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    I forgot to mention that I have only gained 4 lbs in the last month..phew! After gaining like 8 lbs at my last appt (in a month) i was relieved at the huge lack of gain this time. So total weight gain has been 22 lbs...not too bad, right??? I am hoping to only gain about 30..do you think I can make it?? We will see...I really just want the baby to be healthy and I don't feel like I am over eating. We will see....

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    26 Weeks!

    Boy time is sure flying by, I can't believe that I only have 14 weeks until our little man arrives. Will I have everything done by then??? I sure hope so.

    We actually got a lot done this weekend in the nursery. We pretty much gutted it...took out all the furniture, the carpet, the chair rail molding, and are in the process of taking down the border that was up. That is proving to be quite a task. That freakin border is stuck up there! I think we finally found a way to get it down a little bit quicker though so hopefully if we spend a little bit of time each night, we can have it done in a few days. Our new carpet is now on order and should take about 7-10 days to come in. I just hope we have the walls done before it is installed. With us leaving this weekend, we are down some free time but we will do what we can.
    Here are some before pics of the room:

    Pics of the Bedding and Wallpaper:

    I ordered our new dressers for our mater bedroom today from IKEA. They should look really nice in there. Once they get here, we can take our current dressers out and paint them for the nursery. I am also going to order the crib and changing table tonight...I just need to get Matt's opinion on the changing table and we are all set. Ohh...its just sooo exciting.

    Only 2 1/2 more days and we will be in San Diego! I am so freakin excited about this trip. I bought a really cute dress at Motherhood on Saturday for the shower along with some shoes. The dress is brown with burgundy and black trim..it fits great and will be very comfortable. I have talked Matt into wearing something semi-nice to the shower. You know how men are..they insist on wearing their usual shorts and t-shirts..not thinking that this is a nice occasion and calls for something a little bit more dressy. Oh well..as long as I don't have to see him in the camo shorts for one day, I am good. We are going to take lots of pics, which I will post when we get back. Oh and we finally get to eat some good mexican! YUUUMMMM!! Oh and Souplantation too. My mouth is watering now. LOL

    Here is my latest belly pic:

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    26 weeks 2 days

    We received our first shower gift yesterday....the high chair from our registry! I was so excited that I wanted to rip it open and put it together! LOL I also just found out that my dad is going to buy us our travel system...pretty cool.

    So we leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I am so excited! We have everyday pretty much planned out except for Monday. Its is going to be a great weekend. It is kind of bittersweet though because we won't be spending time with one of our great friends...her and her husband died in a tragic accident last january. It is still hard to comprehend that she won't be there to celebrate with us. I know she will be there in spirit but it's not the same...we will miss her spunk and positivity. We are planning on going to her memorial site monday so I can tell her all about the party.

    Alright well I need to get some lunch..this little man is hungry. I will write again when we get back.

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    27 weeks, 2 days

    It is the start of the third trimester for me. WHOOP!! I can't believe that I am that far along already. It feels like time has flown.

    Ok, I have a lot to update in the journal so bare with me.

    San Diego

    First let me say how great it was to see everyone. I love my friends and am so very lucky to have them in my life.


    We started out very eary on friday morning and got on a small plane to Atlanta...I started to get worried when my back was hurting after being on that plane for only 15 min. I knew it was going to be a long day at that point. We got to ATL and boarded a much larger plane to San Diego. I soon needed a blanket to put in my lower back due to it hurting again and then the swelling started. Ouch. I tried to drink as much water as I could but well you know how that goes. i was very happy to get off of that plane when we finally landed. We got our luggage and a very nice greeting from Natalie and her mom (natalie flew in just a few min before we did so we caught her at the luggage carousel). We waited forever for our luggage and off we went to get our car. We got upgraded for a very cheap price to a new Ford Mustang. It was a base model but well worth the extra $$..Matt had a great time driving it.

    We make our way to my cousin Laurie's house in La Mesa and then off to lunch at Souplantation. Can I just say YUMMMM!! Matt and I were in heaven. LOL We then did a little shopping and made our way into Santee to our friends Lisa and Chads. I was very ready to rest a little as I was quite exhausted. It was getting very hot too so I was ready to sit inside in the AC. We ended up all talking for hours while we waited until dinner time to come around. Nicole drove down and hung out with us for a little while and we all went off to Pat & Oscars for dinner. It was a great time. Jen showed up as did Natalie and my cousin. It was fun visiting with everyone. Here are a few pics from that night:

