Jessica & Justin's Pregnancy Journal

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Jessica & Justin's Pregnancy Journal

Ok, so my fiance and I just found out that I am about...7 weeks preggers! We are both VERY excited, but my family seems to think that things didn't go their way. For starters, when we told my dad, he didn't look at me for about two hours...when we told my mom, she didn't believe that it was his baby (she still doesn't), when we told my stepmom, she didn't want to believe it at all...his parents are super excited, though! We do have love and support, but my family just doesn't seem like they want to accept it. I will admit, we are a little young, I mean, I'm only 18...but still! It's just so exciting! And we have a plan for ourselves, including the baby...He is set to go to basic military training in March, so when he gets back from Lackland, he will be making a steady income. He will be helping me and the baby. He will make sure that we are taken care of. He's not leaving me. I know he's not leaving me, he's not that kind of guy, to just up and leave with no good reason. Plus, if he doesn't have a commitment to me, he knows he has a commitment to the baby, we've discussed this and all the possibilities. My mother thinks that I'm some kind of a whore, because we were separated for a little bit, but the pregnancy didn't happen while we were split. It happened after we worked things out and got back together for good. Can someone else tell me that my mom is insane? I haven't slept with anyone else BUT him for the past TWO years! Someone tell me I'm right??? :cry: