorder, and/or if I or anyone else in the household use drugs. Others included questions on my level of education, income, and whether or not I was abused as a child. I'm feeling a hint of Family Services (or whatever else they may be called) behind the questionaire.

Oh, and I also went in for my blood work. Just the standard ones for pregnancy: Rubella, HIV, etc etc. They took 5 viles of blood, and when I said "Wow, that looks like a lot" the woman said "no, it's only about a tablespoon each". Um, that's not a lot? Maybe I should've been asking for a cookie before standing up. Lol I know it's not like it's going to hurt me but it just shows the difference in perspectives and how relative words like "a lot" mean very different things to different people.

I think I need to work harder at ensuring I drink enough water throughout the day. I think maybe I've been a little dehydrated. Other than that, Ryan has been really great at helping me to eat more veggies. He's been the one to prepare most of the meals, and the other day he made me some cauliflower in a light cheese sauce - without me even asking for it! I love cauliflower, but he really doesn't, so that was really impressive. I sure am lucky to have my DH.

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17 weeks today! I'm getting really close to half way... Yahoo

I guess I forgot to update this journal after my appt last week. Here's what I posted on my birth board:

"jesebelle" wrote:

I had my second appt with my OB yesterday and it went great. This is the first one I've gone to alone (normally either DH or my mom come), and I'll probably be going to most of the future ones alone too.

The baby's HB was 165, and what a wonderful sound!!! That alone makes the appt's worth it. Also, they booked the BIG u/s - JUNE 1st!
My DH won't be able to come, but my mom will. Biggrin

The only crazy part of the appt was that one of the couples in the waiting room kept letting their child run up & down the halls unattended, and she kept walking into my room. Not too much of a problem when I was sitting in the chair, but when my pants were pulled down a little so that we could use the doppler, it's maybe not the best time to open the door for anyone walking by to see! Obviously the kid doesn't know any better, but I was really annoyed with the parents (as was my doc). :roll:

So only 2 1/2 weeks to go before the BIG U/S!!! It really doesn't sound like that long when I say it that way. Still, I'm terribly impatient, and it'll probably get worse the closer I get to that appt. I have to work during the day before I go to the appt, which means I probably won't get ANYthing done that day!

On the weekend I finished my last school course before baby is born. I wrote the final exam on Saturday, and handed in the final project on Sunday. I think I did well overall, but everything that we have submitted up until now has only been as practice - the instructor would give us feedback, but no numerical mark - so although I had feedback on where my strengths & weaknesses are, I have no idea what my resulting mark will be. Hopefully it'll be as good as most my other marks. In this program I tend to get above 80% (which is considered honours if I average that high). Anyway, being finished is great because it lowers my current amount of stress and responsibilities.

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Ok, this is getting a little concerning. I haven't been out to buy a new bra yet, nor anything along the lines of nursing pads. Honestly, I thought it could wait a bit. Last night when I was sitting at my computer I decided to take my bra off (my normal ones are getting REALLY uncomfortable) and a few minutes later I noticed a small wet spot on my shirt. I can't be certain that I was leaking, but it did line up. It was only on one side though...

So this morning I was pleasantly woken up by DH... Biggrin ... and afterwards when I got up to go to jump in the shower I noticed that both were leaking. I'm not sure whether it was stimulation that started it or ??? In any case, I'm just really worried that it's gonna happen at work. I've been keeping a sweater at work that I can wear over any of my clothes, but what if I don't notice it before someone else? How embarrassing! :oops:

I think I'll be stopping at the mall on the way home to do a little shopping!

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18 weeks today, and 4 months as of tomorrow. Biggrin

I went to the Rodeo this weekend with DH, my brother and my SIL. It was loads of fun, mostly because it was with them. It was cloudy out, but it didn't rain at all. Funny enough, I actually got a bit of a sunburn, even though I never saw the sun. But then I guess I always have burnt rather easily.

My mom has been out of town for a little over a week, so she hadn't seen me. This morning when I saw her she commented on how big my baby belly seems to be getting now. I'm sure it didn't hurt that the shirt I'm wearing today isn't baggy at all, like most of the other clothes I've been wearing to work lately. I'm almost at the point of not being able to hide it at all anymore (even with really baggy clothes).

Ryan has sure been sweet lately. He's been so affectionate, and really helpful around the house. I'm so lucky to have him.

Only a week and a half until the big u/s... how on earth will I make it that long?!?

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19 weeks. I can't believe we've already come so far. Next week will be the half way point! Oh, and my big u/s is on Friday!!! That's only 3 days from now. Yahoo What's even better is that I think I've convinced Ryan to come with me. He wasn't sure if he would be able to get off work early in order to get there in time, but I assured him that if he told his boss that he was going to his wife's u/s, that I'm SURE he would be allowed to leave early. I also offered to pick him up at the skytrain so that he wouldn't have to take the bus from there - it's not actually out of the way to swing by & pick him up on our way. Of course my mom is still coming too - I don't think she would miss it for the world. She even turned down a shift that evening b/c of the u/s.

I finally had Ryan take a picture of me pregnant. It wasn't a closeup of my belly or anything, but at least it's something to remember my size around the 4 month mark. Now I've just got to get around to loading the picture onto the computer.

Everything is going really well lately. I've still been a bit sleepy, but I'm feeling good. I think I've hit a growing spurt. My belly seems to be getting REALLY big lately (which I think is pretty cool), and I'm noticing the ichiness again.

So the family got together for Glenn's birthday on Sunday and celebrated my gramma's birthday at the same time too (only a couple days after Glenn's). My gramma and my aunt hadn't seen me since very early on in the pregnancy or before, so this was the first time they got to see my big baby belly. Of course they had to rub it for good luck... :bigwink: It was really sweet.

