God's Plan

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God's Plan

Well, it's been almost a week since I learned that I am pregnant with number four! I spent a day in complete shock and fear and a night or two tossing and turning wondering how we will ever cope with four (#3 and #4 will be 20 months apart). I have come to accept that this was clearly part of God's infinite plan for our family. I am excited to be pregnant. Right now only Dh and my mother are aware of the news and we will keep it that way until the first 12 weeks go by.

My other children are 13 and 9. They have both been big helps with the baby. Baby does not sleep through the night (she wakes at least once) and I am struggling trying to get the rest my body is craving. I'll have to take advantage of weekends when DH is home, to catch up on my sleep.