First Time Mommy due November 25, 2006

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First Time Mommy due November 25, 2006

I just found out last night that I am pregnant! I am extremly excited and scared all at the same time! I am having lunch with my mom in 30 minutes to tell her the good news. I know she will be very happy for this will be her first grandchild. My first appointment isn't until 4/27/06 so I have awhile to wait. Since this is my first child I have a million questions and am trying to read as much as I possibly can!

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Same here!!!

Yesterday we found out that we are pregnant and our baby is due on November 25th. It'll also be our first baby. The first grandkid for his parents, the 11th for mine.

I am also nervous but very excited all at the same time. I've found certain sites pretty informative so far:

Not sure what symptoms you have. All I have is fatigue and occassional breast tenderness. Nothing else!

Take care of yourself. Stay active and eat well.

Mommy Lily Biggrin