How can peeing on a stick lead to such big things???

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How can peeing on a stick lead to such big things???

My period is 11 days late as of now, and so, I am pretty sure I am preggo!! I am waiting to take the test...duh duh duuhhh... (oh what fun...I love a little toilet target practice...) until next week so I don't go crazy...being late and getting a stinking negative test when I would bet all but the sink I am pregnant

We tried last month, but...silly me, I had stopped doing my BBT's and thought I just KNEW when I was ovulating. Then, when Aunti P visited anyway :roll: , I checked out my charts and realized...Kim, you don't even ovulate until day 26!! So, this time it seems to have worked...I've only been this late once, 4 years ago...and I have a handsome little boy to show for it!

Brad (hubby) doesn't want to talk about it at all right now...he doesn't want to jinx it. Silly man...even being a very strong Christian manly man he thinks somehow he is in control of least a little. Smile Anyway, he sooo wants another baby. There's nothing like a 300 pound 6 foot 3 guy with spikey hair and earrings cooing over a newborn baby. Sigh...Lets just hope we find out good news FOR sure soon, so he can start talking about it and really getting excited!! Biggrin I'll be testing some time next week...yay!