Miracle on 23rd Street..
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    Default Miracle on 23rd Street..

    6w6d Well, I don't want to completely celebrate too early, but the fact that I'm even gonna say this is amazing.........I am pregnant. I have PCOS and my husband has varicocele. We have been TTC for almost eight years. Dr after dr have told us there's NO chance. In-vitro was our only option. I just decided to move on and that God would give us a baby if it was His will. I never even dreamed it would happen.

    So now we're excited as can be. I found out about two weeks ago! Three positive HPTs and one positive blood test. I haven't had any m/s yet, although I do get nauseated. I have trouble with smells...especially broccoli. The worst symptom so far has been my boobs. They are soooo sore. Sharp shooting pains straight through the nipple....yikes! I also just feel really tired, especially in the afternoon.

    My husband is the Air Force, so I had to go to an Air Force OB orientation last week to learn about insurance, etc. I have my first appt with the dr on May 30. He won't see me until I'm 12 weeks. It seems so darn far away. I just would really feel much better to hear a heartbeat. I'm just gonna trust that God will protect this little life since He created this miracle.

    Thank you, Lord, for blessing us, and please keep little bean safe......

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    Default 11 weeks, 2 days

    Well, I haven't written on here since I first found out because I wanted to wait until my first dr appt. In the past few weeks I've been nauseated every day pretty much, but I've only thrown up about four times or so. I feel pretty lucky in that area. The boobs are still killing me. Real tired in the afternoons.

    Anyway, yesterday I met my doctor, Dr. Fischbach. In California I had the same dr for more than ten years, so I was nervous to meet a new dr that would be getting so darn personal with me. Before the appt I threw up my whole lunch. I had heard rumors that the dr was kind of gruff. Well, he was anything but that with us. We told him our story of infertility. He was so darn kind. He was as excited as us. He measured my uterus and said I was measuring at the 11 week mark. He said he doesn't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to see the baby.

    Well, the nurse brought the doppler out and listened and listened for at least ten minutes. We couldn't hear anything. She said it was because the baby was still really low in my pelvis. I thought it was because I'm overweight. But anyway, we finally heard a heartbeat, but it was mine. I was laying there so scared and worried that something was wrong. After a bit more trying, then we heard the heartbeat. It was really strong and fast. 172 bpm. Girl maybe? hee hee. James gets mad at me for saying that. He says I shouldn't believe in old wives tales. We'll see. I just have the girl feeling for some reason.

    So we are overjoyed and so amazingly happy. We have a baby with a heartbeat! I already love it so much. It's amazing. I woke up this morning really wanting to take care of myself, my body, the baby. I think yesterday really made it real. My weight yesterday was 202.2. I'm definitely up at least ten pounds or more from before I knew I was pregnant. So I need to really start being healthy.

    Well, that's all for now. I'm headed to lower body resistance bands. Feeling pretty good this morning. I have some stretching feeling on the right side a lot the past two days......

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    Default Week 11, Day 3

    It's a rainy Friday. I had a deposition this morning. I'm feeling a lot of stretching sort of feeling on my right side mostly. I'm wondering if it might be from the exercise (kickboxing). I don't know.

    I'm pretty tired today. I went to the base and got the prescription prenatal vitamins. I've been taking the Target brand until now. I should compare them. I'm sure they're similar. We'll see.

    I registered online at Target yesterday because my friends are going to have a shower for me in July in California. It was pretty fun. I'm pretty much going neutral since we don't know what we're having. It's just so fun to think about....I've been thinking a lot about how it will be when I meet the baby at the hospital! How fun!

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    Default 11 weeks, 4 days


    11 weeks, 4 days. Here's a pic I took today. I can't figure out how to make it smaller. My tummy is rounder than normal, but I was already overweight when I got pregnant.

    Feeling ok today. Just been tired lately......[/img]

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    Default 11 weeks, 6 days

    I am so sick this morning for some reason. I threw up everything I had for breakfast plus anything left from last night. I've only thrown up a couple times since I got pregnant, but it's definitely been happening more often lately. I guess my m/s is coming on late, huh?! I'm about 12 weeks. Shouldn't it be starting to ease up instead of just starting??

