My Christmas Charm!!!!

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My Christmas Charm!!!!

I have always heard that the 3rd time is a charm, Well, I got my charm, he/she is going to be my Christmas Present this year. That is all I want for Christmas and I mean that. I want a tiny being, healthy and happy. I was told Friday that my progestrone came back as 1. The Dr. is convenced that it is a flub by the lab. So this morning had to go back and retest. I refuse to let them take my baby away this time. I know that everything is wonderful. I have had no problems till I woke up this morning with a bundle of nerves kicking my in the gut. I can't believe I have let them do this to me. I know my baby is fine. I have faith that God is going to bring me and my baby throught this pg just fine. I just wish everyone would quit tring to make me think other wise.

My bb are sore but not as sore as my nipples, I have had a quizzy tummy all weekend, my back hurts every once in a while. If I think of any others I will let you know. Don't have to pee so much unless I drink alot of water.

All the girls are rooting for me and I just can't say enough about them. They are my rock!!!!
T, I am so sorry that your finances are being a pain. I just don't understand why they don't just take care of James!!!! And sorry that you think AF is on her way. I am waiting on you to join me!!!!
Kelly, just know that Kevin is going to get that job!!! Everything is going to start looking up for you!!!!!
Nicky, so glad that you and roomies are getting along so well. That is really good. Hope the strike is over soon!!!
Tammy, didn't seem your post, hope everything is good with you and the princess!!
Newmama, Kerry, and Shari thank you so much for the well wishes, it really means alot to me.
Well, better get to work, will update you tomorrow!!! Cross you finger and pray really hard for me and the my little Charm!!!

Had to add. This computer is totally wacky. I checked Tammy's je and couldn't find an updated since Friday. Now I look and she has posted all weekend. What is wrong with this computer!!!! Well, anyway. I just hate to heard you down. Your day will come and I will be there to cheer you on and for those other people. I use to tell people, well when you see me spit on out you will know. That use to urg me too!!! Stay strong girl!!!!

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Hey sweet baby, I was talking to you all night last night. I know that Momma is a nervous wreck right now, but as soon as they call her with the test results I will be back to ol self. I have decided that unless the test can help you in any way that I am not taking any more test. Of course I will go for the ultasounds and all of that, but these other test are just making me a nervous wreck. And my little charm doesn't need any more stress!!!! I just pray that you and God listened to me last night. All I need for you to do is stay put and mom will take care of the rest. I know you are there so just listen to mom!!!

Didn't see anyone post so I will come back later.
Tammy posted, Tammy hope you have a good day at school!!!
Melissa, you are just so sweet. I am thrilled to be here with you, there is no else I want to be right now!!!
T, Kelly, Nicky hope you girls have a great day.
Newmama, Kerry and Shari hope you guys are doig well with your little guys!!!

Wish me luck on my test!!!

OK I'm back girls, did you miss me!?!?
Get this 29.9

I am so happy I could just scream. I just don't why I let myself get so upset like that. I knew my little one was just fine!!!! But I do want to thank God. He has really come through for me!!!! With his help I am going to be a person that my baby can be proud of!!!
Kelly, you are just a doll. I can always count on you and the girls to check on me. Wow, it seems that now work is just pouring onto Kevin. Has he heard anything about the job at Chatt State? Shopping, wow you sound so much like me. I just hate to cloths shop, but I love to shop for other people!!!
Nicky, oh yea, how did last night go?!?!??
T, wondering where you are girl!

Got to go!!! Love ya

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Really odd posting here. But I LOVE IT!!!!
I haven't gotten use to my je name. I have to look for my nick name. So far so good. I feel good. BB still sore, still have little sick feeling, back hurts every once in a while and tired at night. But that is all good. I just love it.
Charm, you listened to momma!!! Good baby!!!!! We are going to be a good pair. I have such good feelings about this time. I want so much for you, your dad and myself. We are going to be so happy!!! You just stay warm and I will take care of everything.
One of my old friends wants to go out for dinner. Really hope we get to meet up. She lives up north now and really don't get to hear much from her. She has a miricle baby too!!! Gracie is 2 years old now.
Well, better get to work.
Oh yea, told your dad's parents about you last night. Wasn't the crying and screaming like at my parents house, but what can you exspect. 7 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. I don't mind. They will love you just as much!!!!
T, I am praying so hard that something comes up and you don't have to get another job. That just sucks so bad. You do so much now, I just hate the thought of you doing more. Can't wait to see your temps this morning!!!
Kelly, anything on the Kevin job front?!?!? That game was great, I have had the best time with all of you guys!!!
Nicky, I'm with you. Not sure about that couple. I am thinking that you are better off with people that aren't fair weather friends. You deserve friends that stand by you no matter what!!!!
Tammy, Doin the baby dance. You go girl!!!!
Melissa, I can't say it enough, you are just so sweet!! Love reading your je.
Kerry, I just love hearing from you . That is just the best pic of you and Connor. I would frame that one. Your boys are just going to be great!!!
Newmama, hope you and the little men are doing well!!
Got to go!!! Love you all!!!

