My Angel babies sent me a lil girl! Preg#6 Edd:May20 2003

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My Angel babies sent me a lil girl! Preg#6 Edd:May20 2003

Posted: 2002-11-28 01:03 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Well here i am making a preg journal. This isnt my first preg. Its my 6th but i have no living children.I have managed to m/c all at around 6 and 7 weeks. Only one has ever made it past that and sadly he was born too early for his own good. "Raymond Terry" Sept 25th 2001- Sept 25th 2001 . So here I am Pregnant again fixing to go off of Progesterone. Ive been on progesterone treatments since 5-6 weeks. I am high risk and if needed a cerclage has been discussed lightly. Im now about 14 weeks and im still feeling sick. Mostly when i am hungry and if i wake up weird or something. Im still a little on the tired side although my anxiety and worry prevent me from sleeping. I almost just wish that it was may and everything was fine just so that i can relax. Well i guess thats all i can think of to start with. Here we go. Oh yeah and my next Doc appt is Dec 06 they are going to be doing alot of birth defects tests... Oh God please let everything be ok. WELL HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! I feel like my head is going to fall off. Like i have some sinus pressure or something. Maybe i am just tired. OH YEAH ............................. dont laugh but i have to put on Cinderella every night or i cant sleep because of anxiety i will just lay there. Weird huh. I have nightmares too like, im bleeding and ill wake up in a fit and nothing is wrong. Ive had some strange ones lately like i gave birth to my cat ect... Thats why i am writing this journal so later when its all said and done i can print it out and laugh and smile at what it was like to temp. go insane. Well fri day after thanksgiving i will be going off the progesterone treatments which have kept me somewhat sane. I really feel that they have helped to strengthen my uterus. I had been diagnosed with a week vaginal vault in previous m/c. I was bleeding on week7 of this one but my doc did an ultrasound and it was a hematoma that went away in 2 weeks after that. Whew close one really scared me. Well I guess thats about it for now.

Posted: 2002-11-28 02:47 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hahaha I just sent my DH out for some pickles and milk. I insisted on the dill spears and histerically tried to explain the difference he said he was going to be sick if he watched me eat that together. I also asked him to pick up some corn pops. Strange isnt it. I had a mood swing and a wierd craving at the same time and my husband looked at me with this scared look hehehehe.

Posted: 2002-11-28 15:11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Happy ThanksGiving , yeah rite, mine started out ok but, then my family decided that they were "going to pick on me" they were horrible i mean they badgered me for like hours and i finally just up and left, this is all unusual and it really upset me i mean i cried for like an hour because of it and they didnt even realize how their joking and their "how i would do it" would effect me. It was sooo wrong and they made me feel like i wasnt in control of my pregnancy or anything, and walked all over how i felt. I had to leave. Afterward i just picked my cat up and loved on her for a little while that always made me feel better. And my husband i just kinda stayed away from him for a while since i felt he didnt stand by me like he could have. Well i hope that the rest of you Had a better day i guess ill talk to ya later after all this crying i am tired and need a nap.

Posted: 2002-11-29 19:41 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well today went much better, i have a splitting headache i went off the progesterone, Gosh i am sooo scared now that i dont have that reassurance. I went to and rented a doppler today, im supposed to get it in the mail somewhere around the middle of next week. Maybe having one of those around will ease my mind since i can just listen to its heart any time i need to. I just hope it works since that bebe sounds the ones you buy in the stores dont work. Well thats all i can think to say now, oh yeah and i still havent heard from my family, guess that they arent sorry. I think my cat is sick too, Im not sure but im going to keep a close eye on her the next few days.

Posted: 2002-12-01 01:17 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think my cat is doing better, im still not sure. My family still hasnt bothered to apologize to me for how they acted so im going to just drop it. So far everything is going good, ive been off the progesterone for a few days now and no bad signs yet. I cant wait till i go to the doc on the 6th, i wanna hear my babys heart again soooo badly, its what i live for right now. Then again i have a bunch of tests they are running too, Gosh i hope everything turns out fine. My husband is being promoted soon, Here comes the help and money we have been praying soooo hard for THANKYOU JESUS! I ate taco bell again today, i just cant explain it, 6 hard shell tacos with lettuce tomatoes meat and some hot sauce, its the best eats. I swear i love it sooo much rite now you'd think it was a gourmet dinner. I think that i am starting to feel the baby move, just a little fluttering, and then ill take out my stethoscope and try to listen to my stomach, i like hearing all the sounds, sometimes its bowel sounds and sometimes i think i can hear the baby moving around in there i cant wait till im doing kick counts and my husband wants too feel the kicks sooo bad. In 3-4 more weeks ill be about 18-19 weeks and we will know the sex hopefully. MY HUSBAND SWEARS ITS A BOY . I guess he'd know Smile hahaha And by the chinese gender predictor my husband is rite. So there is noo telling. I dont care though as long as its healthy. Well i guess thats about it i am sleepy now. NITE NITE

Posted: 2002-12-03 22:10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well today went ok for me, im not talking to my mom, until she can have nicer things to say to me. We have a severe winter weather advisory in effect tonight and tomarrow, calling for 4 inches of ice. So i am preparing our fireplace for that. Im such a goof, I keep saying that our next Doc appt is this friday the 6th, well its not...Its on the 9the which i believe is Monday. I just dont understand anymore, i have to write things down or i forget them or i confuse them, well i have it right now. Im having alot of stretch pain. Lots of it, I called my Doc and he said unless it becomes worse that i should be just fine, but now its happening all the time no matter what i do. Still i am trying to wait it out. Im tired of worrying all the time. Well i guess thats all for now.

