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    Default 36 weeks

    Well, I had a dr's appt today. I actually saw the midwife because the dr got called for an emergency surgery. She couldn't find the heartbeat at first. She ended up finding it all the way up right under my sternum. So she did an ultrasound because she thought he might be breech. It turns out that he is not breech. It's just his positioning. He's in a horseshoe shape with his head down on my lower right side, his butt and chest up near my boobs and his feet on the lower left. No wonder I cannot breathe very well. His butt is cutting off my air.
    Anyway, I feel bad that James wasn't able to make this appt. This is the third u/s he has missed, darn it! I haven't even told him yet. He's gonna be bummed. Everything else went well. I had my strep swab test. My next appt is next week.
    I'm just trying to get all my work done so I'll be ready...........

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    Default 37 weeks

    Well, what a weekend I had. It was horrible. My hard drive on my work computer crashed and I watched my friend's dog who had diarrhea all over the place and he howled at night and kept us up all night. Stress...... not good for the baby.

    I had my dr appt yesterday. I've been having headaches for a couple days and my blood pressure was up a bit (140/80). So he took some blood to make sure everything was ok. The blood was normal, so he thinks it's the stress of my work and computer and everything. So I'm trying to relax. I had my last deposition on Monday. Now I'm just trying to transcribe everything and then I'll be ready.

    My next appt is Monday. He'll do a vaginal check then. We'll see what happens. Baby is moving lots. He seems to be doing great. I think his head is definitely dropping because I feel pressure and have to pee even more now!

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    Default birth story

    The short story is that Monday afternoon I had my dr's appt and
    my blood pressure was through the roof. It has been fine this
    whole time, but it was horrible on Monday. So they called me
    pre-eclamptic. So he sent me straight to the hospital from the
    office. They observed me all night and my blood pressure. It
    continued to stay really high. So they gave me yucky medicine
    to lower it. Tuesday morning the dr broke my water and we
    waited to see if nature would take its course. He gave me an
    epidural before he broke my water. That was at 9:00 am. By
    6:00 pm I was only at 5cm. I didn't feel any pain at that
    point with the epidural and all. But then he decided to shoot
    me up with pitocin to get me going. My uterus was not
    cooperating, so he upped the pitocin every 15 minutes. At 9:00
    my contractions got horrible and my epidural wore off in the
    nether regions. I was having labor straight up my butt and
    pubic bone. It was not fun at all. So I just tried to breathe
    through them......worst pain I've ever felt.
    I had one hour of really hard labor and then pushed 3 times and
    he popped out. He was really little, thank goodness, because I
    tore inside a bit and had to be sewn up.
    So that's the gist of it. Such a bummer that the epidural wore
    off. It was REALLY painful, but it was only an hour for the
    light of our life!!!!

    Tobias James Wathen 11/27/07 10:19 pm 5 lb. 15 oz. 19 inches long

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    Default Christmas Day

    Tobias (one month old) with mom

    Tobias (one month old) with dad

    Christmas Day was lots of fun. Tobias got a school bus with little people from grandma Robin. We went to the base to have dinner at the Reeds'. That's where the pics were taken. We can't wait until next year when he's one and he's able to enjoy presents, etc. We're planning to spend next Christmas home in California!

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