Getting to know you....

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Getting to know you....

I am 21 weeks pregnant as of today, so that means that you, my sweet little girl, are 19 weeks "into production". We got our second look at you this past Friday; we have cherished your very first pictures, the ultrasound images from back when you weren't much more than a little "lima bean", but this time, it was so much more of an experience for me. The first time I saw you, I think I was still pretty much in shock; morning sickness hadn't hit, I still fit into my regular clothes, nothing had really changed enough to make me feel like you really did exist. Of course I was happy to see your little heart beating during that first scan, of course I was thrilled when the nurse confirmed what my home pregnancy test (tests, actually, I took three) had already told me, but still, you just didn't seem quite real to me, yet. Morning sickness came pretty quickly after that first doctor's visit, and I was miserable for 10 weeks; still, you weren't quite real. My regular clothes became a thing of the past around the same time the m/s arrived; still, you weren't quite real. Even a couple of weeks ago when you first started really making yourself known, rolling and squirming and nudging and just generally making me feel like I had a frat party going on in my tummy, you still just weren't quite real. It wasn't until Friday morning, the first time I saw your sweet little face, that I finally "knew" you were there.
You gave the u/s tech an absolute fit; you had your back turned to the camera and your legs tucked under, and no matter what the poor, sweet tech did to try and get you to move, it seemed like you were dead set on staying exactly where you were. (Not even out of the womb yet, and already stubborn! I see lots of grey hair in my future!)
More later, have to go and fetch your big brother from preschool....