Finally!!!! #1 on the way... :( Maybe next time

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Finally!!!! #1 on the way... :( Maybe next time

I can't believe that I am here.

SO here is my story.......My name is Kelli and I am 32. DH is 33.

We had been trying for 2 years and 5 months.

I did 4 months of Clomid, and HSG that showed no blockages and then I decided to visit a fertility specialist. He had a whole list of tests to do so DH and I decided to take a few months off to de-stress.

I honestly thought that I had NOOOO chance of getting PG.

Almost a year ago I started an intense workout schedule and my cycles went from 35-40 days long to 28-30 days long. That gave me some hope but my LP was short.

I was using OPK's so that I could shoe the specialist that my LP was too short.

In early April I joined a gym to get more cardio in my routine and I thought that extra exercise had changed my cycle again.

I always get cramps before AF and I never spot. So when I saw spotting I was confused. This was Friday, April 19th.

Well DH went to work and I was still confused about my odd spotting and I just kept thinking "What if I am PG?"

Well like I said before I thought I had no chance so I decided that I would take one of the tests that came in the OPK's.

I took it just so I could stop thinking about it. I took it and continued getting ready for work.

If I thought there was a chance of being PG then I would have been watching the stick or the clock but I kind of forgot that I took it.

Then something pink caught the corner of my eye.......

I had to do a triple take at it and I just kept hearing in my head...."TWO LINES.....TWO LINES....OMG TWO LINES"

I was freaking out. My hands were shaking and I just started pacing from the bathroom to the bedroom with the stick. I went to call DH and said no I can't tell him on the phone, then I said OMG I have to tell him, then I said no. This went on for who knows how long as time had stopped!!!

After thinking about finally getting PG for so long I had thought of many ways to tell DH. Calling him on his cell on his was to work and just blurting it out was not my first choice!!!!

But that is what I did. He only has one friend who's wife has been PG and that ended in a miscarriage so he was very nervous. He said to relax and take it one day at a time.

All day long I was in a blissful and shocked fog. I told DH I would but one of those digital tests to take Saturday morning.

Later that day when I got home I took another test that was left over from the OPK's and it was postitve too.

Saturday morning we were up early because we were having a yard sale. I woke up around 5:30 and I had to pee but I did not want to wake DH up yet. I waited till 6 when the alarm went off. I took the test and came back to bed with the test and a little flashlight. We watched it flash and flash till the word "Pregnant" appeared. DH said..."Well I guess we don't have to buy anymore tests."

DH's sister was coming over to sell some of her stuff and it was hard not to blurt out our good news.

Tuesday the 20th was my first DR appt. They took blood but did not test any of my levels so I was a little dissapointed. They did not even confirm that I was PG. They did give me a gift bag with a PG book, I need that now.....some magazines and flyers for local places that do massage and stuff like that.

They scheduled the forst U/S for May 6th. I was so scared that my short LP was going to cause me problems but I tried to relax.

Saturday the 24th, I started spotting again. It was still brown but there was a lot of it and it seemed to have some tissue in it. I also had some pain. I was really scared and depressed. I even told DH that I guess this pregnancy was not meant to be.

We had tickets to see a comic Sunday night and we still went even though my stomach had been in knots for 2 days. I thought it would take my mind off of things.

That Monday I called my DR's office and they could get me in that morning. I had to tell my boss because I had just went to the DR and when I said I have to go to the DR again he asked what was wrong. So he was the first to know. It was weird saying it out loud. I told him why I was going and not to get excited about me being PG.

I was so mervous when I got to the office. My pulse was racing!!!!!

The DR decided to do and U/S. I was hoping for that but I was sad that DH was not there. Everything looked fine and I was measuring at 5.3 weeks. Exactly where I should have been.

I felt so stupid. :oops:

We talked and he made me feel better and gave me progesterone pills to help with my short LP just in case. That took a lot of worry off my mind!!!!!!

The next U/S is May 6th and we should see the heartbeat. DH will be there for that one. I can't wait. I am nervous but I am trying not to worry. I just want to enjoy it all!!!!!! I am praying for a healthy heartbeat!!!!

That is our next hurdle to jump. Then we will focus on getting through the first trimester. We are still trying ot keep it one day at a time.

We wanted to tell out moms on Mother's Day so they scheduled the U/S a little early.

We are working on how to tell them. They will all be shocked!

I have very few symptoms. I am VERY tired but if I workout, I do a lot better. My nipples are sensitive and I am bloated especially at the end of the day. It is already hard to wear shorts that button!

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Well Saturday was my first real pregnant day!!!!

I woke up to some M/S finally. And then at dinner DH and I were talking about telling our families and I got so emotional that I started crying at the table in the resturant!!!

Sunday I did not get off the couch very much. YUCKY.

I feel like I have a sour stomach almost all day. But I feel better knowing that I finally feel pregnant!!!!! Biggrin

Our next U/S is Thursday and we should see the heartbeat. This is our next hurdle to jump. We are trying to take it one day at a time! I can't wait to see DH's face when he sees his little one's heart beating!

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Well for now M/S is confined only to the morning.

I have 2 pieces for toast right before bed and then before I get up I have about 4 saltines and some Sprite. Then after my shower I have another piece of toast and that seems to be doing the trick. By lunch I can eat what ever I want. Right now I seem to only be eating hamburgers.

I also have been having a few Altoids in the morning and that helps too.

If it stays limited to the morning time I can handle that little better than being sick all day. I feel like I am not giving the baby any nutrients like that. At least if I feel better by lunch, I can give the little one some veggies and milk!!!

I start feeling a little icky towards dinner. I guess my stomach does not like being empty.

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The U/S results were not what I hoped for.

The sac was empty. :cry: I knew as soon as the DR started the U/S. I said "That looks empty and that is not a good sign." So he sent me to Radiology for a second opinion. There was no need to do all that because I knew.

This really sucks but at least DH and I know that we can get PG.

One of the nurses said that sometimes it takes 2+ years for the BCP to completely get out of your system. So we are hoping we can get PG again real soon.

Now we are faced with the D&C or let nature take over. The progesterone that I have been taking has been trying to keep the PG going so now that I am off those, I am hoping it will happen naturally quickly.