Finally An Update

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Finally An Update

It's been two months now and I'm now able to finally tell the delivery story. I've been just too busy to sit down long enough to tell it. Luke Evan Faulkner arrived on Thanksgiving Day sometime after lunch. How funny that right now I can not recall that detail. Here's why.... I went in on Wednesday to be induced. I thought this is going to be a piece of cake. It's the third child and I'm in the best shape ever! Well we started at 7:30 AM. I went until 8:00 PM and then requested an epidural. They messed it up. It numbed part of my lungs which can be dangerous. They then had to give me medication for my breathing and for my drop in blood pressure. It was a pretty scary thing. I was still in a lot of pain because Luke was on my pelvic bone. Tim was getting text messages contantly asking what was going on. No one could believe that I had not had the baby yet. We felt at the time that it would be sometime in the wee hours of Thursday. But, no. Luke just did not want to come out. At some point I had some cocky young doctor come in and start me pushing. However, the nurses and another doctor that had been taking care of me came in and was really upset. Take in mind that this is at a teaching hospital which is the reason for some many people involved. The young cocky doctor apparently thought he could fix the only situation and get me into active labor. However, what he ended up doing is putting me and Luke into stress and both our heart rates went up.

Well, I'm getting interupted. I'll have to finish the story later.