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    Name: Fuchsia (website & graphic designer, writer)
    DH: Jonathan (fire fighter USAF)
    Age: 22 (almost 23 -- on Aug 25)
    Due: April 12th, 2006
    Location: Florida

    Today I am five wks and 4 days. I miscarried in May very early on, so I'm naturally worried about this pregnancy until we get past a certain point. Of course I can't keep a secret to save my life so everyone we know well knows the news.

    I'm mostly just trying to keep a healthy diet these days, and trying not to drive my husband too crazy. He's really bugging me lately tho... and house guests don't help I suppose. I need lazy, *****y preggers time!

    In two days I'm going to an 'orientation' at the nearby military hospital. I guess I'll be learning there all I need to know about maneuvering through this experience in the military setting. I'm a little weary, as my m/c doctor was really insensitive. I'm hoping that I'll have a chance to request a female OB doctor, and that there will be natural birth options. With my narrow hips I'm also already worried about pain, but am dead set on natural birth. So, we shall see what the military offers in this department.

    See, here I am thinking way ahead.

    Physically, just having some mild cramps. Praying for an a-ok and growing bump. Night, night.

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    Default lots of dreaming, and sleeping

    This morning I woke up to business phone calls. Then the DH started making chorizo and eggs and I nearly flew out the door to run errands. The smell was putting me over the edge. After a peach and some water and then a later-on pbj, I felt less quesy. Still felt really dizzy all day tho, and managed a 3+ hr nap!

    Tomorrow is my orientation at the base. I'm actually pretty excited. Another military wife posted saying that it was informative, so that's what I'm expecting.

    Oh, and my mom said that she had a baby dream. She dreamt of a little chubby brown haired boy. She seems convinced I'll have a boy, and she also has this idea in her head that I've always wanted a boy. Have i? Anyway, she may be on to something, who knows. G'night.

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    UGH! I thought my brain was going to explode yesterday. My tolerance for any annoyances has just gone out the window. I know this sounds really *****y, but I almost literally have to hold my tongue from blurting out rude comments to people (mostly rebuttals to initial rude or insensitive comments).

    This is already proving to be difficult because I'm really involved the community, with a ton of non-profits, not to mention my own business. These things bug me anyways, but lately I've just been over the edge and I really need to keep an even keel with my little bun in the oven. So... I decided this morning that I just have to put many of these things on the back burner, except the business of course, which is my bread and butter.

    Anyways, the past few days have been increasingly tough with symptoms. I'm really thin, mostly because I have trouble keeping on weight when I'm stressed out or sad, so it's a constant challenge to keep eating so much, esp. with my latest wave of nausea that is lasting throughout the day. Headaches too. I'm just doing my best to take "me" time and say no to activities/requests that I can't handle right now. These early weeks are too crucial, and I'm already worried about the pregnancy, so it's worth it to just cool it for awhile.

    Bla! I'm so dramatic. Ah well. Keep counting the days to the second trimester. Ciao!

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