I'm pregnant & its the furthest I've ever carried!

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I'm pregnant & its the furthest I've ever carried!

I found out June 2, 2007 that I am pregnant. Last Friday my husband and I got home from KY for a leadership class he had to take for work. I had been having symptoms of pregnancy 2 or 3 days prior.. having weird cravings and my lower abdomen felt weird. So we bought 2 tests (each box contained 2 tests). I took a test and waited around 3 minutes and only 1 line came up.. so I put it back in the pouch & threw it in the trashcan next to the toilet.

I woke up Saturday morning around 6am to get Aaron off to work and decided to take another test with first morning urine. About 5 minutes later, a faint second line came up and my excitement peaked. :!: I decided to take the other test that I had taken the night before out of the pouch and to my amazement, there was a faint second line also.

I went into the living room and showed Aaron the test and said.. "Look".. he said.. "why is it so light". I said.. "well this test was cheap and it measures a higher hcg level than the more expensive tests". He said, "well we'll see". Read below for why his response was not quite what you would expect.

Aaron and I have been married for almost 3 yrs now. Our anniversary is July 2. Since we have been married we have been pregnant approx. 7 times. I have always miscarried before the 4th week from conception. I went to the Dr. to see if they could figure it out and as far as all of my blood work.. everything was fine. So we decided we would just wait on God. I didn't really want to mess with all of the procedures of looking more into why my body was rejecting the babies.

We have gotten our hopes up too many times and have gotten to the point when we would find out we were pregnant and wouldn't even get excited about it. I took another test on Wednesday (June 6th) and it was name brand Answer. The second line came up dark.

All week, I have felt my uterus getting tight and heavy. Today I am about 8 weeks LMP, 6 weeks gestational. I am very excited. You see, Aaron was told when he was 14 yrs old that he would never conceive because his sperm were dead. He went through relationships and never conceived with anyone even tho he wasn't using any birth control. So for us to get pregnant the first time was so shocking. We talked about maybe adopting a child someday. Back when Aaron and I conceived the first time, we were only married for a few days when I was ovulating and we miscarried about 5 weeks gestational. He told me then that we wouldn't have our first child until the spring after our 3rd year married. I asked him how he knew that and he said "I just know". It's ironic that we have miscarried so many and finally we are pregnant for longer than any. We will have this baby (providing there are no complications) around Jan 24 or beginning of February and that's kind of the start of Spring.. not quite tho.. but still. HE WAS KIND OF RIGHT. This one just feels sooooo right!

I started taking prenatal vitamins this time prior to me getting pregnant. I don't know why I never thought to do that before. I would start taking them when I realized I was pregnant, but never before. The only way I was able to conceive my 2nd daughter was taking prenatal vitamins.. it totally slipped my mind. I got pregnant with my 1st daughter immediately after stopping my birth control. And yes, I have had miscarriages prior to my husband. My body just always rejected and the 2 I have were completely healthy. It's almost like my body sifted out the defective ones (which probably has saved me a lot of heartache).

We are scheduled for an ultrasound on June 14th. I am so anxious to see and make sure that everything is OK. :shock: Aaron has been great all week. Making me eat healthy and he makes me a strawberry yogurt smoothie at least once a day. He's being so great and its only the beginning. I know that he will make an awesome father although he is already an awesome father to the girls.

God is truly an on time God. He is so amazing to us.. He has blessed us with so much. My husband has a wonderful job that pays well and we are going to be buying the house we are living in around August. I am able to stay home with the kids and watch them grow daily. It's truly magnificent how far God has brought us in this world. All of the heartaches endured have made me a very appreciative woman who is continually blessed.

Thank you Lord! You are my hero!

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7 - 8 weeks

June 11, 2007, Monday, 10:52am

Ok, so I opened my eyes this morning around 7:30 this morning and my abdomen and my literal stomach was just in a physical pain. I could feel the hunger pain, but it was like 10 times stronger than ever in my life. I’ve felt this most times when I wake up with this pregnancy. I mean, both my uterus and my stomach hurt really bad. I rolled over and it didn’t go away, so I grabbed some crackers and ate about 5 of them and drank some water that was sitting on the stand next to my bed. After a few minutes, the pain went away in both areas. It was weird. I know hunger pains can be painful, but this was way different than that. So, I called the nurse at my doctors office and she is going to call me back in a few. I’ll see what she has to say. :dontknow:

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