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Well we are exactly 5 weeks as of today!!!! My bb are so sore today. Which makes me very very happy. Yesterday, seems that they were on and off, kinda scared me, which that doesn't take much doing!!! I spoke to Jenny yesterday at the the dr office. She said that the 6th was fine. They say the with the machines that they can usually get a hb at 6 1/2 weeks. I will be a crazy person for a few days around the 6th. So I am going to say I am sorry right now!!! My bb are going to be huge. It will not be long before I prob have to move into a D. Wow, a D. I put a dress on this morning and it is very tight around the bb. But that is prefectly alright. I don't mind, as long as everything and everyone is growning like they should!!!!
Charm, you are doing so good. I love talking to you. Although sometimes feel really strange, I just remember who I am speaking too and it makes me happy!!! I know you are still so so small, but you are a fighter, I know it. You keep fighting, we will and can do this!!! That is with God's help and everyone's prayers!!!
T, I am praying so hard for you. I so wish we could be pg together. That would be just so awsome. I keep watching your chart, but I know you don't get up till 9-10. So I will keep watching!!!
Kelly, Don't lose faith, Kevin's job will come through. Tell him to bug the crap out of them. Show them how much he wants that job. I know it has worked for me in the past!!!
Nicky, Sorry the weather has been so crappy!!! Hope everything is good with you!!!
Newmama, good to hear from you this morning!!! Thanks for checking on me. You are just an inspiration to me!!!
Kerry, that was just so sweet you mentioning me in your baby's je. That Connor is just the best. I can see him playing cars on your belly!!! That is just so cute. I amlike you, this will be my last pg and I want to enjoy every minute I can of it!!!!
Melissa, hope you are ok girl, you haven't posting in a couple days.
Tammy, can't wait to start cheering you on again. You get those finals over, get that clomid flowing and go Tammy go!!!!

Well, check writing day, got to go!!! Love to you all!!

OH yeah, can you believe AI last night!?!? What is wrong with America!!!

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You said it Kelly, TGIF!!! This has really been a long week!!! I have no motivation!!! Feeling really good this morning. I am thinking that the sickness that I have been having is prob nerves. But you never know. My bb still hurt, I am having to pee more, which tells me that my little Charm is growing!!! I keep wanting to wish it was the 6th, but I am trying so hard to enjoy every moment of this pg.
Charm you are being such a good baby. You Daddy's mom thinks you are a boy. She told your dad that yesterday. That would be just fine, I just want you to be a fighter!!! Healthy and happy!! I know you will be. Love ya baby!!!!
I had to run to the bank this morning and forgot my phone. By the time I made it back, my mom was in a panic. She just knew that I was at the dr. I just need for everyone to think positive. I need nothing but positivity around me and Charm!!!
T, I am hoping that yesterday was a fluke. I hope that your temp jumps back up!!! Hope you guys are doing well, Have been praying for the insurance and all of those people to do right by you and James!!!
Kelly, I know where you are coming from!! I could just feel you pain when I was reading your je. People just have no idea what we go through. I think it always hurts more when the couple wasn't trying, or that just kills me when they say, "We didn't even know we were pg"!!!! :evil: I hope you are feeling better this morning. You and Kevin have such a great relationship!!!!
Nicky, I just can't image what you have to go though everyday. It is just so easy for others, including me to say crap. But it is hard to stop your heart from loving. That I know. You hang in there girl. Someday there is going to be that someone that treats you the way you deserve and you are going to see how much better you are!!!!
Tammy, can't wait till you get to start ttcing again. Hope classes go well for you.
Melissa, hope that little one is causing too much discomfort. Maybe he/she will go the Olymipics one day!!!!!
Kerry, hope you all are doing well!!!
Newmama and Shari, hope those boys are doing well!!!

Well, better get going. Love to you all. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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Mondays, oh Mondays. What can I say, I think you know what I am thinking. It is raining and dreary, but yea, at least it is Monday and the rain isn't messing up a weekend!!! We need the rain anyway. The pollen is terrible. Can't tell wheather it is my sinuses or ms.
BB are really sore this morning, I have a yeast infection. I know TMI. But at least it doesn't seem like it is anywhere but the opening, if you know what I mean. Not to bad though.
Today is our 7th Anniversary. I just love Chris more and more. He actually made me a copper turtle himself!!! It is like one of those peices of yard art with the crystals in them. It is just so nice. I just love it and I love him so much. Really sucks that we can't bd, I can't really call it practice anymore can I. I don't want to take a chance of this yeast infections going anywhere. But I just want to say it one more time. I just love him and he is just the best husband in the world. I have no idea how I lucked up and found him. God sent him to me!!!!
Charm, you are such a special baby. Your Grandma and Granddad gave you the cutest outfits this weekend. They got you 2 nighties and a bath robe. It is just so sweet!!! We are all just waiting for you!!! You have brought new life to our family. Saturday was your Granny's Bday. I usually take flowers to her grave, but just couldn't stand the thought of taking you to the grave yard. You have given me new life and I don't want you anywhere near death!!! You stay put my little Charm and I will take care of the rest!!!! Love you so much!!!
T, sorry that your mom is at it again. It just makes me so mad. You have so much on your plate right now and she doesn't need to be any of it!!!! I hope you are feeling better!!!
Kelly, hope you and Kevin had a great weekend. Didn't see your post this morning.
Nicky, I didn't see a post for you either. I hope that thing with Earl didn't mess up your weekend!!!!
Melissa, hope you are feeling well.
Kerry you too girl!!!
Newmama, and Shari hope those little one are bringing so much joy!!!
Tammy, hope your exams get gone soon and I know you will do so well on them!!!! Ready to start cheering!!!

