Just found out!!!

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Just found out!!!

Yesterday I took 2 EPT pregnancy tests, both turned out to be positive. SOOOO today we went to the doctor and got the official results. I am 5 weeks pregnant. I am scared and happy and excited. I feel a little weird because he does have 3 kids already from a previous marriage and this is my first time so I feel a little naive, like the things I think are weird or don't expect or know what they are, he already knows. I kind of wish we were going threw it at the same pace, but in any case, he has been wonderful so far. I told my family, gramma was thrilled, mom was okay, sad cause I am so far away, sister dust was excited, best friend summer was ecstatic. I am excited to tell more people, but nervous. It is so early in the pregnancy. OH MY GOD, I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!