My August Squeaker :D

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My August Squeaker :D

Ive decided to do a pregnancy journal.

Its amazing how fatalistic Ive felt about this pregnancy, isnt that awful! Ive been so paranoid and scared Sad

So I've decided that whatever happens, Im going to do this, it might even help me keep on top of my own feeligns, which needless to say are a little up and down right now :roll: I was reading a magazine this morning (a work one) and it had an article about antisocial benhaviour. Now that is upsetting enough, but the author of the article started by saying his 14 year old cat had recently died after a long illness. Well I had a really hard time stopping myself from sobbing my heart out :roll: Im so emotional some of the time, then others im perfectly fine!

Its still very strange to think of a baby being 'in there' Biggrin I think maybe when I start to get a bump it'll become a bit more real…

At the moment I feel a bit sick, I think this time it IS m/s, and not just nerves Lol It seems a little better when I manage to eat something. My bb's are not quite so sore today which is quite a relief as they have been intensly painful the last few days. They are huge though!!! :shock: Ive had to start wearing the bras I wore before I lost weight! Also I read somewhere that I shouldn’t wear underwired bras… unfortunately I don’t have any non-underwired bras… except a sprts bra and that squashes them beyond recognition :roll: So the very idea of that is painful! They also look like a map… LOL, blue lines everywhere...

I've broken out in spots (pimples) on my face this morning… nice…

Apart from all that I feel great!!! We're going to have a baby!!! :woohoo: I have my first midwife appointment on Monday 20th December, hopefully then I'll get a better idea of my EDD. I still think its around 13th/15th August though. I told my mum last night and she was thrilled Biggrin She said she guessed though since I rang her :roll:

So, there we go, my first post and already TMI Biggrin

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Ugh, I feel so bloated. After every meal, no matter what I eat I feel like Im going to explode….

And to make matters worse, I ordered a cheese & ham toastie when I was out at lunchbreak with my friend Janie, and when I was practically finished I saw on the ingredients that it was bound with mayonaise :shock: eek. Im pretty sure I read somewhere that I shouldn’t eat mayonnaise because of the eggs or something like that….

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I feel so sick this morning! I was sat in the staff room sorting out the post and this man walked in and he had TERRIBLE body odour, really strong smelling sweat *shudder* and my stomach just turned and I nearly threw up… bleargh. I started to feel a bit better a while after he left and then another woman came in and she absolutely reeked of stale cigarette smoke…. Thankfully I havent actually puked yet, but my sense of smell seems so sensitive, I feel like I can smell every little thing…. And that’s not a good thing!!

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I saw this afternoon I have some spotting Sad Its pale, kinda pinky brown colour and from what opoeple say on the Aug 05 board its not much to worry about... But Im still worried...

I hope that it doesnt happen any more today or tomorrow...

Stay with me!!!

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Nothing more so far, so thats a relief... I felt a bit crampy after 'going bathroom' but i think thats ok. My book says a little spotting is nothing to worry about, just to mention it to the midwife when i see her.

Im so tired though too, im wondering whether i should go do the homeless project tonight as it involves so much walking and carrying, i dotn really feel up to it but i dont want to let them down... I'll see how i feel later.

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Well Ive gone from one extreme to the other. Today I hardly feel anything. My bb's are not hurting really at all, though they are still blue veiny, and I feel quite awake really in comparison to the last few days. Theres been no more spotting though since the other day which must be a good thing? I mean if I miscarried or the pg ended somehow, surely I would know about it?

Ah well, I have my midwife appointment on Monday so I'll be able to ask her if all of this is normal… :roll:

I did do the homeless thing in the end, i had a half hour sleep whn i got home from work and felt much better for it, and i felt ok in the evening while i was out...

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TMI warning...

That previous last post was on Friday lunchtime.

I was ok all afternoon then just as i got home i had a cramp which lasted about 3 or 4 seconds and i went to the bathroom and checked and there was brown spots there again. Sad I felt mildly crampy still and to be honest i was convinced that that was it, game over...

I was so upset and i had to babysit Louis my nephew that evening too, i looked terrible and kept crying.... really unlike me to be so emotional :roll: i dont think B&SIL noticed anything though hopefully.

Saturday morning was ok, no spotting, all seemed clear, then late yesterday evening had 'murky' CM with light pinky tinge. Still no red blood though.

This morning woke up ok, though was expecting to have bled in the night, but nothing. Morning clear. Then this afternoon (4pm) went to the bathroom and light browny/pinky CM again. No actual blood like Weds or Fri though.

IM pretty sure my BB's have gotten smaller, though they are still a bit tender, not as painful as the last week or so. It felt so sick this mornign i was sure i was going to throw up a couple of times.

So here I am.

Still got to go out this evening to the church carol service then on to see Jools Holland (Jazz & Blues band) so no chance of rest this evening.

Then the midwife at 12.10 tomorrow.

I honestly dont know. I hope she'll be able to tell me definately whether or not Im still pregnant Sad

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6wks 2days

She didnt tell me whether or not im still pregnant, but she DID say that the browny CM, the spotting were are perfectly normal and furthermore, all 'normal' is hereforward a non-word :roll: and basically to stop worrying Biggrin

She also said that my bb's going down is just a result of the initial hormonal surge calming down and also nothing to worry about.

So she gave me a whole lot of bumph to read through and a book and she also booked me into my first scan at 12 weeks. Thats the 31st Jan. I then have the 'main' appt on 7th Feb whcih is when i get the full exam.

She put my EDD at 13th August 04 so Im now 6 weeks 2 days. Biggrin

Ive been so sick last last couple of mornings, maybe this is m/s kicking in?! I couldnt even eat Weetabix this morning!

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6 wks 3 days

Im just one big ZIT!!!

I've never really suffered with spots/zits/pimples/whatever and now i look like a teenager!!! :eek: YUK

Add that to m/s and its all peachy Lol Dh is buying me some ginger biscuits which midwife says may help. Fingers crossed.

Happy though Biggrin

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6 Wks 4 days

Well I was kind of waiting for a sign that I am still pg, and here it is :roll: I woke up this morning and sat up and nearly threw up, lovely. Ive felt so sick ever since. I really cant imagine eating anything, but im hungry at the same time :puke:

Im at work right now and I know im very pale, Ive already been asked if I have a hangover Lol …. This is going to be a long…. however long this lasts for :roll: I have the ginger biscuits in my bag but cant bear the thought of eating them…. Welcome to m/s Sunny Biggrin

I just had to rearrange my scan for the 1st Feb because I am training in London on the 31st. Talk about round the houses, I practically had to ring 5 or 6 people to sort it out :roll:


Queasiness seems to have eased a bit. I had a cup of hot blackcurrant juice and felt quite a lot better, must remember that one!!

