Making room for #2

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Making room for #2

Stacey's Pregnancy Journal

After 23 months and 29 cycles BFP 3-11-08Yahoo

DH and me - 10/25/03

Our last trip without our DD
(I was 7 months pregnant here)

Our DD

And finally after 23 months and 29 cycles, #2 is on their way!!!!!!



First Appt and U/S - 3/24/08 at 9:30
* Saw sac and yolk sac. :). Had tons of blood taken. Doctor said I was measuring around 5 wks+ so that is good.

U/S on April 8th - HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!!! 154 Smile :) Smile

Second Appt April 22nd: Heard HB through doppler - 160 Smile

ER visit May 14th due to dehydration

Third Appt (follow up from ER visit) May 20th: Heard HB through doppler - 151

Third u/s May 23rd: Heartrate 154
EDD changed to 11/17/08
Little stinker hid the goods so we are still Team Yellow Smile

Appt June 5th: Heartrate 160

BIG ULTRASOUND: June 30th - we are team PINK!!!
Heartrate = 149

July 7th - DH finally felt the baby kick!!!! Smile

Appt July 14th - Heard HB. Everything looked good. Round ligament pain is a PITA. Doctor gave me a EDD of 11/24. Weight up to 148.

July 30th - Unexpected appointment due to cramping. HB good. BP was 104/68, Weight was 148.5. Doctor said I need more rest and that my cervix is still high and closed. Smile

August 18th - BP 101/56, Weight 152, Heartrate in the 140s. Had my 1 hour glucose test - I passed!!! My number was 77 Smile I'm measuring right on with my due date.

September 25th - BP 115/74, Weight 156, Pulse 121. Measuring 3 weeks behind EDD. Should be 31, only measuring 28.

October 2nd - BP 117/78, Weight 160. Baby measuring at 32 weeks, 6 days per the u/s. Baby's weight estimated at 4.75lbs, amniotic fluid low

October 6th - BP 117/79, Weight 160, Pulse 108. Baby measuring 33 weeks 1 day. Baby looked great. Fluid level had doubled. NST was good.

October 13th - BP 121/69, Pulse 107, Wt 163. Baby looked great. Fluid levels were still good. NST was good as well. Nurse Practitioner didn't want to refill my Terbutaline, doctor phoned in later and told her to do it on his orders. Had cervical check, stick thick and closed.

October 21st - BP 129/78, Wt 162. Baby sounded great. Finger-tip dialated. I am to stay on Terbutaline until November 4th.

October 30th - BP 137/73, Wt 163, Pulse 113. Scheduled c/s for 11/17/08 at 7:30 am ET.

November 3rd - 7 pm, took my final Terbutaline pill. I was on the medicine for 7 weeks and two days.

November 5th at 8:15 am - went into labor at 6:40 am. Baby born at 4:09 pm via repeat c/s. See post below for details. Smile

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Well I spent Friday night (9/19) in the hospital and am on bedrest until at least Wednesday when I follow up with my regular doctor.

I started having contractions around 9 pm Friday night. They kept increasing in intensity and frequency. By 11 pm they were 3 minutes apart so we loaded up Dani and headed for the hospital. The trip is normally about an hour and 15 minutes and Matt made it in 45 minutes.

They took me straight to L&D and hooked me up to the monitors. Baby was doing great and my contractions were still 3 minutes apart. They gave me a bag a fluids and a shot of terbutaline. Thankfully my cervix was still closed. The terbutaline worked for about an hour and a half and then the contrax were back in the same intensity and frequency. At that point they gave me another shot, another bag of fluids and admitted me to the hospital. The second shot worked pretty well. I could still see the contrax on the monitor, but I wasn't feeling them as bad. I had a few stronger ones around 9:30 am Saturday so the doctor ordered another shot and a pill form of the terbutialine.

He sent me home around noon on Saturday with strict orders to keep my feet up and no unncessary movements along with a prescription of terbutaline that I have to take one every four hours. Let me tell you that stuff is some nasty stuff. It makes me so jittery and the headaches are something else. I follow up with my own doctor on Wednesday to see what the rest of my pregnancy is going to entail. The doctor I saw in the hospital (who was one of the ones I saw when pg with Dani) said that if my cervix shows any signs of change, I will start getting steroids.

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Had my follow-up/routine appointment with my doctor today.

He wants me to try to wean myself down to only taking the Terbutaline every 6 hours to try and get my jitteriness (is that a word? lol) under control. He said to start by going to once every 5 hours and then move to 6 hours if everything goes well at 5 hours. He said if it doesn't work then that is okay too. He also said I could start doing stuff as I could tolerate but always going back to lay down as soon as I get tired. Baby's heartrate sounded good too.

Now for the scary news (at least to me). All along I have measured either dead on or a week ahead for what they claim my due date is. Today I measured 3 weeks behind. He is concerned enough that he is sending me for a sizing u/s and having me come back next week to see him. He had hoped to get me in today with the u/s tech, but she was booked solid. So I see her at 1:30 next Thursday and then see him as soon as the u/s is finished. I'm to do morning and evening kick counts and call if anything changes.

Now while I know in my head that lots of stuff can cause the measuring discrepancy, my heart is breaking right now with all the what ifs. It just doesn't make sense to me that I would measure either dead on or a week ahead up until 26 weeks and then BAM three weeks behind once I reach 31 weeks. The next seven days can't go fast enough for me. Please think good thoughts that everything goes okay. DH and I have already decided to have my bag packed before my next appointment given the concerned tone in my doctor's voice. Sad

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Good news: Baby looks great. Estimated weight of 4.75 lbs and measuring for 33 weeks so two days ahead of my EDD.

Bad news: My fluid is low. Sad I have to go back in on Monday monrning for a fluid level check and a NST. I'm supposed to amp up the water and juice - nothing with caffeine - this weekend and rest as much as I can. Doc said he hopes we can make it a couple of more weeks, but if the fluid doesn't straighten out then we will be looking at delivering early.

So there is my update. We got some new pics of the munchkin. She is definitely a she and she is an active little thing. Smile At this point I really don't see me making it to my EDD. If I can make it to the end of this month, I will be happy.

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So we had my appointment today.

My fluid levels had DOUBLED!!! Baby looked great. NST went well. She is definitely a morning kind of baby. She was so active her heartrate went up to 180 at one point. lol

Doctor said I'm to keep coming in weekly for fluid checks and NSTs and if all stays like it was today he won't deliver early. He said that had the levels not come up by today he was going to deliver her. :confused: So I was really relieved to hear how well the levels were.

We also finally got to talk to him about my chances for a VBAC. He said since he did my c/s and it was for fetal distress not anything else that he would let me attempt a VBAC if I choose to go that route. Then he gave us the scary numbers so we would know our risks. He said he was all for them and that as long as he was in town he would be at the hospital the whole time I labored since the hospital requires that. He said the only hiccup with doctors could occur if I went into labor on a weekend that he was out of town and got a doc who wasn't pro-VBAC. But if I go into labor on a weekday, he will definitely be around since his office is in the building attached to the hospital. lol

He also said that since fetal distress caused the first c/s, I have an "unproven pelvis" and that if I labor for two hours and don't show signs of progression that we would probably be looking at another c/s.

We asked what the protocol was if I decided to have a repeat c/s. He said he wouldn't schedule it before I had completed 39 weeks and then the process would be similar to my first one just not as hectic/fast.

So DH and I have some talking to do and I have some reading to do. DH has said the decision is completely mine to make and he supports whichever option I choose.

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I had my 34 week appointment yesterday. Everything looked good. Baby passed the NST and fluid levels were still good. I had to see the Nurse Practitioner today instead of my doctor so that was an adventure.

She did a cervical check and I seriously thought she was going to reach up and pull the baby out. I finally told her to stop she was hurting me. Good thing is I'm still closed.

She also wouldn't refill my terbutaline prescription. She said she had to talk to my doctor first since my contractions weren't that regular anymore. Well DUH! they aren't regular right now, that means the medicine is working and doing its job. So overall she was useless. As soon as she left the room, Matt looked at the door and said that she was stupid and that he had more medical knowledge than she did. Of course this is the same woman who told us that she didn't know what the office policy was on VBACs.

I go back next Tuesday to see my doctor and give him my decision as to what to do about either a VBAC or scheduling the c/s.

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35 week appointment today.

I actually lost a pound. lol But my BP was up 129/78 which is high for me. I asked the nurse about it, and she said that while it wasn't ideal, they weren't too concerned about it right now. I also had trace amounts of protein in my urine which isn't the first time it has happened this pregnancy based on my chart.

I am also finger-tip dialated. According to my medical records and the first u/s I had at 5 weeks, I am actually due on 11/24 instead of 11/22 as we had thought for a while now. lol So that means I am actually 35 weeks and 1 day as of today. Therefore, I have to stay on the Terbutaline until November 3rd when I will take my last dose sometime in the evening because I'll be 37 weeks at that point.

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Appointment went well. He feels that my cramps and nausea are related to the terbutaline. I take my last dose on Monday so I'm looking forward to that.

The contractions I'm feeling aren't doing anything down there. Doesn't really surprised me too much. They never did with Dani either. :confused:

We discussed VBAC v. Repeat C/S again and have decided to go with the c/s. It is scheduled for 11/17 at 7:30 am EST. He laughed with DH and agreed that he didn't realistically think I would make it that far, but I'm thinking positive that I will. Wink

BP was still wonky and I gained the pound back that I lost last week. I'm back to measuring a week behind, but not concerned too bad.

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Alessandra Nicole's birth story

I took my last Terbutaline pill on Monday, 11/3/08 at 7pm. I was 37 weeks. On Wednesday, 11/5/08 I woke up with intermittent contractions starting around 2 a.m. By 6:40am they were constant and ranging from 5 to 10 minutes apart. I had a doctor's appointment at 8:15a.m. so I got up and took a shower. While in the shower, they picked up and then eased off a little when I got finished.

There had been an accident on the interstate so we had to take the alternate route to my doctor's office. Because of all the traffic, a normal 15 minute drive took us an hour and forty-five minutes. I was contracting the whole way and DH was not happy about the traffic. We finally made it to my doctor's office at 9:30a.m. I saw the doctor, told him what had been happening with the contractions and he did an internal. My cervix was softening and I was in labor. Our plans for a c/s on 11/17/08 went out the window and he sent us down the hall to the hospital to check in because we were moving my c/s up to 11/5/08.

I got to the hospital and got checked in at 10:16a.m. We were put into a private birthing room and told that I was scheduled for around 2:30p.m. I continued contracting all day. The nurse was great and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. At 2:15p.m., we found out that there was a baby in distress and I was being bumped until after that c/s. The nurse apologized profously, but we told her that it was okay since our first DD was born via emergency c/s due to fetal distress. We told her that I was fine and not to worry one bit.

At 3:30 pm we were taken to the OR. DH noticed that it was the same one that we were in with our first DD (the hospital has two on the labor unit) so we took that as a good sign. The doctor came in to do the spinal. I don't know if it was because I had had all day to think about what was going to happen or what was going on, but this spinal did not seem as easy as the one with DD#1. I felt everything he was doing and it felt like he was inserting a thousand needles into my back. One of the OR nurses gave me her hand to hold and I apologized to her for squeezing so much. She said I was fine and to not worry. After the spinal was in, they laid me down on the table to finish prepping me. At that point I got really nauseated from the medicine. They wouldn't let DH in until they had me stabilized, but he was what I really needed. When I get nauseated, I get a feeling of panic and usually he is the only one who can calm me. The assistants gave me three doses of something to ease my nausea and then they lowered my head to below my feet and finally I was okay.

At that point, DH was allowed in. He sat right at my head, held my hand and told me it was okay.

The surgery started and I felt tons of pressure. My doctor was making jokes to make me feel better and that helped a lot. At one point right before she was delivered, I took a deep breath (I guess because I had finally calmed down) and he joked to the med student that the deep breaths always make the babies go back high. So more pressure and at 4:09p.m., she was born. She was looking all around and didn't start screaming until they laid her in the warming bed. They all commented that she was the biggest screamer they had had all day.

After they got her wrapped up, they gave her to DH to hold beside me while they finished sewing me up. I stroked her feet and just marveled at the fact that after our long journey to get pregnant, she was finally here.

Her stats were:

7lbs 1oz, 20 inches long
Her Apgar scores were 9/9

What is really ironic is that she was only 1 oz less than her big sister and they were both 20 inches long at birth. Not bad for a 37 weeker.