Getting Ready for Baby #1

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Getting Ready for Baby #1

I just recently found out I am expecting and due to family history I probably shouldn't be posting anything yet, but I am going to so that I can remember everything that is happening.
I have been off of BC since August 2008. I, as many others on here, thought that I was doomed to being baby-less. Fortunately, I have been charting my MP and realized on Thursday, May 27th that I was a day late. I decided to wait until Friday to test because the month before I was 3 days early and the month before that I was a couple of days late.
I took my first test on Friday night. There was a faint pink line. It was night time so I thought maybe I would take the other test the next morning. I took the other test the next morning and there was another faint line. I still was not trusting of these tests so I went and purchased the Clear Blue Easy Digital Response. You can't confuse that outcome. It came back with a response of positive. I was so excited that I thought I needed to go to the doctor on Saturday to get the blood work done. I heard back at about 11:20 on Saturday that my blood test came back positive.

Since I have found out I am expecting I have had a crazy time. I came down with a sinus infection and realized that I could only do some over the counter remedies. That is the worst part of the first trimester of pregnancy. My boobs have become tender, and although this is a common sign of my normal MP, the tenderness has continued. I have not had any morning sickness yet but am experiencing a lot of gas and constipation. All normal and although causing some discomfort, it is nothing I can't deal with.

We did decide to tell some people early on. We told my parents, my husband's parents, Alice, and I told my BFF. I also told a couple of people that I am spending a lot of time with now. This has come to be a very good idea because now that I am sick, they want me to take good care of myself and take some time off of my regular duties. My main concern is that my mom did have a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. I am doing everything I can to keep myself healthy.