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Thread: Getting to know you.

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    I just started my journal today, at 28 wks.

    Name: Delinah

    Dbf: Dean

    Children?: This will be #1

    Sex (if you know): BIG SURPRISE!!!

    Other info: My dbf and I have been together for about 3 yrs. I was told I could never get pg, so this was a huge surprise!!! The excitement is growing!!!

    DD Mikayla Nov.25/03

    You can never really judge someone until you try their shoes on and take a walk in them.

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    Name: Karen, 23

    DH: Bob, 27

    Children?: Alex, 20 months

    DD: 8/5/4 by LMP, 8/12/4 by charting

    Sex (if you know): It'll be a surprise 'til he or she makes their appearance in the delivery room!

    Other info: I just found out "officially" today! So excited to be PG again!
    single mommy to Alexander Nicholas, 4.10.02 & Andrew Reagan, 8.11.04

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    Name: Sara

    DH: Dave

    Children?: yep Amanda 10-1/2 and Aaron 9 (but this is the 1st baby for DH)

    DD: Christmas (although my other 2 both came at 38.5 wks so probably subtract 10 days or so)

    Sex (if you know) DH wants keep it a surprise.

    Other info: We were trying for 12 mos and had 1 m/c back in April 03 and an ectopic in Jan of 04. This one is FOR KEEPS!!!

    Edited to update for current pgcy
    Sara - wife to Dave
    - mom to Amanda 17, Aaron 15 & Rebecca 5

    & Tasha dog

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    Name: Kelley

    DH: Darron

    Children: Katie 13, Kelsey 9, Nick 7

    DD: March 10th but could change

    Sex: Too early to tell

    Info: Had over 12 m/c and have been ttc since ds was 3 years old... I am still on clouds!!

    CO-HOST of TTC Emotional Safehaven.

    Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.

    Cost of lap, hysterosocpy and hsg $6500.00, injectables $5000.00, doctor visits $4000.00, IUI's $3000.00...TOTAL cost $18,500.00.....cost per pound of baby...PRICELESS!!!!!

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    Name: Jessica25

    DH: Romie 27

    Children: This is our first!

    DD: December 29, 2004

    Sex: U/S July 29th!!!

    Info: We TTC for 16 months. Also were told we probably would conceive on our own but were given 6 months to TTC and then off to other options. We pg on the 2nd month!! Thanks to Clomid!!

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    Name: Kim (17yo)

    DH: Vu (19yo)

    Children?: one the way atm 22wks 5days

    Due Date: 29th December 2004

    Sex (if you know) : one precious little girl

    Other info:

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    Name: AMY ---24

    DH:NICK ---28

    Children?: this is our first munchkin!!

    DD: Feb 2, 2005

    Sex (if you know) don't know yet!

    Other info: my journal if you really want to know!!

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    Default First Time Mom Introduction

    Name: Sara 31 (Floridian Born)

    DH: Daddy 29 (Alaska Native)

    Children: 9 weeks in the making

    DD: April 20th (1 yr 3 days after our 1 year wedding anniversary!)

    Sex: hopefully a girl or if God allows one of each! (twins run in the family)

    Other Information: I moved to Alaska from Florida January 2004 to get married April 2004. DH and I planned to get pregnant due to my age.

    I'm new to this board as of Sept 18th and would LOVE to get to know other first time,'s. I'm scared, nervous, yet excited about being a first time mom. This pregnancy and my marriage has been a true plan of God (considering only God would move me from Florida to Alaska!) Can't wait to hear from you!

    PS. How do you get that little calender due date time line thing on your pages?

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    Default Number 5

    Name: Angel (26) will be 27 in November

    DH: Brent (34)

    Children?: 2 girls 10/8 2 boys 7/3

    DD: March 21/24

    Sex: Don't know yet

    Other info: Dh and I just got married in june we both have 2 children from previous relationships. My youngest is 7 so it has been almost 8 years since I was preggo.
    Married DH 6/11/04
    Its a girl

    Bresha's here!!

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    Name: Andrea aka Andi (22)

    DH: Harvey (23)

    Children: One bundle baby one the way!!

    Due Date: April 2 (April Due Drops 05)

    Sex:Unkown Boy (Keegan Anthony)

    Other: very excited and hoping everything goes along perfectly

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