Posted: 2002-12-04 12:39 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well last night i got concerned about the stretch pain i was feeling because i was feeling a slight pressure along with it, so i went into the ER last night and everything turned out fine, i ended up following up with my doctor and he wanted to do and ultrasound to check to see the length of my cervix, well my cervix ended up being just fine, and so as he looked around at the baby surprise something was between his legs hehehe , the doctor showed us and said that its a boy!!! And he was wiggling after that i mean something crazy and my husband has finally had a chance to feel it from the outside, we call him right now till we pick out a name tonight twinkle toes cause he's an active little guy.. Oh my gosh guys i have fallen in love. AHHHH i am sooo excited. I dont know what to do with my self, OP there he went again, he moves alot these last few days. Well i am still scheduled for my AFP test/screening on Mon the 9th, so keep your fingers crossed for us, we appreciate your prayers. God Bless All of you and thank you once again!! -Joyce

Posted: 2002-12-07 03:50 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

i am trying to pick a name with my husband i like the names PRESTON and TYLER and He likes the name AURON after a video game. But i think we have settled finally on a name we like CONNER. but i am a little concerned about something that was brought up at the doctor the other day.... I went to the doctor on my 12week and i had approx gained 9 lbs through out the entire preg, i started low weight at 100lbs and on my 12th week was 109. I went to the doc 2 days ago and i had lost 3 lbs, i was 106. I dont know how that happened, i mean i may not always eat the healthiest things in the world but i am eating and i am also drinking carnation instant breakfast in between to keep nutrients going to the baby in case im not giving it enough in meals. I am scared though the doc didnt seem to concerned he told me to keep eating and to try to eat a little bit more, and keep up with the nutrition shakes. The baby was perfectly healthy my cervix was great heartrate was fine, but how did i lose 3 lbs? Oh well guess thats about all, Oh yeah and we had a really bad winter storm come through here on Wed. It dropped 4 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice on top of it . But everything is pretty much clear now. Well got a doc appt on Mon the 6th we shall se what he has to say and go through the AFP test as well as some other blood work. We are getting these tests done but i refuse to do amniocenthisis (sp?) due to the risks involved and really what good would it do? Well im getting tired now. Nite~

Posted: 2002-12-11 07:23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I was sick all weekend like for the last 4 or 5 days since my last post. Well i went to the doctor yesturday which was tuesday the 10th instead of monday because on monday i was sooo sick i couldnt move. Tuesday i wasnt any better and it seemed to get worse i couldnt eat and when i tried it came back up, i was throwing everything up and i know that wasnt good for our baby.after 4 days of this and throwing up in his office yesturday he Rx me phenygren and changed my coated vitamin to one that had a mineral that would help with the ms. Well we rescheduled the alpha (AFP) test for dec 23 so wish me luck then k. Until then thank God im not puking anymore. Other than that imma go to bed i was up all nite with insomnia. hehehe the joy of being preggy. Now that i am feeling better maybe i will post more

Posted: 2002-12-14 06:43 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

im about 9 tp(toliet paper) measument thats on an empty stomach Yap i feel a small cantalope or basketball weighing me down a little right now and its getting really exciting. I cant believe i broke down and bought a baby outfit for our son and a bib that says i love my daddy i told myself i wouldnt get tooo excited because of my track record... Oh i know i sound silly but i just want to be going into labor now i want it to be may just soo i can quit worrying. I want our son now!!! Im still feeling him move around inside me, its like little grinding feelings or sometimes a stomach growl type thing except you cant feel a stomach growl on the outside... My Husband loves to rub my tummy and hold his hand there so he can feel him move. Im stil working on getting one of those doppler things so i can hear him every time i want to. It would just help keep me sane. Well i guess thats about it. Happy Holidays to me. Posted: 2002-12-18 03:44 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nothing really exciting happening right now, about two days ago i felt the baby totally change postition he was more on my right side and now he is more apparent on my left i felt him do a 360 the other night trying to get comfortable i suppose, while he usually is towards my back more i felt him move forward in addition to becoming comfy on my left and it caught me off gaurd because it wasnt lite movement that i felt it actually was uncomfortable to me until he finished hehehe. Other than that my next appt is the 23 for AFP testing And im hoping that everything turns out ok. Alot of people i know who are preg about the same length i am have had some misshaps and lost their babys. Im scared with all that has happened to me in the past that im going to end up empty handed again. I would freak at this point if the doctor told me that my baby had a birth defect or something. I mean i am almost to the point i was last year the only other time i have made it to the 2nd tri and poor lil raymond didnt make it.. Im soooo scared right now and everday seems like a day closer i just want to hold my baby. I was discussing with my husband how amazing it was Lil baby is right there inside me infact he is sooo close i could hold him but i cant hold him all at the same time. Im losing my mind and my patience. God please keep this little one safe and let me hold him soon!

