Journal Entry: An Alaskan 1st Time Momma

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Journal Entry: An Alaskan 1st Time Momma

My name is Sara. I'm a 31 year old first time momma to be. I've spent time on this board reading entries and have been inspired to enter a journal of my own.

I thought I'd spend my first journal entry telling you a little bit about me.

I grew up between Florida and Arizona (mostly Florida). My mom's best friend, introduced me to her nephew (whom is an Alaskan Native) and we fell in love. That's an interesting story alone.

I moved to Alaska January 2004. Actually, DH and I flew in to Seattle to visit my now sister-in-law and then we drove from Seattle, WA to Fairbanks, AK. It was co-co-coollld. It was just the start of the adventure in mind.

We married April 17th, 2004 and found out we were expecting August 18th, 2004. Due to my age, we decided to start trying right away.

So, here I am 9.5 weeks pregnant.

In my next journal entry I'll back track the first 9.5 weeks. My first (real) doctor appointment is 9-22 so I'm excited.

Till next time...

If you would like to respond to today entry, please look for Journal Entry: An Alaskan 1st Time Momma Journal Responce on the main journal page. I'd love to hear about your first doctor visit and what am I to expect.

Happy Journalling!

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September 21st, 2004 Midwife or Hospital???

September 21st, 2004.

Tomorrow will be first first doctor's appointment. My decision to use the hospital was a tought one.

Let me back track.

I waited out the 40 days after my last starting date before visiting our local clinic for a test. I live in Alaska. We don't have a hospital nearby where I live. We have a local clinic that takes care of the minor stuff and a volunteer fire department that gets you to the next town, an hour and half way, if you need someone to take care of the big stuff.

After I found out, I had to make a decision on having this baby. Did I want to hire a midwife, which my local town was full of them. Or did I want to take a chance, go into labor and drive an hour and a half away to the nearest hospital.

My baby is due in April. The roads can still by icy. Snow is still on the ground and the rivers are breaking. What if that hour and half turned into more??

My mother-in-law's pastor was a midwife. My husband had EMT training and had delivered babies before. If push came to PUSHHHH, he'd be there to bring his kid into the world.

My decision wasn't an easy one. I grew up in Florida. Never imagined I'd move to Alaska and have to decide how I was going to have my kid. Okay, so people have midwifes everyday....BUT for a lot of people it's a choice they WANT, not a choice they might have to make.

Then I started thinking...I'm a faithful person, if God wants this baby delivered in the truck half way to Fairbanks he's going to do it. IF God wants this baby in the hospital, he will make it work.

There were two factors that made me go with the hospital in the next town. One had to do with the fact I'm over 30 and not exactly an athletic built gal. The other had to do with finances and what we could do best.

My husband is an Alaska Native..1/4 blood. I'm just a white girl Smile Our baby would become 1/16th native blood. The state of Alaska will pay for any child born to a native as long as it is 1/16th or higher in blood. That was God's way of telling me that my finances were covered:-) I decided financially it would be in my best interest to have the baby in the hospital.

Also, I am 31. While that's not a big deal for some, it was for me. My mother had my brother in her 30's and she had some problems. My brother is fine today and very healthy, but she had a tough pregnancy.
I've had other family members that had their first kid after 30, a few friends too, and they felt they couldn't do it the midwife way.

So, the hospital it was.

The thought of having the baby in the truck did bother me, however.. So I talked it over with my hubby and we decided.... As it gets close to me having the baby, we were going to go spend some time with his family and friends in Fairbanks.. LOL That way if I go into labor, I'll be there! HE thinks I'm silly, but it's comforting to know that we have friends in the next town that don't mind us hanging around till the kid comes.

Who knows what may come. I'm a Florida born girl who'd never in a million years imagine living in Alaska. That alone is a story.

Tomorrow is my first doctor's appointment! I'll post more then!

If you would like to respond to today entry, please look for Journal Entry: An Alaskan 1st Time Momma Journal Responce on the main journal page. Did you have an experience related to making the decision about a midwife or a hospital? Were you over 30 and had some complications with your first child? How did you decide what was best for you?

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My Doctor Visit! AND DH!!!

September 23rd, 2004. (September 24th at bottom)

I had my first doctor's visit yesterday. That was an adventure. DH gets home about 6am from working a night shift and begs me to wake him up at 730 so he can go with me. His mom was driving me to Fairbanks and hour and half away. I tried and tried to wake him up. Poor baby just couldn't grasp his bearings. All he he would do is apologize for not being able to wake up!

I went to the docs and spent an hour telling her my life history, as if I knew the answer to most of what she was asking. Boy they ask some off the way questions. I did my best.

They were suppose to schedule me for 2 visits, since I was from out of town, instead they had me come back a few hours later for the exam. The doctor said my uterus wasn't high enough yet (10 weeks) therefore it was not possible to hear the baby's heartbeat. She did try, but was not successful. She said for sure next time, I'll be 14 weeks by then!!

I also found out that as the time gets closer to delivery, they might be able to put me up in a center for out of town woman (those that have to fly in or drive long distance for medical care). I was excited to hear about that! My DH and I can have a week to ourselves before delivery. Not like we are going to have any romantic moments...just time to ourselves. LOL

September 24th. Dh.....oh DH.....
DH comes off the night shift and comes snuggling up to me this morning. I was in a deep sleep! Telling me how much he's missed me over the past 24 hours and how sorry he was about missing the appointment. He was glad to hear that they didn't hear the baby's heartbeat because he wants to be there for that. My next appointment is on his day off.

