First time writing---5 weeks 5 days

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First time writing---5 weeks 5 days

Hello all! Biggrin This is my first time posting in my journal, but I have really enjoyed reading other people's. Let me tell you about me and my DH. I am 28, he is 31 and we live in Montana. We've been married for a year and a half and tried for 5 months before getting pregnant. My doctor is awesome, she was going to do tests on us if we didn't get pregnant in May, and happily we did. I think just her offer to do the tests must have helped me relax enough to make it happen (I'm quite Type A). I got a positive home pregnancy test on a Sunday, and my doctor's office let me do a blood test on Monday to confirm it. Our first appt is on te 21st of this month, and I am really hoping they will do an ultrasound (twins run in my family and I'd like to know sooner than later!) That's about it for now, I'll update more later.