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Well this is my first post in my journal. Im 12 weeks pregnant due december 5th. About a weeks ago, I had my first big appointment. I was unable to hear the heartbeat as it was a little bit too early although I did see the baby a few week prior. It's still impossible to believe that I'm pregnant. It is my first child with my husband and we are very excited. Late babies run in both sides of the family, so we're anticipating a late baby for us as well. It's been a very exciting few weeks because we're just getting comfortable believing that this is even true. We told the grandparents, aunt and uncle about a month ago, as we decided it would be impossible to hold in this large secret for so long. My mother and mother in law have been very helpful and giving me great snacking ideas as I am very, very hungry. I've decided that I would go home to where my mother and family lives to have my baby. I'll have to leave at 8 months because I am not allowed to fly prior. Anyways, we're very excited and I can't wait until the day when my little precious bundle arrives!!