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    37 Weeks 2 Days

    X-posted ~

    Weeelll, spent 4 hours this afternoon at the hospital

    They rang me this morning and said that one of the levels on the bloods they took last week are higher than they're happier with and can I come into the clinic?!!! Yikes

    So I went in and theres an element to the liver function blood test that should be no higher than 34 and mine was 71, so they drained my arm of blood and took my BP - 140/95 oops, and hooked me up to the ECG.

    Actually it was quite nice sat there listening to the baby's heart It was a huge leather reclining armchair and I was there for about 40 mins so they could review the baby's heart pattern and they were very pleased with it, so thats one good thing!

    I then had to wait around for another hour of so waiting for the blood test result to come back. They eventually returned at 4.45pm and this time it was 64. Turns out they were looking for cholostatis or something to do with liver function and if the figure had risen then it was a problem. Thank God it was lower... However they've booked me in for a Liver & Gall Bladder Scan on thursday at the same time as my antenatal appointment.

    I'm figuring they cant be that concerned if the scan is on thursday?

    They did a scan on the baby and its still breech So the appointment on thursday is still to possibly book the CSEC. Anyway, so that was a bit of a hairy afternoon. I now feel quite nervous, but i dont think i have this liver function thing. Apparently the main symptom is intense itching of hands and feet. The doctor said to 'keep an eye' on baby's movements. So there we are... my day
    I keep getting really sick nerves and really morbid thoughts.. i really must try to stop

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    37 Weeks 4 Days


    Had YET another midwife appt this morning. Thankfully BP is down again 129/81 and no protein (an improvement on Mondays 140/95 and trace protein i guess! ) Baby still breech then... she suggested doing handstands in the swimming pool

    I think she thinks i should try the ECV. So Ive been looking online again. Im going to talk to them about it again in the morning at the hospital. Apparently whether I can even have an ECV depends on the results of the liver/gall baldder scans etc etc and any other tests they can think of doing Id have to be in pretty much perfect health for them to attempt it. Also depends how low how the baby's bum is. I think my local midwife is dead against CSEC (not helpful when Im trying to make an informed balanced decision )

    Anyway, just thought Id update you on mine and Squeakers Saga Turn baby turn!!!
    Me & DH are going to talk about it tonight. Also about the possibility of what hapens if the scans I have tomorrow result in an emerg CSEC Nice relaxing evening then!

    Ive washed the baby clothes this afternoon, Im just about to go hang them up to dry

    After my midwife appt this morning I went to see MIL, i really needed the company, i keep getting a bit cabin-fevery She was at B&SIL's looking after nephew, so played with him for a while, felt much better after having some 'normal' human contact so Ive come home and done the washing, a bit of tidying up etc. Kev says we'll have fish shop chips tonight Im on stavation diet from midnight tonight for the liver/GB scan tomorrow - no breakfast I wonder if i can drink water?! I suppose I can...

    I think i might go and get my hospital bag in a minute from teh car where it is half packed and pack it a bit better.

    I am praying and hoping so hard that this baby turns. I so want to have a 'normal' birth. I dont want to have to make these decisions about 'mode of delivery' as they call it....

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    37 Weeks 5 Days

    Went to the hospital again (at this rate I'll spend more time there BEFORE this kiddo is born than AFTER! ) and had the antenatal appt. Decided to go ahead with the ECV. BP 120/80 woohoo! They took more blood *sigh* Im a pin cushion now and did the liver/GB scan and the good news is my liver is fine the 'other news' is that I have Gallstones Nothign to worry about though because I dont have symptoms etc and it affects the baby none

    I have the ECV at 3.00pm tomorrow afternoon!

    If it works, then they induce next week, if baby flips back, they do teh CSEC next week, if it goes 'wrong' then we get the CSEC tomorrow!

    Either way, this baby is gonna be here by next weekend!!!!!

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    Still 37 Weeks 5 Days

    Its also possible that I'll go into spontanoeus (sp?) natural labour tomorrow after the ECV. I guess that would be good - as long as it wasn't straight after which would suggest the baby is in distress.

    Id imagine if i fet anything 'untoward' tomorrow after the ECV then Id just call the delivery suite and go get it checked out just in case. The only problem i guess is that Mum is away for teh whole weekend. I think she'd come straight home though if i had the baby tomorrow... ACK!!!

    Did I just say that?!?!?!?!

    :rofl: This keeps freaking me out, within about a week, Squeaker will be here... and will have a REAL name.... thank goodness we finally settled on Jayden Luke. We really like that one. I keep having dreams about having a boy and I have a really strong feeling its a boy too. Who knows!

    To be honest, I just want this all to be over and to have our baby home and safe with us so we can get on with 'the next bit'.

    Kev keeps lookign at me with a kind of wild shocked look in his eyes He's so excited, but has moments of panic, but then so do I... so at least we're int eh same boat! I washed the baby clothes yesterday and put them on the hanger I use in our bedroom and he went up there after work and nearly had a heart attack to see all those cute lil babygros and vests hanging up

    I need to put the motherease nappies through the wash too, i want to be able to get on with using them as soon as possible rather than get too used to teh disposables, never mind that they're organic, they are so expensive!!! I have everything i need for cloth nappies... oops... no, i need to buy tea-tree oil. Maybe tomorrow. Actually i have a bit of a list of stuff to get.... Maybe I should go out now into town to get it?

    I might not get another chance!

    Hmm, I'll have a drink and think about ti, i was kind of planning on getting some sleep this afternoon, but its not like I can get comfy anyway

    Well, if youre reading this, please send us some flip-over vibes! We could really do with them, I guess I still hold out hope that we'll get to the clinic tomorrow and they'll say theres no need of the ECV/CSEC/IND whatever because baby has turned!

    Heres hoping and praying!

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    37 Weeks 6 Days

    The health visitor just left, she seems really nice, likes cats, always a good thing (Especially as mine inexplicably started climbing all over her - NOT somehting they generally do with visitors!) The idea is that she'll take over from the midwife after about 10-14 days depending on when the midwife 'discharges' me, i guess all to do with stitches etc etc.

    We went through family history, mine & DH's health etc, am i/have i been depressed, post-natal health and stuff like that. I feel comfortable knowing she'll be the one supporting me afterwards. Nice lady. Apparently theres also a community nurse who does breastfeeding support, handy to know.

    It dawned on me this mornign that I might not be supposed to eat before this ECV so I rang the labour ward (where we're going for it) and they said nope, not supposed to eat *sigh* Im so hungry and now cant eat until AFTERWARDS... so it had better work! LOL Else I might end up not eating until tomorrow

    I've been thinking it would be great if i went into natural labour over the weekend, without having to be induced or have c-sec. I suppose its possible. I think it would be closely monitored if it started, but at least it would be started naturally rather than with drugs!

    So now Im just waiting for Kev to come home. He'll be here in about 20 minutes, at about 1pm. Then we're leaving for the hospital at about 2.15pm to alow plenty of time to find a parking space in the hospital car park ~ nightmare

    Kev has been so good about all this, so calm, i think Id have gone mad without him He'll be such a good Daddy...

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    STILL 37 Weeks 6 Days

    Well the good news is that Squeaker didnt (so far) object... The bad news is that it had absolutely no effect. Baby is well and truly engaged... with his bum

    We got to the hospital at about 3pm and they stuck us in a room, someone FINALLY came to see us at about 3.40pm (by which time I was practically shaking... SO nervous ) The doctor spoke to me abut the procedure, he was so nice, let me ask questions like is there ppl available to do a csec if it goes wrong etc, and he was v patient, even though it was pretty obvious stuff. They were SO BUSY up there, the unit had been closed to intake...


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    Sorry about that, my Dad just called, having to update so many ppl *sigh*

    So, yeah, the unit was full of labouring women (apart from me ) that was a little odd.

    They hooked me up to the EGC for about 15 minutes before giving me an injection to relax the uterus, then they left me for another 15/20 minutes before Dr Nabil came back to do teh ECV. By this point I was a bit scared but he was very nice, he was honest in that he said it will be uncomfortable but said that if at any point it hurt then to say and he's stop.

    Before he got going he checked the baby again with the ultrasound (they'd taken the EGC off for now) and explained where everything is and which way he was going to try to turn him. They they put a HUGE amount of jelly on me, no really, LOADS and so COLD! and he then started doing his thing. He explained that he had to see if the baby was still mobile and not engaged and pushed down really hard and dug around near the bottom of the uterus while feeling if the baby was moving upwards. He tried for a while and really pushed so hard but baby wasn't budging. Its engaged well and truly.

    He was really apologetic at not being able to do it. Apparently he is the Head of Gyny/Obs and has a lot of experience in ECV's and if he couldnt budge baby then its not going to happen. Thats what the midwife said, the doctor was very quiet and calm (just what i needed!)

    They left me on the monitor then after explainign why it hadnt worked to check that the baby wasn't distressed and Squeaker was fine, which was a BIG relief.

    Slightly bizarre thing also is that I started having braxton hicks contrax at about 2pm, the injection obviosuly eased them, but the doc said that they were doing their job by pushing the baby downwards Perhaps a little too well in this instance!

    Dr Nabil then came back with the CSEC disclaimer/forms etc and said that the CSEC was on Wednesday! 3rd August!!! I have to go to the antenatal clinic on monday 1pm to have my pre-op checks etc. (MORE blood ) then in again on wednesday for the op!! YIKES

    So there we are... I feel a bit battered and bruised and shoved around but thats about it, i guess Id have felt a bit worse if he'd actually managed to turn it as that would be shoving the baby into al sorts of positions...

    I feel very disappointed that I wont get a chance to have this baby naturally, but Im relieved that Ive done all I can to have it that way. No-one can say that Im "too posh to push".. Id have 'loved' to have pushed People can be a bit insensitive though, even my friend when I mentioned that we might have to have csec said that the one lady she knew who had a csec had difficulty bonding with her baby Hmmm, thanks, thats JUST what i needed to hear

    Anyway. The plus side is that the latest we get teh baby is wednesday! If i go into labour before that, then we'll have an emerg-c-sec.

    Right now Im eating.. i am SO hungry

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    38 Weeks 1 Day

    Me? nervous? Never

    Spoke to some womena t church today though that have had c-sces and they were really supportive and lovely to me, so that was a great comfort!

    Have bee tryign to sort out the next couple of days - need to get my hair cut, buy a nursing bra... ( should have got that by now...) see my mum, ring my Dad... and a bunch of other stuff... PLUS put my feet up and relax and get some sleep in and some time in with Kev...

    Not much then And all of that is supposing i DONT go into labour BEFORE wednesday morning

    la la laaaaaaa

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    38 Weeks 2 Days

    Got my hair cut this morning, Im not entirely convinced I like it, its a bit short, just below my shoulders (quite a difference from down to my bum ) but then I didnt get it styled or anything, just asked him to shorten it and chop in a bit of layers, it'll look better after its been washed and I try styling it myself... uh... NOT in the near future then :rofl: Right now Im just thinking practicality and I DID ask him to make it easy to look after with a baby...

    I only waited about 2 minutes for an appointment, very impressive, so with the time I had left I had a quick look around the shops and managed to be late to the hospital Im LETHAL with time Cant be trusted with it at all...

    So at the clinic, a midwife checked my BP - 130/68 Its the lowest its been in weeks!!! and my weight 78kg, uh i think 12st 6lbs, which means Ive put on 2 st, not too bad I dont think. I took in a whole list of questions which she answered and didnt even look bored She went into good detail about the csec, how soon we get the baby etc and visiting times etc etc. She also took more blood, they'll apparently take some more on thursday and she reckons that all being well I'll be home on saturday!

    The stitches will dissolve on themselves and I'll probably have morphine for a day or so through the drip, then change over to tablets whcih are ok with BF apparently. They said I'll get support with that as it might be trickier what with positions etc ~ they dont really say about what happens with csec BF'ers in the BF class... I think they should really, especially as 25% of babies are born this way in the uk.

    She gave me two tablets for the stomach lining, antacids or soemthing like that. One for Tues night at 10pm, the other for 6am weds morning :rofl: I told that to kev and he practically wet himself laughing Im not exactly a morning person...

    Me & Squeaker will be on labour ward (level 13) until about 1pm then we'll be transfered to post-natal ward (level 12) after that all being well. I think Mum wants to visit before Im transfered. No-one is allowed to visit AT ALL between 1 & 3pm, though Kev can stay with me all day on wednesday. They sound quite strict actually! 10-1pm is partners and 'own' children only, 1-3pm is no visitors allowed as is Mum & Baby Bonding Time (!!!) then 3-8pm is general visiting, although I wont be allowed any children visitors, so my nephew wont get to meet Squeaker until the weekend.

    Im figuring Mum will come up by 1pm for a quick hello to check we're ok, kev will stay with me all day, though will obviously make the 'phonecall' trips! Then M&F&B&SIL and Mum & her DH and my sisters will come at some point between 3 and 8pm for a 'proper visit'. Not sure about my bro, maybe he'll come thurs? Dad will probably come down on the weekend once Im home.

    I'll have to warn them though that the midwife has said I'll be pretty out of it after the op and not to expect too much.

    So, how do I feel today.... well to be honest its the nights that are the worst when Im lying there thinking about it. Even during the day is ok, I dunno... I think Im a daylight person, i hope its sunny on wednesday, that'll make me feel much more positive. Im looking forward to DH coming home so we can chat about it.

    I need to sort out my hospital bag... needs re-packing

    On a bad note.. i think Ive somehow broken the washing machine The little screen just says 'Err' when I try to turn it on.... Typical... when is the WORST possible time it could break down? Hopefully kev will know whats up with it

    Just made a FAB discovery!!! We had a pack of orange chocolate biscuits in the cupboard and Ive been avoiding them because Im not to bothered about orange flavour choc, and Ive come home, needing chocolate, thats all thats there, opened one up and eaten some and its actually TOFFEE flavour

    :rofl: Me? A little over-excited?

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    Jayden Luke
    Born Tuesday 2nd August 9.01am

    We're home now And a little earlier than expected... a bit like Jaydens arrival

    Im going to try to work out the program thing on our digi camera then you can see him!

    How it happened....

    I had it all planned out for Tuesday what I was going to do on our last baby free day to keep my mind off it because I was nervous about the surgery ~ meeting my SIL, getting my hair cut etc etc. As it turned out go my hair cut on impulse on monday as I was passing a hairdressers... Monday night had really bad backache but thought nothing of it

    Tuesday morning I woke up at about 4.30am with what I thought was trapped wind (got to love denial huh?) so I walked about a bit and it just got worse, coming in waves, so I had a bath and it wasn't until I was in the bath that it dawned on me that they might be contractions

    Felt 'just a little stooopid' at that point...

    I checked and realised they were lasting about 30-40 seconds and about 4/5 minutes apart roughly. I woke Kev up at 5.45 and said I was going to ring the hospital just in case and when I did they said to come in within the next hour or so.

    Well the pains got steadily worse and I started growling at poor ol DH a bit and we got to the hospital at about 7.15am. By now they were 40 seconds and a couple of minutes apart. Got to the labour ward and they checked he was still breech 'uh... yes..' and there were various 'oh were'nt you coming in tomorrow moring?' LOL oops, sorry, i'll go home shall I?

    They started prepping theatre with no real rush really, they gave me gas & air (GREAT stuff ) and at about 8.00am they checked me and I was 5cm dilated Then a couple of minutes later my waters broke and they checked and there was quite a bit of meconium in them and then it all started to happen very quickly. In between contractions I walked into the theatre and they explained exactly what would happen, they were all so friendly and nice, tryign to put me at ease, they they did the Spinal Block whcih didnt hurt that much, apart from anythign else I was still concentrating on the contractions and the gas'n'air to be too bothered about what was going on behind me

    They got it in, then spend a while stabbing me with pins to check I felt numb ~ thats the most nerve wracking thing, thinking, if i get it wrong, then will i feel the caesar op? lol, anyway, they pulled up the screen once it was done, lots of pulling and shoving, DH was great, talking to me etc and then I heard a little cry and they whisked him onto that (scarily named I think! - Resusitaire YIKES lol) then asked me if i wanted dh to introduce our baby to me so he went over and he came back with him and said 'Its Jayden!'

    They put him on my chest for a while while they stitched me up but i was feeling really sick from the spinal whcih they said was normal so DH held him where I could see, they cleaned him up a bit more while they were transfering me onto a normal bed then gave them to me and he latched on straight away while i was lying on my side!

    He's got really dark blue eyes and blond hair which is a bit longer at the back (a bit of a mullet ) and a tiny lil mouth like me! I reckon he's got DH's nose, which is def a good thing He's 6lbs6oz, no idea how long, they never told me... and his agpar was 8/9.


    So I think I'll carry on now in my General Journal, Im going to print this off at some point to keep

    :bighugs: to all the rest of the pg-journallers! GL for you lil ones arrivals!

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