I've received the first couple baby gifts already. My mom brought home the CUTEST little things from Disney World: a "My First Disney Bear" teddy bear, which is SO SOFT, and also a little yellow Winnie the Pooh onesie. Then when I saw my brother on Sunday he gave me two onesies that he & his g/f picked up in NY last year. One says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my uncle", and the other has Calvin (as in Calvin & Hobbes) on it and says "NY Attitude". Biggrin

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19w6d today. Tomorrow will be the official halfway mark! :wootjump:

The u/s on Friday went fairly well. The tech was pretty tight lipped about anything she was seeing, and it took a LONG time for her to finish taking all the pics she needed to for the doc - somewhere btwn 30-45 minutes. Then Ryan & my mom came in for about 5 or 10 minutes, and she showed us all the screen. She mentioned that it was against policy to tell us the gender, but that if she saw it she would tell us "unofficially". Unfortunately baby wouldn't stay still long enough to even wage a guess (though I swear I saw a penis when he was doing a little flip, but I really can't be sure). There were times that the tech had to chase him all around my belly trying to find him! Lol

The best thing about the whole appt was the fact that we got to see:
* hickups
* the heart beating
* the spine
* lots of the face - both profile and straight on
* little feet kicking towards the machine (which I could also feel)
* little tiny hands with fingers
* tons of somersaults (sp?)

What an amazing experience. Now I'm looking forward to the 3D u/s even more!!! I just have to come to a decision as to when I should book the appt for. Then maybe we'll be able to find out the gender... if we're lucky. If not, I suppose it'll just remain a surprise.

I haven't scanned the u/s pics yet (I know, I'm so horrible at getting my pics organized & posted), but my mom has them right now. She's copying them for me so that we can both pin them up at our work desks. She was SOOOO excited to see baby on the u/s screen, and I'm so glad that she was able to be there for it.

I finally reached 5 lbs as of this morning. For being half way, I think that's pretty good. Ideally I'll only put on another 10 for the second half, but I'm not holding myself to any expectations along those lines. As long as I have "healthy" weight gain, that's the part that matters. And honestly, I'll be happy with 25 or less. Then I'll be able to lose the weight from the pregnancy and before while I'm on mat leave. And with any luck Ryan will be able to get in shape too. He's been talking about it a bit lately, so maybe with me being home & able to cook up some nutritious meals (moreso than when we're both working full time), it'll give him a jump start at changing from bad habits to good ones. Goodness knows it wouldn't take much for him to be in really good shape.

I'm feeling baby more and more as time goes by. Not necessarily every day, but sometimes I think I just haven't noticed it due to my own activity level. If I'm moving around, then it's just not as noticeable. Or I could mistake the movement for other things.

How wonderful to be experiencing all of this. I can't believe that in less than 5 months from now, I'll officially be a mommy. What a blessing!

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I got to see my doc again yesterday afternoon. It was really great Smile She went over my bloodwork & u/s results with me, and everything is looking healthy & normal. I'm negative for all the bad things like HIV & Hepatitis (which I already knew, but it's nice to be told so anyway). Baby is measuring just fine, and my fundal height is where it should be. The heartbeat sounds great, and baby is VERY active (which we already knew).

It's so nice for this pregnancy to be going so smoothly after all that worry and doubt that I felt for so long. I absolutely can't be any happier!

I also printed out a copy of my u/s pics (which I had scanned at home) and posted them up at my desk for my coworkers to see. It's nice to have some new ones to show off. Biggrin

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21 weeks today. Dirol

Baby is a little more active now. There are two times of day that I notice the most amount of movement: in the morning after I get to work (when I sit & check through my emails, etc), and in the evening when I'm winding down before bed. I figure this is probably for two main reasons: those are the times when I'm sitting still enough to pay attention, and both times are shortly after I've eaten. Of course, I do quite often feel baby throughout the day too, but those two times stick out more in my mind.

When my mom phoned me this morning she mentioned that she was looking at where baby would be at for development right now. Apparently s/he would be reacting to the foods I eat and the sound of my voice by now. All I can say is, wow. Just the idea of that makes me feel more bonded with baby. Of course, I'm sure all the movement lately doesn't hurt!

So I decided to share some of my music with baby today. I held up the headphones to my belly when House of the Rising Sun was playing. I was gonna share some Pearl Jam (my fave), but then work got busy. Oh well, lots of time for that. Wink

I think I'm starting to get into the nesting. I cleaned out my bedroom over the weekend (with Ryan's help, of course), and I'm feeling SO much better about it. The floor still needs to be vacuumed, but that can wait until the weekend when Ryan isn't so tired from work & commuting. Now I've gotta get going on cleaning out the nursery (shouldn't be too big of a deal - it doesn't have much in it) and buy some baby furniture. Hopefully Ryan will agree to paint it for me. If not I suppose I could bribe my mom & brother to come do it, in exchange for something like a nice dinner. Probably a Sunday type thing.

It's feeling more & more real now. I bet once the nursery is set up the idea of being parents will kick - at least for me if not for Ryan.

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21w4d Biggrin

Wow, baby must be part monkey! S/he's dancing around like crazy in there now. It doesn't hurt at all... in fact I can't help but giggle when baby is really active. This morning Ryan & I laid in bed for a little while & he had his hand on my belly, so when baby started tossing around I tried to move Ryan's hand to where I thought he might feel it. He wasn't lucky enough to catch any kicks, but he did feel baby thump a couple times - maybe a head butt or ? While I was looking around for baby, I caught a really solid kick from the outside. It made my day before my day had even begun! Dirol

Within the past few days I've been really focused on getting the nursery planned out, and I finally found the theme I want!

I think this one is as neutral as one could get, and it's so flexible since I can mix & match different brown teddy bears without much trouble. And I think the sage green is a common colour to use for baby stuff. One of the things I am planning is to buy about 4-5 different brown teddy bears to line up in a row on the dresser. I think it would be so cute!

So I've ordered all the bedding, which should come in next week. Then I can use that to help me pick out the paint colour(s) for the walls. I've also picked out the furniture, though the clerk at the store told me that it will all be going on sale in a week from now, so I'm going to wait until then to order it (they don't have the colour of finish I want in stock). Here is the crib, dresser and hutch, though I'll be getting each in "Natural" colour, which is the light wood colour that the furniture in the above nursery picture is shown with.

They say that the furniture normally only takes a little over a week to come in, so in a few weeks from now I should have all of it!

I decided not to go with a change table for now, since I don't think I'll get as much use out of it, and the nursery space is very limited. What I'm hoping for, is to fit a glider in as well. I haven't measured out the dimensions of the room yet (or rather, Ryan hasn't), so I'm not sure if I can fit even all this furniture in, but I'm hopeful that with creative arranging I'll be able to work it out. Here's what I'm thinking for a glider:

I'm so excited about all of it. I just can't wait until we have everything set up! Since I can't paint the walls myself, and I would feel bad making Ryan do it alone, I'm planning on inviting one of my brothers over to help me out. I imagine his g/f will probably join us, and my mom might too. If I get dinner, then I think the painting would land up being a good excuse for them to come visit me. And besides, then they really get to feel that they are a part of this journey with me. Biggrin

So, today I am off to Ikea to pick out some new bookshelves & a computer desk. We're probably getting our new computers in the next few weeks, so I want to have everything cleaned up & organized by then. Hopefully we don't spend TOO much money on things, since I know we are already spending lots on baby. Good thing Ryan got a good raise this year... :Whistle:

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22 Weeks! Biggrin

We got most of our new office furniture bought & set up over the weekend, as well as the garage sorted through, which was really nice. Unfortunately now we're exhausted, and we still have a mess to clean up from all the moving stuff around. But, if some of it has to wait until this weekend then I suppose we'll survive until then. Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up on some sleep soon though.

My ex-b/f came over on Sunday to help us put up the office furniture. It was nice, because it gave him & Ryan something to do together. Donnie has been looking for something that they have in common in order to have something to talk to him about, but they are SOOO different as far as interests go. Donnie is into cars & sports, whereas Ryan is into things like computers, electronics, and sci-fi. Donnie will debate about the best way to drive in the snow, and Ryan will debate on the philosophies of religion. The funny thing is, they do get along - they just have a hard time getting to know each other very well since they don't have anything to talk about. At least building some shelving together gives them an opportunity to bond without me sitting in the middle trying to keep the conversation going!

While they were putting everything together, I watched Donnie's two & a half year old son, Connor. What an experience! Overall he was an easy child to watch - he never cried at all, even when he was tired or wet. The problem is, he had quite the fascination with my bb's. He would poke, grab, pinch, slap, and even try to roll his ball down them like a ski jump. I don't know what caused this fascination, but it was the only body part he had ANY interest in, and it was hard to get him to stop. I kept scolding him and pushing his hands away, but he is a very persistant little boy! Oh, and he must've turned the dishwasher on about 12 times... Lol I definitely could have used a nap a couple times, but I suppose it's good practice.

I can't wait to order in the baby furniture on Saturday. Even better will be when we have it all set up! When we were sorting through stuff in the garage this weekend, I also went through some stuffed animals that I've been keeping for baby. I have TONS that are still in new condition - pretty much any that I've gotten during my late teens & early adulthood. Anything that was old & dirty I tossed (except for two special ones from my childhood - my teddy bear "Scotty", and my cabbage patch doll "Cindy"). Baby is going to have so many stuffed toys, it's almost ridiculous... :bigwink: Oh, and I think some will make really good props for pictures!

The bedding should be arriving at the store tomorrow (Wednesday), so I'm gonna try to swing by after work to see if I can pick it up. And Thursday I have another appt with my OB. Biggrin I love going to see her... not only do I get to hear the glorious sound of my baby's heartbeat, but I always feel so comforted when my OB answers all the questions I've saved up over the couple weeks since I've last seen her.

Life is good. Dirol

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I had another dr's appt today. Smile Everything is going great, I'm about 6 or so lbs heavier than pre-ovulation, and the baby's heartbeat was just as beautiful of a sound as ever.

I also booked my 3D u/s today! Yahoo It's set up for next Fri, which also happens to be Ryan's bday. Ryan & I both took that day off, and my mom is going to get off work a little early to join us. I can't wait!!!

In a little over a week from now, we may just know what name to call the baby... Biggrin

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23 weeks today! Dirol

Baby has been very busy within the last couple days. Ryan was able to feel it again, which was very cool. It'll be really neat when we're able to see a little foot press out or etc. Smile

Our shelving is all up, except for the pantry which should be delivered later this week or early next week. How exciting! Ryan is still trying to decide whether to buy the new computers this weekend, or to wait for a few months. I'm just as torn on the issue, so I'm leaving it completely up to him. Oh, and I think we're gonna need to buy a digital camcorder soon, too!

3 more days until our 3D u/s! Yahoo I can't wait!

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Well, today I had my first 3D u/s appt. Baby was uncooperative as far as getting nice pictures go, and the tech felt bad so we get a redo in a couple weeks (no extra charge). BUT, we were able to see one very important thing... IT'S A BOY!!!

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We spent the long weekend with my IL's, and I can't believe it but that was the best visit I've ever had with my MIL. Smile She has been really trying - I can tell - and I've been trying too, so we are getting along better than I could have ever expected now. I also found out that my SIL is planning on getting married in one month from now. She's asked me to be the photographer at her wedding (which of course I agreed), and she's planned the date for her son's first birthday. I'm not sure whether that is partly coincidence or not, but I guess they are having a bday party for him in the morning, and then their wedding in the evening. It's going to be very casual with a heavy country theme. So now I have to go find a nice sundress or something to wear... Biggrin

Baby is doing great, still kicking up a storm. I swear he dances in there! Lol Now that we know it's a boy, we've been talking more about the name. We still like Arland Mitchell, but we are only about 90% sure on it... there's still room for changing our minds. We've discussed Nolan, Kayden, and Jarrod, but we can't seem to agree on anything other than Arland. I think I'm gonna have to make a list for Ryan to go through.

