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First Joy

Well me and my Boyfriend just found out Dec. 4th 2006 that we are about to have a child.... well not about to... in 9 months but I bet you guys got that... Um... I would have to say the most frustrating thing is my parents aren't being supportive at all. They say things like "You're life is over, why are you happy" while his parents are all about it. His mother said she already wants to shop for next Christmas. She has wanted to be a grandma for a long time. And my family hates my boyfriend... who has asked me to marry him ((he asked before we knew)) but I told him I wouldnt tell my parents until he gets the balls to ask them....I just wish they would be supportive. They say to stay away from negative thoughts and actions... well I dont like being around my mom because she makes me feel like crap but I dont like being at my BF's because then I just get crap from everyone. I dont know. I must say that though not everyone is on bored and though not everyone likes baby daddy, I am very happy to be becoming a mother. Esp since my doc said that there was a chance I could never have kids. So this is my first joy... a Child I love already!

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