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6 Wks 5 Days

Cracked it Biggrin well, briefly anyway :roll: I have a mug of hot squash (blackcurrant) really soon after i get up and it makes me feel MUCH better, so now i have one every hour or so and Im just about managing Biggrin

Its the size of a Pea now Biggrin Im guessing thats a garden Pea? Lol Next week its a bean Biggrin

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8 Weeks

Wow, where did that week go?!?!

Im a little worried today as Ive woken up feeling practically ok. I mean i dont feel as sick as i have the last few days of so and my bb's are not as tender... Isnt it wierd how comforting pain can be!!! :roll:

Had our New Years party last night and I didnt drink a drop of alcohol, pretty pleased with myself! (not to mention suprised!) and i was definately the only sober one here which was certainly an eyeopener, and why i am downstairs on the pc before anyone else has even thought about getting out of bed.... Ive even tidied up! Whats up with that?!?! Lol

Right, going to go get some breakfast together..

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Still 8 Weeks

Well mini panic over :roll: My bb's are back with a vengeance and i feel icky Biggrin

I think maybe my body clock was thrown off with staying up so late - i got to bed about 4am :roll:

Ive been thinking a lot about the 12 weeks scan recently and how I'll feel that day and Im so nervous already. Will the baby actually BE there?!! Its such a nightmare to even think about. I just keep imagining the ultrasound techie saying sorry theres nothing there.... And if he/she IS there, is she normal? In the right place? Growing fast enough? :shock:

Is this normal to feel? Or am i just a crank? *sigh* I feel so much more optimistic every day that goes by. Like today, waking up to 8 weeks was so cool. And i think about how much more confident i'll feel every week....

Im sure ive put on some weight now. I dont want to put on too much at this point, but i know that i should probably put on 3/4lbs in the first trimester. Im sure it'll work out. Im not excersizing as much as i should and straight after the christmas holidays im going to start swimming every week again, and I'll make sure i actually do some lengths rather than floating around with my Nan :oops:

I think my Dad is starting to suspect something Lol I spoke to him this mornign and mentioned that we might be up end of January and he got all abrupt with me :roll: Hmmmm. Im thinking about telling him AFTER the scan, still before friends etc, maybe we'll arrange to go up the 1st weekend in Feb, just after the scan, when i'll (hopefulyl) know everything is ok. He's a bit funny about me having children, at any possible opportunity he says how young i am and to make sure i make the most of my career etc before thinking of children. So in that respect, i wont feel too bad about waiting to tell him, because it'll be after any point when he might ask the questions 'Are you sure you are pg' etc etc :roll:

So it only puts back telling people by a couple weeks, and im not to worried about that. The important people know already.

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8 Weeks 2 Days

We went on the church walk today and i think I'll pulled a muscle or something in my hip/top of my leg. It seizes up whenever i stop moving for a bit, but hurts like hell when i move :roll:

I felt good that i went on the walk as ive had so little excersising since getting pg, but maybe i overdid it? :oops: It was about 4 miles..

Back to work tomorrow... Thankfully the m/s seems to have settled a bit now, i generally only get it about an hour after waking for a couple hours then late evening as i get tired. So with drinking the squash and knowing that, it feels a bit more controllable. I think my waist is getting a bit thicker, though i went to slimming class tonight and ive only put on 2lbs and i reckon thats Christmas weight :roll:

Well I definately feel something is going on down there, last night, while watching the tv i was lying on the sofa with my feet up and my arms folded over my tunny, which is how i normally sit and after a while i noticed really uncomfortable pressure in my back and so shifted, it felt much better for a sec, then as i settling down again it started again.. well this went on for a while then i moved my arms and the pressure went totally :roll:

Im guessing that i was pushing down on my uterus (now the size of an orange apparently Smile ) and causing the pressure in my lower back, so now i know that, it doesnt happen anymore .... duh... Lol

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8 Weeks 3 Days

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8 Weeks 4 Days

Its amazing how much more confident i feel as the days go past, i just watch myself to make sure i dont become complacent, i thank God every day for this pregnancy.

I am thinking about going to the DRs about this mark on my breast. Im sure it is fine, and i dont really want to make a fuss, especially as i had quite a few visits to the DR last year.... Oh well, i suppose it is what they are there for. Its better safe than sorry with these things. I'll phone them in the morning.

I feel ok today, this mornign i was standing up a lot and that didnt feel great, but i was much better this afternoon, i took tuna in for lunch and was able to eat all of it, whcih is more than i can say for the Cous cous yesterday :roll:

I think I'll go to bed now actually, im pretty tired...

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8 Weeks 6 Days

I went to the doctors yesterday afternoon and he asid it was just a rash and nothing to worry about. He said there are up to 50 rashes that doctors can expect to see on a pg woman, so at least that’s ok. He was so nice too, Im going to make sure I see him in future if I have to visit the doctors. He was really patient and wanted to know how I was feeling, and to tell him all my anxieties and he reassured me on everything I spoke about. He said I should take time out to relax and just to remember that as long as I am doing the 'normal things' - avoiding softs cheese, alcohol, cigarettes/smoke, peanuts, uncooked meats etc then it is utterly out of my hands.

I know this, but it was good to hear it from someone who is not a book Biggrin I feel much calmer today, so that’s great, Im 9 weeks tomorrow and im really exited Lol

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9 Weeks!


I dont know why, but i feel so thrilled that my pregnancy has made it this far. I thank God everyday that its ok so far.

I thought this evening that i had a tiny bit of brown spotting, but i dont think it was after all. :shrug: But it wasnt red, so Im not going to get myself in a state about it.

I've been feeling a bit crampy and tired the last day or so and my calfs and feet have been realy hurting, so i wont be wearing my heeled black boots for a while if that what the do to me! My jeans are starting to put pressure on my belly too, so i'll have to stop wearing my belt to give myslef a bit more slack!

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9 Weeks 1 Day

:puke: I feel so ill today, i had an ok 2 hours this morning, then for the rest of the day ive felt so sick... blah, also feels like my head is about to explode. I slept this afternoon for 3 hours! Very unlike me...

Ah well, another day through, another day closer to u/s Biggrin

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9 Weeks 3 Days

Eventually I will print this journal off and put it in a scrap book, then in future, I can look back and see what to not worry about :roll: One thing Ive noticed in the last couple of weeks is the amount of CM… theres loads of it! Ive read somewhere that it is normal, cant think exactly why, maybe its to do with keeping clean? Anyway, pretty ick :oops:

I think Im pretty normal so far, sore and bigger bb's, I suppose 'average' m/s - not terrible, not absent Smile heightened sense of smell, tired, more CM, a little bit of spotting… Now I look back over the last few weeks and see how much worrying Ive done… I know its natural and Im not done worrying by a LONG shot :roll: Im now trying to make a conscious decision to be calmer, Im sure me being calm feels better for the baby too.

He or she is about 4cm now and has toes too! Biggrin

(My work colleague just drenched herself in perfume and my stomach is turning over chronically now :roll: )

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9 Weeks 4 Days

Im seriously thinking about stopping going to the aug 05 board for a little while, just until my pregnancy is a bit more established. Its just that I think I wind myself up by going there, and another poor woman suffered a m/c yesterday, she saw on the u/s that she had a blighted ovum. I feel so sad for her. But now its added yet another worry to me. I know that I am very up and down, as my last post was very upbeat, but then it only takes me hearing about something like that on the board and Im back to square one.

On the other hand Ive gotten so much support and information and reasurance from ladies there… I have to weigh up in my mind whether Im benefitting more than worrying myself. But I also like to be there with the ladies there, they are so nice. I like being able to help too sometimes. *sigh*

I know im being very selfish, just thinking about my baby when I hear about another m/c… and I try not to be Sad Oh well, no doubt tomorrow I'll feel fine again and able to cope with going back, such is the nature of hormones :roll:


On a brighter note Smile I feel ok, normal today. Just all the normal symptoms so that’s reasuring. Im now over 9 and a half weeks, nearly into double figures, which means just 2 weeks from Saturday until my u/s. Im trying not to get too excited in case we get bad news, but its pretty difficult!

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10 Weeks

Today got the first lie-in for ages, so nice, i didnt even get out of bed until 11.45! How lazy :roll: LOL oh well, best make the most of it Biggrin Dh even brought me toast and a cup of hot squash awwww

I was a bit worried when i first got up as my bb's werent tender/sore at all, in fact just like they were before i got pg, so that worried me a bit, and i realised i wasnt really feeling that sick, but then ive noticed i havent felt too bad recently, but i think that might be more to do with me managing it a bit better. Anyway, my bb's are sore again, :roll: and i felt so sick for a while before eating, so thats ok Lol

10 weeks Biggrin wow... Im nearly at the end of the 1st Trimester Biggrin My u/s is only 2 weeks and 3 days away... :shock:

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10 Weeks 2 Days

I had a dream on Saturday night and it was so strange. I had the baby and brought her home (it was a girl) but I had nothing there, no nappies (diapers), cleaning things, clothes, nothing! So odd, I was panicing in my dream because I couldn’t clean her up, only feed her (v strange). But the wierdest part was looking at her and thinking she was the most beautiful thing Id ever seen. I woke up and was just think she is so beautiful… Lol

Its quite odd, and now, I feel so much more like this is actually happening! Like, wow, theres a real baby in there!

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10 Weeks 4 Days

Last night had some cramps in my lower abdomen, not overly painful, but 'enough'. However they seemed to go away after i got dh to rub my back, so i think it should be ok. Ive had a few of the same today though not as bad, but i now im uh, bunged up :oops: right now which doesnt help, so that might be contributing.

Ive broken out in spots, and i think its largely due to my diet as well which is not good AT ALL, its very bad, i just dont seem to want 'good' food.... I really need to make an effort, and not just for my sake.

I spoke to mum a bit yesterday about childbirth and she was very reassuring, its good to speak to someone with plenty of experience (Im one of 5) so that was good, she didnt dramatise it, she just explained how her 1st labour and delivery went (7 hours 'medium pain' labour (in comparison to subsequent births) and one push! Lucky her!) In fact she had more or less the same experience with all of us, except the last one, my sister who was 10lb2oz and she took two pushes Lol

So anyway, i am really starting to feel so much better about CB. After all millions of women do it safely every year, and if it was so unbearable, my mum wouldnt have had 5 of us. She says her recent operation was worse that all 5 births.

Anyway, got to go, blah work :roll:

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10 Weeks 5 Days

Only two days until 11 weeks. I dont suppose I'll notice that day much as we have the sponsored fast and disney watch with the youth group forthe Tsunami appeal. As far as the kids know, i wont be eating either, and i feel a bit mean that i wont be as hungry as them, but needs must huh? :twisted:

I feel good today Smile I dont feel sick, my bb's dont hurt, but are a little tender and feel quite heavy. Im still... stuck... LOL and hormonal?? :eek: Poor dh this evening :oops: I try to be aware of how Im behaving and for the most part i think i've been ok, but i got so mad with him tonight and over nothing, in fact i cant even think why i got mad Lol He is so patient with me *sigh of relief*

Im a bit annoyed with myself right now though because I forgot to re-order my contact lenses. So I'll have to call specsavers in the mornign and see if they'll send me my new pack. I must have ignored a notice for an appointment for check up, thats generally the only reason they dont mail out the new pack. grrrr

I was looking on the net recently for a pg chat room, but theres nowhere else but and im never on when theres people in there Sad Its quite frustrating, but at least i have the aug 05 and Questions boards...

Well dh should be back from church soon, so I'll go put the kettle on, 'see' you later Biggrin

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11 Weeks 2 Days

I can hardly believe that I am in my 11th week! I am very apprehensive now about the scan next Tuesday. I'll get to finally find out for certain whether this is really happening or, well, the other option.

When I feel my lower abdomen, I can feel that there is something quite big and harder than just my squashy belly Lol its just behind and poking up above my pelvic bone, which I guess would be about right as in the next couple of weeks, all being well, it will start to pop up above as the area wont be big enough to hold it. So that is one thing which makes me feel quite confident.

My bb's are not so tender anymore, though they tingle a bit sometimes, so that’s a little painful. Also Ive started noticing in the morning, theres a tiny bit of white stuff on them :shock: I thought it was waaaaaay too early for that!? Its dry and rubs off, but v strange, and has happened for the last 3 or 4 days. The m/s is not even half as bad, in fact my apetite is practically normal now and I only get queasy when im hungry or very tired.

One thing, and maybe it is a coincidence…. But I havent had m/s since I stopped taking the pregnacare (multi-vitamin) so maybe that had something to do with it? I saw quite a few girls on the Aug 05 board had probs taking a prenatal multi vitamin and that it made m/s worse, so maybe that’s the same with me? Mine ran out, so now I just take Folic acid, and the occasional regular multi-vit. Im eating quite a bit of green vegetables, and I drink fruit juices too, so Im hoping the Im taking in what we need. Im also making myself have some milk, I don’t usually have cereal, milk leaves such a nasty taste in my mouth, so ive started flavouring it, and its ok now. What price love huh?

I've started getting a bit light headed occasionally too, but I think that’s all part and parcel. Smile

That was a bit of a long one! But really, I feel very good, much more confident, most of the time I don’t worry about the u/s, and I try not to worry dh, as me worrying worries him, so while im not particularly cheilding him from my anxiety, I try to blurb onto here rather than send him into an unnecessary spin!

Off to lunch now Smile

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11 Weeks 3 Days

I went to my slimming class last night to get weighed as I havent been for ages. I was kind of holding off because i thought i would have to explain away why id put on so much weight (i have a pouch Smile ) and I got on the scales and Ive LOST 1lb since the last time i weighed!!!! :?

So i checked back on my records and since 6th November (LMP) Ive lost 3lbs! - I put on 3lbs over Christmas, but lost 6 between 6th Nov and 24th Jan

How strange, so one more thing to think about, though a lady on the Aug 05 board says its nothing to worry about. :shrug: and quite normal!


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11 Weeks 5 Days

Nothing really to update other than Im now more than 11 and a half weeks pg Biggrin

I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about the u/s now than i did, LOL, we'll see how im am next tuesday morning Lol

I rang the hospital to see where i needed to go and they didnt have my name down!! Thankfully, after a HUGE run around, it turned out they had inputted my name into the pc with the wrong first letter :roll: And this is where I'll be having my baby?!?!?!? :shock:

Anyway, sorted now, she told me to drink water before i go, not to feel uncomfortable, after all they can make me drink more water if needs be. Its a different section of the hospital than the maternity wards, the other side of Brighton even.

My bb's are sore today and no I havent been prodding them Lol

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12 Weeks 3 Days


Unfortunately I cant use the photo gallery for some reason, it keeps comign up with a strange error message about a thumbnail :shrug:

ANYWAY!! He/she is there!!! Alive and kicking Biggrin Wriggling away, my little squeaker! Thats the first thing that came to my head when i saw the heart pumping away was 'oh look at the heart squeaking away' :roll:

So he/she is now known as Squeaker until D-Day.

I really cant describe how i felt when i saw.... jut amazing....

We're going up to see my Dad this weekend to tell him. Its so odd. Its like our lives have been on hold until we knew that Squeaker was ok. And now it is! So life goes on Wink

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12 Weeks 4 Days

I can't stop looking at that picture Biggrin LOL, it never gets old!

Its a nightmare at work becaue no-one knows. Im telling my line manager on Monday. I spoke to our Personel advisor today and got the skinny on maternity pay and leave etc and thats all good. I qualify for the enhanced benefits as I'll ahve been employed by the company for more than 1 year by the time Im 15 weeks to go. So thats very good.

We've arranged to go see my Dad this weekend. I rang him last week, its amazing how quick off the tongue the lies came!! :shock: I suprised myself! I told him that we were visiting friends in Bath and needed to sleep over at his house and he said ok, but I'll have to tell him pretty quick once we're there, I wont be able to keep it from him fro very long.

Im going to print a copy of the scan off and put it in a 'Grandad' card Biggrin LOL That'll suprise him.....

I cant wait to se his face :roll: Of course he might be horrified as for one reason ithink he genuinely believes he is too young to be a grandfather :roll: and hes always on at me to 'live my life'... Well I've done more travel and 'living' as he calls it int he last 5 years than he's done in 50 so go figure THAT one :roll: Men huh? I just hope he'll he ok Smile

Well I feel great! I feel totally stuffed as we just got back from a Thai meal and I ate LOADS :oops: LOL, Ah, but it was GOOD Biggrin I ordered Tempura Ice cream to finish but it had grated Peanuts on it so i swapped my dessert with poor ol' Dh who had Malaysian Sago (his favourite) and that was nice too :twisted:

Heres what we had to share ~

Tempura Vegetables
Peking style spare ribs
Duck with pancakes
Chilli fried beef
Fried Squid
Chicken in Oyster sauce with chilli
Thai frangrant rice
Prawn crackers and chilli sauce



But Im now the size of a house Lol Squeaker is pushed forward in a bump and is probably wondering what on earth I've eaten, not sure if he/she can taste yet :shrug: Though I've read that they like mum to eat stronger tasting food as they then can taste it too... suits me Biggrin

Right, going to bed before I fall asleep at the pc.

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13 Weeks 2 days

I had my 'first' midwife appointment this morning. She took and armful of blood and I had to pee on the smallest stick you've ever seen :roll: She said there was a very small trace of protein in it, but nothing to write home about, so that’s good. She seemed very pleased with it all, so *phew* She booked in my next appt, its for 16 weeks, on the 28th Feb. I have the choice to have the triple test, which is a blood test for Downs Syndrome tendency, so I have to decide whether I want to have that. Either way it wont make a difference as if the baby was Downs, I would still keep him/her, though I suppose it is better to be prepared :shrug: We'll see.

All in all Im really pleased with it, I feel very well and the m/s seems to have disappeared, aprt from when im very hungry or tired, which Im in control of really, so my own silly fault if I feel bad!

Went to see my Dad this weekend just gone and I didn’t know what I was going to say, so I bought a cup mat that had 'The Best Grandad in the World' on it. I put it in a gift bag with a copy of the scan for him to keep. Smile he was so funny! He pulled it out, stared at it for a while then said 'Are you trying to tell me something?' Well DUH :roll:

He was over the moon and kept hugging me, Im so relieved he's ok, as he's been stressing out about getting older and here he is, nearly a Grandad Lol We then went and told my aunt (my Dads twin) and my Grandad, that was nice. Dads GF was totally uninterested, which I think upset Dad a bit, in fact she looked at the scan, threw it back on the table and said 'If it was furry with a tail, then it would be cute' :shock:

But then I expected no more from her really :roll: I think I just hoped that for Dads sake she might try to look interested or at the very least pleased for me. In fact, I cant even remember if she said congratulations, Dad said have we got any champagne (typical male response Lol ) and she said 'Oh theres no need for that, I opened a bottle of wine the other day, lets finish that off' …. She then went on to talk about how she never wanted children and cant see the attraction, people used to ask her when she was younger when she was having children and I think her response was rather along the lines of 'Id rather walk barefoot across hot coals'. She kept cutting across Dad when he asked me questions about the pg… *sigh* Its just a bit sad for Dad kwim? He was so excited and he cant talk about it with the person he's with :shrug:

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13 Weeks 4 Days

I can hardly believe Im 13 and a half weeks!

Everyone more or less knows now. Thats quite scary. It feels like quite a responsibility, if somethign happens, theres not only me who would be 'sad' (totally inadequate word, but thats English for you huh?).... Well I have to just not think like that... Im past the 'danger' period, Ive had a good scan, i feel great, my midwife is pleased, thats got to be good enough... and 99% of the time I am fine and confident Biggrin Sheesh, i was neurotic BEFORE i got pg Lol look what its doing to me!!!

Seriously though, i am so happy i could burst sometimes, such a strange feeling Biggrin I cant wait until i can feel the baby move! We have more or less decided on the name for a boy.... Jasper Luc

I love the name Jasper and Luc is the name of mine and dh's favourite film director :oops: also it 'went' with Jasper... So thats where we're at at the moment, we're still open to change though, althgouh i think we're pretty stuck on it Biggrin It means precious stone and Treasurer.

Anyways, here we are Biggrin Actually Im at work, so should probably get on :oops:

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14 Weeks 2 days

Im feeling a bit crabby today Sad Everything is an effort to be pleasant to people :roll: Thankfully I havent snapped.. I don’t think, maybe some other people might disagree Lol Work has been irritating because Ive had to do stuff that the CSO in the other office should have done, and I have no idea why they don’t ask her :shrug: Either way, it was 3 hours out of the day that I didn’t have :roll:

I'm still a bit bunged, which I would imagine doesn’t help my state of mind :roll: On one hand Im so excited to be over 14 weeks, on the other, im SO uncomfortable… ah well. Squeaker is about 8.5 cm by now! How strange! I cant wait to feel him/her move Biggrin Probably not for another month or so though… My belly is bulging Smile The only time in my life that I've been PLEASED I couldnt wear my jeans comfortably Lol When I lie of my front, its like lying on a lumpy mattress, and when im at my desk at work, I suddenly realise how uncomfortable Im feeling as Im pressed right up by the table… must remember to sit a bit further back!

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15 Weeks 3 Days

Well, whats this week? I feel really good, my belly is growing Biggrin I dont find my jeans properly Lol

I cant lie on my front without feeling like Im lying on a lumpy mattress Biggrin

Work is really tiring, but its not so bad, everyone is being great. At my midwife appt Im going to ask about my hip pain, im sure its connected to PG, but I'll check, just to make sure i dont need to go to the docs.

Ive been baking tonight.... :shock: Hopefully i wont poison everyone at work with it (Its our Make 'n' Bake day) and i actually enjoyed it... this pregnancy is doing strange things to me...

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16 Weeks 1 Day

Where the heck is the time going?!?! Lol

Well I still feel good, bump is getting bigger, feels like is growing by the day :roll: I've had a couple of comments and thankfully they HAVENT been 'Wow, you're putting all your weight back on!' LOL.

We had a Pool Party at our Pastors house this week and i wore my Tankini and my belly looks quite funny to me, but then of course it fascinates me, no-one else probably notices :roll: I didnt stay in too long, it was a bit cold (its outdoors under a polyshelter)

Then on Friday evening I went to ao Creative Memories Scrapbooking trainign class/party at a friends house and Im totally hooked! I did my first page of mine and DH's holiday last summer to the Isle of Wight and I cant wait to do more! I've ordered my 12x12 album and my friend has asked me if i want to some along to her regular SB evenings Biggrin Im quite excited really about it, it'll be quite cool doing it for the new baby Biggrin

Saturday we went to a Tiny Tinkers shop to look at Buggies and we've more or less decided on a Britax one. It has a car seat whcih snaps on the top of the Pram bit. The Pram is fully adjustable and the whole thing collapses really well adn I think it will fit in my car ok. We'll check it out before we buy it anyway. Well, before we tell Dad which one we want anyway. He's offered to buy it for us Biggrin woohoo for Dad!

We then went to Matalan and we bought 6 popper vests, some anti-scratch mits with a hat and 3 sleep suits. I also just bid and won 2 Tots Bots nappies and a wrap on ebay. So when i get those, i'll bleach them up and thats the start to my 'cloth diapering' collection Lol I started going to the CD board on recently, just lurking and posted for the first time today.

Oh and before I forget to mention, my make and bake went really well, they actually liked what i made Biggrin I did a Banana Loaf with choc chips and a Harvest Spice Cake, courtesy of the lovely Marla Biggrin

Ciou for now!

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16 Weeks 2 Days

Had my midwife appointment this mornign and everything was ok.

My Hb was 12.9 (whatever that means, but she seemed to think it was ok and made no comment, so that’s good) and I'm negative for a whole bunch of other diseases/STD's and other lovely things… also good :roll: Its funny, even though I knew there was no chance of me having HIV for example, it was still a relief to see a big fat NEGATIVE next to it Lol Oh yeah, I dotn have syphillis either :roll:

The only slightly odd thing was my blood type. The tests came back as O+ but when I had the test a couple of years ago to go to Ecuador, I had the test and it came back A+ :?

Very strange. So Im going to look out the paperwork I had at the time and get back to her.

I didn’t have the Triple Test today, I still was undecided. I mean, at the end of the day, if I found out that the baby was Downs Syndrome or had Spina Bifida, then I would continue with the pregnancy. And essentially, the test if to help me decide whether to continue so on one hand I see little point in me doing it, especially as Im in a low risk age/health category anyway :dontknow: The only 'pro' that I can see for myself would be that if I discovered I was higher risk, then I could mentally prepare myself a bit better, though I wouldn’t have the amniocentesis or any further tests.

I did ask her about the pain in my hip/pelvic area, and she said its all to do with the loosening etc and if it gets any worse to let her know and she'll refer me to antenatal physiotherapy, but I hope it wont come to that. I also asked about the rib pain and she said that’s likely to be all the squashing up of the organs and again to let her know if it gets worse, though theres little they can do to help. She did say theres the possibility of a small hernia which is something which is sometimes revealed during pregnancy seeing as all the available room is somewhat limited, but anyway, its not unbearable pain like my hip sometimes gets so I'll not worry. My hip improves after a short rest anyway.

Right, best get back to work!

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Ugh, I bought a couple of cotton bras on Saturday to try to wean myself off my underwired bras and I didn’t try them on or get myself measure :oops: And they are too small :roll: Im squashed in them and they are so uncomfortable…. So on the plus side they are bigger Lol but it means I need to go out and get a couple more, and I cant exchange them as they are underwear which is non-refundable :roll: Oh well, maybe they'll fit afterwards? LOL

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19 Weeks 3 Days

Well I think I am at the tail end of my first heartburn attack :roll: It REALLY hurt!!! Sad I went and got a cup of hot peppermint tea and it seems to have calmed down again (sigh of relief) I've never had heartburn before I was pg, so im assuming that’s what it was especially as the Pepermint tea soothed it :shrug:

Aaaaanyway. Im back off holiday, had a really relaxing time Biggrin Ate probably more than we needed to Lol went walking a bit in the Peaks, went to Poole Cavern (eerie) Stanton Moor (windy) and Dovedale & Ilam (very pretty) We played board games in the evenings and took turns making the dinner, so me and dh only cooked twice,very nice Smile

Only annoying thing was the husband half of the friends who came with us. Im not going to go off on one again, I've decided to just put it behind me. Suffice to say, he was irritating in the extreme and me and dh will never intentionally go on holiday with him again :roll: Having said that it wasn’t like a continual thing and didn’t ruin the holiday, so that’s good.

The cottage was beautiful. The owner had only opened it since January this year, so everything was brand new and they were anxious to please Biggrin They even left a pint of milk and a bottle of wine! Nice touch.

So back to life… me and dh are having a bit of a cash flow crisis right now, but we sat down on Sunday afternoon and sorted out a plan. Dh has an appointment with our bank manager this morning to let him know whats going on before the poor man has a heart attack. He's a nice guy, thankfully quite sympathetic. And I have my work bonus this month which I'll get paid this weekend so that should help. So Im trying not to get too worried about it, don’t want to pass my scary worried hormones onto Squeaker. Poor lil thing doesn’t know the reasons, just feels the effects Sad So Im trying to stay optimistic.

I can't believe Im almost halfway!!! Wow. Its pretty odd.

Ive actually felt Squeaker move now Biggrin First of all, I think I mentioned before that when I put my hand on my tummy I could feel a bit just before 18 weeks but now I feel a couple of actually light kicks a couple of times a day when Im being still and quiet… uhhh…. Not often Lol Kev felt Squeaker move for the first time on Saturday night and honestly, his face was so funny, his eyes went really wide and he just stared at me with this shocked look on his face Lol He's really happy that he's actually felt it, I think its making ti even more real for him, LOL, never mind my rapidly expanding waistline :roll:

I've come back to work and people are saying how Ive just suddenly popped out. That’s pretty cool, but my clothes don’t fit anymore… its skirts all the way now :roll: And its just started pouring down with rain Lol Go away Murphy!!!! :twisted:

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20 Weeks 3 Days

Over Halfway!!! :shock:

How bizarre! Considering that the first 12 weeks were the longest weeks of my WHOLE life, i cannot believe where this time is going to! I hope the final 20 weeks aren't as fast! I've got loads to do! Theres the nursery for starters, we haven't even cleared it out yet :oops: and we still need to decide on what nappies and buy them, also the clothes, and however much other paraphenalia (sp?!) we'll need!

But Im trying not to think too hard today. I was ill yesterday, I think i caught a stomach bug off Leah (little girl from church who was with us on saturday and threw up everywhere) Kev was ill too. Sickness and diahorea... nice. I havent been sick this morning though the longer i sit here the sicker i feel, butthat might have had soemthing to do with having cereal for breakfast... probably should have steered away from milk :shrug:

Kev has crawled to work, though he cancelled the first lesson as he was still groggy. You should have seen us both yesterday LOL we could hardly move out of bed or off the sofa, and now my hips and back hurt from all the inactivity :roll: Cant win!

I rang NHS direct and they said that as long as i keep up the fluid intake then my sick bug shouldnt affect the baby. So that was a relief. Squeaker has been moving this morning so thats reasuring too.

I was sat on the sofa earlier and felt like a large bubble on the left of my tummy, so i looked at my stomach and I saw Squeaker rolling over, in fact it looked like he was trying to stand up judging by how high my stomach went, then the bump subsided, gave a couple of kicks and settled down again Biggrin So funny.

Anyway, feel sick again, so I'll be off.

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20 Weeks 4 Days

Having a stretching / indigestion / heartburn / kickboxing day today

Oh the joys Biggrin

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21 Weeks 2 Days

Where is this time going?! I cant believe Im over halfway... I know Ive said it before Lol I cant think what that is in months... People ask me how far I am, I say 21 weeks and they ask what that is in months and I have no idea. They look at me like Im daft :roll:

I feel the baby kicking LOADS now Biggrin Theres certain times when it moves more than others, like its particularly energetic between 10.30 & 11.30 at night, just when Im settling down of course Smile That seems to be the most noticeable, but i think thats because Im quietest then. I LOVE feeling him/her kick. Its the most amazing feeling in the world. Im even stratig to look forward to meeting this wriggling bundle! I guess that feeling has come as Ive realised quite how real this whole pregnancy thing is!

LOL, its taken me until gone halfway to finally register that Im having a baby... a REAL baby ROFL

My bump is really popping out, along with my belly button. Its turned from an 'inny' to a 'flatty' and i strongly suspect its going to be an 'outy' in the not too distant future! Someone told me it 'goes home' eventually though (relief.. im not a big fan of my own button, let alone outies)

Its quite uncomfortable in bed already. Im making a concerted effort not to lie on my back, and sleep on my left side as it apparently optimises blood flow to the baby, and the other essentials like kidneys LOL. I think i read somewhere that lying on my back can potentially affect my spinal cord? Pressure or something like that, not sure, but thought it best to lie on my side anyways.

So Kev is 30 tomorrow. I've never know anyone stress out so much about it Biggrin He's got a real thing about leaving his 20's. I've booked a table at an Indian Restaurant in Seaford (just along the coast) whcih I have been recommended by a girl at work. But before that we're going to B&SILs for us to give him his present. We've clubbed together and bougth him a Playstation 2 Slimline. It comes with an extra controller, a sterring wheel and we got him a bunch of games too Biggrin He's going to be so pleased with it, its what he's wanted for ages, we just haven't been able to afford it as its v expensive.

Im going to the supermarket tonight to pick up a couple things, like the stuff for his cake etc for the suprise party on friday.

Weell, as usual should get back to work, got a long day ahead.

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22 Weeks Exactly


I just lost a WHOLE post!!! GRRRR Im so annoyed Sad

Well anyway, in brief, what i wrote was how kevs suprise birthday party went really well... got him to put a nappy on a teddybear (I suspect he needs more practice - back-to-front, holding teddy by the legs upside down :oops:)

We went shopping today, got some more reusable nappies (in bleached white, we're getting the rest in unbleached as stains wont show up so bad :roll: ), some sleepsuits, short sleeved vests, scratchmits, bibs. Not too bad for one day Biggrin

And to top up a good day, Kevs making enchilladas Biggrin

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22 Weeks 2 Days

Been feeling a bit fretful recently. Im quite a heavy sleeper and I don’t even wake up to go to the toilet, I just wake up bursting in the morning, I always hear of pg women waking up loads in the night and I just don’t. So I've been worrying that I wont wake up when the baby cries or needs feeding… I honestly can sleep through anything. Hopefully it'll be different, DH assures me it'll be different (like HE knows! Lol ) though it'll probably be him digging me in the ribs to wake me up when he hears the baby. :roll:

Then it keeps occuring to me how its never going to be just me and kev again… I know, its a silly thing to worry about, but what will be the effect on our marriage? I mean now we're so close and if anything, this pregnancy has brought us closer, which is wonderful, and DH says that he wont get jealous etc etc, but we can't possibly know how we'll react together…

Is all this just my neurotic tendancies coming through? *sigh*

I also had a guilt attack this lunch time when I made my lunch - noodles cooked in a cup-a-soup… hardly healthy nutritious stuff for Squeaker is it? Sad So Ive sritten the shopping list fro tonight (we're going after the cinema) and Im going to make an effort to get back to the kind of foods I was eating before pregnancy, like on my diet, but not the weight loss extreme of it. I haven't been stuffing myself with bad stuff, I can tell that as I haven't put on loads of weight, but I do know Im not eating enough veggies or fruit and that’s got to change for both of our sakes. Maybe might start keeping a food diary again to make sure I eat plenty of the right things as well as the naughties Smile

Other than all that Im feeling good! LOL

I forgot to mention the other day I saw this AMAZING program on TV called 'Life Before Birth' and it had loads of those 4D piccies and videos. It showed the baby smiling & yawning Biggrin Its just incredible how fast the baby develops and it showed the baby responding to outside influence and how the brain is 'started' by 4 weeks. It showed the electronic pulses kick-starting it up, and also showed the point the heart starts spontaeneously (sp?) Just insane.

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22 Weeks 5 Days

Heres the pics from my scan Biggrin

And another one of the head which i just love Biggrin

And one with his/her head resting on the chest...

It went really well, all the measurements were fine, they checked that all the organs were in the right place, doing the right thing. They checked that all 4 heart cavities were there and doing what they needed to be doing, she asked us if we wanted to know the sex, we said no as we'd already decided, but i reckon we wouldnt have been able to tell anyway.

She seemed to measure everything, length of legs, back, arms, head, stomach, brain circumference. She did this really cool angle from just below the chin and we saw Baby opening his mouth Biggrin It could have been a yawn, it was so cute Smile

I wasnt very well at the scan, I've got this horrible cold, but managed to stay reasonably focused :roll: I came back home after going back to work for a bit, and I havent gone to work today, not sure about tomorrow, we'll see how we go. Still dont feel too good. It would only be the 3rd day Ive had off sick this year if i did, so its ok. Even my boss said i look dreadful (gee thanks :roll: ) I thought you said I was 'glowing' last week Lol

No matter how i stand, sit or lie down now, my bump is there for the whole world to see Lol With certain clothes, i look ENORMOUS :roll: and I dont sem to have the same perspective of myself anymore, i dont really notice and its kev that says to me that something makes me look even more pg. Thankfully he loves my bump (HUGE relief!)

I've started to listen to this really cool CD called Chilled Out Classics. Its mainly Classical music, got a bit of Beethoven, Bach & Vivaldi and loads of others whcih I've never heard of :oops: but strangely enough its really nice and apparently classical music is the best music to play to your bump as it can be very calming, so i stick the CD on at any opportunity, kev thinks Im nuts, but hasnt objected yet ROFL We're usually more Metallica & Guns'n'Roses kinds of people but even he concedes to Squeaker's music choice Lol

Mums friend Gina gave birth on Monday, not sure of the exact details, weight etc, but his name is John and she had him in the elevator on the way up to the ward! :shock: Mums going over to see them tomorrow, so Im sure she'll tell me more after that, she says they are both perfectly well though.

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22 Weeks 6 Days

Heres my new siggie....



Took me AGES last night to do :roll: Id never used Coral Paint before and its the only programme on my pc which could do what i wanted. And then just as I was finishing up, the mouse stopped working! :evil: So i turned the pc on and off, just using the keyboard (no mean feat when you have a million windows open and Coral is meant for mouse use) and its still didnt work so I had to try again this morning and thankfully the mouse was working again :roll:

Then I uploaded it and then realised that id done it about 20 pixels too high so had to go back into the programme to reshape it, except im still hazy on how to use it so ended up re-making the whole thing fresh Lol

So now my siggie is h:395 X w:408. Its over on width because of the tickers, but apparently that is ok untilwe get the new ones up and running.

Well Im still off work, really shattered, and I still have to go to the supermarket :roll: as we have practically nothing in, I'll have to go to the next town to us, because the Co-op where i live is really expensive.

But before that Im going to lie down for an hour or so, Im wiped out with all this PC stuff! Lol

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Hmm... looking back at that previous post, it didnt work exactly how I thought Lol

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23 Weeks 3 Days

Feel much better today, was so grotty last week with that horrible cold Sad Still bunged up nose, but at least the headaches etc have gone. Feel like I could sleep for 3 Days Lol

Well we eventually got the spare room done! Yay us :roll: We cleared out 10 bin bags of rubbish :shock: and practically filled up the other spare room full of stuff but its all organised and in boxes so that’s a HUGE relief. Theres also loads of clothes which I need to go through, and theres a couple of boxes of stuff to sell at a boot sale if we ever get our acts into gear :roll:

Next step is actually decorating it. We're going to take down the current wallpaper which is already peeling off and is a kind of dark orangy yellow and put up lining paper. Then we'll paint in white then the yellowey honey colour we want. Hopefully within the next 4 weeks or so, so that the smell has time to die down before the baby is in there. The baby things we have are in there already in a big box, rather than in a pile in the corner of the lounge Biggrin We really need to get on and buy more nappies else we'll be using tea-towels Smile

My bump is really showing now, no disguising it Biggrin What IS funny though is how a friend of mine at church said to me how she'd been talking to my SIL and how she'd said that the bump was bigger than she'd expect it to be and hasn’t it gotten big quick. LOL, why didn’t she just come out and say, hey Michelles gotten fat! :roll: The thing is, is that both my friend and SIL were both quite overweight when they got pg, then neither showed they were pg until about 6/7 months, so how would they know what big is? :roll: Im tall but I have quite a small frame with skinny shoulders, so of course a ball growing out of my midriff is going to show bigger than if I was 180lbs kwim? You cant tell Im pg from the back, its all out front (so my younger sister is convinced Im having a boy)

Of course because my friend is a BTDT mum, I just have to stand and take it :roll: I really don’t care though, I love my bump and I love being pregnant. The scan showed that the baby is the right size for my dates, so Im not worried about that. I know Ive put on some weight, but not as much as most of the women I know who've been pg in our church. My target weight was 146lbs when I was on that diet last year and lost 32lbs and that’s a healthy weight for my height of 5ft 8ins. In the first 10 weeks I went down to 138lbs due to M/S and I looked unhealthily thin and I am now 153lbs (I think) So an increase of 7lbs over my ideal weight is NOT a problem for me. 1lb is baby… the rest is placenta, boobs… and uhh…. Chocolate Biggrin (yeah, I know :oops: )

OK rant over :roll:

I have my Midwife appointment tomorrow, I have bunch of questions I want to ask, lets hope that I either remember what they are, or at the very least remember to take the written list Ive done Lol

Last night my bump went really hard for a few minutes, I don’t think it was Branston Hicks as it went on too long and was a funny shape. I think it was just baby having an almighty stretch and a bit of a turn around. Hopefully its too early for those yet!

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24 Weeks 3 Days

Ok, just need to have a little OT rant if that’s ok…

Had a bit of a 'mare day yesterday. It was only a silly thing, but it happened first thing in the morning and set me up all wrong :roll: Unfortunately its also YET another thing which is annoying me at work. I mean, Im a very easy going person, but I hate being dumped on as much as the next person, but people seem to feel that they can do that to me here at work because Im keen to 'get on'. *sigh* Very frustrating. I got inyesterday mornign and they had added another line to my phone and put me on a spill-over telephone pool for the anti-social behaviour (ASB Team) team. Except that team isnt set up until NEXT week :evil:

So I complained, I don’t see the point in me being the only person around to take ASB calls when its not something I am particularly trained in, and all that would happen is me taking messages and passign them onto other people. Im NOT an answer machine! All that would result in is the tenants getting more and more frustrated at not speaking to someone who can deal with their problem. :roll: You'd think that management would have a little more sense, but that is obviously a little too much to expect…

So in the end I got them to change the menu option and take me off it, at least until the ASB Team is set up and running, which should be next week sometime. I really don’t mind being in the pool because its not like I would be answering all the calls, its just a spill-over line in case the ASB officer is away, but I HATE being put in the position where I have to complain about a seemingly silly thing, making me look like a moaning idiot, when a little forethought on their part would have seen that what they were doing was impractical and putting extra pressure on me where they've already increased my workload in the last 2 weeks, and to add insult to injury… WITHOUT TELLING ME :roll:

And heres me wanting to come back to this monkey-run company… The 'on the floor' level running of the association is just fine, but our management is bordering on the ridiculous, they are totally out of touch with what goes on with the average employee.

ANYWAY…. Back to the topic Lol

Physically I am fine, a bit tired, and the baby is making his presence known in a BIG way, he wakes me up most nights, askign me to roll into a more comfortable position for him presumably Lol I've started eating LOADS of apples a day, I've had two already today and its not yet lunchtime, so I guess that’s a bit better than eating chocolate Lol But it means Ive run out of them so I have to go to the shops again on the way home.

I cant believe Im over 24 weeks! In the UK, that’s the time they say the baby is viable legally. So its literally a case of on 23.5 weeks they wont shake their heads and say sorry Michelle, it’s a late miscarriage, then on 24 weeks, they'll bend over backwards to help the baby survive. It’s a crazy world we live in.

I've started being a bit anxious about breastfeeding. I really want to do it, but I keep hearing horror stories about how painful it is and lodas of women give up on it, usually because they can't get the baby to latch on properly. I hope the midwives at the hospital help out on this one. I think the health visitor is supposed to give advice on it, so we'll see I guess. I might put the question on the August board, see what they think. My mum had difficulty because she developed cysts in her breasts at about 6 weeks with all 5 of us kids. I hope thats not genetic.

I bought some disposable eco-friendly breast pads on Sunday just in case. My boobs are really aching at the moment and I heard that can sometimes be a sign that they might leak, so better safe than wet patchy! Lol

I cant remember whether I said in my last post that I went shopping with Mum on Saturday. I had some money from the market I did on Friday so we went baby shopping Biggrin We went to Babies R us and Ive more or less decided on the 'Hide & Squeak' bed clothes. We're not really going in for a theme for the whole room, Id rather it was just bright and fresh, then as the baby gets older we can add bits. But those bed clothes are cute and me and DH thought it was a bit appropriate with the 'Squeak/Squeaker' thing Lol I also bougth a pale yellow cellular blanket there.

Then we went to a shop in Hove. Mum used to work with the owners, they left the company about 3 years ago and set up a Baby Shop and because they know mum they are giving me a discount! Its brilliant! I'll be getting all my cloth nappies, my Baby Bjorn, and a stack of other stuff from there. Im going to encourage my family to go there too, they wont get a discount, but it seems fair to get them to buy there as the owners are helping me out so much Smile They are competitively priced anyway, so I don’t mind recommending them.

I bought two more nappies and a bag of 12 muslin squares which is all I had the money for. They gave me (!) some of her maternity clothes as she gave birth a few weeks ago to their 3rd child. Its really nice stuff, and theres a green jumper which I love Biggrin They also gave me some eco-friendly disposable nappies (they disintegrate within 6 weeks and have no chemicals) to use in the first couple weeks or so if that’s what I decide to do before startign to CD. They also gave me a bunch of samples of various organic creams. They were so nice! I think my mum helped them out a lot when they worked with her, they had a pretty bad boss from what I remember. I worked there briefly when I was 18 and wasn’t too impressed with the manager. But the shop seems to be doing really well and the husband has clearly found his vocation in life Biggrin

Right, well I should get back to work, Kevs got football tonight and Im picking my sister up from her work to give her a lift home, then Ive got to go to the supermarket to pick up apples and the stuff for the make and bake thing tomorrow.

LOL, the baby is pushign me away from the desk, how funny! A little uncomfortable admittedly but still cute Biggrin

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Did i mention i had a mini crisis about BF? :roll: Anyway, thgouth Id post teh reponses off the Aug 05 board for me to read again later... everyone was so nice!