    Jen, Nicole and I

    The Girls

    Laurie, Natalie and Lisa


    I got up kind of early but not as early as I had thought I would due to the time change...I guess I needed my sleep. I took some time to read the book lisa gave me (the girlfriends guide to pregnancy) out on their front patio, enjoying the sun. Once everyone got up then we started to get thngs together for the party. The guys left to get Ice and the food and wahterver else guys do to waist time. LOL Us girls put the finishing touches on ourselves and the house so everything looked great. I couldn't wait to see everyone...i was getting very anxious. People started filing in and since it was so freakin hot, we all stayed inside where the AC was working overtime to cool everyone off. I couldn't believe all the gifts we received either..it was amazing. We had about 30 people there (not counting kids) and it seemed that everyone had a great time. It was hard to visit with everyone but we all know how that is. The food and cake was delicious and eveyone got their fill. I won't got into what all we got here as the list would be long but we got a lot of practical items...our bath tub, the diaper genie, teethers, blankets, some clothes, sheets...etc. i think you get the point. The big stuff was shipped to us and the rest we crammed into the extra suitcase we brought. Oh, one thing that my friend Julie made for us was a picture frame with these ship photos for the nursery...they go along with the Pirate theme and will look amazing in the nursery. Also nicole got me a gift certificate for our pregnancy photography session. I was shocked at that gift...not what i was expecting at all but so appreciated. here are some pics from the party:

    Me and Kelly (she is due in just a few weeks)

    The gift Julie gave us

    Me opening up gifts:

    Matt and I:

    My Stepmom Becky, me and my Dad:

    Me and baby Jakob (he is 6 weeks old)

    Update more of the weekend later.....

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    27 weeks 3 days

    Ok so onto more about last weekend....


    We got up and made our way north to Temecula to see the place our friends will be getting married next September and to go to a BBQ our other friends were throwing. The winery that the wedding will take place at is really pretty and will be perfect for their ceremony. Hopefully its not as hot as it was this past weekend! http://www.wienscellars.com/ . Everyone except for me did some wine tasting..I just lived vicariously through them. LOL

    Once we were done at the winery, we made our way to Michell and Isaacs house for the BBQ. It was too hot to hang out outside but was still nice to sit and chat with everyone. I got to spend some more time with baby Jakob and also go through quite a bit of maternity clothes that michelle had. Needless to say we had to find another way to get all of this stuff home. We ended up buying a cheap duffle bag at Walmart for the rest of the stuff we got...it worked great and we were able to get everything home.

    Here are some pics...

    Julie and her new beau Karl:

    Michelle, baby jakob and I:



    We got up early to make our way back to San Diego to meet up with friends to visit the memorial site for Marcia and Rogerio, our friends that died back in january. I knew that this was going to be a hard morning but it was easier with everyone there. They have a beautiful spot on a terrace and we left sunflowers (her favorite flower) and some yellow roses (her favorite color). It was nice to spend some time with her and rogerio and reminice about the good times we all had. I miss her so much and it is hard to be going through this pregnancy without her. She was such a bright light in all of our lives. I forgot my camera so I will post pics once I get them from the girls.

    After visitng the memorial site, we made our way into east county to have lunch and hang out at the mall (with the AC). it seems like everyone else in east county had the same idea and the mall was packed with people. We had Rubios for lunch (yummmm) and then walked around the mall.

    Once we started to get tired, we went over to Chad and Lisa's to hang out before having dinner with my dad. I was getting tired and needed to sit down anyway so it was nice to spend some extra time with them. We left a little after 6 and went to my dad's house for dinner. SInce it was so hot we went to Claim Jumpers for dinner instead of cooking at their house. It was really nice to spend some alone time with my dad as I dont' get to all that often. We left his house at about 9 to check into our hotel..we were both exhausted. I got us the hotel with my reward points so we ended up paying 10 bucks total for the room..not bad, right?? In the process of us getting ready, Matt got himself locked in the bathroom so I had to call maitnenance to get him out. He was quite embarrased! I just laughed at the situation.


    Nothing too exciting to report except that the plane rides home were much worse than on the way out. My back started hurting quite early and the swelling got pretty bad. It hurt to even walk in my flip flops. We got into Wilmington at about 6:30 and all of our luggage made it with us. YAY!!! We picked up the dogs, did laundry and tried to go to bed at a decent hour but the time change was fooling us. LOL I got up for work the next morning exhausted but knew that I had to go in.

    So back to today...I have pretty much recovered from the trip. My feet and hands are back to normal and my back is finally feeling better. I can't wait to sleep in a little bit tomorrow too. We received some of the gifts that were shipped to us last night...the travel system, bathtub and the diaper genie. We are still waiting for a few more items but it is sooo exciting to have things on hand now. I just need to figure out where to put everything until the nursery is finished. The house is a mess and unfortunatly there is not much I can do about it right now. I am going to order the crib this weekend so it will be here by the time the carpet is put in. We are goign to a baby sale tomorrow so hopefully we can find a changing table for pretty cheap and maybe some other items we need. We will see what we find!

    Have a great weekend!!

