Journey of Pregnancy #2

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Journey of Pregnancy #2

Pregnant again, with ease! We were going to start trying in July - it happened before that, we got a BFP on June 17th.
Because my cycles are so wacky, I'd been taking a pg test before going out if I thought I'd be drinking. So even though we knew it was a possibility, it was still a surprise. I think it took me about 10 minutes to catch my breath.
"Dean, do you know how to read a pg test?"
Holding up the pg test "Well, look...this means positive".
I didn't get much reaction out of him right away, but I think it was shock. After he had a much needed nap, he told me I caught him by surprise but he was so excited. We went out for dinner with friends who were 5 months pg, and it's all we could all talk about!

So my Dr says I can finish off my ball seasons. I was so excited to hear that. But, lately I've been going to games not too excited to play. I think I'm just nervous now.

Fatigue has set in...I really had to talk myself into getting off the couch to do laundry this weekend...ya, really hard stuff. But looks like I'm lucky again - not much nauseousness. I did feel sick in the morning for a couple days - then I started taking my vitamin at night and I've been fine.

Only gained .5 lbs so far too!!! 8 weeks so far.....

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I've been feeling really 'blah' lately, the past few days.
When I wake in the morning I feel alright, my tummy's a little off, but I think it's cuz I'm hungry. As soon as I eat I'm fine.
Once the afternoon comes I feel off. My tummy's just not too right, I'm tired, and I feel done for the day.
But as soon as I hit my relaxation time in the evening I'm fine. Maybe my body's just telling me it needs an exhaustion break!
I've been so short fused with Mikayla lately, it's making me feel so bad. I don't have the patience I normally do, and her persistence drives me up the wall. I yelled at her this morning on the way to school. It heightened the situation, and I sat back and gave myself crap in my head while she sat in her carseat and cried. What a nice Mommy. She's going through a phase right now and my pg hormones aren't a good mix with this phase!

I really hope my Mom's thoughts of twins are wrong. I mean, it would be cool - but I hadn't planned on having 3 kids. It just adds to the finances. I'm already telling Dean we should've bought a 4 bedroom instead of a 3 bedroom and we haven't even moved in yet!!!

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I took my first belly pic last night! 8 weeks 3 days

I also called this morning and made an appt for an u/s on July 31. I have a Dr's appt that morning, and I'm going to tell her I'd like an u/s - get my referral and be on my way! I'm already nervous, but excited to find out what's really inside me!

My level of patience with Mikayla seems to have improved in the last couple days...and has of course directly affected a change (for the better) in her behavior.

I weighed myself this morning and I lost a pound!?! :shock: I found that strange..I haven't been sick, why am I losing weight?

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I'm just plain ol bitchy. Irritable, moody, bitchy, whatever you want to call it. I'm not pleasant to be around though, I know that. These crazy hormones are going a little overboard right now I think.
I'm tired all the time and have NO energy at all. Although, I also have a cold that's having a hard time going away. My energy level's picked up a little in the last couple days and I think I might even attempt playing ball tonight. It's a 9pm game...we'll see how that goes.

Dean and I are arguing so much these days...I don't think he can handle my constant bitchiness. Last night he went to the pub after ball and got home at 1:30am - I woke up of course. Then I woke at 2:30 to him snoring like there was no tomorrow and I tossed and turned and got more and more frustrated ... finally I moved to the couch. Then Mikayla woke at 5:15am!!!! No wonder this poor pg woman is bitchy!

I'm just getting bigger and bigger, it's crazy. I think maybe I'll take another belly pic this weekend for comparison. I haven't gained any weight still though!

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I'm feeling pretty good these days. It's so weird how one day I feel awesome, and the next .. not so much.

I got sick again the other morning, on the side of the road. Mikayla was saying "Mommy, why you getting out? Why you stopping?" It happened a block from our house, just after we left. Then I was fine. Nuts.

My energy level has picked up, I think it was the cold that was affecting me so much.

I think my terrible bitchy stage has also passed. Thank goodness!!!!!!! That was terrible..even for me! :roll:

I took another belly pic the other night. Here's a comparison of the two.
8 weeks 3 days.................................................10 weeks 1 day

It's just crazy how fast I'm growing. I originally thought I wouldn't show for a while because I started out with a pooch this time. Then when I started showing early, I thought I'd very slowly grow. NOPE! My u/s is on Monday, and I can't wait!!!!! Just imagine if there's more than one...

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Mikayla was miserable this morning. That's the times I seem to root out my lack of patience. I think she's having a hard time adjusting to the difference in nap times between daycares. They only have an hour nap at big girl school, and about 2 hours at our other daycare. I can't wait until she's in big girl school FT.

I'm feeling pretty good, other than a little tired. But life's so busy right now. Mom's in the hospital after a hysterectomy and I've been trying to get there to visit her as much as I can. We're trying to finalize paperwork wtih the lawyer - and get them the final cheque. I was supposed to take it last night, but I just wanted to get to my I skipped it. It HAS to be there I have to get there tonight, and possibly may be picking up my Mom this afternoon too. Then I'll be staying at her place overnight and will have to take tomorrow off as vacation to stay with her. Not sure how that's going to work though - Mikayla needs to get to school still anyway. Too much going on in life right now with being pg on top of it all...the time when you really need to sit back and relax. No time for that.

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I'm *positive* I felt the baby move. I thought I did the other night while visiting Mom, then off an on yesterday, all day.
Maybe I'm farther along than I thought. I don't understand how that could be possible, but maybe..?? I guess we'll find out Monday!

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I had a Dr's appt yesterday and my uterus was measuring 14 weeks. I carried on to the u/s and just one baby in there! Heartbeat was 167 and I'm measuring on track. What a relieft...although a surprise!

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Wow, it's been a while! I'm almost 17 weeks already and I seriously just can't believe that. This pregnancy is FLYING by!

We've moved into our first home, all renovations are done (which was one chaotic week), and we've settled in.

I'm still growing, surprisingly enough - it can happen! Biggrin lol

Our camera was stolen from the car (after I left the windows open, and someone helped themselves), so we've ordered another one - it's the waiting game. As soon as I get it, the first thing I'm gonna do is take a belly pic!!!

Still feel nauseous once in a while, and my skin is still broken out - although not quite so badly. It's gotta be a boy.

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Yesterday I had my 17 week Dr's appt. I heard the baby's heartbeat on the doppler...loved it. My Dr. said it sounds great and healthy, although she didn't tell me what it was.
I'm measuring 18 weeks, so not so far ahead anymore, which is good. I gained 4 lbs - that's the first weight I've gained so far. I really want to be careful with that.
Then we talked about the u/s I had at 11 weeks. This was the first appt I've had since the u/s cuz my Dr was on holidays.
The u/s tech said I may have an anterior wall abominal hernia, but they'd like to check again at my regularly scheduled u/s. My Dr said it isn't cause for concern, it's common. Do you think I'm not concerned though?!?! Ugh. I can't find much info on the net, but anything I do find seems to say that it requires surgery.
They'll be checking again at my regularly scheduled u/s which I'll be booking for 19 weeks. Just a couple weeks wait.

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I've been tired this week, I'm so happy it's Friday. And of course on a day I'm tired and would be happy to veg and hide at my desk all day, I have a training presentation to 25 people..ugh.

I've felt more and more movement lately too.

Mikayla's been more and more cute with the 'baby in Mommy's tummy'. The other night when she was going to bed she said she wanted to see the baby. I lifted my shirt up and she kissed it and said "Ni ni baby, I'm going to sleep now". Too cute.

So far for names we have:

Kaleb Ashton - Dean's still really stuck on this name from when we had Mikayla. I don't think there will any changing it!

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Our u/s is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.....

I'm feeling bigger, shirts are getting tighter and fitting differently. It makes me wonder what will fit in another month, I'm already in XL! :roll: *sigh*

I've been feeling baby tons lately, and more often. It's pretty active during the day, and of course especially at night when I lay down to relax. I just can't wait to see it tomorrow!

I'm still undecided whether or not I want to find out the sex tomorrow. I'm really worried about regretting that I found out....

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So the u/s happened and we found out what we're having!!! We're having a little boy...Dean and I are both so ecstatic. Everything was perfect, measuring right on track - to the day.
I had a Dr's appt the other day, I gained a whoppin 8 lbs! According to my Dr's records I lost at the beginning though, so I've only gained 9 lbs officially (even though I say it's 12). She's happy with long as I don't come back next mth and gain another 8 lbs!
My uterus is measuring 3 weeks's gonna be another big baby!

We were shopping on the weekend and Dean was really checking out little boy's clothes. He's so excited to start buying little boys things.

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22 weeks...already?!?!? Man, I can't believe how fast time is going.

The last few days I've felt nauseous off and on again. I tell ya - this pregnancy is sure different than the last one. If I didn't know it was a boy, I'd be so sure anyway. I think it's the crazy mix of the male and female hormones. My skin's still so broken out too. I can't wait for that to be done!

Mikayla has been my little joy lately. I feel like I can't get enough of her. I wonder if it's because inside I know I won't be able to give her 100% of my attention once baby's here. We've really been working at getting her to do more things with Daddy, Daddy putting her to bed etc. Daddy had a talk with her on the weekend that Mommy can't do everything...phew, thank god. lol

I'm already growing out of some!! I've only gained 9 lbs so far, so that's good...but belly hasn't stopped growing!!!

Our names now:
Nicholas (for a middle name only)
- Kaleb is out because it's too close to Kayla, which is what I call Mikayla all the time now.

Dean and I were talking about how big we thought baby would be and when we thought I'd deliver.

My guess - Feb.22 or 23, 10 lbs 4 oz
Dean's guess - Feb. 20, 10 lbs 4 oz

I thought it was interesting we had the same weight guess.

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Tired. I'm tired this week. I thought maybe it was because I've been forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins, but I've taken them for the past 2 days now and I'm feeling really drained this afternoon. Tonight I'll do nothing but make dinner and relax, get to bed early..hopefully tomorrow I won't be tired.
I think I've had a growth spurt in the last few days/week. My tummy suddenly seems larger, some shirts don't fit now *sigh*. I'm into XXL shirts and XXL pants...another *sigh*

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So many things are bothering me right now, and with the nutty hormones
in me - well I feel like I'm at the state of tears in seconds. It's
stupidly silly.
All of a sudden nothing fits me. My shirts are all too small, and I
can't seem to find anything else I like. I don't seem to be able to
wear cotton, it looks terrible on me cuz it clings to me and I'm too
big. I tried on a sweater on Sat. and it looked awful for the same
reason. So I'm pretty much restricted to collared shirts...and that
gets pretty damn boring. I'm into XXL and there's just not much variety
out there. I have $60 in birthday money burning a hole in my hand, and
I can't seem to be able to freakin spend it cuz I can't find anything I
like...on top of that if I do - it's too expensive (read: I'm too
I'm not sleeping very well cuz baby's too darn active during the night
now. He's moving around and having a party in my tummy when I should be sleeping.
My tummy's so heavy, I tire so easily, which is getting me down. It
wasn't like this with Mikayla - my Mom thinks it's cuz I'm carrying a
lot lower. I also think it's cuz I'm heavier this time.
My pregnancy with Mikayla was a piece of cake and thoroughly enjoyable,
this one's so different. I still get feelings of nauseousness every now
and then, it's just not the same.
I dunno why, but I'm feeling so damn emotional about all this stuff, and
it's just making me a miserable person. It's affecting my life.

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Feeling a lot better today. Man, yesterday was a terrible day. I wasn't meant to come to work, that was my biggest problem! lol

Mikayla made me a happy person last night, she was such a joy and we got in lots of cuddles.
Dean made me realize that I need to express my feelings to him more often, he can't just guess what I'm going through.

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I have a couple of the most wonderful friends in the world.

After talking to Kendra a ton on Monday about how I was feeling and trying to just get through the day, her and Sandi were shopping yesterday and decided to get me a couple of nice mat shirts! Can you believe that? I might be a sap, or pathetic, but I was truly touched, I still can't believe they did that.

The world's a different place with a couple of true friends and people like that!

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Baby moved this weekend and I'm feeling a lot more comfy.

No more aching hooha, no more heaviness feeling, no more needing rests after walking barely anywhere, no more whining and complaining Biggrin Now I just feel pg.

I can't wait to go out trick or treating with Mikayla tonight, it's going to be so much fun.

Latest belly pic - 23 weeks 4 days

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I had my 25 week Dr's appt on Monday. I gained 5 more lbs, that's a total of 14 lbs. My Dr. said she'd like to see me gain about 25 lbs. So that means I have 11 more lbs to go, in 15 weeks. I better be careful! But I AM doing a heck of a lot better than last time!

I spent the whole weekend with my feet up, laying down (on my left side, cuz that's what 'they' say is best), and in sitz baths. I had TERRIBLE hemmoroids. What's with this pregnancy?!?!? Everything is happening to me this time. Thankfully, they're gone now...phew. That SUCKED!

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No 3D u/s. I'm sad. I had a cry about it last night. To be realistic, it's just not really in the budget right now. That's life....but I am still sad about it. I was SO looking forward to it. ugh.

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We ended up going for the 3D u/s! There's a 48hr cancellation policy, and we would've been charged $100 to cancel so late. So we went through with it and just stuck it on the credit card.
It was SO cool. He smiled at us a lot, he looks pretty squished already though!
He's breech right now, but has time to move. His legs and hands are both up by his face, and his butt is down on top of my cervix...probably hence all the pressure I'm feeling.
We also had it confirmed it's a boy! Biggrin
Sucking his thumb

Facial profile shot - hand and foot beside face

Hugging his legs!

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I'm stressed out. I seem to get stressed easier when I'm pg, with all these freakin hormones. And I'm extra emotional, I tend to cry so easily.

It's my baby girl's 3rd birthday party this weekend. As with anything else in our life, I've planned everything and prepped everything. DH does nothing. But god forbid if I do give him something to do...he forgets or it's a big deal. It's driving me nuts.

I'm missing a really good friend's birthday celebration tomorrow night because I have too much prep to do for Saturday. DH can't do it, he's freakin useless.
I asked him to go to the Dollare Store tonight for the couple last few things we need - loot bag toys and hats. "Maybe". Maybe??!?!?! What's to think about? It should be a simple yes. I rarely ask him to do anything, it's easier to do it myself. So when I DO ask, I'd really appreciate the help. But apparently it's too much to ask.

I need a freakin vacation away from life.

I'm also not sleeping well. Baby's waking me up TONS in the middle of the night. He's doing some dancing and jigs inside Mommy's tummy while she's trying to sleep. Therefore I'm moody, cranky and plain TIRED.

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I don't need financial stress right's the last thing someone needs when pg.
We just found out our car (2002!) needs a new engine...ugh. $2500. The piston blew up and there's metal all over the inside of the engine. Lovely, just freakin lovely.

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It's Friday. TGIF. I'm ready for a weekend, and tomorrow morning I'm telling Dean I'm sleeping in. I'm exhausted and I think it's just the extra stress I've been through.
Dean and I didn't get along last night at all - we're both stressed out and taking it out on each other. I just ended up going to bed early and having a cry before falling asleep. All this crying is so odd for me, but it's actually nice to be able to let go of my emotions, I'm usually such a rock.

I just want our car fixed, and to have my car back again. I hate having my Mom come out of her way to pick up Mikayla and I every morning. I hate worrying about whether all these extra financial stuff will affect Christmas. I worry about if this stress is affecting my baby. I worry about sitting at my desk and just needing to cry. I worry about how this extra stress at home is affecting Mikayla. I worry too much when I'm stressed out. It stresses me out more.

I just want and crave a peachy life right now. Just til my pregnancy's over at least.

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Things are SO much better. Our car situation worked out - we are now only paying $1500 ... much better than $2500!!
I also got our line of credit increased which was a big weight off our shoulders.
Stress is gone - Dean and I are getting along - I'm feeling less emotional - everyone's happy. Money creates such crazy stress in life.

29 I went to the Dr's yesterday and I only gained 2 lbs this past month! I'm measuring on track, baby sounded great and is HEAD DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO. I'm feeling his movements and seeing the waving motions across my tummy as he moves inside. Love it.
My new belly pic for 29 weeks...

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Baby's running out of room in there. I can feel his every movement I think..and the ones that make me stop what I'm doing is when he's moving right behind my belly button. It must be a sensitive area or something.
I'm starting to get anxious to meet this little guy, and I'm really curious to know how big he's going to be.
10 weeks to go, I can hardly believe it. That's 28 work days left too! Biggrin

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Someone mentioned that the 3D u/s pic in my siggy looked as though there was a profile of another face looking at the baby. I had to check it out, since a gf already mentioned it by email, but I never looked into it.

It totally looks like there's another face in there. We know there's only one baby, so I look at it as though it's baby's guardian angel. Very cool. Then someone posted this on my bb...
Very cool!

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31 weeks now. Wow, not long to go!

Here's my new belly pic for 31 weeks

I don't see a huge difference, it just seems to be rounding out more.

Had a Dr's appt yesterday, everything's great. I gained 2 lbs, baby's measuring right on track, and Mikayla even came and got to hear baby's HB!

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I can't believe Christmas is almost here. This year's been so much fun already - just prepping Mikayla for it all. I can't imagine what it's going to be like to watch her open presents with all her excitement, and I REALLY can't wait to see her face when she walks downstairs on Christmas morning after Santa came. It's going to be soooo much fun this year.

My belly's been having the odd twitch here and there lately - I think it's my muscles stretching and expanding.
Lots of BH too, when I went grocery shopping the other night I had to keep stopping and breathing deeply. Maybe my Mom's right, and this baby will come early..I dunno.

Last day of work today and I can't wait for it to be over!! Ahhh, the holidays.

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Christmas was a blast. Mikayla was right into this year, I don't think I've ever seen her so excited!

33 weeks. I can barely believe I'm this far along already. This pregnancy has flown by. I know I've said that before - may times - but I'm still in shock. 7 weeks to go?? WOW.
My Mom's still saying this baby will come early. I dunno, we'll just have to see.

I was thinking I wasn't as big this time as when I was pg with Mikayla. So I took a belly pic the other night and pulled out Mikayla's little album with my belly pics. I'm the same size now as I was at 39 weeks with her. Yikes. That was a big eye opener for me! I'm carrying a lot differently though, maybe that's why I don't feel as big. I also haven't put on as much weight this time.

The movement from baby inside my tummy is clearly seen by others. He's squished. Some of the movements are actually painful. The BH have started, and in the last couple days I've had some painful ones.

The one thing I DON'T want is for baby to be born on Valentine's Day. I wouldn't want my birthday to be on any day of the year that's celebrating something else. So if it does come early, it better not be that day!

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34 weeks? How did that happen? Man, time's just flying now...more than before. I have 6 weeks left...seriously??!?!?!

While laying in bed last night I was thinking about returning to work today after the holidays. I told Dean I had 19 days left. He said "19 days?!?! Holy sh%t! Do you think this baby will be on time?" hee hee. I said "No, no, 19 days of work - not til my due date". Poor guy, I think I freaked him out.

We've got the baby's room just about complete now. There's a couple things to put up on the walls, and I need to buy a basket for the diapers. I think that's about it. Phew.

I had a painful BH at work today. It made me stop walking and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Whoa...that came outta no where. Then I had two more BH after that, but not painful. The time is nearing, my body's preparing I guess! Biggrin

I had a Dr's appt last week and only gained 1 pound..unbelievable, not sure how I did that after eating all that I did during the holidays. But, my BP was up a bit. It's been consistently 110/70, but last week it was 124/80. Hopefully it was just the extra caffeine over the holiday season.

I'm going to post a new belly pic tomorrow Biggrin

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Okay, so here's my mongo 34 week belly pic!

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My newest creation...

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Glad to have gotten home safely (without going into labor!)

I posted this on my bb...

Getting home yesterday was dreadful, to say the least.

We went to leave and the block that the parkade is on had an accident at each end of the street, 3 cars that just slid into each other trying to stop because the roads were pure ice.
My work building is surrounded by hills, as is the rest of the city I work in. So I get out of the parkade and try and make it down the hill. I turned the corner and the car wouldn't stop, we just slid. I made it to the curb in order to stop the car, then sat there to catch my breath and think about how I was going to make it down this hill. I inched my foot off the break the entire way down, still sliding some, then turned the corner and parked the car on the side of the road. At this point I was crying and barely realized it because I was so focused. Meanwhile my lovely girl was sitting in the back being ever so quiet to let me focus.
When I parked the car I sat there for a few minutes and watched people attempt to walk down the hill to get to the skytrain station. They were basically skiing. Being 8 months pg I wasn't sure how this was going to work. But I knew I couldn't drive, there was no way.
I had stripped Mikayla out of her snowsuit before leaving school because it was all wet...we even left her gloves at school. Deep we go.
I asked a couple ladies that I knew from the College to hold me as I was walking down across the street, and at the same time, I was holding onto Mikayla so she wouldn't fall. We made it.
Mikayla thought it was pretty cool to go for a ride on the skytrain!!
Then we got to the bus station. The lineups were horrendous. I finally figured out what bus we needed (can you tell I don't do this often?!) and decided there was no way we were standing out in the snow in the lineups to wait for the snow. I was stupid and didn't even have a jacket, just a warm puffy vest.
So we sat under cover and waited about 1/2 hour for the bus, then budged our way to the front. People didn't seem to mind, I guess because of how pg I am and with Mikayla. Then we had the cool busride! lol
Once we got off the bus we had to walk (it had stopped snowing by now, thank god!!!) about 4 blocks. My poor girl and no gloves. She kept her hands in her pockets like I told her, but that only kept them so warm for so long.
We were about half way home when she said she didn't want to walk anymore, she was tired. So I tried to make it fun, then she got too cold and cried for about the last 10 minutes of the walk because her hands were "freezing and they hurt".
We made it home about 2.5 hours after we left (got home at about 7ish), Dean was not far behind that.

It was a terrible commute, something I'll probably never forget...but we made it safely.

I came back last night after Mikayla went to bed to get the car with my FIL. The roads were better, I guess trucks had the chance to get out and salt. The commute in this morning was alright, roads are MUCH better.

ETA - Oh ya, and I should add...

FIL called and asked Dean if he wanted to come and get the car last night. No, he was 'too tired'. So his 8 mth pg wife went and got it while he slept on the couch.

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I had a Dr's appt yesterday - first one at the prenatal clinic!

I gained a whopping 6 lbs..but I'm attributing it to being a different scale, and my appt was at the end of the day rather than the beginning like the rest have been. I'm now at a total of 25 lbs. That was my goal for the whole pregnancy, but I'm there now with 5 weeks to go. Ah well.

HB was 132, and my BP was back down to normal for me.

She thought the baby was head up, so she sent me for an u/s - thankfully she was wrong. I didn't get to see him though because it was on a portable u/s machine..couldn't see much!

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My emotions still seem to be able to get the best of me some days.

Mikayla's been waking up at least once a night for over a week now. She goes right back to sleep, but of course I can't. So I'm tired. I think that's when it's harder to keep ahold of my emotions too.

She's just emotionally draining to me lately. I talked to daycare and asked if they've noticed a change in her behaviour and they said yes. Apparently yesterday one of the teachers asked her to do something and she turned around and stuck her tongue out at her. Yikes.
But they explained that they also understand she's going through changes at home with the anticipation of baby. It's easier when they know "why" they're seeing a difference.
She's been NASTY to me lately. Last night she was much better, but this morning she was right back to being nasty. All the way in she talked to me like a piece of trash. I would ignore her as I felt my BP going up, then she would get angry because I wasn't listening. So finally when I stopped at a red light I turned around and told her firmly "I'm not listening to you or speaking to you unless you can talk like a nice girl. If you can't, then be quiet until we get to school". That didn't even do it. She got mad back at me and said "Don't get mad at me, you hurt my feelings." So I explained that she was hurting MY feelings, and I didn't want to speak to her until she was ready to be nice. I was fighting back the tears, she truly was hurting my feelings.
I dropped her off at school and walked as fast as I could to the nearest private washroom to have a good cry.

I feel like I've broken her heart and let her down. Which breaks MY heart.

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Had a Dr's appt yesterday...makes everything feel more real now that I'm going every week!!

I lost a pound..??!?!? How does that happen? The Dr. said she's seeing a lot of it - post holiday time. Well I guess that sorta helps out my 6lb weight gain last appt!
Speaking of the Dr...ugh. I so remember her from when I was pg with Mikayla. I really didn't like her. Now I remember why. Other than the fact that she kept telling me every appt with Mikayla how big the baby was going to be, and I'd probably have a c-section. Every appt. Well, yesterday she took my BP, didn't say anything. I said "Is my BP okay?" She didn't answer me. Okaaayyy. She measured me, didn't say anything. Listened for the HB, said "That sounds good." So I asked what I was measuring. She said 35 weeks, but that's fine. She just doesn't really make some feel comfortable with everything!

So I'm thinking baby will have a growth spurt in the next week, and I'll catch up...I dunno.

Here's my latest belly pic - 36 weeks.

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37 weeks - wow, really?!?!

I had a Dr's appt on Monday, and I gained 2.5 lbs. Uterus is measuring 36 weeks, but I think it will be interesting to see what I meaure next week with another Dr. The only times I've measured behind like this is the 2 weeks I saw a different Dr. So, we'll have to wait and see...

I'm feeling good. Some days more tired than others, but not bad at all. I'm feeling a bunch of different things going on down there. There's been some crampy twinges off and on for a couple days, my joints are becoming more sore/tired, I guess they're stretching out more. I think he's trying to work his way down. Sounds good to me!

Mom's hoping I have him on her birthday, which is Monday. I don't think so! It's a full moon tomorrow, but I don't think it will affect me, I'm not due for another couple weeks.

Today and tomorrow are my last days of work now...hard to believe. It's set in and feels weird to think I won't be coming back here for a year. I do enjoy work, the people, and my job, so I really do think I'll miss it. But I'll have more exciting things to think about and do for a year!! Biggrin
I sure hope I don't have to come back to this job....I'm waiting for someone else to get another job, then hopefully I'll be able to post into theirs. It would be a promotion, pay raise and I'd enjoy it.
Everyone I work closely with here at work are so sad to see me go...they're telling the new person that she has big shoes to fill and how wonderful they think I am!! I'm taking it all in, but I kinda feel bad for her - that would be a bit frustrating to hear starting a new position. I love to hear how loved I am and much I'll be missed though, of course! Biggrin

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Last day of work for a whole year. What a surreal feeling.

I was having some cramping last night..nothing too exciting, but it was there. It wasn't gas, and it wouldn't go away so I went to bed.
I woke up a couple times to pee - weird for me - and felt a bit nauseous. I think Kaleb's moving his way down!!

Gettin there...

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He's GOTTA be moving down. Otherwise what are all these crampy feelings, pains in my joints, and middle of the night pees about? I'm hoping on Monday when I go to the Dr's she'll tell me he's *somewhat* engaged. I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything, I think I just want some reasoning for what I'm feeling.
I'm sure he's going to come early, I've been convinced. I didn't go through any of this with Mikayla, I was still so comfortable - even come 40 weeks pg! I'm 38 weeks 3 weeks max I'll be holding my new baby boy in my arms...still hard to believe.

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Well last Monday the Dr. said he was quite low, but not yet engaged. Hmm.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday while Mikayla was at school I went crazy in the house. Tuesday I got my pedicure done, a couple other errands and then came home with intentions to relax. Nope. I ended up rearranging Mikayla's room - that included moving her dresser and bed of course. It wasn't too hard...although my back was sore that night. After her bedroom was finished, I continued on cleaning the rest of the upstairs.
Wednesday I did downstairs cleaning to finish off the house. I washed walls, washed down the mouldings, cleaned the kitchen, including the fridge. It felt soooo good.
I was EXHAUSTED Thursday! The day was pretty much a write off for me. Thankfully Mikayla was an angel.
Last night I had some pretty good cramping again. It lasted a couple hours, then it was gone completely. Some things are obviously going on though, which is great.
I really want to have lil Mister Kaleb on the 13th...
Dean and I are going out for our Valentine's dinner tonight in case we can't go on Valentine's. Plus, it won't be as crazy tonight. I'm excited to have a last outing with just the two of us - it'll be nice. And I've already warned him I'm going to be 'looking for some' tonight, and we'll see if that hints anything to Kaleb! Biggrin

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Well it's the 13th and no Kaleb. Fine with me though, I've got a terrible cold. I've been nursing it like crazy, it needs to go away before I go into labor! The fever and aches are it's just my energy level I've gotta get back up.

Sandi had her baby this morning by c-section - Madeline Elizabeth, 7lbs 6oz. She's a cutie.

I went and vacuumed the car out and cleaned it pretty good. Then I went shopping for some new runners. I was having some good BH while walking through the store, nothing since though. And no runners Sad

I had a Dr's appt yesterday - lost a pound, baby was measuring 38 weeks, HB was 156.

Here's my latest belly pic from this morning - 39 weeks 2 days

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Oh ya - and the biggest news of all?!?!? I haven't had a cigarette since Saturday. And I only had 2 on Saturday! I'm done... Biggrin :D Biggrin

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Okay baby, it's D day!

Yesterday we went for a walk with Mikayla to feed the ducks, and I made myself walk quicker than normal. Then Dean and I went to the mall and walked around for 2 hours. I was exhausted. Felt a lot of pressure, had some good BH, but that's it. This baby's too comfy, like his sister was.

Tomorrow I have a Dr's appt and I'm going to tell her I want him out. I'm sure we'll be talking about induction, I can't wait to hear when she says they'll induce. I'm sure it will probably be next weekend though.

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Had a Dr's appt today..nothing going on at all.

My Dr. did an internal and I'm high and closed still, no excitement at all. I did lose 2 lbs though...I'm now at a total of 26.5 lbs weight gain!!
She estimated the size of baby to be about 8 lbs right now, so he'll probably be around 9 lbs.
I'll be induced next Monday...let's hope it takes just one time this time!!

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Nothing happening still. I've accepted the fact that I won't have a baby until next week. I predict Feb.27th, since I'll be induced on the 26th. I don't know what time I'll be induced yet though, not til Monday am. So he could even come on the 28th if I need to be induced a second time. Who knows.

It's been SO nice having so much time with Mikayla, she's adjusted to being home with Mommy very nicely. Last week we were both sick, but this week things have been normal and we've really enjoyed the time together. She listens like a charm, and it's just like hanging out with a friend. I'm loving it. Maybe it has something to do with the great sleeps she's getting...2-2.5 hour naps!?

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My baby boy finally arrived!!

Kaleb Nicholas
12:17 pm
7 lbs 15 oz
20 inches

Monday, Feb.26 at 9am I went in to have prostagladin gel inserted on my cervix.
Came home with no signs of anything happening. It was snowing outside, and icey, so I couldn't really go for a walk, I didn't know what to do to help things out. My Mom was over at our place to help with dd if needed, so we all just hung out.
I was supposed to call the nurse at about 4pm to find out if I could come in again. So I did and she told me to be there about 5:15-5:30. As soon as DH came home from work I told him and he was ecstatic. We arranged for dd to sleep over at my IL's place, because we figured this second gel might get things going in the middle of the night. We were right.
I was checked before the second gel was inserted and I was 2-3 cm. Nice to hear there was progress and I didn't even know about it. My cervix was very soft, but long since he hadn't dropped at all yet.
The second gel was inserted and we were sent home.
I woke at 12:30am with contractions I couldn't sleep through anymore. I got up and paced the hallway, then got into the shower. DH woke when I got into the shower and was up.
At 4am we decided it was time to head to the hospital. They checked me and I was 4-5cms, 100% effaced, but still long since he hadn't dropped.
I was admitted, and continued laboring at the hospital. My Mom arrived at about 5:00 and was with me through labor so DH could get some sleep.
I was checked again at 8:30 when I said my contractions were getting more intense. I was 4-5 cms. WTF?! My Dr wanted to hook me up to oxytocin, so I said I wanted the epidural then.
I finally got the epidural at 10:30. Baby's heart rate was dropping with each contraction I was having, so they checked me again at 11:45. I was 8cms. They wanted to hook baby up to a Fetal Echocardiogram instead of the external fetal monitoring to be sure it was his heart rate they were picking up. It was, and it was actually dropping a little lower than we thought. So they checked me again after my next contraction, and I was fully dilated - 2 cms in 10 mins! Dr told me it was time to start pushing. So I gave it a push, they told me to stop because the cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times and they had to cut it. Then once that was done, I pushed one more time and there he was. Beautiful and healthy.

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When we left the hospital, Kaleb was 7lbs 9oz. So today we had a Dr's appt and checked his weight. 8lbs 2oz!! Apparently Mommy's milk does a body good! Biggrin

I have only 6 more lbs to go until I'm at my pre-pg weight! I can't believe how easily I've shed the weight this time. I guess it's easy when you only gain the recommended amount! So I figure once I get rid of the Kaleb weight, I'll work on the Mikayla weight from 3 years ago...oh my. I'm off to a great start anyway!

Kaleb's doing wonderfully. He's eating like a champ (obviously), he latches well, eats well, sleeps well and poops He's eating about every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 at night. He goes right back down after a feeding at night too, so things haven't been too bad.

Mikayla's doing great as a big sister. She loves Kaleb to pieces, and can't seem to get enough of him. She's had more attitude towards us (adults), but that's to be expected. I can't wait for a normal home routine again though, I must admit....

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Believe it or not, my poor newborn boy has a stuffy nose. Mikayla had a runny nose for a few days, I'm assuming he got it from her. She was right in his face, and there really wasn't anything we could do about that. But now the poor boy's all stuffed up. I've been doing saline drops and using the aspirator, I just want this to go away!!

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When Kaleb was 6 days old he started getting a stuffy nose. Mikayla was just getting over a cold, so we chalked it up to our poor lil newborn getting his big sister's cold - since she was in his face so much anyway.

Then he seemed okay one morning..not so stuffy. He had his nap in his moses basket which is what I use for daytime naps downstairs. He woke stuffy. I had a feeling this had something to do with the moses basket.
Same thing next day. So I mentioned my thought to my Mom and we thought we'd eliminate it and see what happened.

The moses basket disappeared, and so did the stuffiness. Then I remember reading about how you shouldn't use bumper pads anymore because it's one of the many cause of SIDS because the air can't circulate properly or something. That freaked me right out.

The other night when Kaleb went to bed (he sleeps in a cradle in our room), he wasn't stuffy at all. He woke for his first night feed a little stuffy. I looked over at the bumper pads on the cradle and that was it. They're gone too.

I find this interesting...but also scary. I really didn't think bumper pads would affect them - heck I used them with Mikayla and she was just fine. But, they're gone and so is the moses basket and my boy's FINE!