Got to go, love to you all!!!

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I woke up this morning feeling really bad. I prayed and prayed for God to take this feeling away and he did, man did he. I feel back asleep and I looked down and there was my little Charm. I am pretty sure Charm was a him, but didn't check. he he. He was beautiful. He was healthy and happy and beautiful. He had a head full of black hair, not long, just a head full and he was cuing and stretching. I was in total heaven. I know that was just a window of what I have to look forward too. I just feel so peaceful this morning. I haven't had this peace since I had to retake that test. I just feel so much better. I have to keep myself feeling this way!!! I just can't get my beautiful Charm's face out of my mind. I just pray that this dream comes true!!!! I really think God sent it to me to show just how powerful he really is!!!
On to the girls!!!
T, I am just mad at your family. Like I said they know you are so much better and they just can't stand it. You hold you head high.
Kelly and Nicky, didn't see your post, will talk to ya later.
Tammy, I was so happy to see you post on the 35+ board. I just can't wait till you come back. We miss you. If it weren't for your je, I would have totally Tammy withdraws!! You ace those test girl, I know you can!!
Newmama, Kerry, Melissa and Shari hope you gals are doing good.
Lisa, I still miss you girl!!!!

Well have to get to work, love to you all!!!

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Not a good night. I started to go to bed, went to the bathroom and it looked like blood on my tp. I wasn't sure, but the more I looked I was sure it was there. Chris wanted to take me to the ER, but I said let's wait till morning. So I cried all night, got up first thing in the morning and called my dr. I went in for a us, of course all we could see was the sack, but it was there. I have no cramping and he said that was good. So here we go with the test again. I have to go back for the rest on Friday. So I will get the results on my Birthday. Don't know what to say about that. Right now I am holding on to that little bit of hope that Charm is listening to momma and staying put. I just have no idea what I am going to do if I lose my Charm!!!!! I need prayers girls!!!!
Charm, baby, you listen really close to Momma, you stay put. I am thinking good thoughts and hope you are holding on to them. Stay put baby stay put!!!! I love you more than life!!!!
T, hope you are feeling better today. It still burns me about your family.
Kelly, wow, you are going to jail!!!! Maybe I can help alittle!!!
Nicky, girl, where are you, now I am getting worried!!!
Melissa, you too, where are you girls!!!
Tammy, I will cheer for you anytime!!!
Love to Newmama, Kerry and Shari
Got to go, I am late today!!!

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Ok, we are locked out of our journals right now. Oh well, price we pay for progress!
Still have spotting, brown and only when I go to the bathroom. Everyone thinks that brown is good, but in our trusty fertility bible, it says that is one of the first signs of mc. So I have no idea what to believe. I had been staying positive till I started cramping last night. Not bad, just enough to feel. Chris says that I need to relax. Well that is not going to happen. I called the dr about my blood work, nothing yet. Please God let the numbers be high, please. I have never prayed so much in my life. I just want God to realize just how much this baby means to me!!! I had to lie to my mom this morning. She called to check on me as usual and I had to tell her that I was fine and everything was fine. When all I wanted to do is cry. This will kill her and my dad if I lose this baby too. They are on cloud 9. I am thinking that maybe I should have not told them. I should have waited. But I was just so sure that this pg was going to be different, I just knew it. But of course what did I do, I though nothing about anyone else’s feelings and just had to tell them. That really doesn’t say much for me as a person. I could just kick myself. I will never forgive myself if I have to tell them that I lost my baby. Seems that it will just hit from every side.
I want this little charm more than anything. I need him/her. Right now I feel that I can’t breath with out my charm. He/she is a part of my soul. I just don’t know how to say it.
I need to stay positive, I keep telling myself over and over, this is not good for the baby!! But my heart is so afraid of feeling that pain again, I just can help it. I was doing so well until this happened. I think God is testing me and I am failing so badly. I know that he has control over everything, I just pray that he wants me to have this baby.
Well since we are all locked out, can’t respond to any postings.
Newmama, thank you so much for pming me. You always know how to make me feel better. I want to have your faith so bad. I guess I just have to keep working for it. I just hope God gives me that time!!! I am so glad you started a je. I just love hearing about you and those boys!!!
T, hope everything is going good for you today.
You too Kelly, I just hate that your appt got put off till next week, that still burns me!!!!
Nicky, girl, I was so glad to hear from you yesterday. I know you are going through a rough time but lean on us!!! That is what sisters are for!!!
Melissa, you too girl, I was about to come looking for you!!! Glad it was only that you were busy!!!
Tammy, hope those test aren't stressing you much!!!
Kerry, thanks for cheering me on too girl!!!
Shari, hope that Jacob is doing well!!!

