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    Well, I wrote in a pg je yesterday, but now I can't find it. This new stuff is really messing with me. Oh well, nothing can bring me down now. I thought I would never get here. We prayed and practiced our little hearts out and finally it has paid off. We are here.
    I feel really good, I have been getting really tired at night, I feel like I could start, but that has gone on for a week, they say it is pg symptoms, it still scares me, I was due to start tomorrow, I know I got a +, but I wish tomorrow would come and go.
    I am trying to take such good care of myself, I know it is very important right now. If anything were to happen to this little person, I just don't know what I would do. I already love him/her so much I just cry everytime I think of it. This is such a blessing and I hope I always remember that. I have already started a scrap book. I printed out where Mel posted that I got my BFP. That is the first page. I even feel like I have gained weight, I know I have gained alittle, but that was from quiting working out so hard. I haven't been this big in years. I am not going to let it bother me, I keep feeling of my belly, I know it is too soon, but I can't help it. I want my little person to feel safe with Momma. I better go, I will type later.
    Be sweet.

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    Feel good today. No more symptoms. Maybe I will have a pg like my mom. She said she had no pg symptoms, except she got woozy everyonce in a while. She said that is the best she ever felt in her life. Maybe that is what I am going to be like. I don't care as long as little bit is ok. I will do anything to ensure his/her future. I am going to be nothing but positive through this entire pg.
    I had the worse nightmare last night. I dreamed that I was at my Mom and Dad's and I went to the Bathroom and there was AF. I wanted to scream and cry but I couldn't because no one knew except for me and DH. I woke up crying and could not go back to sleep. I just had this dooms day feeling. I know I prayed forever, Just take this feeling away, I want that excited feeling back. I just don't know what I would do if anything happened to little bit. I already love him/her so much!!!!!!!!!
    This should have been the day AF showed, I know I got a BFP, but just that scared feeling.
    I was still feeling that sad feeling when I came in work, then I got a pm from Teresa. She always seems to know when I need some cheering up. I wish she would join us in Dec.
    Lisa, bless her heart she was so excited that she had found good homes for her hairy babies and they backed out. I am so sorry. Hopefull someone else will come along and need the love of those babies more. Lisa, I hope AF gets out of your way and you get on with practicing. Just remember Practice Practice Practice.
    Well I need to do some work today.
    Prayer go out to all the Troops, their families, Prez Bush, and all the upcoming Mommies. That includes TTC and pg future moms.
    Here's to Dec babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good morning to all, can you tell I am glad it is Friday. I think the rest of the nation is off except for us. That is OK, I feel so good today. I slept good last night, no bad dreams.
    No symptoms really, I do feel bloated. I put on some jeans last night, mind you they were my tighter ones, by the end of dinner, I had to unbutton the top button. Like I said, I have this feeling of bloating almost all the time. I have noticed if I don't eat that I get really light headed easy. I have no problem with any of this, just glad little bit is on his/her way.
    DH and I were talking last night, I told him I don't know what I am going to tell my mother when she ask if I want to go on our annual shopping spree. For my birthday, she always takes me shopping. Let's see me get out of that. DH said just go buy clothes and then take them back, I'm not very good at that.
    I think I will just ask her to buy me blinds, yeah that should work!!
    Dh left this morning to go hiking, he will be back tomorrow. Miss him already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well better get to work, Thank you Lord for sending us your son to die on the cross, may we all strive to live for your word.
    Prayers go out to all the Troops, their families, Prez Bush, all my TTC buddies still waiting, and all my new friends on the Dec Board.
    Special prayer for Teresa and Lisa, miss you guys!!!!!!!! sniff sniff
    Later Gator!!!!!!!!!

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    Well I just had to go into Babies R Us while my boss' son's phone was being fixed. I bought a picture frame for the Little Bit's picture. It says I love Grandma and Grandpa. I just can't wait to give it to them.
    Just had to tell someone.
    Be Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    BB little sore at tips, feel like I am trying to get a cold. I thought it was my sinus but I have a cough this morning, Dr. called and left message on my answering machine, Have to wait till 9 to call him back, wonder what that is all about???? Oh well, can't be bad news, not been there yet. I needed ask him what to take for this cold anyway.
    I feel so good, besides having a cough. My bb are still just barely sore. I just have to tell dh to quit bitting them TMI I know. We were laying talking Friday night, I don't think this has sunk in. He talked more about the baby before we got out BFP. He said something about not knowing for sure until the Dr. appt. So I got up Saturday morning and took another Pg test just to ease my mind. It really made me feel better.
    I will type more after I get off the phone with the Dr.
    Teresa when are you going to test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you to come to the board so bad.
    Lisa, it's about that time, practice, practice practice. Glad AF is gone. Miss you guys.
    Prayer to the troops, their families, Prez Bush, TTC buddies and
    Here's to Dec. Babies!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OK talked to the nurse at the Dr. office. She had to move my appt to 9:00am. Said the Dr. only did the Ultrasounds in the morning. That is fine with me, the only thing is I have no idea how I am going to be able to come back to work and act as if nothing is going on?????????????????
    I just can't wait to see Little Bit for my own eyes. I called DH and told him to tell them at work he had to be off that morning, HE WAS COMING WITH ME!!! He didn't object. Good answer. Well the 26th is our 6 year anniversary. Boy sure doesn't seem like it. We have been together 10 years in October. I don't know what I would ever do without him.
    Well everyone keeps coming by tring to see what I am working on.
    Till Next time.
    Be sweet!!!!
    Here's to Dec. Babies!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OK can't figure out how to edit????
    Oh well, Dr. just called again, said I could take Robitussin. I want to get rid of this cough ASAP.
    Just wanted to tell you DH new idea. We are going to wrap up Mom's picture frame with Little Bit's picture in Christmas wrapping, and I have a friend that works at a travel agency and she is sending me a brochure on Disney Cruises. We are going to wrap that up and give it to my Dad with a message, You owe us one of these!!!!!!!!!" I thought that is such a great idea.
    I just can't wait, just can't wait. I want to get on with all of this. I want to tell everyone, but I am so afraid. I want to take it nice and easy. I love my life, it is only getting better and better. I have always looked at the future for happiness. Now I am looking at now. I get to enjoy everyday, every minute and every second. I am so blessed and I hope I will never forget this. I have this to remind me.
    I was reading a pg je about a 17 year old girl. She is so sad. I just feel so bad for her, that she cannot enjoy this blessing. She will one day, it may be awhile, but she will. I applaud her for having the baby, there alot of people that take the easy way out these days, and I mean exactly what I said. I have no use for people that throw their innocent babies away like trash. You did the deed, now live with it. Ok I'm through preaching. Sorry about that.

