My 3rd Pregnancy & his 1st! Due 3/24/08 w/type 2 diabet

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My 3rd Pregnancy & his 1st! Due 3/24/08 w/type 2 diabet

Hello my name is Michelle and I am 35 yrs old. My SO is Paul and his is 40. We have been together for almost 4 yrs and knew we wanted a baby but just didn't know when. I have 2 children ages (son) 12 and (daughter)9. We also have 4 dogs, 2 dachshunds, toy poodle and a jack russell.

We started trying to get pregnant in October 06. I found out I was pregnant in Jan 07. At my first doctors visit they put me on insulin as I was on metformin but it was not controling my sugars well. I had an ultra sound and we saw the heartbeat. They put me at 5w6d's but by my calendar I was almost 8 weeks. I went back 2 weeks later and they did another ultra sound and it was not good. I had no heartbeat and the baby had quit growing. I had a D&C on March 5th.

I decided to track my cycles to better know my body. I also decided to use OPK kits to track when my ovulation was since I have PCOS. My first cycle after my D&C was fairly long at 37 days. I ovulated on day 25. This seemed so strange to me. We didnt try to get pregnant with this cycle as it was suggested to wait. My next cycle was 36 days long and we tried to get pregnant. I showed ovulation on day 24 but no luck. I took the next month off from charting I have no idea what happen.

I decided to go on a low carb diet this cycle to loose a little bit of weight and figured I had 3 weeks before I ovulated. Well on day 14 I had a really bad sharp pain go up through my bottom when I sat that I jwondered what was going on. I had tested the day before with my OPK and it was negitive. It was time again to test as I tested mid afternoon. Well wouldn't you know I lost 11 lbs and was ovulating early. I told Paul and he said " isnt that kinda early?" I said "YES". Well we did our thing anyway just in case it was the real deal and not a false ovulation.

I had a temp drop the day of ovulation that I noticed on my chat and that was on day cd16. My temps started to rise and by cd19 I was showing that I had truly ovulated on day 16. Now comes the 2ww period. I couldnt wait and tested 8 Dpo and got a neg result. I waited until 10 dpo and tested again. That morning I got up and tested and found a very faint line but not strong enough to call positive. I was so excited that at 11 am I tested again since I had not been to the bathroom since I tested last and the line came up brighter this time so I knew I was PREGNANT !!

I called my doctor yesterday to find out what I had to do since I am on insulin and MC with the last pregnancy. I am now 15 Dpo and I heard back this morning from the doctor and they want me to come in next friday the 27th.

Well that is all for now. I will try to update on a daily basis.

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