Got the call from the dr. or should I say the dr assistant. Which is better. Because every time the Dr. calls it is bad news. I guess he doesn’t want the girls having to hear all the blubbering. She said that all my levels were up and in normal range and we will just have to wait till the test come back from tomorrow. I asked her if we could get a rush on them, because I didn’t think I could make it through the weekend. She said she would try. Oh my cow, please let the levels stay up there!!!!!
Need some extra prayers if anyone has any laying around.

Go to to go, will paste this on the je.
Love to you all!!!

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Well took my blood test this morning. Girls I feel so much better. I feel so good about things that I told them not to send the test downstairs(what ever that means). They are the ones that messed up the last test. I told them Monday would be fine. I know my little Charm is doing just fine. And this time next week I will have a beautiful picture of my Charm. I just know everything is going to be ok, I just know it.
Charm my precious, you are such a good baby, I know you feel me and I know that you understand what I am saying. I am so sorry that I got so upset, I should have had more faith in you and the Lord. I will try not to have that happen again!!!! Momma loves you baby!!!

OK Girls!!
Kerry, wow a shower, that is just so cool. I can't believe that you didn't get to have a shower for Conner, You really racked up!!!
Tammy, you go girl, I know you are going to ace those test and then you can ace that HPT!!!!
Kelly, wow, sounds like you have a busy week ahead!!! When do you go to jail?!?!? I can't wait to see you on Jepardy!!!
T, I am so sorry that your grandmother is not doing well. I know just how special Grandmothers are. I still miss Granny so much it hurts. I know it hard, but treasure the time you have with her. Make a list of questions you can ask her. I wish I would have done that with my Granny. I know my Granny just loved telling me about her past!!! She is really lucky to have you as a Granddaughter!!!!
Shari, thank you so much for pming me, it means so much, you are such an inspiration, you and that beautiful Jacob!!!!
Newmama, I am so glad you started a journal. Can't wait to start reading again!!!
Melissa, hope you are working too much!!!
Lisa, I hope you are doing well!!! We still miss you!!!!

Nicky, oh my cow, I didn't forget you I was making notes and put it by another name. Please forgive me, I would never in a million years forget you. My brain just isn't working correctly. I am so glad you are feeling better. It is really good to hear you say that. I know what you are saying when you want to go home and go to bed. I'm with ya sister!!!
Got to go girls!!! Love you all and have just the best weekend!!!

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It's my birthday!!!!! Number 38!!! All I want for my birthday is a good report from the Dr. I swear, I would give all my presents back and then some. I have to call the dr at 9:00, then they call me back. You know how that works. I am nervous this morning. Really just want a good report. I woke myself up yesterday morning hearing my dr voice. I know it is bad news when he calls, but when the girls call it is usually good. I just hate this waiting. I really thought I was going to be able to handle it, but I guess I was wrong. I feel good, so that makes me feel better. Just need to hear it from the professionals!!!
Baby, You got the cutest bear from you Grandmother yesterday for Mom's birthday. It says a little prayer. I just cried when she gave it to me. It is you first toy. That is just so cool. Your first toy!!! One of the many first that will happen to you. You are safe Charm, you just hold on. I love you baby, more than I ever though I could!!!
Chris took me out to dinner Saturday and had the family bday party Sunday which doesn't leave alot for the real day. But that is ok, I really don't mind.
Kelly, thank you so much for my card, that is just so sweet. I just loved it. How was this weekend, I hope you had a good time!!! I know you have a big week coming up, good luck on everything!!!
T, thanks for yours too. I pmed you and thanked you, but I loved it too!!! You girls are just the best!! And T, thanks for the talk!!!
Nicky, hope you had a good weekend!
Newmama, so sorry that you are so stressed. Men just dont' think about things like women do. Hope you are feeling better!!!
Kerry and Melissa, hope those little ones aren't being to wild for you. It will not be long for either of you!!!
Shari, hope you and Jacob are doing well, saw where his name was #1 for boy's names!!!
Tammy, sorry that af still isn't here, You know, where is she when you need her and if you don't want her, there she is!!! Hope Angelina is going good, tell her I said hello!!! Be glad when school is out so you can relax a little!!!
Well, girls, have to go, love you all!!!

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Second post of the day.
Dr. called, or his assistant called. They said my numbers went up but they didn't double. She said to come in Thursday for Ultrasound and I told her that I already had an appointment. She said they would be able to tell more then. Well what in the crap does that mean!!!! I was really upset until I started looking around on the internet. Other girls have gone through this and have had perfect pregnancies. One girl her numbers even went down at one point. They took her off her meds and everything and a week later, it went back up. But still didn't double.
So along with the girls here I feel alot better about it.
I can't give up now. We have come way to far to give up now. I just need to keep my spirits up!!! Here's to Thursday!!!! :windy:

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2 days till I get to see my Charm. Girls I need all the prayers you can muster!!!!! I went with my mom to the mall last night. I had to buy some new bras, I am growing out of mine and needed some with more support anyway. Seemed that every store we went in we went straight for the baby stuff. I was so torn. I wanted to enjoy all the little outfits but at the same time I was afraid too. So far I have stayed positive, because I know, In God all things are possible. If we need a miracle, he can do that too. I know he is just testing my faith. I am trying so hard to prove to him that I am worthy to be a mom. I know it is all in his hands.
I want Thursday to come and go so I can start enjoying being pg again. I know that little bit of doubt is keeping me from enjoying it now. I need to get rid of it and NOW!!!!!
I have spoken to women the last few days that have had the same experience that I have been going through and they have perfectly healthy babies. That has given me so much hope. I am just getting a little tired of trying to be strong. I am just flat out tired, but in the end it will worth it.
Well, that is pretty much all for this gal.
T, hope everything is better at your house. You have been so much help to me in the last week. I bet you with you had never signed on for this job! I love ya for it, you are the best!!!
Kelly, wow your mom sounds like my aunt. She gets into all of that stuff. It is like I don't know, weird when we used to go to her house. She even had ghost in her house. Really scary!!! I am rooting for you this week!!! I know this new dr is going to be able to revive your hope and get you on the right track, and the Jepardy thing, I think the crystal is wrong. I think you will come back with just the money you need for the future needs!!!
Nicky, I am glad you are settling in your new place. I can just imagine about having 2 male roommates. Just think of what could be meeting all those new guys!!!! Hope your studies are going well!!!
Tammy, I am just so happy I have gotten to know you. You are just the best cheerleader. I can always count on you for prayers needed. And one day your dh will get his wish, I just know it. After all this stress is gone, you will be on your way!!!!
Newmama, and Shari, hope the little ones are doing well.
Kerry, thank you so much for the pm. You would not believe how much better it made me feel. Sometimes it just seems that no one else know what I am going through and then you or one of the girls sends me a pm like yesterday and I don't feel alone any longer. Thanks!!!
Melissa, I couldn't help but smile thinking of the girls getting thier pics made. I know it wasn't fun to you, but I just picture, like one of those scenes on tv where everyone is yelling and the kids are just haveing a good time. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I am thinking of you!!!
Got to go. I have used up all my ink.
Love you all!!!

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One day short of 7 weeks. I am very nervous about tomorrow. In a way I want it to come on and in another way I don't. Even though this hasn't been a good start to a pg, I have enjoyed just knowing that I am pg. I talk to Charm seems hourly. Telling my baby to hold on. Either I am talking to Charm or I am talking to God. I am hoping that they are listening!!! I can't loose this baby, I just can't. I just feel so helpless and nothing or noone is of any help to keep this from happening. Only God can do this, and I know that. I know I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful family, a fantastic Husband and friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. There are so many people out there that have little to none of this and I know I have no right to ask for a perfect life with my baby. What really makes me think that God will not take Charm away from me, it that I can't believe that he would give me Charm just to take away another baby. That just makes no sense. But what in this world makes sense. Nothing right now!!! All I have is faith that God will let me keep Charm and watch over us the rest of my pg.
Sorry for rambling. I just need to get this out. I think I am so afraid to say anything negative out loud that I am bottling it all up. This is my only outlet. So sorry about this.
On to the bright points in my life.
T, hope everything at your house is going well. I worry about you!!!
Kelly, I know you have such a busy week. How is Marco. Bless his heart those little critters are ugly, they scare me too!!!! Hope this week it going well. Please let me know what the new dr says!!!
Nicky, hope you are doing well. Really sounds like you are keeping busy.
Melissa, A GIRL!!!!! I am so happy for you. I don't think I could wait either!!!
Tammy, girl, you brought tears to my eyes too!!! Like I said I am so happy that I met you!!! Hope school is about out!!!
Newmama and Shari, hope the boys are doing well
Kerry, how is that little Jamie. Well I hope and Conner too!! You take care!!!

Well girls, I have to go, love to you all!!!

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Finally some good news!!! We didn't see the hb but the sac had grown 4 times the size from last week and we saw the baby. The dr thinks we may not be as far along as originally thought. He was very happy with the findings. So to say the least so were we!!!!! I had to give blood again and hopefull the #s will be up tomorrow, please keep the prayers coming!!! They have worked so far!! I also have to go back for another us next Thursday. I am so happy, I just don't know what to do with myself. I am going to try so hard to enjoy every day I have of this pg, every day!!!!
You girls really came through for me this last week. I was really a basket case and if it weren't for you all, I would have really been over the edge!! I just can't thank you enough!!!!
T, I just hate that you are going through this stress. It just breaks my heart to hear all the crap these people are putting you though just because of money. You let me know if I can help in any way.
Kelly, dr really sounds good. Sounds as if she knows what she is doing or is willing to let someone else help her. I am sending you good luck vibes for your test+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Nicky, thank you for your email, it really meant alot to me!!! I think Nicky day is a perfect idea!!! You go girl!!! I am with you, I sure did hate to see George go, I really liked him!!!
Tammy, you have to be such a good mother. I can tell buy the way you care about your friends!!! Thank you so much for the yahoo talk, that is really neat, now that I can use it again!!!!
Melissa, hope the twins are getting ready for their sister!!! I am still happy for you about that!!! I am so glad you and Nicky have each other up there in MN. You are both such great people. Thanks for the prayers!!!
Kerry, you are such a special person to me. You always lift my spirits with your pms, always. Thank you so much, hope the boys are doing well!!! Tell them they really have a special mom!!!
Newmama and Sheri, hope the boys are doing well!!!
Lisa, missing you still!!!