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    I feel wonderful today. Little gassy, but I don't mind. BB getting sore and having problems sleeping on my stomach. No prob either, not going to sweat the small stuff. I am in such a good mood even Ms. Hateful in my office can't bring me down, and boy does she try!!! I have been singing "It a beautiful day in the neighborhood", don't know why, I didn't even watch Mr. Rogers, rest his soul. I walked on my Treadmill last night. That always makes me feel better. I thought maybe I would sleep better, but no cigar. 17days and 30 minutes until I see Little Bit and hear that precious little heart beat. The books say that I should be able to hear the heartbeat on May 1. I wish I could, that would be a wonderful Bday present. I wouldn't ask anything else for my birthday. I am so full of energy, I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could give this feeling to everyone. It would be alot better world if everyone felt like this. Well will have to type more later, have work to do. I hope everyone has a wonderfull day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Prayers go out to Troops, their families, Prez Bush, all the TTC Buddies, and all the mom's to be.
    It's a beautiful day in the neightborhood, a beautiful day in the neightborhood, would you be mine, could you be my neighbor. ha ha!!!!!! Not sure if that is the way it goes, but it is my way.

    This is what Little Bit is doing today!!!
    From the mesoderm, baby will develop muscles, bones, blood cells, heart, lungs, excretory and reproductive systems. From the endoderm, he or she will develop lungs, tongue, glands, bladder and digestive tract.

    I just read Teresa's je. Teresa I was so hoping you would come and join us in Dec. I wanted you too so much. I am so so sorry that the temps dropped.
    Lisa, where are you today, went to read your je, and you weren't there. Just making sure nothing is wrong.
    Miss you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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    Feel great today also. I got alittle freaked yesterday. Couple of the girls had to say Good bye on the Dec. board. I started to worry. I felt every little pain in my body and just knew it was a sign. I was absolutely terrified!!!!!!!! But after I posted my fears, alot of the ladies were going through the same thing. For every post I read, I felt better and better.
    I went home and was still a little bummed and was changing cloths, my dh said having a little problem with that top. I told him yes and he just laughed, he said I think it is a little early for you to be thinking you are growing. and then we were in bed and he said are you going to leak on me now. My feelings were hurt so bad. I could have just hit him. I told him I will not tell him anything else. He apologized, but it didn't help my feelings any. I just think I am alittle touchy right now.
    I know this pg is going to go just fine. I just know we are going to have a beautiful baby in Dec. That is if I have anything to do with it. Maybe I am rushing things. I should be happy I can still fit into my clothes, before long I will wish I could. But not really. Ha ha.
    Lisa, you haven't posted in a couple of days, I may pm you if don't hear from youbefore long.
    Teresa, how is everything???? I am so glad your family is coming around. Especially your Mom, it is really tuff when they don't understand. I knew it wouldn't be long before they figured they messed up!!! I'm glad things are looking up!!
    Miss you girls!!!!

    Here is what is going on with Little Bit today.
    The next 10 to 30 days are crucial in development of the nervous system and heart. Stop smoking, take folic acid and drink to thirst.

    Prayer to the Troops, their families, Prez Bush, TTC buddies and all the future Moms.

    Here's to Dec Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am feeling really good today. Slept fairly good last night. Only had to get up 3 times.
    Today is my Granny's Birthday. I just feel kinda lost. I have never been without my Granny, and right now I would give anything to have her know this wonderful news that I am carrying around inside me. I know her she would just cry. She cryies about everything. I am taking 1/2 day off from work and I am going to take her some flowers. She loved pink tullips. I know she isn't there, but she always had this thing about making sure everyone that had passed away in her family have flowers on their birthday. I am going to do the same for her. I still can't believe she is gone. I know she is taking care of my Little Bit until he/she comes into the world. So I guess she really does know. I hope so.
    I really don't have much to say today. Kinda blue.

    Here is what Little Bit is doing today.

    3 wks gestation
    5 wks LMP
    Early heart beats. Facial features and lung buds begin to form.

    That really lifts my spirits, just to think his/her heart is beating inside me. I love you Little Bit.

    Lisa, great talking to you yesterday. Teresa where are you!!!

    Prayer to the troops, their families, Prez Bush, all the ttc buddies and all the future Mommies.

    Here's to Dec. Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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