Finally Pregnant with #2

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Finally Pregnant with #2

Well here I am pregnant again after almost 6 years! Baby #1 was a breeze to conceive, an easy pregnancy, and a horrific delivery! This pregnancy has been a 7 month journey before it even began - but here I am now pregnant. It was worth the wait.
I took a test this morning (July 6th) and it was negative. I took another test this afternoon with a very faint positive. I sure hope it's correct! I'll test again tomorrow morning just to be sure - then I'll be phoning the doctor to get a blood test scheduled.

Wow - I'm so overwhelmed. I'm starting a new job in September, and I'll be having a baby in March. My due date is 1 day afer my birthday.

So far I have no morning sickness. I hope that continues!

Yes, I'm finally pregnant!!!!