Karen and Angel's 2nd Joy

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Karen and Angel's 2nd Joy

So here I am again with #2!!! We are beyond excited. We have been trying since October, this was my 6th cycle. I found out I was pregnant today I took a pregnancy test on DPO 14 it was the dollar tree kind and it came back negative. then this morning I had a spike and I bought another test and it was postive

4w1d = my fatherinlaw birthday 3-6-11
I havent really felt much except alittle tired there was 1 night I was ready for bed at 8pm but other than that I havent really felt much, this time I'm having barely any cramps. No m/s yet which Im fine with. I do feel like Im going to start showing earlier this time around since I feel really bloated.
I didnt lose all the weight from isaiah so I weighed myself this morning and Im starting my 2nd pregnancy with 142.

Nothing much to report, still feeling the same, I have been really moody
I have noticed my pants feel a little bit snugged, no craving, cramps or morning sickness. I do have a little cramping but barely nothing. This time around Im going to try to hold off telling my job as long as possible. I was pretty tired by 8pm and tried to go to bed at 9

weight=141 waist=38"
I woke up this morning with some back pain.. No morning sickness yet or cravings
weight=142 waist=38"
Feeling a little tired this morning but it could just be the weather. Im going to cut out my caffiene even though i only drink decaf coffee. I've had 3 glasses of water so far and its not even noon. Im starving right now so i cant wait until lunch. no morning sickness yet but im starting to feel my pants getting tight and my boobs are filling my bra really good. I was yawning like crazy after work.
weight= 143 waist= 38"
So Im so tired this morning I could of so stayed in bed all day. No m/s as of yet.

5 weeks
Im happy I made it to 5 weeks today. There isnt much to report besides I've been having some back pains and having some difficult staying a sleep at night. No morning sickness. my sense of smell has been pretty strong.
weight= 144 waist = 38"
If im standing up to long I start to have lower back pain. I tossed and turned all night long. I really wasnt tired today and in fact had a hard time falling asleep.
weight= 142 waist = 38"
no morning sickness yet.. I have had slight cramping around 2ish that lasted about 15 mins and some minor back pain. I had some more cramping after dinner which was giving me some back pain
weight=143 waist= 38"
I slept well last night, No morning sickness. I wore nylons which didnt feel good on my stomach it was to tight and irrating. the rest of the night was good and I also slept better
Weight=143 waist=38"
Good morning this morning. I keep getting pimples on my right cheek.. I wasnt as tired this morning compare to yesterday
weighed 144 and 38" waist. Nothing to report today
weight=144 and 38" waist. I feel bigger today. my pants feel snug and are actually pretty uncomfortable. I feel fine otherwise. i did go for a 15 min walk at break and my back was hurting me when I was done. I made my 1st midwife appt today, its schedualed with Peggy in New Bedford on March 29 at 2pm I will be 7w3d

6 weeks
weight=144 waist= 38" Im happy to reach 6 weeks. Today was a good day. I wasnt super hungry today. I did some yard work so it was nice to get outside.

weight=144 waist=38" today was kind of a yuck day. I was always hungry and towards the end of the day i was started to get a little queasy.

weight=144 waist=38" I felt a little queasy laying in bed this morning, but i think its because i was hungry. I did have a dream that I was holding a baby but have no idea if it was a boy or a girl. I had some cereal at work and seem ok. I do seem to be a little gassy in my stomach. i had a hard time sleeping last night. I kept tossing and turning. I was hungry all day long.

weight=144 waist= 38"
I woke up pretty good. I had a nice breakfast at work. im not full but im not hungry either. A week from today i have my first prenatal appt im nerves but excited. My boobs dont feel as sore as the other days.I did have a moment of nausea around 8pm. I think i just over did it. i had a headache to start off with and i gave isaiah a bath and changed the laundry for the rest of the evening i wasnt feeling really good.
weight= 144 waist= 38"
I had a good morning. I did have a bad dream last night that i started bleeding heavy blood. I took my temp this morning and it was 98.6 orally and 98.8 vaginally. so I think Im ok. no morning sickness.. I do feel a little bloated today
weight= 143 waist= 38.5
I was a tad nausea this morning on my way to bring angel to work but was fine by the time I got home. I had oatmeal for breakfast at work around 9ish and was starving by 11. After lunch I was good never felt hungry
weight=143 waist 38.5
I didnt have to work today so i spent the day cleaning I had to stop a couple of times because my back started hurting. Around 4ish i went to the bathroom and when I wiped I noticed some brown discharge.. Immediately i started to get scared. I had no cramps but it was enough brown discharge that i tried to take it easy. by the time I went to bed it was almost gone but more like tan/creamish color

7 weeks
weight= 143 waist= 38.5
When i checked this morning it was pretty much gone barely anything there. I really didnt do much. I did some more cleaning. I had some cramps around 6ish, but im not sure if its that my pants are to tight or that Im actually cramping. It seems to come and go. I havent been super hungry either. I cant wait until tuesday gets here to see if i can get an idea if everything is ok.
weight=144 waist=38
I was hoping today would of been a better day but it doesnt look like it. I woke up around 9ish and Im spotting more than I did on friday. Its darker and has more than friday. I cried all morning long. I feel like this is a bad sign. I kept checking throughout the day and it was getting lighter and than it came darker. When angel came home I took a nap on the couch and he cooked dinner and got isaiah ready for bed.
weight=144 waist=38
I checked this morning its still a little brown but not as much or darker than yesterday which I hope its a good sign. I have been feeling some slight pain on my right side kind of like Ovulation pains but it doesnt stay for very long. Tomorrow is my appt and I hope this day goes by fast so I can be seen ASAP. I just need to know everything is ok.
weight= 143 waist =38
Still spotting this morning. My boobs do feel kind of sore again. Smile Im so nervous about my appointment. I actually got a bellyache and had to use the bathroom before going to work. No other symptoms of course. The spotting is still brown kind of mixed in with some ewcw discharge but not ew since its brown. so this is 5 days of spotting.

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Finally pregnant again

4 weeks
Temp went up this morning and i took a pregnancy test from equate and it was a inconclusive test, went and got a first response test and sure enough a beautiful positive. I've been cramping all day. its been a long journey of trying to conceive we had 18 cycles from when we started back in sept 2010 im happy this journey has ended and hope everything works out and we deliver a healthy baby

Nothing to report beside im really crampy all

having a hard time staying a sleep i keep tossing and turning, im still super crampy and my boobs are killing me feels like rocks. I'm in a really cranky mood as well

Got up last night to pee, have been crampy all morning but no m/s yet

Weight= 148
feeling anxiety about miscarriage, i keep thinking of the last time, my boobs have been less sore today and barely any cramps. Still getting the zapping feeling on my right foot when i have to pee wondering if its my sciatic nerve

had some more cramps today, boobs are alittle sore, feeling kind of tired. Made my first midwife appt on Nov 20th at 2 in new bedford i'll be 8W4D then

had a bad dream last night that i got my period, i had some cramping last night that woke me up and im hoping thats what made me have the dream, because it makes me nervous from the last dream i had when i had my m/c.. boobs are still sore having light cramps here and there nothing like i had in the beginning. Around 1ish had some really horrible cramps was hurting so bad it was giving me a dull pain in my lower back, the cramps lasted about 15 mins went to the bathroom and no spotting. The rest of the day was good no issues

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yay 5 weeks is here, these days are feeling like eternity and i just want to fast forward to my appointment in November. My sense of smell is still pretty high. Havent really been extremely hungry but have been peeing more often but it could just be that im drinking more water. Pretty mild with my cramps

I had a good day barely any cramping until late last night,

had a good day, no real appetite today kinda felt blah

Had a horrible time sleeping last night just couldnt get comfortable and would get cramps if laid on my stomach to long. kind a felt a charlie horse in my stomach when i turned to fast in bed. No appetite this morning for breakfast but ate a good lunch, wore maternity pants to work had some cramps here and there. Hurricane Sandy comes today so i left work early hopefully we dont lose any power

I slept good last night i did wake up tossing and turning but nothing big, my boobs are still super sore, nothing is appealing me to eat but im eating because i know i have to..I was starving during dinner time and just wanted to eat the whole house lol

slept good again last night. I feel huge i dont know how much longer i can keep this a secret at work, mild cramping today so far nothing huge. Im telling my family this weekend Smile Im kind of tired today but it just could be it gloomy outside

20 more days until my appointment!! yes im counting down. Today has been a good day with cramping while at work. I called the Doctor to see if they can schedule an U/S as well since im super nervous. The nurse said they automatically do one in the office but if im spotting or cramping they will get me a more evasive one across the street. So that makes me feel better she said she will try to hear a heartbeat with the doppler and then do an U/S. they didnt do that with my other 2 pregnancies so im glad to hear that.

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6 weeks
Happy 6 weeks!!! 2 1/2 weeks to go before i see the doctor, Im nervous and excited. holy crap was I tried at work today, i kept dozing off at my desk and was ready to fall asleep at my desk. Had some light cramps while I was at work.

Told my parents today, my mom didnt seem to happy at first (she takes care of the kids) but later on she started asking question like if i've gone to the doctor yet. it kind of hurt my feelings since i had been trying for so long i would really expect her to be happy but whatever. very little cramping today, kind of emotional wanting to cry for no reason

my red velvet muffin isnt hitting the spot kind of had to force myself to eat it for breakfast. My boobs are killing me especially my nipples. Started getting really hungry around 4ish. Cramps were very minimal today

Not really feeling the red velvet muffin again this morning, i feel really thirsty, Im pretty tired this morning and hungry since i didnt finish the muffin. my boobs are still sore, im tossing and turning alot during the night just cant seem to get comfortable. im kind of cranky today and am just craving pizza, not just any kind of pizza im thinking rainions and then im craving antipasto from pa raffas and also craving Ihop lol, kind of emotional as well, the dog scratched my face and I was right into tears

Its been a good day, woke up super thirsty this morning. My boobs are still sore and my sense of smell is still super high. Im always freaking hungry and no matter what i eat for lunch im still hungry. I havent really felt any cramps today, but def feeling emotional. Massive zits on my face uggh. We went to red robin for dinner and i had wings, my hamburger and a side salad and ate every drop of it and didnt feel stuffed when I was done.

weight: 149
Didnt feel that great this morning, i was so hungry i tried drinking water and I felt so sick to my stomach, came to work ate a english muffin and my coffee and i just feel like blah, getting some nausea because im hungry. I need to buy snacks to eat during work. I was so tired by 8 pm last night and i was in bed by 9.

had an emotional morning,i saw a mouse in my room. Its stressing me out and i started crying. I've cried 2xs about it today. felt thirsty this morning. Today is one of my milestones from last pregnancy. I had spotted today, keeping my fingers crossed,my boobs arent feeling that sore today but my sense of smell is still high and i kind of feel like yuck. getting some slimy discharge kind of like eggwhite

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7 weeks
yahoo!!! made it to my 7 weeks without any spotting. I feel good. My boobs feel a little sore this morning and still super hungry i eat and feel like nothing is touching me. Find myself getting nausea in the morning on an empty stomach but if i drink anything it just makes it worse. My boobs feel a little itchy not sure if its dry skin or stretching. Cramps pretty much have gone away. I am getting some sharp pains if i get up to fast or turn to quickly.

I feel like i never win, if i eat regular im still hungry at the end and if i eat to much i feel yucky, not nausea but just blah my stomach just feels sour. theres no in between where im just comfortable. i want to be comfortable i hate being hungry. Didnt sleep well last night alot of tossing and turning just couldnt get comfortable. boobs still hurt

slept better last night not as much waking, uggh my boobs were sore when i got up. Im not finding myself really needing to pee a whole lot. Good day besides getting the shakes when i get to hungry

weight= 151
Had a horrible night sleeping, woke up around 4ish and just kept tossing and turning until it was time to get ready to work. Feeling bigger and my stomach is getting round. I need to start buying tums because food just isnt sitting well, im always burping and very gassy

Lets just say the day didnt start off well. I woke up with a pounding headache, I had a dream last night that when i wiped it was light pink. I feel stuffy which i think is causing the headache. I feel huge when i sit and these maternity pants are not feeling very comfortable right now. its a rainy day and i just wish i was home laying in on the couch watching tv all day :)Holy crap what a cranky day I had today, no patience for anyone and everyone was pissing me off. My stomach felt sore for most of the day and my boobs are not really as sore.

Better morning today, I was getting super nausea this morning as soon as i arrived at work I was sooo hungry. Had a sip of my coffee and i was fine. Feel good with the sore stomach but i need to make sure i grab some tums because im getting alot of heartburn and im burping alot.

My boobs are barely sore anymore, I was starving today, my face is broken out and wont seem to clear up. So far everything is good with foods and gagging. Gonna dye my hair tonight and tomorrow i hit my 8 weeks mark Smile I hate waking up in the middle of the night to pee. It was like 4:30 am and I had held it long enough and couldnt take it anymore. Still getting the weird sensation on the bottom of my right food when I need to pee

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8 weeks
waist= 39
My waist really hasnt grown even though my belly seems bigger. Today has been an odd day, had some what loose stool this morning and I really wasnt that hungry today in the morning. Im kind of hoping the hunger thing is going away but also nervous because I really dont know what is going on until I go see the doctor on tuesday. I didnt wake up last night to pee even though I woke up tons of times to get comfortable. My boobs are still sore today Isaiah was so cute last night he was asking me what the baby was doing and he tried talking to the baby, I love that boy Smile

Day was good nothing major during the day, went to a party at the bowling alley had pizza and came home. Rested some on the couch and out of no where i could just feel my vomiting creeping up my throat, ran to the bathroom and puked a little in the toilet. not sure what happened it was hours from when i ate the pizza and cake

woke up fine this morning made pancakes kind of had an urge to puke but when away as soon as i started eating

My appt is tomorrow, im really nervous but excited to hopefully hear a heartbeat or see the little one on the screen. Feeling blah today not sick but just not 100%. was craving wonder bowl pizza today in the worst way, so i sent angel to go get it Smile

Woke up nervous this morning about todays appt. Got kind of emotional, of course im scared as hell im going to have a repeat of the last time but I feel good this time around so Im hoping everything will be ok. I cant wait for this sour stomach feeling to go away, I dont feel 100% i cant say im nausea but I feel ughh like sour, I guess i would rather be sour than nausea

Didnt feel to good this morning had alot to prepare for thanksgiving so i was pretty tired by the end of the day

had a good day with family ate tons didnt feel to blah today but got full pretty fast was so tired by the end of the day

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9 weeks

9 weeks
couple more days until i get my ultrasound nothing really to report today got up last night at 2 am
to pee

had a busy day with some shopping and getting an oil change. didnt really feel sick to my stomach. was pretty tired by the time it was bedtime

Had an ok day, stomach was kind of blah, i put the tree up and then rested the rest of the day since i was tired when did that
9 weeks-ultrasound
Went for my ultrasound today and i was so happy. I drank my 32 oz of water and by the time I got to the doctors i was in agony needing to pee and my bladder was in such physical pain from holding it so long. I told the receptionist that i couldnt hold it any longer and she asked how far along i was i said i was 9 weeks and she said oh yes def go pee. She said they ware doing a vaginal ultrasound since its more clear than an external one. I get called and the lady tells me to take everything from the waste down and drap the cloth over my lap. She inserts the wand and as soon as she does I see this amazing little image on the screen and i said well there's a baby for sure and she said yes with a beautiful strong heartbeat of 185 oh my heart jumped for joy to see everything looked wonderful, she gave us 3 pictures of the same one for me, angel and isaiah. She everything was measuring perfect and everything looked normal and i was measuring 9 weeks exactly with a due date of July 1st. i can seriously just relax and start enjoying this pregnancy.

drank coffee again this morning and i felt sour again, i think its the coffee since yesterday i didnt drink coffee and i felt great. i didnt sleep that great last night kept tossing and turning alot and i feel super cranky checked the calendar and def a full moon

Feel like crap today, i didnt drink coffee this morning, but i love water and this morning it was very difficult for me to drink it. Lunch didnt sit well either and im feeling extreme exhaustion, this is the tirest i've been since ive been pregnant

We had a lovely scare this morning, i had tons of cramps in the middle of the night that kept waking me up and i was thinking maybe its the way i was sleeping, got up in the morning to get ready for work and when i went to the bathroom i wiped an saw some blood on the toilet paper, not red but brownish and it really scared me, i went in the room to tell angel and i started crying thinking that i could possibly be losing the baby, I went to work and called the dr when they opened at 8:45 am and they took me in at 10:15 with Peggy, she checked me internally and said she didnt see active bleeding and my cervix was closed she suspected that i was dehydrated and thats what caused the bleeding but sent me down to UMASS Memorial to get an ultrasound to confirm the baby was still ok.
We walked there and i was so nervous, didnt like the tech she was kind of rude, they did a vaginal ultrasound and as soon as she inserted the probe we saw the baby with a heartbeat of 175, my heart sank i was so happy to see everything ok, she said she didnt see anything that was causing the bleeding and everything looked good, the baby was measuring 10 weeks.. she gave us 2 ultrasound pictures to take with it, what a difference 4 days did to the size of the baby.

I went and bought one of my friends doppler that she was selling for 20 bucks and i found the heartbeat today, what an amazing sound

Had a nice lazy day, angel had the day off so we hung out until i went to church, I brought the doppler to my moms so she and my vavo could hear the baby, went to elvins and celebrated Dave's birthday came home about 11 i was exhausted

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10 weeks + 11 weeks

Clearly I've been to lazy and tired to write anything down lol. I weighed myself the other morning and It looks like I have only gained 4 pounds so far which is lovely since with Isaiah i had gained 11 pds by 11 weeks. My foot is still doing that horrible pain and wednesday was probably the worst pain since, I almost lost my balance in the bathroom. I've been really tired lately especially at work. I no longer get the shakes and can stretch out more time before eating and i feel like im getting fuller faster. I dont need to drink anything in the morning when I wake up.

I told my boss on wednesday that I was pregnant, I was worried he'd find out from someone else and then god knows what he would do. I still do feel sour at times but not as much as before. Im still gagging when i brush my teeth, oh how i hate that.
Had a uggh day today, had no desire to do a single thing, i went grocery shopping in the morning and then came home decided i was tired around 12ish and was in and out of sleep until about 3ish. Angel came home from work around 4 and then we went to my In laws for dinner at 6. Food didnt settle well my stomach became upset and i was just so tired. I hate no feeling well and its like every day my stomach just doesnt feel well. I laid on her bed watched some tv. We left to go home. I opened the garbage and the smell of the onions i threw away made me gag to the point of almost throwing up. Im still getting that shocking feeling in my foot and didnt sleep well during the night kept waking up

11 weeks
I love when my ticker move a new week. Felt yucky this morning and its not helping that its a rainy Monday. The smell of isaiah's pee almost made me gag this morning. Looks like the gagging has started with my smells. Didnt feel that good last night my stomach was just upset and I barely ate my dinner, i was pretty much passed out on the couch around 7ish but woke up at 9 and then couldnt go back to sleep

Woke up with a migraine this morning from being stuffy with this lovely cold. Went to work today and happy that it went away by 10 am but I feel very sick to my stomach. Trying to eat little snack so i dont puke. by 3ish the stomach sourness went away, came home and took a quick nap

had a horrible night sleeping, between being congested,DH snoring and Isaiah talking in his sleep i think i slept a total of 2 hours and i woke up stuffy and feeling kind of shaky. Had some dizziness again. Migraine came back around 11 took 2 sudafeds and did the neti pot at lunch time and headache went away. My throat still hurts

slept like crap last night, my throat was hurting me and then it hurt my ears. I called my regular doctor so i can be seen to make sure i didnt have any infection. No strep, ears had a little fluid but nothing major and my sinuses were red but no sinus infection. so basically a regular cold and i have to let it run its course. on a plus note i didnt gag when i brushed my teeth this morning and i got news im getting a 50 cent raise at work.

what a horrible day yesterday was, i woke up and right after my shower i already had a sinus headache, was absolutely miserable, dropped off isaiah at my moms and ran to dunkin donuts to get a coffee and a donut and scarf it down before i got to work, bought some mucinex called the dr and its ok to take while pregnant, within in minutes the headache went away. my nose didnt run like it normally does when i take it, throughout the day the headache just kept coming back then it would go away and then come back again. did some shopping for christmas. came home with a headache took a steam shower which didnt do much, angel put the humidifier in my room and i went off to sleep

I had finally awesome sleep slept all night long without really waking up. I had goop in my eyes when i woke up and my nose was clogged but i think the humidifier really helped. I still have sinus pressure and my ears are blocked when i blow my nose so far no headache where i need to take medication im hoping to avoid this today since i've been taking something every day this week

horrible day today, i slept like crap and kept waking up none stop and i had a pounding headache all day and the mucinex didnt even work at all. im absolutely miserable today i cant seem to get rid of it and of course tomorrow i have to go to work and probably be miserable

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12 weeks

12 weeks
weight: 154
So far the day has gone well, I woke up kind of stuffy but no headache and still stuffy hoping i dont have to take anything for it and let my body rest. my midwife appt is tomorrow im excited to hear the heartbeat at the office. I slept pretty good last night only woke up 1x around 3:30 am, i feel kind of sour in my stomach and im sure its my coffee that is irritating me. my foot still has been doing that shock feeling but not as bad and it seems to be getting better.. Oh god i had the worst headache this afternoon, it felt like someone was stabbing my left eye brow with a knife. I took 2 sudafeds and it didnt do anything, left work and went home to take 2 Tylenol's and finally around 7ish it started going away.

12w1d-midwife appt
Woke up good this morning, i have a sore pain on my eye brow like someone punched my face and left a bruise, its almost noon time and so far no headache. I have my midwife appt today at 2:30 in new bedford. appt went well, only gained 1 pound from last time 157 from there scale blood pressure was 109/68 and baby's heart rate was 160. she gave me antibiotics for my sinus infection she didnt even try checking she just prescribed me meds and told me to take clartin

Woke up with a headache took my clartin and it didnt work for almost 3 hours. Feels like someone is stabbing my eye brow with a knife. the rest of the day went ok but around 5ish the headache was slightly coming back and i just wasnt feeling good. Did the neti-pot when i went to bed at 8:45 pm

Omg what a horrible night, i woke up around 10ish with severe pain in my left eyebrow to the point i was crying hysterically and almost having an anxiety attack. I asked angel to give me a hot towel to put on my face to help with the pressure he gave me 2 Tylenol and took my face mask and put it in the microwave. my teeth were chattering and angel wanted to take me to the ER but i refused. I still have 2 more day of antibiotics. I woke up with a headache this morning took my clartin at 7:15 and its 9:00 am and it still hasn't kicked in yet. by 10 headache was gone but by 2 pm it was back so i took 2 Tylenol's i was fine after that until about 8:30 when the headache came back. got home at 9:45 took 2 more Tylenol and went to bed.

Last day of work and then my week vacation!!!! I woke up this morning a little stuffy, was fine until i sat in the car and then the throbbing pain in my left eye came, got to work and ate so i could take a clartin at 7:45 within 30 mins it was gone!! headache never came back and i had a great day i hope this means things are going to look better.

i woke up good this morning no headache and i've been up for almost 2 hours, going to take my clartin and start my day

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13 weeks + 14 weeks

Happy christmas eve, so far the headaches are gone and i havent had any since saturday morning which im thrilled about. been listening to the heart beat on my doppler and its such an amazing sound. the baby is right under my belly button i cant wait until i start to feel the baby kick Smile im only getting the zapping feeling in my foot is when i wake up in the morning other than that its been pretty mild that i barely feel it. still getting charlie horses on my stomach not much but still get them.

13w5d 12-29-12
Headaches seem to be coming back had a sore throat today and my nose is stuffy i think im getting sick again.. i had a break and now back on my clartin.

13w6d 12-30-12
had a good morning, got our first snow storm last night so i went and played with isaiah did a little bit of shoveling and now my left hip is killing me. went to isaiah's godfather's to exchange gifts and end up getting a horrible headache by 9pm, by the time i got home i was almost ready to puke from the headache

14 weeks 12-31-12
Woke up stuffy this morning and had a headache for most of the morning, went to my mom's house and it went away but still feel stuffy, god i have to go back to work in 2 days and i was really hoping it would go away. have a stupid yeast infection that i've had for days now so went out and bought some cream.

14w2d 1-2-13
weight: 154
First day back at work from my vacation. I was really nervous since i wasnt feeling better and i slept like crap last night, but i had a good day, alot of energy and no headaches that made me very happy Smile

14w3d 1-3-13
Day was not as good as yesterday, i woke up tired as hell and my stomach just didnt feel good at all, i felt like i was holding a huge 50lb ball all day and it was really making me feel really uncomfortable. I end up calling michelle and say i wasnt hanging out i wasnt feeling good. no headache so thats a good thing maybe my headaches are gone

14w4d 1-4-13
Woke up stuffy this morning and by 8:30 i can already feel a headache coming so i took 2 Tylenol and by 10 it was gone, kind of felt tired and really gassy all day went to the bathroom 2 times today which is alot for me lol. had a bout of nausea on the way to work for no apparent reason i thought i was going to puke in the car thank god it went away by the time i started walking into work. had horrible heartburn today as well, all day and wouldnt go away

14w5d 1-5-13
Got up had a good morning but then it quickly changed to a headache, went and ordered my new glasses and just couldnt make it to grocery shop, went home and slept on the couch after i took 2 tylenols until 1:30 woke up fine and had went to church and celebrated angel's birthday with his friends at red robin.

14w6d 1-6-13
Got up at 9:45 ate and took a shower after my shower another headache took tylenol and it went away fairly quickly, celebrated jeremiah's birthday at ocean's 18. Angel got out early we drove to boston and surprised isaiah at discovery of the dinosaurs, we had a great time at the exhibit and then went to olive garden for dinner, im exhausted

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15 weeks & 16 weeks

15 weeks 1-7-13
weight: 155
waist: 42
last night had horrible heartburn angel got me 2 tums. I woke up this morning fine within an hour started getting a headache. thankfully it went away on it own and i didnt have to take any medication. my pants seem super tight today and my belly looks bigger than usual. i really hope i dont have to buy any more maternity pants but i did start this pregnancy almost 20 pds heavier than when i did with isaiah.i think i felt a kick today but it only had one time at work so im not sure now

15w1d 1-8-13
had horrible heartburn before before took 3 tums. I didnt sleep that well, kept tossing and turning and being uncomfortable. had no headache today which was a plus. I've been super hot today its in the mid 40's and im dying with short sleeves on i can so imagine how the summer is going to be. I cant wait for my appt next week

15w2d 1-9-13
Its DH's birthday today Smile Had a good day no headaches until after i got out of work. by the time it was 6:30 I was no feeling great, I felt bad for DH since he wanted to go out to dinner for his birthday and i tried so hard to get rid of it, I took 2 Tylenol and laid in the car until he isaiah was done with taking his shower at the YMCA, we drove almost to the restaurant and i started feeling nausea so i told him to send me home. He end up going to dinner with one of his friends and isaiah, I went to straight to bed as soon as I got home.

15w3d 1-10-13
I cant believe i slept from last night until this morning, i went to be a little after 7ish and woke up this morning, i didnt even eat dinner. I got up ate cereal so i wouldnt feel sick from not eating. I didnt hear angel come to bed at all. Still really havent felt any kicking yet. I was actually tired for most of the morning while i was at work

15w4d 1-11-13
Today was a good day, no headaches I had heartburn though which kind of sucked but it was probably because i had orange juice for breakfast. Didnt have much appetite for dinner last night and i was really gassy

15w5d 1-12-13
Woke up with a headache on my right side of my eye which its usually my left that gets it but i was stuffy this morning and not really feeling that great, god i hope im not getting another cold again i'll freaking die.

15w6d 1-13-13
No headaches today, but just alot of anxiety.. for some reason i feel like i need to clean the car seat i might just take all the stuff off of it and the stroller and wash it. I felt kind of tired today but had tons of energy by the time it was bedtime. I had lovely heartburn today of course.

16 weeks 1-14-13
Got a phone call today that Peggy is sick with the flu and i need to reschedule my appt. so now im going Wednesday and seeing Krissanne I dont want to take the chance on getting the flu. No headaches today, Im wondering if my TMJ is causing my headaches. I've read it can and i noticed on saturday that i had a headache on my right side which is where I DONT have TMJ but i swear i thought i heard my jaw click. Still havent felt the baby move, yea for reaching 16 weeks. I cant wait until i can make the appt for the ultrasound to see the sex of the baby! Had some bouts of nausea last night and horrible heartburn again

16w1d 1-15-13
woke up this kind of a headache nothing where i need to take anything but enough where i noticed. Still nausea this morning but grabbed myself a cappuccino and a egg-white wrap. food just doesnt seem appealing at all. headache was so mild i can barely call it a headache, must say today was a good day Smile

Had a great appt, gained 3 pds from my last prenatal im now 160 from her scale. my blood pressure was 107/68. I had them check my iron to rule out being anemic and it was 12.4 which was good not low. she did a belly check and heard the heartbeat at 156 nice and strong she says. I talked about pain in my left hip and she said to sleep with a pillow between my legs. I asked if I can take anything for my heartburn that I've been having every day and she said i can take Zantac 150 mg a day or 75 mg 2xs a day. I havent had a headache since saturday so Im thrilled about that. I made my gender scan ultrasound appt and my next prenatal appt its schedualed for Valentine's day Feb 14th at 3:00 and my prenatal is the same day at 3:50 pm Smile Im so excited

I've had a good week nothing really to report besides heartburn. I went to the dance last night and boy i cant hang like i use to. I was getting winded from dancing and didnt do much of it but enjoyed hanging with my friends, I am exhausted today, physically exhausted it took me all of my power to get off the couch and actually do something. I did had a slight headache but it was actually a real headache not the pain in my left eye area

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17 weeks & 18 weeks

17 weeks 1-21-13
having some on and off pain above my right eyebrow nothing i'd call a headache or that I need to take Tylenol but its def there. Little one is now 5.5" inches long getting big but still havent felt anything i can say thats def the baby. heartburn has been good today so far.

17w1d 1-22-13
weight: 156
Had an emotional day everything and anything makes me want to cry. Heartburn was good today, I didnt sleep well last night kept being uncomfortable and feeling like i needed to puke in the middle of the night. Sleeping with my body pillow was uncomfortable as well so i dealt with my sciatic pain all day at work. Still no baby movements

17w4d 1-25-13
Dealing with a headache today, my father polyurethane the floors on the 2nd floor so that 2nd bedroom can be ready to move isaiah's toys and be his playroom the fumes gave me a headache all night last night to the point I felt nausea. I got my doppler back from Michelle because i left it at her house last week and i was seriously having withdrawals. Found a nice strong heartbeat of 160. Today i have a slight headache still from last night but Im feeling pretty yucky today. Having some heartburn which has been pretty good this week. Counting the days i get to see my baby in the ultrasound. I wish this baby would kick me already.

18 weeks 1-28-13
My little baby is now measuring 6 inches and its hair is starting to grow in. thought i was feeling possible movement but nothing i can say it was definitely the baby. Feeling good havent really gotten any headaches other than the fumes in the house from the floor upstairs getting done.

18w3d 1-31-13
weight= 158
waist = 41 1/2
had a pretty yucky day today, woke up with a headache probably from the lack of sleep and the weather being almost 60 and raining. My stomach has been upset all day, i used the bathroom 3x's today. My headache never went away i took 2 Tylenol but it still stayed. my job is aggravating me with trying to put a rule that we cant eat at our desks anymore during lunch or break. Me and angel got into the conversation about the waitress at texas roadhouse with his friends and that turned into a big disaster and i went to be angry, so needless to say I slept like crap

18w4d 2-1-13
14 more days until the ultrasound i hope these 2 weeks fly by. I was still angry when i woke up this morning and he texted me asking if i felt better which set me off and I had been crying all morning from being frustrated. No headache today which im surprised due to the lack of sleep and my belly feels much better.

18w5d 2-2-13
I did a little more than i'd like was really tired with cleaning and just never felt full. i swear i could eat a horse. Got some really bad stomach pains around 9:30 pm had some gas i was really nervous it was contractions it was that strong and i no indication it was gas until about 15 mins it must of traveled down. Squeezed my nipple and a little clear stuff came out

18w6d 2-3-13
Woke up with a base line headache this morning, def can say i felt something today and a little more consistent than it has been, hoping it stays this way. took a warm bath and it helped the headache go away.

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19 weeks & 20 weeks

19 weeks 2-4-13
Woke up really tired today and had no desire to go to work, but of course i did. scarfed down a bowl at cereal at work but it really didnt even touch me, water was hard to go down today barely could drink it. My stomach felt sour after the cereal. so i grabbed fast food and I felt better. My lower back is killing me and i think its these chairs at work because im fine until i come to work. havent really felt any movement today Sad 11 more days until our ultrasound!!!

19w1d 2-5-13
I need to stop stressing myself out. Having some issues and i just keep getting myself worked up and when i start arguing i can feel some kicks. this pregnancy has be roller coaster of emotions and im letting it get the best of me. Been feeling hungry all the time and just feeling satisfied as far as food. Heartburn has been good since i took the zantac on friday havent had any until to night so i guess i need to take another pill at lunch time. made dinner and had no desire to eat last night after our argument and just lost my appetite.

19w2d 2-6-13
woke up this morning just feeling alone and wanted to be by myself and not really associate with anyone. I think its best i take some time to just be alone so i can get all this negative vibes out of me because its really not helping me. I've been feeling some little kicks. You can see it from my belly by they are so light i can feel it more active now inside of me. I have heartburn this morning and the english muffin i had for breakfast hasnt touched me. 8 more days and counting I cant wait.

19W5D 2-9-13.
Blizzard Nemo hit us today and it totally sucked that i couldnt help angel. i was outside for most of the morning, we had to walk to my brother's house to get his snow plow because ours wasnt working. I was totally exhausted and tried to take a hot bath since i couldnt get warm and i checked the heartbeat to be on the safe and it was nice and strong at 160

19w6d 2-10-13
had a headache all day, i was also starving and no matter what i ate just couldnt get full. i hate that feeling. i end up taking tylenol at 9 pm last night and i had a good nights sleep. Keep getting charlie horse cramps on my right side of my stomach if i turn a certain way

20 weeks 2-11-13
weight: 157
3 more days until my ultrasound oh i just cant wait. Im freaking starving again today. my headache is gone but i also have heartburn so i took my zantac this morning.

20w2d 2-13-13
Uggh what a horrible night i had last night. Went to bed and felt horribly nausea like i wanted to puke. I went to bed late as it was i'd say about midnight. Isaiah kept complaining in his sleep so i told angel to go upstairs and try to wake him thinking he might be having a bad dream. so he did, but he continued to whine. angel started snoring so i couldnt fall asleep. At 3:15 isaiah wakes up comes down stairs and tells me his ear is hurting him. 2 hours later it was time to get up and go to work, so i woke up with my face all red and blotchy like i had been puking all night. Still felt really nauseous throughout the day. Isaiah did go to the dr and he is starting a ear infection. The rest of the day was good

20w3d 2-14-13
yahoo ultrasound day is here!!!! I've been so nervous all day. We get to UMASS Memorial and our tech was Denise a very nice lady. She asked if we were finding out the sex and I said yes, she started with her boring measurements. Baby was measuring 19w4d, She was having a hard time getting some measurements because the baby was all over the place. finally she gets a good shot and we're having a GIRL!! we could not be as ecstatic. Isaiah seemed disappointed and kept saying no its a boy and and told us to change it but towards the end of the ultrasound he was saying how much he loved the baby and that she was silly. She was pretty active at one point she had her hand across her forehead and the tech said oh boy you have a diva on your hands. We watched her chew and stretch her back and at one point she yawned at us. Denise said everything looked good and all the measurements were great. Her heart rate was 138 which i thought was a little low from what im use to getting.
Then we went to our prenatal appt with Peggy I didnt gain any weight still showing 160 my blood pressure was 110/64. i asked about the charlie horse feeling i've been getting in my belly and she said that is my ligaments and since i've already had a baby thats what it will feel like and only get worse. She checked the baby's heart rate and she got 147 which sounds about better

20w5d 2-16-13
Kind of woke up with a headache, nothing major just pressure. Felt the baby kick on my hand today!!! wasnt for long but i def could feel it, its getting stronger Smile Went to a friends house and i got dizzy for no reason, end up coming home with a headache.

20w6d 2-17-13
Woke up around 9 am with isaiah. laid in bed and def was feeling lil miss kick my hand.. it would put a smile on my face. Made some french toast but wasnt impressed with it so i ate it by myself while i made pancakes for isaiah

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21 Weeks & 22 weeks

21 Weeks 2-18-13
so today i spent most of my day cleaning the house, I really havent done it in so long and it needed to get done. So i mopped the floors and made it look nice. by the time I was done I was exhausted and spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the couch watching tv with my Isaiah. My sciatic on my left leg was killing me, getting off the couch or bed was just torturous. tried stretching my leg and that seemed to help.

21w3d 2-21-13
Just found out yesterday that my best friend Michelle has a baby with a heartbeat of 141 and measuring 7 weeks. Im so excited for her and i cant wait until her baby gets here, her due date is Oct 8th. i didnt sleep well last night i kept waking up with a sore throat and having a sore throat and trying to clear it or blow my nose in the morning was difficult with my gag reflux. I need to buy a tote so i can start separating the neutral clothes i have. She's being pretty active today and kicking since this morning, yesterday she was really quiet. I cant wait until she starts kicking more stronger so angel can feel her. I can kind of start feeling her move in my stomach but not really good and im not good at know where she is going to kick

21w4d 2-22-13
yep i sure am sick. had the worst sleep ever last night, barely could breath through my nose, i think i saw every hour pass me by. felt like pure crap at work all day friday,

21w5d 2-23-13
We went to the casino today i took some sudafed which help decongest me until it wore off. had a good time im surprised i didnt get tired, my stomach did hurt when i walked to much but i made it, slept better last night

22w1d 2-26-13
I feel much better today, still coughing here and there but my voice is about back and i can breath through my nose Smile had some cramps and stomach pains today, not sure if its because i didnt eat breakfast or because my pants were to tight. I actually enjoyed dinner today, made some steak tips and they tasted so good. Little miss was kicking after dinner so i had angel come and put his hand and sure enough he finally got to feel her kick for the first time, it was a nice strong kick and the smile on his face melted my heart.

22w2d 2-27-13
weight: 158
waist: 42 1/2
Holy crap did i forget how it felt to have charlie horses. I havent had one yet and it was horrible. I guess i kind of over stretched around 3:30 am this morning and it hurt so bad, got off the bed and leaned over on my bed and it started to go away. Then again around 5ish my right calf did it to but i wasnt even moving it. I was just lying there and it happened. So she's been pretty quiet lately and she started kicking around 8:15 am kind of the same time as yesterday.

22w3d 2-28-13
god my calves still hurt and i was so scared to fall asleep, during the day i kept feeling my calf tightening up for no reason. My appetite sucked at dinner tonight. i got potato skins and honey barbeque tenders and i barely ate it so i guess that will be my lunch for saturday.

22w5d 3-2-13
What a freaking crappy day. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one today. I had one all day today. I was stuffy and miserable and had no energy to do anything. I took some sudafed to see if it helped but it didnt take away the headache so i was miserable all day. my appetite stinks. i had 1 pancake and was full and i barely ate lunch. I was lying on the couch and i could feel her moving to my left side really low under my belly and curl up into a ball. kind of uncomfortable

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23 weeks & 24 weeks

23 weeks 3-4-13
its been a pretty good day, felt some cramps almost like period cramps and then my stomach got really hard and then it went away so i guess i've started getting braxton hicks, never really had them before with Isaiah so this is all new to me.

23w1d 3-5-13
Had 1 braxton hicks tonight, other than that the day has been fine.

23w2d 3-6-13
What a day today, no braxton hicks but i had the worst case of hearburn, it had already started at lunch time i ate 2 tums and that seems to help soothe it. i did have dunkin donuts coffee with caramel/mocha swirl so i think that just did it. I've been having horrible back pain today and my right side seems to be bothering me. Brought isaiah to swim class and i felt like puking the heart burn was back and so bad, i had to get up and drink some water to help. After class i took the zantac pill for the heartburn in hopes that would help, grabbed some dinner and then went home by 7:30 pm i was having the worst chest pains ever. everytime i swallowed it killed me. Finally around 10:30 it had gone away

23w3d 3-6-13
weight= 158
Still seem to be weighing the same im fine with not gaining much weight!! Lil miss decided it would be a fantastic idea to play the drum in my belly at 4 am, she was kicking so hard that it actually woke me up from my sleep. having some heartburn again today, i took another zantac this afternoon. She's been pretty active and i saw her kick my belly through my shirt today Smile having lower back pain again

24 weeks 3-11-13
weight = 159
I was doing so good with my foot zapping feeling i thought it was completely gone but it came back yesterday. i've gained another pound with puts me at 10 pds total so far. Im feeling her kick harder and harder everyday she is still kind of low. Im finding myself getting tired alot quicker. I made dinner and bread pudding and by the time i sat for dinner at 7:30 i was beat.

24w1d 3-12-13
had my 24 week appt today. my blood pressure is 108/70 by her scale im at 162 so i only gained 2 pds from last appt. Her heartbeat was very strong at 147 and the more she kicks the higher it kept going Peggy was very happy to see it that high. I havent really been feeling anymore braxton hicks so i didnt bring it up. she measured my belly with the tape measure and she said im measuring 25 weeks right on track. they gave me my drink for the glucose test that i have to take next appt. After my 28 week appt it gets changed to every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. I swear this pregnancy has been flying, i cant wait to meet my little girl. Still getting heartburn but i dont think its as bad as i had with isaiah. she is laying sideways on my lower belly she found the heartbeat under my belly button.

24w3d 3-14-13
waist= 42 ?
what a horrible day... Everything was fine, i get to work out of the blue within 10 minutes of being here i start to feel like of nauseous, not my regular nauseous but like im seriously going to puke nauseous. I try to breathe through it hoping it will go away. I drank a sip of water, but still nothing. I start to accumulate alot of saliva in my mouth and at that point i know im going to puke so i make my way to the bathroom. Sure enough i start dry heaving and then start puking. Well since i dont have much bladder control i pretty much peed myself while at work. I was mortified. I make my way to my desk and tell my manager i'll be back i just got sick and have to change my clothes. so now im thinking am i coming down with the flu? i never puke.. I normally drink a glass of water at my mom's before coming into work and today i didnt so i have no idea if it was that. i end up burping the whole day which tasted like my prenatal pills that I had taken the night before. I've had alot of cramps throughout the day, not sure if my pants where to tight so i went home and changed into a dress and felt alot more comfortable. I've been super exhausted for the past 2 days where i can fall asleep at my desk. I hope my iron isnt low

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25 weeks & 26 weeks

25 weeks 3-18-13
weight= 159
Still only gained 10 pds i've been doing pretty good. I have been peeing at least once a night usually getting up after 4 am to go pee. I was so tired last night, between working 8 hrs coming home to somewhat cleaning the house and cooking dinner and then putting away laundry i didnt stop until about 8:30 pm. i can predict where she is going to kick now since i can feel her move more and she seems to have gotten up more and not feeling her kick under my belly button. Still feeling kind of tired. She seems like isaiah pretty much quiet and only moving when she needs to. Still having issues with gagging while i brush my teeth and the back of my front teeth gums seems swollen and annoyed.

Uggh i've been so lazy in updating this week. I had an ok weekend. I had a headache all day and pretty much laid on the couch most of the most day.. this week has been ok. Still have the zapping feeling in my right food and i have been sleeping better and not getting up much during the night to pee. Im still getting nausea throughout the day but havent puked.

26 weeks 3-25-13
weight= 160
My temp started today at work for my maternity leave. she is really nice and seems like a great fit.. isaiah has been sick with a fever and has a cough. i feel like im getting winded going up the stairs.

26w1d 3-26-13
What a horrible day today. I woke up with diarrhea and i felt horribly nausea. I was debating if i was going to work because i really thought i was going to puke. My stomach hurt so bad and i just needed to use the bathroom. i had no desire to drink much water it was makng me nausea. had my lunch i did feel better for about 1 hr and then my stomach went back to being sour. She was pretty active today. i decided i didnt want to make dinner since it probably would make my stomach hurt more. I had to breathe in and out so i wouldnt puke. when i got home i pretty much laid on the couch trying to rest. I started getting braxton hicks starting around 7ish and it kept coming and going which felt like every 5 mins for almost an hour. I started to get nervous because i wasnt going away. I got up and started walking around and it went away.

26w2d 3-27-13
I felt much better today, diarrhea is gone and my stomach isnt sour anymore. I felt annoyed today for no reason. I had more water today than i had yesterday.. had some issues with heartburn im pretty much running out of tums.. had some braxton hicks around 7:30 but it didnt last as long or as frequent as yesterday. discharge seems to have increased. I was so hot today my feet started to get red and hot... my hip was killing me today especially after lunch

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27 weeks & 28 weeks

27 weeks 4-1-13
Still havent gained much but im sure after Easter food yesterday i'll gain something this week. i've been in a crappy mood this weekend and im finding myself to get really aggravated. i was very exhausted today at work and just felt like sleeping. heartburn is starting to get bad again. my mother in law and niece got to feel julianna kick today for the first time Smile

27w1d 4-2-13
Work was ok, having my temp makes the day go by fast since she is slow and it seems to take all day to get anything done but at the same time im getting bored. We went to burlington coat factory to see if there was any crib sets we'd like to get before we can a final decision. of course there was nothing

27w3d 4-3-13
boy was she very active today... either she grew and i can feel every movement or she is just being super active. im getting super tired and i hope my iron isnt low.

27w4d 4-4-13
she was not very active today barely moving, she usually has her times of movement and i barely could feel her doing that, i got a little nervous so on my lunch i checked her with my doppler and her heart rate was 138-142 a little lower than normal but not that bad.

27w5d 4-5-13
oh my god am i feeling aggravated at work. my temp is nice and she catches on really quick but i feel like she is a little to confident in herself and is trying to do her own thing and i feel like i need to constantly tell her she needs to do it the way i showed her. she was alittle bit more active today, but when i got home from work i had tons of angel's family in the garage and it pissed me off. i end up leaving and hanging with my cousin jen to get away. we went to eat at my in laws. i end up getting a headache i think more a stress headache and went to bed as soon as i got home.

28w1d 4-9-13-Midwife appt
Midwife appt went well. I did my glucose test and i passed with a 128 anything 140 and up is a fail. my Blood Pressure was 122/74 and i gained 2 pds so it puts me at 164 on dr scale. Peggy said her head is down and is measuring 29 weeks. I forgot to ask her what her heartbeat was. but i start going every 2 weeks now so my next appt is april 23 @ 2:15

28w4d 4-12-13
I had a good day today nothing much to report. I had tons of braxton hicks tonight and she was moving all over the place between 8-10pm . when she settled down the braxton hicks went away.

28w5d 4-13-13
what an emotional day. i started thinking about labor and leaving isaiah to have Julianna and i just broke down. Im scared as hell to leave isaiah and him thinking i just left him. My heart hurt to think he doesnt realize what he is exactly going to be giving up when he becomes a big brother. I know he'll love her just because that is the kind of child he is but i dont want him to lose being my cuddle bug. Im scared of taking care of 2 children and a dog this summer. Can i do it? will I be good at it? will i lose my patience quicker know im exhausted because of lack of sleep. I never had these emotions with DS im having a hard time dealing with it.

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29 weeks & 30 weeks

29 weeks 4-15-13
weight= 159

not sure why i lost about 2 pds, i've eating like a pig.. I cant believe im 11 weeks before having Julianna time is going by so fast. My little one is the size of the butternut squash this week.

29w4d 4-19-13
holy crap was i scared like **** last night. I really thought i might being going into labor. it started around 3 am i kept being awakened by the braxton hicks. they were so strong they kept waking me up. I tried turning on my left nothing, tried my right nothing, tried on my back nothing, tried sitting up nothing. I was miserable and in so much pain. finally almost 4 am i got up and got a glass of water. They started to go away and then i started getting a charlie horse pain in my stomach. that finally went away and i finally got to go back to sleep. I didnt feel good the whole day. i got to work at 7:30am and i had to pee so bad so i did. by 8:15 i had to go so bad again and barely anything came out, she must of been sitting on my bladder. Peed at 9:30 before i left to go to the consignment shop and i already had to go before i left the consignment shop. no stroller/car seat so it looks like i might have to buy one. I felt mild crampy the whole day and just didnt feel good. I was seriously praying that i wasnt going into labor and my water wasnt going to break. im not ready

29w5d 4-20-13
apparently saturdays are my hormonal days... i was cleaning the house and i decided to put on my digital picture frame and alot of the pictures are from isaiah 2 and younger. I started thinking of the little happy boy we had and i started balling. i miss that time and im sad to see him grow so fast. I was exhausted from cleaning, this is the time i do my spring cleaning and i was trying to do one room at a time. my sciatic was killing me by the end of the day

29w6d 4-21-13
boy was i in pain today.. my hip was killing me from yesterday. i spend most of the day lounging. i took a nap in the afternoon and just rested to get myself ready for work on monday. michelle told me today that she is throwing me a baby shower but isnt telling me when or where its going to be. all i know its at a hall but where and when i have no idea.

30w1d 4-23-13
I went to my midwife appt today and it went well. Im weighing 165 gained 1 pd from my appt 2 weeks ago. my blood pressure was 102/64. I now have to pee in a cup twice. i have to take a cup home and get my first morning urine and then pee when i get there. They checked julianna's heartbeat and it was a little low for my liking 125-130 im use to see 140-150 but peggy didnt seem concerned. i mentioned me getting braxton hicks and im finding them to be really strong where they are waking me up during the night. she just asked me if im drinking enough water. she didnt seem concerned.

30w2d 4-24-13
today i had a rough morning. i took my shower and i just got the urge to puke. i started getting nauseous and tried to breathe through it but my mouth starting producing salvia so i ran to the bathroom and i kept dry heaving. i wanted to puke so bad but had nothing in my stomach. i finally got a little up and i was fine. had some nausea throughout the day but i never puked.

30w3d 4-25-13
very sad and emotional day for me.. my best friend of 17 years was pregnant at 16 weeks and she went in for her 16 week routine check up and there was no heartbeat and the baby wasnt alive. so i spent most of my day crying

30w5d 4-27-13
It was a busy day trying to clean the house knowing i have 1 more week before isaiah's 5th birthday party. I was in a very cranky mood. Angel didnt really do anything the whole day.. my sciatic was killing me and it was very hard for me to bend over.

30w6d 4-28-13
Today was emotional i knew this was the last weekend i would really get a chance to clean so i spend the whole day cleaning. i was so upset and exhausted that i just broke down. it was a beautiful weekend and i didnt even get a chance to take isaiah to the park and play..

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31 weeks & 32 weeks

31 weeks 4-29-13
weight: 162
this is going to be a crazy week, hopefully i wont die before its over. her movements are no longer kicks but just little stretches here and there you can feel body parts. I woke up with a headache this morning and i think its sinus related cause i was kind of stuffy this morning. Finally after lunch time it went away and i was fine. still getting braxton hicks at least 2x's a day if not more but there not one after the other

31w1d 4-30-13
Work was ok have no complaints i left early to go to the dentist and i was happy to hear no cavities and i had very minimal bleeding she said my teeth looked great. isaiah also had no cavities but angel had 3. i did some cleaning but much since we got home late and angel was cutting the grass

31w2d 5-1-13
Happy birthday to isaiah who tuns 5 today. i cant wait for him to meet julianna he's going to be an amazing big brother. i've been getting heartburn everyday now kind of sucks but tums so far has helped but def not getting rid of it completely. if i wait to eat until i get hungry i feel the heartburn coming up. everyone is saying i look so big like i grew overnight.

31w3d 5-2-13
work was good. i cant believe i only have 9 more weeks left. I did some cleaning when i got home since angel's friends were coming over. my feet were killing me by the end of the night, felt kind of cranky. my button is almost flat and im starting to get that black line on my stomach but u can barely see it. The furniture store called and julianna's furniture has arrived we just need to pick a date for them to delivery it.

31w4d 5-3-13
Argghh friday has finally arrived..i swear sometimes i feel like im leaking amniotic fluid. i had went to the bathroom and then a minute later i was talking to a co-worker of mine and it felt like i was leaking. i went to the bathroom and my underwears were wet but they also had discharge on them.. i pray im not

31w5d 5-4-13
What a busy day today. it was isaiah's birthday party so i went crazy and tried to get everything ready. the day was beautiful nice and sunny outside and the weather was like 62 for a high. i was def tired by the end of the day. everyone said im all belly and they expect me to go early. she was pretty quiet but it could of been that im so tired and really didnt pay attention.

31w6d 5-5-13
We surprised isaiah and brought him to New Hampshire and went to the new england dragway race track so he can see the cars race. He had a great time. beautiful sunny day. I got a sunburn from being outside. My appetite sucks and dont really feel like eating much. I was exhausted when i got home.

32 weeks 5-6-13
Holy crap do i feel like a ton of bricks hit me. Im so exhausted today i did way to much. Im going to start keeping track of my braxton hicks throughout the day. I had at least 5-6 of them throughout the day. there not that painful but it feels like my period is coming and def uncomfortable. Im having a hard time drinking water its not going down that easy i think its the water from work.

32w1d 5-7-13
weight: 161
went for my prenatal appt, blood pressure was 104/60 weight was 164 so i end up losing a pound. which im not surprised because my appetite has sucked lately. I guess i only have to pee once in a cup, i was told to bring first morning urine so i did. I asked about leaking amino and she said i would know i would be dripping down my leg and my underwear would be alot more wet than just moist. She said my discharge increases at this time and its getting warmer out so to expect some more wetness. Her heartbeat was 133.. my next appt is with Dr Gowell she'll be on vacation

32w2d 5-8-13
Not feeling very good today.. I was in a ****ty mood today and towards the end of the day she was just all over the place. Its hard to bend because i feel like something is stuck in my butt and it hurts to bend over. My stomach was uncomfortable late last night and i was feeling her pretty low and hurting my crotch area. I was so dead tired last night i almost feel asleep on the couch

32w3d 5-9-13
today was ok... had a decent day during the day. I was so tired and decided to go to bed at 10.. Miss Julianna thought it would be a fantastic time to wake up and move around. so everytime i laid on my left she'd kick me so i switched to my right she'd kick me. i was so uncomfortable. Then my stomach started hurting so i went to use the bathroom and i had pure water diarrhea. I dont understand what happened. after i used the bathroom i had no problem falling asleep after i took some tums.. Happy birthday to my daddy

32w4d 5-10-13
The day went good at work, it was a lovely 75 degrees outside i was in short for the first time this season. i took isaiah to his physical and he failed his eye test. it kind of put me in a crappy mood after that. came home from the appt dropped isaiah off with angel and then went grocery shopping. i was completely exhausted when i got home... my appetite has been completely horrible. i had a quarter of my chicken parm and a handful of macaroni for dinner. she's been moving around not some much kicking i dont think she has much room to be honest.

32w5d 5-11-13
Shopping is getting more difficult im finding myself getting tired where i cant shop for to long. I took isaiah to get his haircut and then off to the store we went. came back and had lunch with angel and then went to church. i have been controlling my heartburn by taking zantac in the morning and that has lasted all day until i go to bed. I am getting charlie horses in the morning and im not really doing anything to get them,i might have my leg slightly bent and then boom i can feel the muscles tightening.

32w6d 5-12-13
happy mother's day!!!
Its been an emotional day for me. Just thinking about the decision i plan on making and thinking is it the right one. I have such a great husband who is so supportive on anything that i plan on doing. I went to my mom's for lunch and i was super tired i just wanted to fall asleep after lunch and then came home and got my gifts from angel (a watch and 2 bracelets) then we went to my mother in laws for dinner.

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33 weeks & 34 weeks

33 weeks 5-13-13
weight= 163
My weight is back up so far i've only gained 14 pds. Im so ok with that. if i gain a pd a week like i should be then that will put me at 21 pds when i deliver.. I didnt have a great morning. I end up puking alittle this morning i had a lot of heartburn and i just kept gagging especially while brushing my teeth. I def feel her more stronger today. i dont think there is much room left and i no longer feel any kicks but just movements and she makes my stomach looked warped angel could see it from the other couch. I have to take zantac every morning especially while im working or im miserable with heartburn and tums dont get rid of it. i cant believe i have 7 more weeks left

33w2d 5-15-13
I didnt have the best morning i kept gagging all morning and now i've been nausea all day, I just feel like puking. i did puke a little while brushing my teeth, I've been feeling massively exhausted. Angel took all of the furniture from downstairs and put it up in isaiah's new playroom upstairs, i plan on getting her room cleaned this weekend.

33w3d 5-16-17
Another nausea day.. oh what fun. I've been getting up every night around 2ish to pee there isnt a night that i sleep all night without peeing.im happy about getting up once rather than twice. I got a call from the furniture store. apparently the driver has an appt on tuesday and cant deliver the furniture. she wanted it to be delivered tomorrow and i said no way i want to clean the room this weekend so now the new delivery date will be thursday from 11-1. Me and michelle had a great day we went to captain's place for dinner. i got my hair dyed

33w4d 5-17-13
I had an exhausting day. worked all day and no nausea yahooo!!! picked up isaiah at my mom's got belmonts heartworm pill, dropped isaiah off at home and my dad was there fixing the cable in isaiah's room and then i went food shopping and then went to my mother in laws for dinner. Julianna's been pretty quiet and hasnt been moving like crazy for the past 2 days.

33w5d 5-18-13
I really cant see myself going full term. Im having braxton hicks everyday and i just get so worried since im only going to be 34 weeks. i'd like her to wait until around 37 or even 38 weeks to come. just a couple more weeks and she can start checking me and seeing if im dilating and i'll be going every week rather than every 2 weeks.. I washed all the walls, trim and doors in julianna's room and the window, the bending is killing me and im surprised that i didnt aggravate my sciatic, but i was def beat and was ready for a nap at 3 and then when i got home couldnt keep my eyes open so i took a quick 1 hr nap on the couch and then by 10 i was seeing double again. lol I really need to start packing my bag.

34 weeks 5-20-13
weight= 163
my weight is still the same as last week. so far I've only gained 14 pds. I can live with that. boy is this girl getting less and less room. her kicks or should i say movements are starting to kind of her she seems to be getting stronger. My appetite should i say could be better. its been hot and muggy here and i'm having a hard time drinking water

34w1d 5-21-13
Went to my prenatal appt and I gained 2 pds from the last time im now 166 on her scale. my blood pressure was 112/64 and she said i tested positive in the beginning of my pregnancy for GBS so they will not be doing a test in 2 weeks and will just treat me like i have it during delivery and give me antibiotics. Peggy was on vacation so i was seen by Dr. Gowell he was really nice heart beat was in the 150's and he said just put on a gown even though i wont be checked so that peggy can check my cervix if i'd like.

34w3d 5-23-13
waist = 44.5
what a day today was. she was sitting on my bladder and i had horrible pressure that it was feeling like she was going to fall out of me. i was on the verge of tears today. just very uncomfortable and not feeling well.. Still getting braxton hicks and they are quite painful. im so scared to go early.. went out to dinner with michelle. i was beat when i got home.

34w4d 5-24-13
Having some behavior issues with isaiah for the past week. He's been not behaving himself and today i got a complaint from the bus driver that he was not listening and standing up on in the bus. so he is punished for the day with no video games and had to stand in time out. I feel better today with the pressure and needing to pee. Im still getting nauseous everyday and gagging while brushing my teeth

34w5d 5-25-13
Isaiah has been coming to my bed for the past 3 morning around 4-5 am. We took him to coco key in Danvers, MA its an indoor water park. It was an hour and half away. he had a great time and he didnt want to go home. i didnt go on any water slides but sat in the water and watched him while me and angel had some quality time together. i did have to pee at least 4x's while there and had some contractions. This is our last far away trip until she arrives so i feel so much better that its over and isaiah got to experience it before she came.

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35 weeks & 36 weeks

35 weeks 5-27-13
Im really not gaining much weight and its not like im not eating. Angel decided since it memorial day and it was my day off we'd have a memorial day cookout at my house with some friends. So I got the house cleaned. Isaiah spent the day with my sister and jeremiah and they went to the grand prix to go go cart riding. I cooked up some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. I felt pretty good for most of the day. Around 7ish my sciatic pain started coming, im sure i did way to much

35w1d 5-28-13
uggh back to work today.. I so didnt want to go and enjoyed my lovely weekend. I felt not that great this morning i was pretty nauseous for the whole day. it was suppose to be a beautiful hot warm week

35w2d 5-29-13
Oh the back pain. I've had some mild back pain today which lasted all day long. I was not a happy camper. I was kind of in a yucky mood. I really need to start getting my hospital bag packed. I cant wait to have my shower so i can get all my stuff done. took isaiah to swim class. my appetite for dinner wasnt that great i barely ate my dinner

35w3d 5-30-13
I still had back ache all day today and the heartburn is back in full effect. Its a really hot day today High of 86 degrees and super humid. Since i turned 35 weeks my back is cracking like crazy for now reason. i can laugh and my back will crack i can move and it cracks. im still waking up every night at least once to go pee. me and michelle went to some stores and i did a lot of walking and it was getting uncomfortable,

35w4d 5-31-13
Oh what a horrible night. My house was so hot, i had the ceiling fan on full blast, I had gone to bed at 10:30pm and i was so hot. I took 2 tums before bed and i didnt even take my prenatals. Julianna decided it would be a fantastic idea to think it was play time and start wiggling around while im trying to fall asleep. it kind of feels like some time of rodent under the mattress that is trying to come through. then she kept sitting on my bladder so i had to keep getting up to pee. Around midnight I had massive heartburn again so i got up took 2 tums. If i laid on my right side I would get a charlie horse on my stomach so I flipped to my left. I was really nauseous this morning and gagged like 6x's in the shower for no reason. Still have heartburn and im going to take some zantac to help. my back still kills me. 35 weeks has not looked that great im afraid to see what 36 will look like. I bought my pj's for the hosptial yesterday so Im going to pack my hospital bag today or tomorrow.

35w5d 6-1-13 (baby shower)
Today was my surprised baby shower. It was held at the VFW in Fairhaven, Michelle set it all up with Nickki. they did an amazing job. The party favors was ultrasounds of Julianna in little frames that had a butterfly on the frame. There was a picture of the announcement of Isaiah and a bigger ultrasound in a nice frame. As soon as i saw the table I started crying. There was a beautiful cake that had cupcakes all around it. It was buffet style that my family made food and everything was wonderful. I got alot of different size clothes and some really cute outfits. I got the bedding set from Nickki.

35w6d 6-2-13
I had a crappy appetite today, Went to some stores to see if they had anything that i needed to get for Julianna's room. I need crib sheets, changing table sheets, monitor and a travel system. Nothing was appealing to me. I end up going home and being exhausted and took a quick nap. angel came home from work and we went to toysrus and he didnt like any of the travel systems. i end up getting the monitor, crib and changing table sheets there. We went to target and he found one he liked so we went to the one in wareham and there was nothing different so we got that one. We went to red robin for dinner and i still really didnt want to eat. We got home and we rested and watched tv around 10 pm she started moving around, but not like how she normally moves she seemed very agitated and it felt like she was looking for the way out and i was having contractions i had 3 in 1 hours. Then i thought my water broke because i felt really wet but i didnt see anything. I went to bed and everything seemed to settle down.

36 weeks 6-3-13
The day went pretty well. had some contractions at work but nothing major. I was extremely tired today. My patience is running thin today and finding myself getting aggravated. Did some more decorating in julianna's room and i got most of the hospital bag packed. didnt really want to eat dinner much so i had some. tomorrow i go for my 36 week check up and i'll be excited if i've dilated at all.

36w1d 6-4-13
Went to my appt. I was 165 lost 1 pound. my blood pressure was 134/82 which was a little elevated for me. im usually 102/64 so i was a tad concerned about that. she did some blood work to check my PIH levels she said my feet and legs are swollen but nothing to be concerned about. She checked me and im not dilating but im started to get soft. The pressure i feel in my butt is her getting lower. I start going every week now

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37 weeks & 38 weeks

37 weeks 6-10-13
Isaiah to his dr appt regarding him not feeling good and he still had a fever. He now has an ear infection and still a tint of pneumonia. Went to my dr and i weighted 168 so i gained 3 pound and my blood pressure was better 110/64. Her heart beat was 150's and she is still high no dilation whatsoever. We left the dr and picked up isaiah and i got into an a car accident. some lady ran a stop sign and hit my passenger side back door. I was really upset. I have a cold and i was so tired after the accident i went home and slept until the next day

37w1d 6-11-13
Its been a quiet day she hasnt really been moving and im starting to get concerned that she is stressed from the accident. so i called the dr and she told me to come in at 3:10. my blood pressure was 118/82 and she started to have hiccups at the dr's office her heartbeat was 175. She wanted me to go to the hospital and do a non stress test for 30 mins to make sure she was ok. so i went there and they hooked me up and had me press a button everytime i felt her kick. her kicks were so light i barely could tell. she wasnt really moving much so they laid me on my left side but she wouldnt move to my right so they turned me to my right side and gave me some juice and they told me she passed. so all is good. she was back to herself after that. my feet have gotten horribly swollen today that it actually hurt to walk, i was exhausted after dinner at my in laws which i didnt eat much i went straight to bed.

37w6d 6-13-13
Today was a difficult day physically wokeup after 9am ate breakfast and took a shower and went to my parents for lunch .by 1pm iwas already laying on the couch ready to sleep. Got home did isaiahs fathers day gift. Went outside with the dog. Had a strong contraction but it was only 1. Angel came home and we did stiffed strawberries.rested on the couch and went to my inlaws for dinner.again not feeling well and laid on the couch the whole time.we left at 7:30 came home washed some dishes. My back was killing me we watched a movie and went to bed.

38 weeks 6-17-13
I still have my stupid cough not as bad as last week. Went to my appt today and im weighing 166 so i lost 2 pounds from last week but im sure its from water. Mybbloodbpressure was 118/74so that wasnt that bad.my contractions have been pretty mild. Peggy checked heartbeat and was having a hard time finding it. But it was between 146-150s which is her normal. Im still a fingertip dilated which is like a 1/2-1 cmm no progress and she is still high. I mentioned the blood when i coughed and she Said i probably popped a blood vesse when i coughed. After appt i went and got an oil change and tried toget my car inspected but failed becuse of the accident. Was exhausted wheni got home