One day that man is grouchy and whiny about me not getting enough exersize to not eating right and the next he's treating me like a queen. He drives me up the wall sometimes. AND he says it's because I'm hormonal!

Well, at least he's around and still dealing with Ms. Hormonal. LOL

Till next time...

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SEX!!! SEX!!! UGH!!!

I'm going to vent... I need it.

Today is September 26th, Sunday. My husband has worked the night shift for the past week, getting home a little before 6am. Myself, only being asleep for a few hours, due to all the potty breaks, I'm beat. He comes to bed, cuddles with me, says a prayer for the baby (touching my stomache Smile AND then he starts to kiss and touch. Okay, so in my early days I loved having sex in the morning, but when I'm naseated and cramping don't mess with me.

My responce each morning is no, I don't feel well. He sometimes accepts it and goes to sleep. This morning he threw the fit with, you never feel well. You wanted a baby, now you got I get none. I about decked him. He was trying to make me feel guilty.

So I get up go to church and come home. I cook him a nice dinner before he wakes up. I go upstairs, cuddle up behind him and wake him up with a kiss. The butthead says, "Are we going to have sex or are you tormenting me?" RUIN THE MOOD. I was attempting to be a good wife.

My friends, whom have been pregnant, say that it's understandable the first 12-14 weeks to go through the sickness, body changes and mood swings to not have sex. MOST of them have said after taht 14th week they feel like a horndog machine and all they want to do is have sex. For my husband's sake, I hope that is true. The man feels so neglected it's not funny. Food and and seems like it's all they want.

As for me, I've been exhausted and beat. I try to stay busy, but it's hard when all you want to do is sleep. My DH finishes his night shift Tuesday at 530am and then he's off for a full week before returning to days.

It's funny...when he works nights he comes home so loving and missing me and cuddly. When he works days, he comes home so tired and crabby and honery. We both are a night owl. I might just ask his boss to put him on nights for his 2 weeks on.. LOL

Well enough for now. Would love to hear from anyone on the topic of sex and when does your hormones kick in to overdrive? LOL

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DH is going to be the life of me...

September 27th, 2004.
11 weeks tomorrow.

I'm counting down the days till I'm in the second trimester. Where this naseating feeling will go away. Where I'll have this burst of energy and want to do things.

DH came home for the night shift in one of this moods. I flat out looked at him and said, "NO! I am sick, I will throw up on you, call back in a few weeks." I was mad.

He tells me to wake him up at noon. He needs to get fire wood because what we have is slowly burning away! So I attempt to wake him up at noon, his responce was, "Are you going to cuddle with me." I reminded him it was noon and if he didn't get out of bed, I was going to let him sleep till 4pm. So, he went back to sleep.

What did I do today, a ton of dishes...we have a couple with 2 children staying with us till they can find a place. I did 2 loads of laundry, dry, and fold. I started the fire...since the couple left this morning and did not. I cleaned the house, fed both dogs, attempted to chip away an ice block in their water bowls... and barely had time to sit down and relax before 4.
Don't forget making him breakfast/dinner so he'd have it when he woke up.

First thing out of his mouth was, "What did you do today?" Then it was, "You mean you haven't left the house all day???"

DH is a true Alaskan. If he could live in a tent year round he would. 3 months out of the year he does. He's a hunter and such. Me, I came from Florida and I'm still learning how to adapt. He hates when I stay home all day and not get out. He thinks its not healthy for me to be "locked" up inside the house.

My words to him...I enjoy crafts, I enjoy taking classes on-line...I enjoy things that I do inside. He just doesn't get it.

So I've come to the conclusion that he's just finding a reason to be a grouch because I don't feel well.

He's not always like this. He's still learning how to deal with the hormones and then some. He was spoiled as a child! His mother smoothered him! LOL

Oh boy, I'm having a baby and raising a child! LOL I love my DH and he can be wonderful, but this pregnancy thing is just not teaching him anything. How do you ladies manage to have such wonderful devoted husbands????

Off the vent today!

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Been awhile...

October 6, 2004 12 weeks today!

I am officially in my last stretch of my first trimester. I'm so happy because the naseaua and the morning sickness (morning, noon, and night) are slowly going away! I wake up some days absolutely great, others I wake up blah! I can't wait till the second trimester kicks in completely! I hear it's the best.

Not much going on lately. DH has been going through some trials of his own and has finally come to the realization that he can deal with them, letting me help him, or he can deal with them completely alone without me around. I've had me point of leaving, it got so bad this week.

He has anger issues in certain areas...those areas he hates to deal with repairs...and instead of having patience and doing it, he makes the experience miserable and attempts to give himself a heart attack.

Well we had a blow out over my dog, whom is a puppy that is still learning how to NOT chew on things and NOT poop in the back of the truck. She's a husky, her kind are stubborn...just like my husband. AND I started cramping and had to lay down.

It was then he came to the realization that he's been making his life and mine miserable and a change needed to come from all this. It's going to take time, but DH knows he's loved and has support.

In another week my mother in law and I are taking a trip to Anchorage for a church retreat. We are also staying an extra day so I can go materinty shopping. I can't wait!!! DH hasn't reached that stage yet where we can go shopping. He does get goo-goo over little boys, mainly toddlers. Little girls show their face and he insists he won't have a girl. LOL I think it's cute how hopeful he is.

My next appointment is Oct 21st. I will get to hear the heartbeat! I can't wait. Until next time.