Girls have to go, have only been at work a little time today and have spent most of that time on the computer. Bad me

I just want to give a special thanks to God. I knew he wouldn't let me down. I asked for a miracle and he gave it to me. I should have never questioned him.

Over and out!!!

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TGIF TGIF, man now if I could just get good news from the dr this morning I will be set for the weekend!!! It has got to be good news, after yesterday went so well, not as well as if we would have seen the hb but very well. God really come through for me this time. I owe it all to him. Thanks Big Guy!!!! And also owe a huge thanks to all my girls. You all are amazing. Everytime I think anything otherwise which I never do, you girls amaze me again. All of your prayers really paid off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I love you all.
I feel really good today. Little stressed about the test results, but I think that is just going to be one of those things I have to learn to live with. But I really feel good about things. I slept last night. I did have to get up 3 times to use the bathroom, but other than that I slept really well. I was just so warn out from not sleeping Wed and then all that stress yesterday. I just died when I went to bed.
Charm, you are my Baby Charm. I am so proud of you. I saw you yesterday, you are more beautiful than I could imagine you would ever be. You just listen to me and hang in there, get that little ticker ready for next week and we will see you again then. I love ya baby!!!!
To my girls:
T, good for you girl, She deserved everything that you had to throw at her. I think this will be good for both of you. Maybe she listened to what you had to say and will learn from it. I am just sorry that you had to do it, I know it wasn't any fun!!! Let me know if you need me!!!
Kelly, sending you good vibes, I hope your test went well, oh heck, I know it did. So when are you going to win a million!!!!!!
Nicky, didn't see your post, hope you are doing well. What is up for the weekend?!?!?
Tammy, hope your test goes well, and I know it will. You are going to make just the best nurse!!!!
Kerry, thanks for keeping a check on me yesterday. You are just so sweet. Hope those boys are being good for you!!!
Melissa, hope you are feeling well this morning.
Newmama and Shari, hope those boys are going like weeds!!!
Girls have to go for now, will let you know what the dr says.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Love you all!!!!

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Ok, just got off the phone with Dr. office. Everything has gone up. Didn't get the numbers, they just scare me so everything is good. They don't even want me to come in for another Blood test. Said to just come in for my us next week!!!

I am so happy that I can hardly type.
Love ya Charm!!!

Love you all!!!

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How is everyone?!?! Me and little Charm are doing just wonderful. I feel really good and plan to stay that way. We had a very busy weekend. Saturday we went with my cousin to order her wedding dress, and Sunday we spent most of the day with my mom and then went home and worked in the garden. I was having some pains Saturday and was a little worried and then guess what they were?!?! :oops: Gas pains. he he I have been very gassy, I know that is just the news you wanted to hear.
My mom and dad got me a little statue of a stork carring a baby, my bro had our basinette redone and it is absolutely beautiful and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins got me a calendar to keep up with Charm's progress. It was great. I just love Mother's day, I look forward to many many many more!!!!
Charm, my little Charm, you are already being such a great baby. I just can't wait to see you again on Thursday. I plan on seeing that little heart pumping away, you hear me!!!! Everything that I have been reading in the bible and all around proves that God wants you to be born and be healthy. All I have to do is pray and believe in him, and that is the plan Charm. You hang in there baby, we are going to be doing alot together!! Love ya baby, always remember that!!!!
Tammy, girl, I knew you could do it, I knew it. I am so happy for you!!!! I am sorry that you haven't oed, but keep the faith, only good things are coming your way!!!!!
OK all you other girls, were are you!!! Hope everyone is ok.
Love you all!!
Hope to post more later.

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Wild morning here. Internet was out and everyone was having a heart attack. My boss' assistant is out today and he called wanting to stay at a hotel that he stayed at last year sometime but didn't know the name of it. Ok, well, I had to start from ground zero. But I found it. Still waiting to hear from him. Like I said crazy!!!!
Smokey came bearing gifts last night. A LIVE WOODPECKER!!! I had to go get gloves and take it away from him and put it in a box. Chris is suppose to call the Nature Center this morning and see what they want us to do. That bird was almost as big as Smokey!!! It was quite funny.
I feel so good today, I just love being pg. Even when I have my little spells of being sick to my stomach. Doesn't really bother me. I can't wait to see that beautiful pic Thursday. I just know everything is going to be ok. I read my bible every morning and it seems that all the scriptures have talked about kids and mothers. I am reading Psalms. I am just hoping that I am reading it as a sign from God that everything is going to be just fine. I know it will. Like Jackie Mize said in her book, God wants you to have your baby and it be healthy. I keep saying that to myself.
Charm, you are truely Mom's little Charm. I love talking to you. I know you are little but I know you can hear. You are so special in every way. I will remind you of that everyday!!! Love ya baby!!!!
Nicky, thank you so much for the card. That was just so so sweet. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. Your dad sounds like mine. Buddy if someone isn't listening to his little girl, he will make them listen. Hope you are feeling better.
T, how are things at your house. I am hoping that you are feeling better.
Kelly, what is wrong with those people not asking you to stay. You only missed 10 questions, wow that is so great. I may have gotten 10 right. I am glad you had a good time in Gatlinburg. I just love it there. So sad about your Grandma. Hope you got some rest yesterday!!! Glad you are back, we missed you!!!!
Tammy, you are almost there girl, just a little longer, you go girl.
Melissa, sorry that one of the girls are sick, bless her heart. I always smile when I read your je too. I just love to read about the girls. They just sound like so much fun but alot of work!!!!
Newmama, a card, well that is good. Sorry that you guys are going through a rough patch. Hope it ends soon. That baby just sounds so cute. All that hair.
Kerry, how are you feeling?!?!? Hope Conner is doing well too!!!
Shari, hope jacob is doing well.