I am TOTALLY into the nesting phase now. I've been cleaning and organizing my house more than I've ever done in the past, and I've had Ryan finish putting up the pantry so that I can start filling it. Everything is looking really nice (it'll be even nicer when I've finished putting everything else away). I'm also hoping to have the nursery painted this weekend. Then I can begin setting up the furniture. Smile

I am so happy and excited right now, and enjoying every minute of this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, it has it's discomforts (i.e. like a toll on my sleeping), but honestly it's just not enough to complain about. Overall the benefits WAY outweight the negatives. And in a few more months from now, I'll be able to hold my little prince in my arms. What could be more worth it!?! :preggo:

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25 weeks! :wootjump:

I finally hit the 8 lb mark as of this morning. I would say that's still pretty darn good overall. And especially within the last week I've been really good about drinking LOTS of water. Hopefully that will also help with my next 3D u/s (since the amniotic fluid should be thin enough to see through rather clearly in the pics). The appt is in 2 days, and then I also start prenatal classes that night. How exciting!!!

Ryan and I had a funny discussion the other night. We took a nice walk after work & went up to the Chapters where I bought a baby name book & sat down in the cafe to read it for a while (since we are still exploring to ensure we are happy with the name we've chosen). There was this little piece of trivia on one of the pages... it turns out that Nicolas Cage named one of his kids Kal-el (as in Superman's Kryptonian name). Well, that triggered quite the bunch of suggestions on what to name our son. Ryan came up with names like Octavius (a villain from Spiderman), Kade (one of Ryan's D&D characters), Til'c (an alien hero from Stargate), R2D2 (from Star Wars, as I'm sure you caught), and a few others from comic books or sci-fi shows. He also suggested a middle name of Pizza. Yeah... my husband is nuts. *rofl*

Baby has been really active within the last couple days... not that it's all that unusual for this little one. I've noticed some of the kicking being a lot higher than normal though. I think he's discovering my ribs or something... Lol

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26 weeks today. Biggrin

I'm feeling really good, but boy am I tired. I just have too much on the go right now and I haven't been getting enough sleep. Especially when I get up often in the night to go to the bathroom. The good thing is, I think I've been getting enough water. Whenever I pee it's pretty clear, and I haven't been feeling as swollen or fatigued as I would have expected for being about 6 months along.

Yesterday was my pedicure with my mom (my bday present from her). It was really nice. My toes look beautiful in a deep shade of crimson red. And I LOVE the foot massage part. It was especially nice because we had adjoining rooms. Then right afterwards we went looking at baby stuff. Smile I bought one outfit (with cute little puppies on it) and 2 little teddy bears. Mom bought 2 outfits - one with snails & dragonflies on it, the other with whales. When we were done we picked up Ryan & met my step dad at the pub for dinner. All in all it was a great way to spend my birthday - very relaxing.

My next appt with the OB is on Thursday, and then I have another prenatal class after that. I'm looking forward to both. Smile Oh, and Joni's wedding is coming up quick, which should be so exciting! I sure hope I'm able to do a good job of the photos.

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Yay for the third trimester!!! Baby has been very active lately, which is awesome, and he's even kicking up high and off to the right, which isn't very typical for him. I guess he's repositioning a little more now. Maybe it's from him getting bigger & not fitting so nicely in the transverse (?) position. When I look it up online, some of the sources say that he would be about 2 lbs now. Still lots to go, but boy have we ever come far already. Biggrin

Ryan and I are still debating on the name. There are so many that we like, but finding the perfect one is so hard! We've decided to keep it at only one middle name, too, so narrowing down the list is pretty hard. The last one that we discussed was Arland Jarreth. I LOVE this one, and I was pleasantly surprised that Ryan liked the name Jarreth... so maybe I'll be able to convince him on this one. Some of the other names that have come up include: Zane or Quentin for a first name, and Odin or Jarrod for a middle name. We still have a few months to go (I sure hope) and I'm not too worried about knowing exactly which one we want before he's born, as long as we have a short list in our minds at the time.

The nursery isn't painted yet, BUT at least we've done SOME work on it. We've cleared it all out and started sandpapering the lettering that the designers had painted on the wall before we moved in (this was the showhome for our complex). It shouldn't take too much longer to finish the sandpapering, and then it's as simple as putting down the newspaper on the floor & starting the painting. I will be SOOO happy when that part is done though, because then I can start putting up the furniture, and getting everything in order. Until then, I suppose I should finish on other things, like rearranging the contents of our kitchen cupboards & transferring stuff into our new pantry. Lol

Only a few more days until my SIL's wedding, and I have a nice little outfit picked out for it. I sure hope I do a good job of the pictures!

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28w today! I'm coming pretty darn close to 30 now.... :bouncey:

The wedding went great. I took so many pictures!!! I think somewhere around 400, though I haven't gone through them yet. I'm going to touch up a bunch of them and trash any that didn't turn out. Hopefully most of them did turn out ok though.

I finally received my copy of the last Harry Potter book in the mail over the weekend, so I've been reading a few chapters aloud to Ryan every night before bed. I love having this time with him... it's so neat. I think baby enjoys it to. He gets to listen to my voice for a couple hours while Ryan rubs my belly. Last night he was kicking up a storm! Once we put the book down I cuddled up to Ryan and my belly was pressed against his back, and Ryan could still feel the kicking. How cute! Biggrin

So this weekend will be a long one, and Ryan and I are trying to take off an extra day as well. If that works out, we're hoping to get more done on the nursery. It would definitely be nice, since I'm getting really antsy about it. I know that "we have lots of time", but that doesn't make me feel any more relaxed about it. I want that room ready not only for me to show off to friends & family, but also so that I have a place to put any baby stuff that we buy or receive, and I can work on all the little finishing touches around the room. I still have to figure out whether I can fit a rocking chair in there, too. I've been waiting until I can set up the furniture that we've already bought to see how much room is left over, and how I'm going to arrange everything.

Baby is moving a LOT within the last couple days. During the weekend I was doing so much moving around that he probably got more than his share of sleep, or at least that's as good of a guess as I have. I just love feeling him moving all the time - it's such wonderful reassurance that everything is going ok, and it feels really neat. I STILL can't stop giggling!

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We FINALLY started painting the nursery yesterday. It's looking really good, but definitely needs a second coat, which is what we are doing today. This paint seems to dry really quickly, so hopefully we'll be able to start putting up the furniture sometime this weekend. How exciting!

