How wonderful that I can finally start one of these!! It’s something that we’ve always hoped for, but honestly thought it would never happen.

A bit of back story:

At 42 years old, I beyond the “prime” age to have a baby. Due to past health concerns (morbid obesity, thyroid condition, HBP, and fertility issues), we really didn’t think that it was in the cards for us. In 1992 and 1997, I suffered two miscarriages with my first husband, who really wasn’t into the KID thing anyway. I divorced, remarried and my current husband (J) and I hoped and wished to start a family. We started trying, without success, just before our marriage in 2003. In August 2006 we found out we were pregnant, but found out less than a month later that it was Ectopic (a tell-tale sign were the Progesterone numbers less than 10), so we had to make the gut-wrenching decision to chemically end the pregnancy. The following summer, July 2007, we had a repeat Ectopic and finally decided to seek the help of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. She was very encouraging and thought we could have great success with IVF, but the primary issue at hand was my weight. I tried on my own, without success and in 2009, decided to have Gastric Bypass surgery. After completing all of my educational classes and testing, I finally had my surgery on March 29, 2010. Success has been an understatement. I’ve lost over 100 pounds since January 1st, 78 of it just since the surgery. Now, one of the things they STRESS pre-surgery is that it is beneficial to WAIT to attempt pregnancy for 12-18 post surgery. Well, apparently we were TRYING and didn’t KNOW IT!!

My BFP came on July 28th when I still didn’t get AF. We went to Walgreen’s a purchased a digital test, but then I wanted to wait until the next morning to get the really GOOD stream. Did the test on the morning of the 29th and it was a resounding---PREGNANT!! I went the same day for blood work to confirm what I already knew was true…..I was definitely pregnant. My first set of blood work came back with 992 HCG and 26 Progesterone. Another HCG done 48hours later was 2005, so there was reason for celebration, if all but cautious. Because of the past two times, J and were nervous wrecks!! We had to know, definitively, that we did NOT have another Ectopic pregnancy. Confirmation came on Monday, August 2nd, when we had our first ultrasound. A perfect little sac was found where it was supposed to be, but because of my history, my OB decided to monitor me EXTRA-closely and scheduled another scan for a week later. Our second scan came this past Wednesday, at more fears were put to rest:

We have “sweet pea” growing where it should and they were even able to see the fast-fluttering of a heartbeat!! I cried and J is over the moon!! Our next ultrasound is scheduled for 8/24.

Now comes the flood of preparations for a baby, dealing with a first-time pregnant woman and all that comes with it. Buckle up, cause this WILL get bumpy!!!