Journal Responce for AFrenzFan

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Journal Responce for AFrenzFan

Name: Sara
EDD: April 20
1st baby

Dear Amy,

I enjoyed reading your journal entry to date. I grew up in Tampa, Florida and always dreamed about being a Gator! Unfortunately, I landed up moving to Arizona after HS and became a Lumberjack.

I just wanted to tell you that your journal is very encouraging to me. A lot of what you were experiencing with Nick makes me think if my DH will get it. He's excited about the baby, but sometimes he doesn't get it!

We had a huge blow out the other day and he sat there laughing. I walked away outraged. He finally got me calmed down and explained why he was laughing. All he could see was "hormones, hormones, hormones.." coming out of my mouth. While it seemed funny at the time, I wasn't too thrilled.

Then there was that moment where I was looking for a 9 week fetus online to show him. He looked at it and said, "Gosh, that thing is ugly." I about screamed my head off. Then he said, "Then again, it's not a baby it's a blessing!" I mean what was next.


My family lives in Florida and were affected by all 3 Hurricanes. I can sympathise with you!

Hope to continue to read your journals. I'm happy to hear you are having a girl. I want a girl (or one of each)! LOL

Take care and keep journalling!