We also helped our friends move this weekend (though obviously I just stood around watching rather than helping lift & carry), so now they live less than 10 minutes from us. This is going to be really great, since we spend so much time with them already.

I'm still feeling great, and I have another doc appt coming up in a couple days. I'm going to try to have a draft of my birthplan ready so that she can take a look at it and let me know if there are any problems. I don't expect that there would be, but it still seems like a good idea.

The prenatal classes are still going well. The other couples in our class seem like really cool people, and everyone is getting more comfortable in the setting which means we're mingling more freely.

I have noticed my energy running out a little quicker lately, though I'm not sure whether I actually have less now, or I'm just doing a little more because of all the nesting impulses. I definitely have been wanting to clean more & more, and I'm pretty obsessed with not only the nursery, but pretty much every room in the house.

Ryan has been really helpful lately. I know he hasn't "wanted" to do the things I'm suggesting, like painting the nursery or helping me clean the house, but he's still done it anyway. And he also seems to keep a close eye on me, too (which makes me feel loved). If he hears a loud noise he'll immediately check to see if I'm ok, and if he sees or thinks that I'm overdoing it he's quick to remind me to slow down & to ask him for help - especially if it's something that involves a lot of bending down like picking shoes up off the floor & putting them onto the shoe rack. He's also been really affectionate (not that he ever wasn't), and I really do feel like this is something that we are experiencing together. I'm so lucky to have him! :love3:

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30 weeks today!

That's 3/4 down... wow. Suddenly it feels as though it's going so fast (maybe TOO fast). I'm excited to finally meet my son, but I'm also enjoying this part so much that I don't want it to end too quickly. I still have a couple months to go yet, of course. Dirol

According to the online calendar, baby should be almost 3 lbs by now. That might explain why he is getting so much stronger! I can really feel his movements now - it's a noticeable difference compared to a couple weeks ago. I think I keep saying the same thing over and over, but really I can tell he is growing... it seems like every week I notice the difference. It's so neat!

We've come up with another middle name that we really like: Jace. It still starts with "J", which both Ryan & I like, but this one seems to have more of a ring to it than Jarreth (somewhat unfortunately, since I do really like Jarreth). The funny thing is, we got the idea of Jace from someone's license plate when we were leaving the Costco the other day... heehee.

Now that the nursery is all painted, I'm REALLY anxious to get everything set up. We had invited some friends over on Sunday to help bring up the furniture from the garage, but they landed up being busy. I'm hoping that they will be able to help us this weekend instead. I did put up the valance though (and when I say "I", I really mean that I got it out & handed it to Ryan to put up for me while I stood back and judged). So far, I think the colour scheme is working. Hopefully I'll still think so once I have everything else set up in the room & am putting up accessories.

This week I have my last prenatal class (not including the reunion we'll be having after our babies are born), and I also have the last 3D ultrasound. I sure hope that my brother & his g/f are able to come... it would be so neat to have them there. Biggrin

After my prenatal appt last week I went in for my 1hr GD test. I haven't heard anything back yet, which I guess is good news. I'm still going to ask about it when I go in next week, just in case. How nice if I really did pass though - that would be just one more thing out of the way.

Unfortunately, we did find out a bit of disappointing news yesterday. We will not be able to donate the cord blood. It seems there are two reasons for this: one is that I have Crohn's (which meant that I was previously denied donating blood @ the blood bank for the same reason an anemic person would be), and the second being that we've been outside of Canada/US within the last 3 years (we went to Mexico for our weddingmoon). So yeah, that sucks. I'm still thinking of calling around to local universities in case they would like it for research purposes. Not sure that they would though, since they probably just get their stem cells through the same place that just denied us.

Anyway, I'm still feeling great. I'm getting a little tired (i.e. needing a few naps throughout the week), and I notice that I have really slowed down when it comes to walking, getting up from a chair or bed, etc, but I still FEEL ok. More than ok, probably because I am just so happy. Biggrin

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31w1d Dirol

A couple of our friends came over on Sunday to help us with the baby furniture, so it's finally started!!! The dresser is put together, but the drawers still need to be assembled & put in. The rest has been carried upstairs, which is the part that Ryan definitely couldn't do himself. Overall it's a great start.

While the guys were doing that, us girls were cleaning. I got all my laundry done and folded, and a really good start on the hideous mess that was my ensuite. Oh, and before they got there Ryan vacuumed the house Yahoo and I cleaned up the kitchen to the point of sparkling. I think he's getting a little tired of his being recruited in my nesting fury, but I don't think it's going to stop until baby comes... muhahahahahaha

My appetite has been increasing lately, and I sure have had sore legs and feet. I notice that I am waddling more, moving slower, and needing more sleep again. I guess the third trimester really has kicked in. I wish I didn't have to go to work in the mornings, but I keep telling myself that it's only 2 more months and then I'll be off for a whole year. Don't get me wrong - it's not that I don't like my work. It's just that I would rather be cleaning my house (:lol:), or sleeping. I'm much too focused on baby stuff right now to be able to concentrate on my work the way I figure I should.

Hopefully they hire my replacement soon. We all want him/her to have enough time for cross training before I leave. We interviewed a nice girl the other day, so I'm hoping that she gets it. Obviously I gave my impressions/opinions, but I imagine it'll take my boss a little bit to make her final decision.

In the meantime, I'm happy to be surrounded with so many positive and supportive people. And I have no idea why so many girls complain about people touching their bellies. OK, if a complete stranger walked up to me and did that, I might be a little uncomfortable, but I love all the attention from my friends, colleagues, and family. I especially love it when they are able to feel baby kicking - how neat to be able to share this with people!

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A few good things: first off, I don't have gestational diabetes!!! Baby's heartbeat is still steady & strong, and he's just gone through (or possibly still going through) a reall growth spurt. I'm up to 14.5 lbs now. My blood pressure is still fine, nothing of concern in my urine, and I'm feeling fine.

We're still liking the name Arland Jace, so I have a feeling that is what it will be. I guess we'll see when we finally get to meet him.

