Maybe if this had been planned, it would sink in...

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Maybe if this had been planned, it would sink in...

I actually took my pregnancy test in my high school bathroom. I'm 23. How's that for full circle?

I returned to my alma mater to teach after I graduated college. School just ended and I realized I still hadn't had my period. It's the day of the week I go from one job to another (I don't like to have less than two jobs... it's how I was raised) so there's no time to go home. I call Patrick, my love, and tell him about my period situation. He says, "Should I be on my way with a test?" I give him the affirmative and he's there in half an hour.

I just remember meeting him at the front and walking back to my classroom being really calm and knowing that meant I was pregnant. We get there, I pee on the stick and it starts turning into a plus sign immediately. We still wait for the results, like it's gonna go, "Oops, my bad (one line disappears)."

So here we are, barely a month later. We decided to move up our projected wedding date (5 years from now, lol) to May 10th. I'm 11 weeks and 5 days along. Patrick's really excited. He takes a picture of my profile every few days so he can make a flip book of my stomach getting bigger. It's adorable. He talks to the baby all the time, telling him/her what parts have developed.

He feels excited. I am scared sh*tless. I just can't help but feel people who tried to conceive have the reality hit them, because they already pictured it. I'm happy, I'm ready (as ready as one can be), and the only other one I could ever have a family with is Patrick. We both always pictured ourselves to be young parents, and I know while we didn't show much self-control (I've only slept with Patrick), God knows what he's doing. I fully believe God is in control, so of course our pregnancy is no exception.

I just... want to feel excited, too.