Well, that is it for right now. Love to you all!!!

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Hello Hello Hello. It is hump day!!!! I have one more day till I get to see my precious Little Charm. I was thinking and tomorrow is also the anniversary of them taking my Little Bit from me. I am hoping that May 13 of this year will be a day of joy and not one of pain. I can't even go back to that day last year, it is way to painful. Right now all I am concentrating on is my Little Charm. Tomorrow has to go well, I believe in my heart that it will, so far no jitters, but of course they have plenty of time to move in. Girls I need all the prayers you can muster again. I wish I could tell you this would be the last time, but I know better. But this one is very important. We have to see the heartbeat tomorrow, we have too. So please!!!!!
My little baby Charm, you are just the best thing that has ever happened to me. You and your daddy are the two best things in my life. I need you both!!! He doesn't say alot, just every once in a while, but I can tell that he loves you just as much. You are going to be our little miracle. Just hold on to mamma and we will see this through. Love ya baby.
T, girl, how is things? I worry about you. I hope you are doing ok.
Kelly, I forgot to answer your question from yesterday. You know I don't know that I would do anything different than Dr. Brown has done. You know Efrim(not sure how to spell) is still a kid and she is an adult. She knew better and I think that especially if she doesn't keep the baby, that Efrim is better in the dark, but that is just me. I just hate Season Finalies!!! It sure looks like Jasmine is gone tonight. I felt so sorry for her, she was so sad last night. I think she knew she was gone too. I really think she should have gone before George.
Nicky, how is the leg. I just hate that you are in such pain. I am glad that you aren't waiting till the end of month to get this done. Do you have a computer at home. We need to check on you!!!
Tammy, Wow you are still so busy, just keep telling yourself, just a little while longer!!! You should be so proud of yourself, I know I am very proud of you and proud to be your friend! I can't wait to start cheering you on in the ttc game.
Melissa, how are those beautiful girls? Hope you are doing well.
Newmama, Kerry and Shari, hope you girls are doing well too!!!!

Got to go, love to you all.

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Well, Charm, you are a Whittemore (my maiden name). You are going to make your mom work for you!!! I have so much to catch up on, I went to have my us yesterday, no heartbeat. I was devistated. I went home, I couldn't even talk to anyone for crying so hard. They took some more blood and said they would call me back with results. About 4pm, Jenny called. The counts are way up and good!!!! Talking about turning a 180. I have been on cloud 9 every since. I have to go back for another us next week. I am going to stay positive and pray ALOT. I am going to run with this new info and be happy.I have no aches pains or no bleeding. So on with the show. It really looks like Charm is going to be a New Years Charm instead of a Christmas one. Which is perfectly fine with me. I am so happy right now, I could just bust!!!!!
I want to thank each and everyone of you for cheering me on, checking in on me and just keeping me from going off the deep end!!!! I love you all.
T, I am kinda worried about you. How are things? You are always there for me and I want to be there for you!!!
Kelly, thank you for visiting the 35+ board and checking on me. I hope you have a great weekend. Still have my fingers crossed for the job!!!! I am with you, YEAH RUPERT!!!!! I was so happy
Nicky, are you ready for Monday? Thanks for coming over too. I know everything is going to be just fine. Sorry that the pizza made you sick!!!
Tammy, know you will do good on your test!!!! Sounds like you have been getting busy here lately!!!! You go girl!!! Thanks for the yahoo message, did you get mine back??
Melissa, Thanks for checking on me, I know that you haven't been feeling well, but you still take the time to check on me. tHanks
Kerry, so glad that the midwife was so helpful. Oh girl, doesn't look like you have long to go. I am so glad you are feeling better and thanks for checking on me, I just love to get your pms!
Newmama and Sheri hope the littleones are going great.