-Joyce Posted: 2002-12-21 15:23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well i have to say that im feeling bad today i went to walmart after dropping dh off at work and it was about 7:45 or 8:00 am i was in walmart about 15 min just long enough to get all the way to the back and fainted. While i didnt want to go in an ambulance i chose to take myself but it was really embarrassing not to mention yesturday i didnt see Lord of the rings like i wanted because that pressure returned and i was really uncomfortable. I also was a lil iffy cause i hadnt felt baby move much in the last 3 days in fact i was scared he hadnt. Well i made it to the hospital and they checked my blood sugar and everything came back normal i had just eaten breakfast too so fainting didnt make since and they never figuured out why i fainted. Also they couldnt find our babys heart rythem....Talk about upset i was crying i thought for sure i had lost this one. Well they took me back to ultrasound and everything was fine the babys heart was beating and he had the hiccups and everything. He measured right for 17 weeks and was sitting right on the bottom of my uturus. Seeing that was reassuring and the u/s tech gave me a pic and ill load it to my gallery and webpage soon. Im still a lil weak and im told to take it easy for a while and i see and follow up with my doctor on monday along with having afp testing done. Well this is why i havent been heard from in a lil bit. Thanks for all your prayers and please continue them also, seeing my little boy alive and moving around again made my christmas and i wouldnt ask for anything more. Thats about it.

Posted: 2002-12-22 08:25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Im sorry alot is going through my mind, Im scared to death for my lil boy, Im scared soo much, i feel like im going insane, i worry all the time. I cant concentrate on anything else, and the fact that the doctors yesturday couldnt give me an answer makes it worse. All i do is cry and i am kinda jealous that the other preg women in the world get to enjoy their pregnancies and i know that is selfish of me to say but golly i mean i just dont understand. this is soo hard for me. I just wish that i could forward time and be in a safer zone or something like feb when the baby stands a chance if he decides hes ready. My heart seems to be slowly breaking all over again. All i do is pray and cry and stay at home doing nothing but proping my feet up cause anytime i try to do anything im in the ER. i dont over due it. i cant even spend 15 min in walmart. i just wish there was something i could do , some answer. Im going crazy and i cant stand this i just want everything to be ok. And im seeing others in the 2nd tri going through some bad luck too and that pains me for them but also scares me more. I mean the due date seems sooo close yet soo far away. Im sorry i guess ill stop rattling now. -Joyce

Posted: 2002-12-24 15:17 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well i went to the doctor yesturday and everything was going good. He explained my fainting spell as not my sugar level but something about my blood flow to the brain. He said that alot of times women who are pregnant esp those who are as petite as i am their bodies are working harder thus blood pumping to the uterus and baby as well as pumping blood for myself and he said what happens is that sometimes the bodys working soo hard it forgets to send some blood to my head or something like that. He told me to just try to take it easy that my bodys just working harder for another being and keep in tune to what my body wants. He also said that the pressure i was feeling was normal and that the baby should move soon from the spot he is in and move up and then again later about 34 weeks start moving back down again to get ready for delivery. He said the baby would eventually run out of room on the bottom floor of my uterus and move up. SO i guess im calm now everything is explained and im feeling better anyways.Also my doctor did the AFP test yesturday and i will be discussing the results Jan 6th. Still hoping and praying that everything turns out with that test. I felt the baby kicking alot last night, and I cry sometimes cause its such a beautiful feeling. I cant wait to meet this special little guy inside me. Anyways also um im going to be very bizzie tommarow and as much as i love christmas im a little not looking forward to it tommarow cause we have like so many places/dinners/parties/gettogethers to go to starting from like 8 am and not stopping till like 10pm i dunno what im gonna do. Maybe go to bed early tonite. Oh well i guess thats it. Happy Holidays everyone! -Joyce

Posted: 2002-12-30 18:58 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well Christmas was great i got a grandfather clock from DH. And a really nice grill from my mother. My mother and law bought us some things also which were really nice i wasnt expecting that. I went to the physical therapist today and she is going to be working with me twice a week with several different spots starting with my lumbar and then some prenatal exercises also. Today she was trying to repositon and align my spine and hips and lumbar by doing exercise and activities and then placed me on heat for 15 min and now im very sore. *OUCH and friday i go back we will be doing more exercises and working with the prenatal ball, something she thinks will help me not only with back pain and pelvic pressure throughout the preg but also with labor. But im hoping that this soreness will go away, its kinda hard to lay on my side right now or relax in many postions. Oh well, only 1 week to go till im half way!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 2003-01-01 15:21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well today is New Years Day and well im feeling our little boy moving alot. Last night and the night before i noticed that he was kicking a little bit more than usual and i can feel him right at my belly button and sometimes his kicks are a little higher. Definately growing and i guess from what ive been reading this is where everything takes off. Im so happy that this little one is still with us and it seems like a dream that i cant wake up from. He is such a miracle to us and we are hoping that he stays that way. In the last few days i have been feeling him move like crazy it almost seems that he never sleeps which to me is incredible. Its great now i hardly go anytime without feeling him. I bought a prenatal ball and am expecting it in the mail anytime now. My Physical thereapist seems to think that it will help me out alot as she continues to correct some things and its very comfortable to sit on. We are going to be moving in a month and so im excited about that. I have also been given the go ahead to go back to work and will be doing that in the next few days. Im just going to have to take it easy. Well i guess thats it. I go friday to my physical therapist and monday to my doctor. On monday the birthdefects tests results will be discussed. And will prob get another ultrasound. I guess that is it, so far off to a good start in the new year! -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-07 01:30 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ok well the afp results are back and everything is normal and we are going for the big ultrasound on friday. Also i started back to work and belly baby feels alot like a bouncy ball he pokes and jabes me all the time and i love it! Well thats it for now. -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-10 18:22 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well i got back from the doctor and we had our big ultrasound done. Hahahahahahaha..............Its no longer a boy .....He IS A SHE and her name is Aurora. We havent come up with a middle name yet but will very soon. Im really shocked as they had made a mistake but im glad we found out now before it was too late. On another note. My back hurts still but the worst part right now is my ribs. My ribs are killing me, i cant bear it anymore im scared ive broken one it hurts sooo bad. And it makes my back feel worse. far as the rest of the anatomy everything measured perfect. And so far everything is going really well with this pregnancy finally after all we have been through with others. She is really kicking alot too. So as far as we know she is perfecrly healthy no defects and has all the toes we counted in the ultrasound. My doctor is concerned about my weight right now though. I have only gained 5 lbs so far and i was underweight going into the pregnancy so i am advised to really eat and continue to supplement in addition to eating alot. I guess thats it. still cant believe the news. Best Wishes to All my Dear Friends! -Joyce soon to be mommy to suprise baby girl *Aurora* Edd:May 30,2003

Posted: 2003-01-11 02:34 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Im not exadurating but i just have to post this in my journal. I dont know how its possible this early........ Im like 21 weeks and my Ribs are Killing me!!!!!! something unbearable. And a few weeks ago i was complaining of pelvic pain now its my ribs and no pelvic pain or pressure. And she is kicking me hard which makes it worse. My uterus is like already almost to my ribs and i think thats the pain im feeling thanks to being soo small. AHHHHHHH i wish i had a solution or something to help with the pain! -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-13 02:16 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OK well im back to being really tired again. I cant seem to get much energy and i truely love feeling her kick me soo much. Last night i tossed and turned and couldnt get comfortable for the life of me as when i did she kicked me. Ahhhh i love this i am soo glad she has made it this far and i would truely give my own life for her right now as she is everything to me. My ribs are still killing me but i think i have come to the conclusion that its because she likes to stetch and kick nerby and push all my organs up there! Oh yeah i met up with a dear friend of mine today and so i am truely at peace with life right now(gee wonder how long that will last?) ok ok its not always bad but sometimes i feel like i was born with a black cloud above my head hahaha Well im getting blurry now as im tired, and im looking at changing job postitions tommarrow as i cant function that well because i cant bend that easily with a basketball in my way hahaha. -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-16 01:52 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well today i went to the doctor because last night i wasnt able to sleep well do to some braxton hix contrax. He told me to drink alot of fluids and to just take it easy and keep a close monitor on them and that they should let up and maybe go away. My cervix looked nice and long which showed him no indication of labor soo thats a relief and as of right now they have managed to pretty much go away. She moves quite a bit now and my ribs are feeling a little better because i went to my physical therapist yesturday and she worked wonders for me and thats helped my ribs alot. I go back tommarrow and looking forward to it! Oh yeah DH recieved a promotion today!!! much needed money bonuses comming our way!!!!!! Oh well guess thats it!

Posted: 2003-01-19 05:22 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well within the 24 hours we should be 22 weeks!!! Not much has changed although i feel like im growing a bit faster and i can feel movement on almost a regular schedule now. Im a little crampy on top of it and i feel all hard and like im being stretched (of course i am hahah) My ribs are still aching but not as much my physical thereapist has helped with that. Im a little on the sluggish side and i am starting to get this curious feeling and desire to meet this little one. Im sooo ready and i cant wait. I wanna start feeling like me again too although i love feeling her and i wouldnt miss it for the world. -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-20 03:05 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ok well i am back to no life, slowly but surely got that way. Its now 3 am and i cant sleep why?? because she is kicking me and because well i dont really know why hahaha. Im blaming it on Preg. She moves soo much these days but mostly as the days turn into nights then boom she is dancing all around in there. I think though because most of her movements are consistent (meaning same place same time between movements) that she has the hiccups alot. Im getting closer and cant wait.!! Oh yeah i ate a whole Large Pepperoni Pizza by myself in less than 30 hours. So here is the appitite that i need despiratly soo much to gain weight. !! No more 110lbs only gained 5 gotta watch that scale rise now!! YEA!!! -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-20 18:12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

22 weeks and Counting... Im 10 TP squares! which is kinda huge for me cause im only 110lbs and 5'2. I totally look pregnant now though im not too big yet. Sometimes i can still hide it but its getting hard (not that i try to hide it). Baby is kicking up a storm. I have to try to buy some medium maternity pants as i bought small earlier at like 12 weeks but now they are a little uncomfortable and i know that they are going to become really uncomfortable. Hay so whats up with that anyways, the maternity stores say purchase a pre preg size and i did which is small usually a 3 and now im uncomfortable allready when they were huge on me at the begining... AHHHHHHHH. hahaha Oh well thats all for now.

Posted: 2003-01-24 22:29 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well not much has changed, she is still kicking up a storm. I read on a preg calendar that my baby was a little less than a pound right now and measures about 9-10 inches! WOW! This is starting to get scary hahaha. Or should i say exciting! Im crampy sometimes and im feeling those annoying scary twinges of stretch pains. My uterus feels just above my belly button im not sure if its there but it feels like it. My boobs have gotten sore again which i havent felt much so here we go hahaha. My ribs are still bothering me but its my bodys reaction to the accomdations for the baby. Oh yeah anyone have any tips to get a good nights sleep without having to pee all the time hahaha. j/k hahaha oh well i think thats it. Oh yeah i went through a whole box of cookie crisp cereal in 3 days or less hahaha here comes the appitite i have been needing hahaha. -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-27 03:21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well not much has changed... I went into my Labor and Delivery center tonight with braxton hicks. I thought they were the real thing. i tried walking them off and they seemed to get worse so i went in. Well now they are mellowing out and the nurse at the L&D center said that they were only braxton hicks and to just keep an eye on them. I go into see my doc in the morning i will have him make sure that everything is fine. Other than that she is kicking violently hahaha and Im eating like i never knew i could eat before. I mean just tonight i woke up at 2 am to cook... hahaha i hate cooking and i rarely ever cook much less wake up just to cook! Oh well i guess thats it... I wish these braxton hicks would leave me alone! -Joyce

Posted: 2003-01-31 00:45 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

***23weeks and still baking**only 17 more to go** Went to the doctor the other day. Everything looked good, fairly uneventful, my belly measured 23 and my babys heart is going strong. I gained 8lbs since my last visit 3 weeks ago. Im now 113lbs!! YEA!!!! so my doctor was thrilled and no longer worried about my weight gain. As far as the braxton hicks they are normal and in fact they have eased up a bit but have been replaced with stretch pains. My belly button is starting to hurt a little and my baby feels like she is going to kick right out through my belly button. OOOO im stretching and growing even my doc was amazed at the growth my belly has done since my last visit. Well i go back on the 11th of Feb we shall she where i am then.. OMG i think i will be 25-26 weeks then ..ALMOST THE LAST TRI!!!! Im sooo happy! -Joyce

Posted: 2003-02-02 05:36 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23.4weeks Im still doing ok.. I think i have the flu cause im not feeling good ICK! I cant sleep either and that is always what i do when i get sick.. but this laying on your left side buisness isnt at all comfortable to me in the least and its keeping me from sleeping. I tried taking a bath and that put me to sleep for 2 hours .. Im not sure if im going to make it LOL now im starting the misserable stage hahaha

Posted: 2003-02-13 02:54 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 weeks!!!! I went to the doctor as scheduled yesturday and i had gained 4 lbs.. Im now 117lbs geez thats the most ive ever weighed in my life.. baby is doing really well and i hit 25 weeks today!!! WOOHOOO. Also we went to babies r us and bought the cutest bassinette... here is a pic you can see what it looks like.. um... also we decided based on some votes from friends and family that we dropped AURORA.. and are planning another name.. Well i apologize for not being around for a while... its hard right now to get a spare moment with us doing the last minute planning, tax returns, moving ect.. Im also working still and in 2 weeks i take my maternity leave.. OMG!! only 15 more weeks!! or maybe less depending on her.. AHHHHHHHH im soo in love, and the bassinette i keep playing peek a boo with it.. ( i walk over to it and peep my head in but nothing) the scary thing is she is gonna be in there in like 3 months!! OMG!!!! im soooo getting really impatient and excited..... Oh yeah and we decided on the nursery theme... Well we have babies r us mapped out for a whole day.. We know exaclty where to begin and what all we are getting as soon as the IRS gives us our well earned very much deserved money.... Ok well thats it for me.. Oh yeah i have to do the glucola test (gestational diabetes) in 2 weeks on my next appt.. Feb 25.. ICK oh well guess we all have to do it sometime.. Um the flavors offered are orange and cola... YUK either way OMG ill be in my 3rd tri at the end of this month.. (27 weeks) getting scared and excited!!

Posted: 2003-02-18 01:01 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25.5 weeks, almost 26!! 14 more to go!! 100 days left. Ok well not much going on, things are starting to get a little on the boring side and im ready to get on with the show. We have my glucola test next week for gestational diabetes, and then ill also be in my 3rd TRI (homebase in site!! yah!!!) Looks like we finally will have a baby in our arms after all this time and heartache. And boy are we ready. We got a bassinette all set up ready for her arrival and as soon as taxes get back we are going on a shopping spree all for her. Im 11 toilet paper sqaures big and im weighing at abou 119lbs, which would mark me as gaining alot like 10lbs in 2 months, or better. Which i cant complain about cause we (my doc and us) were worried about me not gaining at the beggining but here it comes LOL... My belly button still hasnt popped but its almost there. And i dont think im as big as i should be but my husband assures me that i look like im growing just fine, probley just me being paranoid. The baby according to my weekly preg emails that i get, weighs at about 1lb and 13oz and is aprox 13inches long from head to toe. aww how exciting, sometimes she feels that heavy LOL esp when she is on my bladder. Guess thats all for now. 3rd tri here i come!

Posted: 2003-02-26 00:04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27weeks!!!! 13more to go!! Im sooo happy! Im in my 3rd tri now! The last and final stage.. The cool thing is i went to the doctor today and well he assured me that the baby has better than an 80%viability rate which to hear that is soo fantastic i cried.. Though im not encouraging her to come early LOL.. I also took my glucose test today.. Wasnt too bad although i had to toss back the last swallow of it like a shot.. I truely hope i passed so i dont have to go back for the 3hr test.. Too many needles and really i could pass on the drink also.. The baby and fundal height was under my ribs soo thats really good! I also weigh now 122lbs OMG!! holy cow! I think im becoming a cow .. What happened to my 106 i used to be.. ive never even imagined weighing this much in my life.. Oh well i hope its all baby , and as far as i know it is... Im all out in front LOL.. I go back to the doc on March 11th, and if i dont hear anything from the doctor in the next few days that means i passed... Gosh please let me pass... (needle wimp LOL) My nesting instincts have kicked in.. Ive gone nuts trying to make sure everything is clean and ready for her if she decided to meet the world right now. I feel sooo un prepared all of a sudden.. Well tommarrow all that is going to change, cause we are going to babies r us and everywhere else to pic up somethings for the baby.. I guess thats it..

Posted: 2003-03-13 13:23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29weeks!!!!! 11 more to go!!!!!! OMG!!! Im starting to panic a little..We are getting sooo close, even my belly button has almost popped indicating that im nearing completion just like a thanksgiving turkey.. Im really excited but also for the first time im actually scared as to whether or not i can actually do this. The baby is getting huge and so am i in the process. Im 123lbs. WE go back to the doctor the 25th and also we are having an utrasound the 4th soooooo i guess thats it for now.. Im hoping i wont go too insane from here on out.. Now can anyone pass me some spare ribs???

Posted: 2003-03-16 16:04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok this is going to be a vent more than anything else.. *****29.4weeks**** Ok well im absolutely misserable. Im not able to sit up or stand up cause my ribs and back hurt me soo badly after abou 15 min. DH tries to comfort me with back rubs and while i appreciate it, it only works for a little while. Ive tried warm baths and rice socks ect.. My back and ribs are ::::pulling hair out&crying:::: just oooooo they hurt... I keep telling myself only 10 more weeks but gosh this is getting really no fun anymore. On top of it im always tired. I cant seem to stay awake for more than a few hours. And i get tired from talking on the phone ect. Im trying to remain active by going for walks ect hoping that will help keep my energy up but nothing seems to work anymore. I feel like im on drugs or something.. Ok i guess thats it now... Oh Yeah MY BELLY BUTTON HAS TOTALLY POPPED!

Posted: 2003-04-10 16:24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an update as i havent had the chance to post an entry in a while.. *****Im 34weeks!****** And ill explain... First of all i have moved and went to the beach since i last posted. The move drove me nuts but the beach helped me relax and was great. At least im sort of settled now and a little more prepared. Ill be adding more to my website with pics of the beach trip although i didnt seem to remember my camera much like i did last year (darn preg) and so there wont be many but at least there will be some. My ankles swelled a little while i was spending the last day doing lots of activities with Jason such as minature golf (since thats all i could do) and well touring the gift shops. I was sooo beat and hurting by the end of the nite. In fact we had to leave in the middle of the lion king on IMAX which i feel horrible about but i was misserable. Anyways last week my due date was changed at my Ultrasound on the 4th to the 27th of May and they also said she weighed 4lbs 6 ounces then. But then also got changed again this week to the 20th as it will be explained below and she now weighs 5lbs 2 ounces! Big baby geesh. Well ive been in the hospital all this week off and on. In fact i spent the last 2 days there and most of today which happens to be my birthday there and still no comforting news. It all started Sunday as we (DH&I) took a tour of the birth center and i fainted during the tour which i may add was embarrassing. But i turned out ok after sitting down and well went home. Then that Mon nite i called my doctor at about 5pm cause i had been sick as a dog all day throwing up and couldnt hold anything down, I remember feeling a little queezy Sun but i wasnt throwing up. Well he said to come into Labor and Delivery to get a shot of phenygren and find out whats making me sick so i can feel better. So i do and well the phenygren made me feel better but something unexpected arose as i was there. They took my blood pressure as routine and instead of it being the normal 110/60 or something it was 138/90 and well that raised concern of course and after running tests said everything was fine and sent me home esp since my blood pressure finally dropped down to 128/72. I went in on Tues cause my blood pressure had risen 137/97. And they admitted me cause in 3 hours of monitoring it didnt improve. That night they started a 24 hr urine test on me to check for protein and ran tests on my blood and had me scheduled for an ultrasound. The next morning i go into ultrasound and found some good news (which is the part about her weighing soooo well at 5lbs and 2 ounces and my due date being the 20!) but also some bad news (which is the part about her cord causing such a risk). The good news is that she isnt in distress as of right now. And all other tests came back fine. There was a trace of protein in my urine but not enough to say definate preeclamsia yet and ive had no swelling so they are sort of confused about that. My blood pressure is still really high and so im on strict absolutly no activity bedrest. Im to remain lying down as much as possible to keep my blood pressure from getting any higher. They were wanting to keep me another nite, but it was my bday and i managed to bed them to let me go home. I promised that i would remain on bedrest and continue to monitor my blood pressure and that if anything changed or i started feeling faint or anything to come in immediatly. They havent ruled out a csection yet as we (meaning the baby and I are still at risk) my doctors are setting me up an appt ASAP with a perinatologist and high risk specialist to discuss whether its safer for her to be inside or out. They want to see her in there longer so this is why no definate decision has been made and also the fact that she isnt in distress yet. Its mainly borderline at the moment.... SO this is my bday present huh?? OH well one good thing did come is i had kinda a half shower as people brought baby things thinking she was comming sooner than planned. SO HERE MY Butt SITS BACK ON BEDREST.....I HATE THIS WHOLE SITUATION OF NOT KNOWING ANYTHING. PLEASE GOD LET ME GO INTO LABOR SOON!

Posted: 2003-04-13 18:37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **34weeks 6days*** Well, ive just about had enough, maybe its my hormones or something but i cant take much more of this whole thing. I want her soo bad.. She seems soo close but soo far away and im back to worrying like i did in the beggining. This isnt fair, my blood pressure is still high in fact it was 140/92 when i took it last. I feel like im feeling contractions but why isnt there any action going on down there then.. Im soooo wanting to go on my own before the end of May, but im begining to think that i may have to be induced, and gosh she is soo big already i cant have a really big baby i know ill never get her out, im too small! And this whole ordeal of wondering with the specialists im seeing on Tues, i wonder whats going to happen... I hope something straightens out cause all this is driving me crazy on top of the normal prego things making me misserable. I just wish something would happen soon! Just so i dont have crazy thoughts going through my mind and i can focus again. Ok well i think thats it..

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Well today i went to my perinatologist and well i am diagnosed with being borderline preeclamsia and at this point they aren going to do anything about it cause im borderline. Also they arent worried too much about the cord issue as they said they have seen it before and most likely it may work itself out. They are going to monitor me and the baby alot more though because of both of these and im also going back tommarrow for an ultrasound cause aparently something isnt right with the babys growth..hmmmm gotta post about what they say tommarrow.

I dont feel very good and morning sickness seems to have krept back in my life along with heartburn and its really got me feeling horrible.
I guess thats it. Im tired and really not feeling right these days, hopefully ill feel better soon or have her or something.

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*****APROACHING 36 WEEKS! *****

well i went back to my peri doc and they did an ultrasound. seems im having lots of those these days. anyways everything looked really good. her cord has moved itself which is terrific and we found out she weighs 5lbs and 13 ounces woohooo big baby. i still havent had any progress, no effacement no dialation, no nothing... drinking rasberry leaf tea since well i heard its very beneficial LOL.. my heartburn is cured thanks to my doc who told me i could take pepcide ac and now im feeling great! YAY!

Well i think thats it.. i have another doctors appt on monday.. soooo hmmm wonder if anything has happened till then?

We shall see...

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Well Last nite my blood pressure got up to 148/112!! Soooo im really taking it easy and if it continues to be that high im going into L&D to be monitored once more.. Ok i think thats it..

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Well, Im not sure when this labor thing is going to rear its ugly head. Right now im almost 100% bed bound by hormones litterally. I never had panic attacks and well today all i day i felt like i was hyperventilating to the point i couldnt function for no reason, it was actually dangerous and one time cause i lost feeling in my body from the tingling and well couldnt breathe ect.. I havent been overly stressed esp today and i was feeling this in waves off and on the last few days but today it wouldnt go away and almost had me in the hospital. Turns out my doctor said it was my hormones causing the problem. Something about progesterone increasing in such an amount at this stage it does something strange to my respiratory tract, causing me to breathe faster and shorter which means im getting too much oxygen causing me to pass out ect.. Im now taking meds and using a paper bag to help me keep from taking in too much oxygen and well that keeps me pretty much in bed now. Other than that im still waiting on labor.

UGH is this ever gonna end?


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Well im now about 37 weeks and well im freaking misserable. Im not sure when she is comming and im starting to really get frustrated with everyone and everything. All i know is that right now im really swollen. My fingers are 3 times their normal size and my feet are almost 4 times their normal size. Im borderline preeclamtic sooo i go into the hospital for this and well they didnt do anything about it and they sent me home. Also she has had a decrease in fetal movement which concerns me alot cause she used to move alot and well the last 3 days im lucky to feel 3-6 movements, which concerns me cause it doesnt seem like her. And her FHR is showing very little variations in which they are concerned for a little while about it or enough to where they poke her buzz her and make me try many postitions and drink lots of sugary stuff and well then they send me on my way... They never had to do this before and now they are doing everyday. Im still feeling contractions but nothing promising anything. The sweling and headaches are really getting to me and i wish my doctor would act more concerned.. Im seeing him tommarrow and i will demand further investigation as im sure my condition has worsend.

I guess this is it.. Yea i know i didnt exactly say anything postive but sheesh this isnt exactly fun anymore.. I just want her soo badly.

Well here is a positive thing.. I had my baby shower friday nite and well everything went great but my fondest memory is Jason holding a 1 month old baby for the first time. He has never held a baby period before and well i wish the whole world would have seen his face... I cant wait to see his face when he holds Sydney..

Well thats it till tommarrow....

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Im now 38 weeks!

I went to the doctor Friday and found out that im thinning YAY! About time there Sydney LOL :roll:
I hope she cooperates more when she gets out.. Im feeling ok all things considered. Just feeling pressure off an on and lots more contractions a mix of BH and real ones.. Boy isnt this just fun LOL Wink Im feeling her back on her normal movement schedule, YAY so im not worrying anymore.. They did my group b strep test friday also soo i guess ill here the results of that later. The doctor said i will notice some orange tinted discharge and that was me losing my cervical mucus.. OH SO THATS WHAT THAT IS Biggrin Im sleeping lots more these days too.. In fact i consider myself somewhat lazy.. Im longing for more closeness with Jason and cant wait to return back to the me he misses sooo much. Im really starting to get antsy as i want to meet this little angel inside me that kicks me and makes me sick but its all worth it.. I just long for the day when i go to the doctor and its time.. I dream about it at nite and it drives me nuts..
Im on this eating binge.. I cant seem to quit. I eat everything i see and anything that comes into mind and i never get full.. Im now weighing at 135lbs! Holy cow compared to my 105lb pre preg body..
Well im baking lots of stuff right now, and i dont know why it just sounded good soooo i gotta get back to that..
Until next time

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Well im soo bored... I am just sitting and waiting... And waiting and sitting and sleeping and waiting some more....
Ive tried everything i know to distract myself, and all i can think about is when when when ... UGHHHHH!!!!
Ive tried focusing on Jason in fact last nite we had closetime so to speak and well that brought on contractions that had me tossing and turning for a few hours it didnt bring on labor.. But at least Jason and i got to spend some time together..
Im going nuts and im really trying not to.. I have heartburn after anything i try to eat or drink.. Im constantly feeling pressure and sharp zings of pressure and sciatic nerve pain and ugh im just ready.. So why isnt she ....
hmmmm oh well, i guess..


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Well here it is the 17th! Still No baby :cry: :shock: :? I dont get it.. Ive tried everything! I went to the doctor and he is talking induction in less than 2 weeks.. I cant take it anymore! Right now im using a breast pump to bring on more contractions and hopefully they will get me in the hospital and get this baby out soon... I dont know what more i need to do and that pitocin isnt sounding nice but well she really needs to come out now.. 2 nites ago, i thought i was in labor after 2 hours of sqirming in bed and feeling like i wanted to stand on my head but they went away when i got in the bathtub, that stunk.. UGH how much longer must i go through this?? I want to hold my baby and im tired of waiting..
Well i guess thats it..

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Well its almost the 19th! Im still here and still preg. Im begining to wonder if im even preg that maybe i have some weird tumor growing that makes all these weird things happen to me. Ive been using my breast pump all day again today off and on. Been having much stronger contractions and hopefully theyll stay and form a pattern soon. When dh got home i made him do the naughty naughty and now im hurting a little more.. Maybe tonite Maybe not... Im not going to get all excited.. I hate this and wish someone would shoot me to be honest. Other than that i guess thats it... I hope i go soon... Oh yea my other cat lost her mucus plug last nite and is in labor, so i guess we all know who won that bet! My on darn cat is giving birth before me NO FAIR!

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How are you?

Hi Joyce,
I am new to the boards and found your journal, quite a trial. I realized your posts ended on the 18th, how are you and the little one?
Please post an update, God Bless.

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Well Last Sunday my cat had her kittens and well Tuesday i went into labor and Wednesday the 21st at 8:40 pm Sydney was born..

Here is my birth Story to close my "Pregnancy" Journal..

Tuesday all day i had been having back to back braxton hicks contractions, i never thought to time them but lets just say they were at least every 10 min.. They didnt hurt and well i ignored them cause i didnt think i was in labor and went to eat dinner with Jason at his work..

Well i arrived at Jasons work at about 9pm and sat down and had dinner with him.. I had noticed that since about 8:30 that the contractions had gotten a bit stronger but not painful so again i blew them off.

At about 10pm i was starting to kinda grunt through the contractions and they kept getting stronger, just felt like lots of pressure that i had to grunt through so again i ignored them..

Jason started clocking them at about 12 am Wed morn cause i was still grunting through them.. They hadnt formed a pattern, they were every 8 min every 5 min every 3 min every 8 min every 5 min every 3 min and so forth.. Well that went on till about 1:45 and we headed for the hospital. I wasnt convinced i was in labor it was Jason that said he wanted me to go. I was still not feeling any pain just lots of pressure that made me grunt with the contractions.

At the hospital i was found to be 1 1/2 cm dialated and 30% effaced. The baby showed signs that she wasnt tolerating the contractions as well as they liked, my blood pressure was high and they admitted me saying that i was in labor that they were going to give me a chance to progress on my own and monitor the baby but at 8 am they were gonna start me on a pitocin drip if needed and go from there..

Well i couldnt sleep of course i laid there just thinking about the fact i was gonna have a baby soon.. At 8 am my doctor came in and started me on a pitocin drip i was 2 cm..

At noon i was only 3 cm and they broke my water, i was still doing good no pain meds yet and well all i can say is i felt pressure..I was still talking ect..

The baby didnt seem to tolerate the breaking of my water.. In fact she hated it.. Her heartrate started acting funny and worried my doctor.. It kept dropping ect..
So they did 2 amniotransfusions to keep her happy and that seemed to help with her heartrate or at least for a little while...

At 4pm i was almost 5 cm and accepted an epidural not cause i really needed it due to pain but because i was getting tired and wanted to nap while i could without feeling the pressure.

at 6pm i had been at 5 cm for almost 2 hours and was what they called "stuck" my babys heart had dropped to the 50's a few times and they were discussing a csection if that continued much more and if i didnt progress anymore within 45 min..

Well about 30 min after my doc said all that i was 7 cm and so they let me continue birthing vaginally with a nurse in the room to monitor the babys heart rythem..

At a little after 8:15 i was fully dialated and started pushing after 20 min of pushing and an 3' episiotomy Sydney Brynn was born at 8:40pm with apgars of 8&9 weighing at 6lbs 9ounces and 19 1/2 inches long 13 1/2 head..

She is the greatest thing that has ever happend to me and she is finally here.. Its such a blessing to have her and truely a miracle! I cry for joy when im holding her alot and i cant get over her.. This has been an incredible experience and one i would like to do again in the near future..