Here we go again....

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Here we go again....

Biggrin Well well well...We have done it again. We are so happy that God has given us this opportunity for a third time. We feel blessed & thankful!

My little angel...I cannot wait to see you! I want to hold you and welcome you to the world. I am 8 weeks pregnant and my first doctor's appt. is this upcoming Wenesday @9 am. I am anxious to hear your heartbeat and to be officially told that I am carrying another member of the family.

The story about how I found out is cute. We definately wanted you. We were cautious but God thought it would be a good idea to to tell us that you would be joining us on a Sunday. As we were getting ready for our Sunday ritual which consists of Church and a visit to see Grandma Daddy reminded mommy how I am late for menstration. Just the thought made me smile. We stopped got a pregnany test and sure enough it came out positive! I found out in church as I had to use the bathroom and I took advantage of the opportunity after the service. We drove :car: to see Grandma and I just felt that she was overjoyed...I only wish she could be here to share the good news in person. :angel7:

Your oldest brother Michael was very excited as well. Nicholas was still too small to understand but I'm sure if he did understand he would be estatic.

I am having sooo much nausea with you. I know it comes with the job but gee sometimes I just want to stay in bed all day because nothing I do seems to help Sad .

Well I am soo excited that I am keeping this journal for you too see. I will write as often as possible and until next time....Lots of Love and prayers from Mommy Daddy Michael Ryan and Nicholas. :thewave: