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Kirsten's Journal

Well, Little Bean. You are a little more than 7 weeks along today, though I think you may be further than that, though I won't find out until January 24! Such a long time to wait to see you. I am so jealous of all the women who were able to see their babies so soon.
I worry about you ALL the time. I worry about a lack of symptoms, every cramp, and I check the toilet paper every time I wipe to make sure there is no blood.
Time seems to be standing still. I can't wait to show and feel you inside me. Though it looks as if I have a belly already-- though your father does not believe that my clothes already don't fit.
I hope that the ultrasound at 11 weeks says you are further along. That way I wll stop worrying about first trimester worries, and start worrying about second trimester worries!
I am home sick today, but it is not from you. Today was the first day I ahve not had an appetite-- and I actually stayed home from work! I pray this is not morning sickness, as I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it daily.
Your father is on his way home from Sacramento right now, though I worry he is leaving so late.
I am so tired most of the time, with little waives of nausea, but nothing unbearable.
I secretly think you are a girl. We'll see if my suspicions are correct.
The whole family is excited to meet you. My brothers are especially excited to become an uncle. It's pretty cute.
Will write again soon when I have time. I love you Little Bean-- always and forever. You are all I have ever wanted. I am so happy to have you in my life.