Growing an Angel for Home

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Growing an Angel for Home

We are so excited to be pregnant.

There are so many thoughts and emotions, it seems this is a good place to record those thoughts and share them with our May blessing.

The doctors are not agreed at this point as to whether or not it is a boy or a girl...I just know I am completely in love with that fluttering little person on the screen each time I am checked.

There have been a few scares. At 9 weeks-they said I had a possible blighted ovum. We went home and prayed and I ate all the protein I could get my hands on. The next week, we saw a wiggler!! and he/she/it became "the wiggler."

We are so excited but our joy is tempered with caution, as we were excited the last time right about now too. I have yet to choose nursery furniture or even paint it, because, God forbid something happen again, I can't bear tearing one down twice. For now, I am comfortable to browse baby sections and know that one day I might get to shop there.

One doctors appointment per week so far just to check and make sure all is well. So far-aside from some early contractions, all is well

We are hopeful for the future and cannot wait to meet this little person.