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OK what is the prob with the board. I have tried to post on other posts and it gives me an error message. It did the same to me on and off on Friday. Oh well, if that is the worse thing that happens to me today, I will be happy. Had a great weekend. Went to my home town on Saturday for the annual Strawberry Festival. Me and my mom bought a few things, and then watched the parade. The Parade wasn't much, seems that people don't want to decorate the floats they all just want to ride in cars and trucks. Not very pretty. But I saw alot of people and just had a ball telling them about Charm. I just love being pg. Seems like it makes others happy too when you tell them.
Boy what is it with this gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a gas bubble that bent me over this morning. It almost scared me. I have had bad gas for a week now. Thank goodness it isn't stinky. Hehe, just a little humor with all this tmi!!! Chris and I were talking this weekend. He is a little upset at my dr. He thinks that he rushed through my us Thursday. I told him that this was his baby too and that maybe we should check into seeing another dr. He said to wait and see that this week was like. I like my dr, but he doesn't seem to bother him that I got all upset over nothing this last time. He just says thank goodness that he was wrong. Everyone seems to think I should go to a high risk dr. I am thinking very serously about it. Anything for my Little Charm!!!
Charm, baby so far so good. I just love having you inside of me. I do wish you would hit a growing spirt! But all in time! You just keep listening to your mom and stay put. You have plenty of time, plenty!!! Love you so much baby!!!!
T, sorry that your temping is causing you problems, I just hate that for you. How is everything with your mom? Better I hope, if not I hope you are not putting up with any crap!!! We are here for you girl!!
Kelly, so how was the weekend. Seems that you always have great weekends to tell us about!!!! Still have my fingers crossed for dh's job, have you heard anymore about that one you were thinking about?!?!?
Nicky, I am thinking of you girl. I just hate that you are away from us for so long!!!! I just know this one is going to do the trick!!!
Tammy, yeah, you are in the down slide. I am so excited for you. We will have to throw a grad party for you on the board!!!! How is the beautiful little Angelina?
Kerry, sorry Conner is being like that. You are so funny talking about trading him to the Gypsies. I hope he had a good time at the party. Like you said, it will not be long!!!
Melissa, hope you are ok, haven't seen a post in a couple of days!!!
Newmama, and Shari, hope everything is great with you and the boys!!!

Lisa, still missing you!!!!!

Girls have to go and start this crappy Monday!!! Love to you all!!!

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2 more days baby 2 more days. In a way I can't wait, in another, I wish we could just go on like we are. I am so happy, I love being pg but when I think of going in and getting that u/s, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I just hate that, I should be excited, but they have made it that no matter how much I know that things are ok those memories come back. It isn't fair, I should be able to enjoy this time. I know that I am going to walk in there an see your wonderful little heartbeat, I just need to chase off this lump that keeps coming in my throat.
Charm, you are my light, my hope and my future. I love carrying you around and patting my belly and telling people that you are there. Everyone is just so happy about you. You are going to be a light in so many people's eyes. I know I am going through all of this so I will appreciate you even more, if that is possible. I will never let a day go by that I don't let you know that I love you and how so special you are to me. You just hang in there little one, mommie's going to take care of everything!!! I love you Charm!!!!
Talked to my childhood best friend last night, we had such a good talk. It is so nice to get back in touch, I miss her.
T, I am so dang excited for you. I could easily jump up and down, everyone may think I have lost my mind, but I could. It is just so good to hear you back excited about things. I just can't wait till you see that BFP!!! We are going to just through the best board party ever!!!!
Kelly, wow all those meds. I am glad this dr has you on them though!! We need to get you going!!!! Are you going to have all those people staying with you?!?!? What will Marco think of those poodles?
Nicky, I am hoping that yesterday went well. We sure do miss you!!!
Tammy, Go Tammy, go go go Tammy!!!!
Kerry, hope you are still feeling good. I just can't believe the time is almost here. I can still remember you posting your BFP. Seems just weeks ago. Hope Conner is doing better!!!
Melissa, hope you are feeling ok, haven't seen you post on your je.
Newmama and Shari, hope you and those boys are doing well!!!!
Lisa, still thinking of you.

Got to go, love to you all!!! Please keep the prayers coming!!

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This time tomorrow I will be in the dr office. I just can't help but be nervous. I have prayed and prayed and still have this lump in my stomach. I am going to have to work on that. I just need some good news tomorrow. I have to see that wonderful hb!!!! It has to be there. I really feel good. Still have my little boughts of yuckiness, and I am so so tired. I also get really hot and sweaty really really easy. That is not like me at all. I ususally don't even break a sweat till the temp hits in the 90s. All good signs I hope.
Not much else to report. Need lots of prayer for tomorrow. I will repay every last one of them!!!!!
T, your temps are looking so great. I am so so excited for you!!! T is on her way!!!!! You go girl.
Kelly, glad you got to post yesterday, we were getting worried about you!!!
Nicky, are you back, are you back!!!
Tammy, wow I bet that was scary!!! It scared me reading it. I am glad everything test out good. You take care of yourself!!!!
Melissa, good to see you post. Good news about your grandma, hope your mother gets to feeling better. I just love hearing about the baby moving, I bet that is just so exciting!!!!
Kerry, hope you are doing well, hope Conner isn't being to hard on ya.
Newmama and Shari, hope you guys are doing well.

Got to run. Love you all

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This is my final posting in the pg je. They took my beautiful Charm in surgery Friday. Not doing too well, just working on just basic functions right now. Thank you for letting me stay as long as I have. I love my beatiful Charm and will never forget you. Wish I could say more, but I can't stay sane if I talk about it.
Best of luck to all of you girls, and will keep up with you .

Love you all