First Time Mom at 23

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First Time Mom at 23

Well it's sad to say that I am just now starting a pregnancy journal. I have been so sick that it's a struggle to get through the day.
However I will try to remember as much as possible.

First of My name is Jennifer. I am 23 years old and newly married. My husband, William and I have been together for 4years and 2 months. We met working together in a clothing store, I was his manager. We became friends and had a "one night stand" on my 20th B-day. I had never had a one night stand before and it happened very naturally for us and we decided to pursue a relationship and see where it would lead. We were dating March 11, 2002 and we engaged by December 24th, 2002. We moved in together January 2003 and have gone through our ups and downs ever since.

We decided to get married March 11, 2006. I got off Depo in September of '04 because I was having a lot of pain in my uterus. They couldn't find any convential problem so they figured I had endo. In September of '05 I went through a lap and they could not find any endo. I forgot to mention I had felt I had 2 pregnancies that year because of the classic symptoms but never got a positive result on a pg test or blood test. I would be late for a period for a week or 2 then get it very heavy with lots of cramping and blood clots. Doc said I probabally had an early loss and she didn't know if I would need fertilty help to get and stay pg.

Fast forward to March 11, 2006. Beautiful wedding and beautiful day! :love3: Temps were in the high 60's and the day went off without a hitch! DH and I decided we would let our child bearing to be left up to God and not the Pill and had a very busy honeymoon!! :sex:
Something told me we conceived that last week in March and I started having sore boobs(which I NEVER have) the first week in April. I went to the dollar tree and bought 3 tests and took one on April 3rd and...BFN! Sad
But then the next day I had a gagging spell at work. Weird..So I told myself ok, take the next one sun when your period is due!

However I lasted until friday and took another at around 11pm while I was on the phone with my mom. I didn't tell her I was taking it so when I saw it pop up a second pink line all I could say was "OH MY GOD!!"
Mom said "WHAT??" "I am PREGNANT!!!" :pinkelephant:
She said "are you sure??" I said "Well I have two pink lines to prove it!" She was very excited to say the least. Since hubby was at work I broke the news over the phone and he said "Congradulations!" and then made me call his mother who was less than thrilled. Long story there.

Anywho I had cramping at 5weeks and they had me come in for an emergency ultrasound which showed a yolk sac but nothing else. i was worried but the doc said it was fine but she wanted me to come in for another u/s in a week to make sure there was a h/b. So I worried the whole next week and finally at the u/s app I saw BEAN!! The u/s tech said it had it's face in it's yolk sac or "lunch box" was how she put it and I said no wonder I am hungry every two hrs!! Lol I also saw the h/b which was so special and it brought tears to my eyes.
My visit on June 22nd I got to hear the H?B and it was awesome!!! I love hearing my baby's heart beat!!
So my due date is December 15th. God that feels so far away!!

Now I was ok other than the cramping(which I think was due mostly to constipation :roll: ) with no m/s or anything until about the 8th week..Then I am throwing up like crazy all day and I am sooo tired. Boobs aren't as sore anymore. YAY! But oh the vomiting is kicking my butt!! I am at 12 weeks now and it hasn't let up.

My boss and co-workers (I work as a switchboard operator at a hospital) have been so kind and caring and understanding because I have had to leave seeral times in the middle of my shift either for a emergency doc appt/ultrasound/vomiting episode/or an emergency visit because I was severly dehydrated and they had to give me 2 bags of saline to rehydrate me. :roll:
However the one thing that really sucks is I won't have been with the company for 1 yr until 1/9/07 and so I am not eligible for the FMLA law so I can get maternity leave without losing my job. I will be using paid time off hrs but when those run out I will no longer have a job. My boss says she will try to keep it for me for as long as possible but there is no gurantees :cry: So I don't know what I will do at that point. DH and I barley make it on what we both make so it will definatley hurt us if I am not working. So I am really stressed about that because we live in a loft apt now and we need 2 bedrooms for the the baby cause we literally have no room for everything a baby needs. But that means paying higher rent which we can't afford if I am not working. I hope I can go on unemployment until I can get a job again.

Well that's my life in a nutshell. I have to go only an hour left until I get out of work. This is my weekend to work and I work 3:30-11:30pm. Normally I work Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm and 1 weekend a month.
I will write more later.