First pregnancy since misscariage, scared and excited!!!

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First pregnancy since misscariage, scared and excited!!!

I CANT BELEIVE IM FINALLY PREGNANT after 8 months of trying.
A bit about me.
My name is carla and im 20 yrs old currently living in Adelaide, Australia.

The first time i was pregnant was back in July 2005. I skipped my period and after a positive pregnancy test, i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant!!! i was so excited but the day after it was confirmed i started spotting. I tried not to get too worried about it because i read on the internet that its quite common to spot, it could of been a numerous amout of things.. :?: :?: :?: well so i read!!! i thought maybe it was implantation bleeding or something like that, but a few days later the bleeding gor heavier and my HCG levels were only rising 10ml every 3 days, and they were supposed to be doubling :? I was very scared and unsure as it was my first, unfortunately the pregnancy was gone as quick as it came and i misscarried at 6 weeks, it was quick and didnt require a D&C but my emotions were everywhere, i wanted this for so long that as soon as it was given to me it was taken away!! one minute i was prednant and the next, poooooooooooof i wasnt!!! :cry: i felt so empty, i wanted to get pregnant again straight away but i felt awfull as if i was trying to replace the baby i lost. In time i learned to deal with it and started trying again, i couldnt understand what was taking so long. AND THEN all my hopes of becoming pregnant anytime soon dissapered :!: :!: :!:

My last period was on January 5th 2006, when i didnt get my period in febuary i immediately jumped for joy thinking i was finally pregnant, i raced to the doctors and did a blood test but to my dissmay it came back negative, i was devistated.

March came by and again no period, i spoke to my doctor and made an appointment for a gynocologist to see what was wrong. I couldnt get an appointment till july this year so i just went on with life thinking there was no hope for getting pregnant at this stage THEN i got this really bad flu, and was nausiated, ALOT :sickinbed: , anyway, my flu went away but the nausea stayed and my breasts got sore, i left it for a week thinking i couldnt be pregnant, its impossible, i thought if i wasnt getting my period, then i probably wasnt ovulating, but to my amazement my home pregnancy test came back positive!!! POSITIVE!!! i was very surprised :o

now THIS REALLY PI**ED ME OFF!!! I went to the doctor on the 14th of this month but my usual GP wasnt there so i seen another doctor who was VERY unprofessional!!! I showed him my positive pregnancy test and requested a blood test to confirm!! now u think that would be straight forward and easy, it wasnt :!: :!: :!: the doctor got me to do one of his urine tests and it came back negative.... i was confused!!! so i said well lets do a blood test to see which one is right, but he proceeded to tell me that i wasnt pregnant and blood test werent accurate!! Now we all know that a load of bull :censored: anyway i told him where to shove it :fu2: and went to a different doctor and got a blood test and it confirmed the best news ever!!!(':bluesperm:') yep i was preggers!!! (':binkybabe:') so enough with the history and on with the present!!

The day after i found out i felt like this (':biglaugh:') (':blob6:') (':kaos3:') (':pinkelephant:') (':woohoo:') and well, you pretty much get the picture that i was thrilled!!! I guess all that (':lovebed:') luuuuuuuuuuuurve making paid off!!

Ive known for a week now but im only just beginning to get excited!!! for the past week i havent been able to get out of bed!!!! my morning sickness has been off the charts!!!(':puke:') so my gorgeous partnre marco went around to the chemist and got me all natural blackmores morning sickness formula with ginger and B6 in it, prefectly safe for the baby, if anyone has as bad as morning sickness as me, grab some of this, it works miracles
its great!! anyway today i managed to drag myself to the doctors for a repeat blood test too see how my HCG levels are rising!! and if they are rising properly!! i hope so!! i wont know until tomorrow arvo!!! i have faith though. im so hungry right now (':eating:') martco is cooking me some chops!!! Speaking of chops it is ready so i mist go eat, write ya lata!!

In conclusion, this is where my journey started!!! :binky: HELLO BUBS (First Line) :binky:

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Well ive finished dinner and would like to continue writting about my concerns. Until i know for sure, i think i am roughly 5-6 weeks, everytime i got to the toilet i pray im not bleeding and then thank god im not!!! im terrified of my first U/S, what if theres no baby there or theres something wrong?? are these fears because ive misscaried before?? or are they fears that every first time pregnancy mothers have?? i know theres probably no need for me to worry, i feel as though this pregnancy is going well, maybe i shouldnt worry until i have something to worry about, i shouldnt stress as its bad for the baby. I want to get really excited but feel i cant until i reach 12 weeks, what if i get excited now and then lose the baby and end in heartbreak!!!??? and then even after 12 weeks theres still a chance of misscariage, and if i dont misscariage i still may have an unhealthy baby or worse, a stillborn..... are these fears normal? or am i worrying too much?? Its such an emotional rollercoaster!!! anyway i should think positive and be excited untill i have information to think otherwise!!

Enough of my negative thoughts and to the positive ones!! I really really want to have a girl :sleepygirl: but i am almost certain im having a boy :sleepyboy: i think im having a boy purely on the fact that i want a girl!! HAHAHA i know it sounds sillly, but thats what i think!!!

i Cant believe how many things i have to buy for my bubs, its overwhelming, i cant wait though, im not going to start shopping for baby things untill i am over 12 weeks, because last pregnancy i started buying things straight away and then i misscaried and i had to give all the stuff away because it hurt to look at it. I found it hard letting it all go but eventually i did, but now im preggers again, i wish i'd kept it lol because now i have to start all over again! :bonkself: its a good thing i love shopping :bag:

This is the first grandchild for both sets of parents and first neice/nephew for both sisters!! so im sure there will be a lot of attention from everyone!! and alot of goodies for the bubs.

anyway i might sty on here for a while :communityhelper: and then go to bed :sleep:

Im so exhuasted from being pregnant, sick and anxious!!!
would like to say goodnight to my little angel!!! :binky: :angel7:
mummy and daddy love you!!

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Ultrasound at six weeks, not my ultrasound, but thats what my bubby would look like at the moment!! cool huh!!! :angel13: :Iloveyou:

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Im Back!!! I want to add my pregnancy test onto my journal but i have no idea how!!!!???? :dontknow:

I have such great news!!!! I got my blood test results back today for my HCG levels!!! Last sunday 14th May my levels were 117 and today my levels are 1243ml!!!! how big of a jump up is that!! we could not be happier!! apparently having a level of 1000 or greater, there is 100% chance i will carry to term!! Here is the graph :bfing:

The upper line is for women less than 40yo and the lower line is for those more than 40yo.
so as you can see, 1000IU/L or greater has 100% success rate!! :boogie: Yahoo

I've been thinking of names lately and ive thought of the name Jake, i seem to be thinking more of boys names as im convinced im having a boy!! :bluesperm:

I just finished eating the BEST ham and cheese toastie ever!! The baby totally agreed with me eating something! :eating:

i went to make an appointment at the anti natal clinic but they were closed so ill make one tomorrow!!

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My anxiety has been off the charts today!!!! and i dont even have anything to be anxious about!!!

My sleeping patterns are also crap!! I cant get to sleep till around 3am and then i dont get out of ben until 1pm!!!! i hate it, im going to try and correct it!! good luck to me!!

Goodnight my strong lil bubby :blowingdustpink:
Praying for you as always!!!

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Well starting my bellie photos, here is me at about 5-6weeks, Ill be putting bellie photos up every 2 weeks so i can keep track of my growth!! its so exciting!!!

And lastly here is a photo of my beautiful Boyfriend and my best friends baby Tamika(3 months) He is going to make the most adorable father!!!

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well here i am again writting in my journal!! :shellie:

I had a GREAT day today, i finally got out of the house for the first time in 2 weeks!! I was staring to feel like a hermit :spooked: who couldnt leave the house!!!

I had a great day shopping, i needed to buy a few pairs of tracksuit pants because im so bloated, i dont really fit into anything else!!!! I looked at all the baby things and i had to resist the erge to buy it all!!!! It was VERY hard, ive got 6 weeks to go until i can but something!!! CANT WAIT !!!!

the bad parts were walking past those little sections in the middle of the shopping centre that spray perfume, creams and other smelly things at you, everytime i went by one id almost chuck from the smell!!

Speaking of smell ive noticed my sense of smell getting stronger!!! i Keep smelling all these strong smells that make me wanna puke!!! :puke2: :sick:

Ive also noticed how COLD ive been lately!!! I practically live in front of the heater!!! :teethchatter: I get dizzy too but a glass of Orange juice or apple juice normaly does the trick!! I think its the sugar!! Yum

Anyway heres a Pregnancy chart update, they probably havent changed much!!!

Im not quite sure if im 7 weeks already.... but im sure its close enough ill be able to tell when i finally get my u/s.

I was supposed to make an appointment at the hospital today for my first appointment but ive been out all day and so i didnt get time. I will Definately make one tomorrow though, i want one in a weeks time!!! wheather ill get it or not is a different story!!! well see though.

Now i would like to spead some pink fairy dust in hope that im having a girl, fingers crossed


Today ive also started a writting journal which i intend to give my baby on his/her 21st birthday!!!
Which i would like to say, i decorated myself, isnt it pretty!!!

I looked all around for a pregnancy journal already made up but could not find one anywhere but now im glad i made one myself!!! its so much more personal!!!!

Well i mist be going to bed now its 12am!!!! Must get some rest!!
Goodnight my lil bean!!!

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Ive been a little stressed today, i think ids because my hormones are causing my emotions to go ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! i get very annoyed and fed up with everything lately!! Its driving me nuts!!! i think its normal to have all different emotions at this stage though!!!

Anyway, my new craving today, Ice cream and milo!!!!!!! so not healthy for me!!!! but it makes me happy lol.

This week seems to be going pretty fast!!! im sooooo tempted to go to my doctor for an u/s!! I feel like its my new mission to see the baby!! Still theres no bleeding and no cramping so i couldnt be happier!! im going to get my HCG levels cheaked again next week, just to make sure they are rising well, and i just want to see what number they are at, im hoping in the 2000's!!! hopefully.

I keep expecting things to go all wrong and im terrified that if i dont m/c ill have an unhealth baby!!! theres no reason to suggest this happening, just my thoughts running wild. I want this baby to come out healthy more than anything!!

ANYWAY marco wants me to wait until about 6-7 months to buy the baby furniture, im not sure its a great idea though, he wants me to rely on his mum to buy all the furniture but im not sure i want to rely on anyone.... when i reach 3 months ill concentrate on buying baby clothes, bottles dummies, that sort of thing, and leave the furnatiure buying a few more months, if i can, by my 5th month im DEFINATELY starting with the furniture, marco doesnt realise how much stuff the baby needs, he thinks a car seat, a bassinet and a few pairs of clothes will do!!! BOY DOES HE HAVE A SHOCK!! theres the pram, monitors, bath, bouncer, change table, etc!!! he really has no idea!! i spose hes never done this before!! if it werent for me the baby will be sleeping on the floor wearing a newspaper jumpsuit lol!! I just want to be prepared thats all!!

I just wish i could do it all my way!!!