Also, one of the couples from my prenatal class had their baby last week, a little boy they named Desmond. Everything sounds like it went smoothly for them, which is great. It sure makes it feel like the end is coming up quickly though... I do only have 8 weeks left.

I have the consultant coming over tonight to show up the basics on cloth diapering. That should be fun, and I can't wait to see Ryan's & my Mom's reactions. How neat!

And, best of all ... we finally got the nursery furniture put together!!! Yahoo

Here's the crib (of course the teddy won't stay there when baby is in the crib - there is still lots of room on the shelves for one more...)

A closeup of the mobile

A better view of the room (the crap in the corner on the left will be moved out of the room, and my rocking chair will go there instead - there's more space available than you can see in the picture)

The crib, dresser & hutch

Can you tell I like teddy bears?

A sweet Alcatraz teddy bear I picked up in San Francisco

A closeup of the valance

The clothes that I have already

Ryan put in a lot of work (as did our friends)

And Ryan managed to snap a shot of me & my big belly after I woke up from a nap. Excuse the messy hair & lack of makeup... Lol

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So baby is definitely getting big, and you can normally tell where abouts he is curled up just by feeling what parts of my belly are really hard - chances are that's him.

Anyway, I was sitting at the table entertaining some guests, and I felt him move around a little to get comfortable, including a few good kicks up high at the top middle of my belly. So I start rubbing my belly gently and feeling him move. A few minutes later, I notice this little tiny bump smaller than the very tip of my pinky finger, poking out just an inch or two away from the initial kicking. It almost felt like a really tiny cyst right under the skin, iykwim. So I feel around a little more, and sure enough I could feel a few of them in a row, but with one of them (the closest to the middle of my belly) being the most distinct. I even had my friends & DH come feel so that I would know I wasn't going crazy...
I think I felt my baby's toes!!! :kaos10:

I also did a whole bunch of shopping with my mom on Friday after work. Here is my list of loot so far, along with what I still need to pick up (which the girls from my birth board helped me refine):

What I had already bought/received (many of which are in the pics in my last post):
* A few pieces of clothing
* Crib, dresser & hutch in the nursery
* Crib mattress
* Bedding, mobile & valance
* Lots of teddy bears :grin:
* Playpen/bassinet thingy in the living room
* Rocker & ottoman for the nursery (still on order)
* A whole bunch of colourful cloth diapers (on order)

What we bought Friday:
* Bassinet for my room (on order)
* Stroller/carseat
* 6 newborn sleepers
* 3 newborn creepers
* 1 6-pc set: creeper, sleeper, bib, burp cloth, hat, and pants
* 1 cute shirt & pants outfit I couldn't resist
* 12 wash cloths
* 5 receiving blankets
* 1 fleece blanket
* 2 extra crib sheets
* 1 hooded towel
* Roll of flushable diaper liners (for the cloth diapers)
* A diaper bag (complete with little wipe container, change pad, etc)

And what I still need to pick up:
* bath thingy
* 2 changing pads
* 1 mattress pad
* Baby wipes
* Vasoline
* Zincofax and/or butt paste
* J&J baby lotion
* Lanolin (sp?)
* Baby shampoo
* Nursing pillow
* Baby medical kit (the kind that comes with a thermometre)
* Baby tylenol
* Car shade
* Car mirror
* Baby monitor

Of course there are a lot of things that we are planning on getting after he is born, such as a sling... and I am leaving a lot of the clothing, toys and blankets since I still have a couple baby showers coming up. For now I'm trying to focus on just the necessities.

When I ordered the initial diapers on Friday, I only ordered the ones that we're going to need within the first couple months. I sure have a lot more planned though - they are just too cute! Here are some pics of my favourites:

Kissaluvs fitted diapers

Bummis Super Whisper Wraps

Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers (in prints or solids)

And my favourite: Berry Plush all-in-ones

How absolutely adorable to have animal print diapers!!!

(Note: pics taken from http://www.parentingbynature.com/ and http://raisedinreusables.com/)

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Sleeping is getting to be a little difficult lately. My back is getting sore really quickly when laying on my sides, but my tailbone hurts when I lay on my back... so that doesn't leave many options. I've been trying to use the pillows to support my back, belly, shoulders, etc... but it seems to only help a little bit. For my next pregnancy, I think I might get one of those memory foam mattress tops for my bed. I'm sure it's worth a try anyway - it's really just a matter of convincing Ryan.

I'm also finding myself to be really hungry lately, especially in the mornings. I think maybe baby is growing really fast right now. My belly is getting quite big, and I'm noticing a few more stretch marks (though that really doesn't bother me).

Overall, I'm still feeling really healthy & happy. I have another doc appt today after work, which I'm looking forward to. It's always nice to hear my baby's heartbeat, and have the confirmation from the doc that everything is going smoothly. Biggrin

Only about one more month until I'm considered full term! :eek: It's coming up so fast, it's almost unbelievable! I've got to get going on packing my hospital bag, and picking up the rest of the baby necessities. Hopefully I'll get most or all of that done this weekend.

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Ok, it's now less than 4 weeks until I'm full term. I only have 41 more days until my due date! Baby is seeming bigger & bigger, and I'm noticing a little more discomfort as time goes on, mostly when I've been doing a lot of walking or when I'm rolling over in bed. Nothing too bad, of course, but it tells me that my LO is growing. Biggrin

My rocker/ottoman came yesterday evening just after Ryan got home. The UPS guy was a complete moron. He was suppose to come earlier that afternoon (as per the note he left on my door the day before) but forgot - and the only reason he remembered was b/c he also had to deliver to one of my neighbours. Seeing as how I made sure I was home all afternoon/evening waiting for him, I would have been pretty ticked if he was a no-show. Then, the box was completely tattered. It had FRAGILE written on it, along with one of those "This side up" messages, and here he was rolling it out of the truck (no kidding). Thing is, it wasn't even that heavy!

Ryan was a little tired & moody last night (he just needed some pampering :bigwink:) so he didn't bring it upstairs yet. It's still in the box in the garage. I'm hoping to be able to open it tonight to ensure that it's all intact & no damage done. If there is anything wrong, then I'm not TOO worried b/c I bought it from Costco, and they tend to be pretty good about things like returns, so I'm hoping that they would deal with this nicely too. It would be great if there isn't anything broken though!