    I've been eating too much. This weekend we ate waaaayyy too much. I was 203 this morning. That's up officially 10 pounds. Of course half of it is probably water weight from this weekend....too much salt. I really need to watch it, though, because most people I talk to haven't even gained weight at 12 weeks. Leave it to me to gain weight during the first trimester.

    I've been changing stuff on the Target registry every day. I change my mind so much. It's tough to make those type of decisions. Good thing my shower's not until July. My friends here in Minot are gonna have one for me in November. Hopefully then I'll know the sex and be able to get more girl or boy things. It is sort of silly to have a shower at 18 weeks pregnant, but it's the only time I'll be home to California. I miss my friends there. I can't wait to see them...........

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    Default Week 12...

    Week 12, Day 3:
    Well, what a day today was. Holy moly! I got up really early for depositions at the reservation, and I couldn't stop throwing up. It was bile, of course, because I hadn't eaten.

    My boobs are itching like crazy. They're really dry and peeling. Strange?! Maybe it's cuz they're growing so fast.

    I also have been having a bit of pain in my left hip. It feels like arthritis pain. Strange..........

    Well, this weekend is James's 32nd birthday! Old man...hee hee. I'm taking him camping. I hope he likes it.

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    Default 13 weeks

    Well, here I am at 13 weeks now. I'm feeling ok. I do think I have a urinary tract infection, though. It started this weekend when we were camping. I have to pee five minutes after I just went. And it feels like I'm gonna pee my pants. I get there and nothing comes out. It's just been getting worse since the weekend now.

    I'm feeling good, though. My weight this morning was 202. I am up about 9 pounds from my start weight. So I've gained more than I should have. I'm working on keeping the weight down. I can already see some changes in my pics. I can't believe my stomach is changing so much. Neat.


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    Default 13 weeks, 4 days

    Well, it wasn't a UTI. I had a cath UA, and it was negative. They say it's just my uterus pressing on my bladder probably. I just go so often. It's ridiculous. I get up one to four times a night and probably go another twenty times or more during the day. Wow.

    Feeling pretty good. Haven't thrown up the last couple days. I am starting to feel bigger. My stomach is really rounding out. I am most definitely gonna need some maternity clothes soon. My work clothes are tight. My regular clothes are tight. I was planning to buy some in Cali when I visit, but that's another three weeks away. So we'll see if I can hold out until then.......

    Been trying to eat more veggies. Up another pound this morning (203), but we had chinese food last night, so I'm sure the salt didn't help.

    My next dr's appt is in a week and a half. Probably get to hear the heartbeat again! Yeah!!!

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    Default 14 weeks, 3 days

    I feel like I have grown a lot this week for some reason. I'm finally in the second trimester now. So my morning sickness is better. I get a little nauseated still, but I haven't thrown up.
    I got a bunch of maternity clothes last week. I'm probably gonna have to start wearing them in the next few weeks.
    We're headed to Hawaii in three weeks. That should be fun! Glad I got some new clothes to wear!

    Here's another pic:


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    Default 15 weeks, 5 days

    I didn't take a pic this week, but I'll take one sometime next week! But we did have our second dr. appt last week. The heartrate was 168 - so still nice and fast (girl??). Who knows? I was measuring a week ahead, but I've heard that changes a lot and doesn't mean much. The dr was just so kind. He took a lot of time with us and answered our questions.
    I asked him if it was ok to fly to Hawaii, and he said only if the OB goes with!
    So we're headed off to California in a little less than two weeks. They are having the baby shower for me there, and then we are going to Hawaii on the 17th for 8 days. I'm really excited. I wish I knew what the sex was because I want to buy an outfit in Hawaii. So I guess I might just buy a t-shirt. That would work for a boy or girl!
    Feeling pretty good. Definitely growing.....

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