The importance of pregnancy journals

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The importance of pregnancy journals

I have maintained and saved pregnancy journals for all 4 of my precious past pregnancies and am currently doing one for my twins, due in April. My eldest are currently 17, and all of my children love to read those journals as they ask so many questions about how I felt and what our family was doing while I was carrying them. My husband and I have lovingly purchased antique chests (ones that depict each child's gender and interests) that we save everything from ultrasound pictures, videos turned to DVD, before and after photos, etc., that we keep the pregnancy and baby journals in. This has been such a loving and cherished experience for everyone involved. Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience of which all of us bonded so eloquently.
I know these lasting keepsakes will remain with my beloved children for the rest of their lives. As I see my eldest go off to Oxford University next year we will ship all of their lasting keepsakes with them. Maintaining these journals has enhanced our youngster's self-esteem and knowledge of how much we anticipated their beginnings with how we love them so. This is a tradition that they will do with their own children as time goes by and has forever re-enforced our maternal/paternal bond.
I highly recommend having these journals and contributing to them on a regular basis. I know that my children (as well as my friends and relatives) relish reading and sharing them with family and friends. For those of you who are already doing this, good for you. I know your kids will love them and appreciate you for doing this some day.