On a different topic... I got a message on Facebook from an old friend that I haven't spoken to in something like 12 years. We were best friends for somewhere around 4 years, until some awful melodrama when we were 15. Not a really good situation, and I was really hurt so I'm a little on guard still, but with how much time has gone by... it's not like either of us would be the same ppl we were back then. I can't believe how many ppl from the past I've met up with on Facebook! So many old memories...

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I can't believe how close we are getting. Only 33 days until my due date! :shock: I have another doc appt tomorrow after work, and I'm really looking forward to it. Nothing unusual about it, but I'm so excited to be so close and I guess this is just one more way for me to obsess.

I'm still getting bigger, but my belly button still hasn't popped out yet. Not sure that it will, but it's definitely a lot smaller than it was before. And just when I thought that I was moving really slow, I land up slowing down even more. It takes me quite a while to get in & out of the car, or for me to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Of course, I just find it amusing, and it's not like anyone expects any different from me.

I've got my diapers!!! I've taken pics but haven't yet loaded them onto the computer. Ryan gave me the funniest looks while I was photographing them, and then I proceded to go upstairs & take pictures of my new rocking chair. I think Ryan figures I've lost my mind... Lol I'll have to post the pics later on when I'm home.

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36w exactly! That means only 4 more weeks to go...

Just within the last week things have begun to get quite uncomfortable in some ways. When I was walking today I found that my bladder was getting more & more pressure on it, and I felt like I really had to go even when I didn't. Getting in & out of bed or the car are getting even more difficult, though I'm still managing. I just take my time & try to move carefully. I'm thinking that all the pulling I'm feeling on my muscles & whatnot right now is just that much less that my body needs to do when I go into labour. Or at least that's a much better way to think about it rather than just getting grumpy.

My replacement for work started today, so over the next few weeks I get to pass off more & more stuff to her. She seems really nice and quite keen, which is good. I don't think we are going to have any problems whatsoever in getting her up to speed, and I highly doubt that I will be coming back to any sort of a mess after my year of maternity leave.

I am trying to get a little more sleep lately though. I'm finding myself feeling quite lazy & sleepy throughout the day. I think if I had started my maternity leave already, I would probably just be sleeping for most of the days. And I'm sure Ryan would be quite jealous... :bigwink:

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37 weeks - I'm finally full term!!!

I hit the 20 lbs mark yesterday, which I think is really good since I'm almost at the end. Hopefully I'll be able to get into really good shape while I'm off. And I happen to reconnect with an old college friend recently who, it turns out, lives very close by and would make a really good work out partner while I'm off. We're thinking of even taking some classes like pilates, which I absolutely love!

I have my prenatal appointments every week now starting on Thursday. I also have my Group B Strep test this week. Not really looking forward to it, but then I'm not really worried about it either. My doc is really good & I tend to feel very comfortable with her, plus I think the closer I get to having this baby, the less self conscious I feel. Not sure why that is, but it's definitely good timing.

Unfortunately my brother & his girlfriend are having problems right now, so he's staying at my mom's house for the time being. I have to admit though, we sure benefit from the situation. Not only do I get to see more of him since he is so close, but also Ryan gets to carpool with him. If it lasts that long, then it'll also be nice that it wouldn't take him too long to get to the hospital when I go into labour. Of course, I hope they are able to patch things up well before then.

It's getting a lot harder to go to work. Part of me is regretting not taking a couple weeks off before the due date, which would make this my last week. I am getting pretty organized at work and focusing mostly on passing my outstanding stuff to my replacement, but it's still hard to get up in the mornings and drive myself here. My mom would drive me, but she's been working really hard on getting my gramma's house ready to sell, which she wants done and out of the way before this baby comes (so that she doesn't have any distractions from her grandson).

To think that in a month from now, I'll (likely) no longer be pregnant, but will be a mother! It's really hard to believe....

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Um, yeah... only 12 days left until my EDD!!! :eek: I can't believe how close I really am. It hasn't completely hit me yet that I'm going to be going into labour soon. Even though I have had some signs recently...

Last Friday while I was at work I started getting some minor contractions. It was kinda funny, really, b/c at the time I was sitting at my desk talking to & training my replacement. When I told her what I was feeling her eyes got really big & she looked a little worried, as if I was going to have the baby right then & there... Lol I told her not to worry, of course, and I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Actually, it was kind of exciting b/c it made everything feel more real, but they weren't intense or frequent enough for me to think that it wasn't just false labour. Plus I haven't noticed any loss of mucous plug or my water breaking yet.

The contrax continued throughout the night & into Saturday. The most intense ones were in the middle of the night when I had to get out of bed & stay on my hands & knees (on top of the bed) for a little while just to get comfortable. Then I crawled back under the covers & went back to sleep just like nothing happened... Lol They weren't painful really, just a little uncomfortable. By Saturday eve the contrax had taperred off completely, and I haven't noticed any since. HOWEVER - I have noticed that I am a LOT more uncomfortable since, and I am walking with much more of a waddle than before. My legs are hurting with a much more furocious intensity, and I'm having even more difficulty getting in/out of the car or bed. So yeah, I wonder if the contrax caused baby to drop... that's what my mom, Ryan, and my friends/colleagues think. Apparently I look like I'm carrying pretty low now (though it's hard for me to tell b/c I think I always did to some degree).

In any case, based on how uncomfortable I am right now and how immobile I've been, I've decided to start my mat leave a little earlier than originally planned. Tomorrow is my last day!!! Biggrin The reality of being off for an entire year hasn't really hit me yet, and I'm sure that the adjustment will be a big one (not even including the adjustment of having a baby!), but I am looking forward to it. I wonder how hard it will be to come back after my year is up.

Ryan is freaking out a bit since the contrax. It's cute, really. Biggrin He had been procrastinating with some of the preparations for baby, such as getting the car seat set up and bringing the bassinet upstairs. Now it seems as though HE has the nesting instinct going on while all I want to do is rest. He's much more on top of things and has even been keeping the kitchen quite clean. I'm very impressed!

One other thing that I've noticed within the past couple weeks is that my appetite has been quite high. I'm still only between 20-22 lbs above my pre-preg weight, and it's not increasing very fast, so no worries there... but I feel like I just can't stop eating. :eating: It varies a little day to day but overall I'm sure I must be eating more than normal. In fact, I think it's about time to walk over to the cafeteria & pick up some breakfast.

Oh, and both today & tomorrow I get to go with friend/colleagues for lunch to celebrate. Biggrin How fun all the attention is. I can't wait until I get to bring baby in to show off to everyone!

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I really enjoyed all the sleep I got during my first week on mat leave, but now I'm ready to meet my son. I'm much too bored & lonely to be home by myself every day.

I'm still feeling really good considering, but I notice the aches & pains still increasing. My left hip joint has been a little strained, my lower back is pretty sore when I stand for more than 5 minutes, etc. Nothing that I really see as worth complaining about, but noticeable nonetheless.

Baby is getting so big it's just amazing. I keep getting lopsided and big lumps sticking out, which I think is so halarious. People aren't feeling the movement of my tummy any more (since he doesn't have a lot of room to give many swift kicks anymore), but rather feeling the big hard lumps sticking out, which is normally a bum or foot. Biggrin

The only real problem lately is that my house is such a mess and I don't have the energy to clean it. Mostly it's the living space downstairs that's messy, and the upstairs isn't so bad - not only is that opposite than normal, but it's more noticeable to my guests. :rolleyes: I gotta get my butt in gear & get straightened up. Hopefully that burst of energy will kick in soon. The good thing though is that I did wash the diapers & baby clothes, and the hospital bags are mostly packed (with the exception of things like my hair dryer, which I'm using daily so I don't want to pack it yet).

I haven't lost my plug at all yet (that I've noticed), and I don't have many contrax at all (only a few BH when I do lots of walking). I wonder how long I still have to go. Only 2 more days until my due date! :eek: Sounds like this little one is going to be late. Must be a little too comfy in there.... Lol

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Well, Arland is 4 weeks old today. I realize it took a while to post his birth story (or even announcement), but unfortunately we've only just left the hospital a few days ago due to some complications after his birth. So here it is!

Arland Jace is finally here!!!

The day before our due date I went into labour. It started in the morning and at first I just thought I was having tummy troubles. Then I realized that the crampiness was coming at fairly regular intervals. I slept through the first couple hours, so I can't be sure exactly how long I was in labour for, but I would estimate about 10 hours of early labour (which was very easy). The timing was pretty good as far as everyone's work schedules go. My mom only left work a little bit early, came straight over & helped me get ready to head to the hospital. My brother & Ryan both arrived home around 5pm, and that's when we headed out. The contractions were still really easy and my water hadn't broken yet, but my mom wanted to head up to the hospital right away since the contractions were only 4 minutes apart and it takes a while to get to the hospital (especially since it would be rush hour traffic).

When we got to the hospital the doc wanted to break my water & get things going, but we decided to hold off. He didn't seem happy about it, but things landed up starting on their own right away anyway as I started active labour shortly after he examined me. I was around 2.5 - 3 cm already, according to the doc. They admitted me & then it was just a matter of waiting. My brother stuck around for quite a while, and then it was just my mom & Ryan with me towards the end. They were very helpful and tried to do anything they could to help me through the contractions, but it seemed that I was only comfortable laying on my sides in bed (much different from what I expected), and it turns out I had back labour.

After a while the nurse came by with drugs. I chose not to get the epi, but she & the doc wanted me to have a mix of morphine & gravol to help me sleep through some of labour since they figured it would be a long night. When she told me I was still only at 3 cm then I accepted. They promised that it wouldn't affect the baby, and that it would be worn off a few hours before he was born. Thing is, the drugs really didn't feel like they did anything to me. Then they gave me a bit of the gas which only made me kinda dopey, but then I was able to sleep between contrax. It was really weird - being WIDE awake for each contrax, and asleep for the 2 minutes between.

Once I got to the transition phase I started screaming for the nurse to get the doc b/c the baby was coming. She didn't believe me b/c it had only been 8 hours of active labour, but then when she checked me I was almost fully dialated (she said it was like 9 & 3/4). A few minutes later she checked again and just as she was looking my water broke & came rushing out. I'm pretty sure she was drenched... ROFL She tried to get the doc as quickly as she could, and there was merconium in the water so they also grabbed a pediatrician.

When I started pushing, I suppose I was a little too good at it b/c the doc told me to slow down to make it easier on my son. He kept telling me to push just a little bit, then stop, then a little bit again, then suddenly he was shouting to stop but my son just came flying out. Ryan & my mom said it looked like the nurse only barely caught him!

Ryan watched the whole thing, including the afterbirth, even though he planned to only look at my face the whole time. Turns out he has a stronger stomach than he thought. :bigwink:

When Arland came out, he was "sunny side up" (hence the back labour), was a brow presentation (his forehead first rather than the back of his head), and the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. Yeah, talk about a statistical anomaly. His face was completely bruised, his nose pushed down & off to one side, and his chin all pushed in. He looked like he had taken a real beating. The first thing I heard the pediatrician say was "Wow, that's the funniest looking kid I've ever seen". ROFL Ok, that probably wasn't the most appropriate thing for him to say, but honestly I didn't care. At least he was MY funny looking kid!

Arland was born 7lbs 15oz, Oct 23 @ 3:48am - right on his due date!

I had to have a few stitches, which unfortunately was done by a doc that was training. I started screaming from the pain & the other doc came over & gave her heck b/c she messed up the local freezing (maybe she forgot to give it to me or something??) It took about a 1/2 hour for her to finish & I really wanted to kick her in the head! Otherwise I healed quite quickly & nicely, as I was walking around on my own right away & what not. All the nurses kept saying that I'm made for having babies & I'll have to come back next year... Lol

It's been quite a journey already, and I look forward to everything that is still to come. I've started a baby journal here for anyone that is interested: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php?t=151902