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    I just saw a post on the December board that Sarah (uropachild) just lost her baby at 25 weeks. I am jsut in shock. I have no clue what happened just yet just that she is in the hospital or something. It is just so sad. Sarah has been through so much this last year, after losing her son zane at full term to vasa previa. How can this happen again to her? I dont' wish something like this happening to anyone but why does it have to happen to someone that has already gone through a late term loss? My heart is just breaking for her.

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    28 weeks 1 day

    Boy it has been a busy weekend...so much going on at home and on the boards. As I mentined in my previous post, Sarah lost her baby Ada at 25 weeks..it is just heartbreaking. I was so saddened by it that I wasn't able to get on the boards all weekend..I needed the time to process what had happened and try not to let it freak me out too much in my own pregnancy. They really don't know what caused this to happen just yet but basically little Ada's heart just stopped beating sometime friday morning. Sarah then had to have a C-Section (all went great thankfully) and was able to spend some time with Ada. I just am so hearbroken for her and Scott...how can this happen to them again?? I just don't get it. Why are some women able to have kids left and right when they really don't want them and some want them so much but can't have them. I know that there has got to be some reason this happens but I just don't see it yet. I wish there was more I could do for Sarah as she has been such an inspiration to so many of us. This tragedy really makes me thankfull for this little boy I am carrying....for each and every kick and movement I feel. I just can't imagine what Sarah must be going through.

    Ok so for the weekend at home....we got up early Sat morning to go to a big sale that the Mother of Twins group puts on twice a year. We were able to find some great stuff for pretty cheap. We then came home and got started on painting the nursery. We primed the trim and the walls on saturday and then actually painted the trim on sunday. We spent sunday morning getting some great closet organizer stuff from a lady at work...it is going to look so great in our closets and she didn't want any $$ for them. We got quite lucky in that deal. The house is a freakin mess right now...baby stuff and furniture is everyone in the house...we have no where to put anything. We are also going to have to move all of the furniture out of the guest room soon so that the new carpet can be installed...I have no clue how we are going to get that to work but I am sure Matt will figure it out. We can't really move anything into the nursery until the carpet comes in either. I should take some pics of the house right now so you can all see what I am talking about...its pretty hilarious.

    So our new dressers from Ikea came in monday...we were able to put one together monday night but haven't been able to put mine together yet. We will do that tonight. We had our first breast feeding class last night and it was quite informative. I took home a lot of literature to read and I am also goign to sign up for a few other classes at the Breast Feeding Center...one is a 2 hour class for introduction to breast feeding and the other is one for breast feeding and going back to work. I will probably take them sometime in November as they want you to take them pretty close to your due date.

    Here are a few updated belly shots for ya:

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    28 weeks 2 days

    Boy am I exhausted today. I haven't been sleeping well and am just getting more uncomfortable each day. I can't imagine what its going to be like in a month or 2 months. I have my prenatal massage this saturday so I am hoping that helps my back pain. I also think all this work with the nursery is catching up with me...we have not really slowed down since we got back from San Diego and we really don't have the time to slow down until the nursery is painted.

    I got great news yesterday after work. DH's cousin Regina is going to be giving us her Ameda hospital grade breast pump! How cool is that??? Now I don't have to worry about that expense any longer. I am so thankful to her right now. She bought it when her son Seth was born and only used it a few times. She is currently pregnant but won't be able to breastfeed due to her thyroid medication, which she has to take. All I need to do it buy new breast shields for it. I am so excited! That was the one item I was stressing about actually...I need a good pump since I will be going back to work but wasn't sure if we would get it at a shower so we would have to pay the $200+ for one. Phew..what a load off. We will be able to get it from her when we go up to MD at the end of the month.

    Well we were able to finish putting our dressers together last night. Our room looks so much better with that furniture. I have so much more room for my clothes too...its awesome.

    Tonights project....tape up the nursery so we can paint the top half of the walls blue AND finish priming the closet.

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    29 Weeks!

    Wow, one more week and I will be 30 weeks...I can't believe how time is flying by. Only 11 more weeks to go now. I am just hoping that we get everything done before this little man arrives.

    We had a very productive weekend. I played hooky on friday because I was just exhausted and needed the day to relax a little. Boy did it help. I spent all morning on the couch catching up on my soap (Y&R) and watching a Baby Story. It was awesome. DH came home early and we got started on painting the room the first coat of blue. Here are some pics:

    Saturday started off with my first prenatal massage...it was quite nice actually. She said my shoulders and my gluets were tight. The lower back pain I have been having is from the tightness in my butt...how in the heck did that happen. LOL

    We then started working on the stripes in the nursery...this took us a while to get setup but I am just amazed at how it turned out. Here are some pics:

    Sunday was another day to paint and clean up....oh and for FOOTBALL!!! Yeah..I love football and can't wait to catch some games on sunday. Anyway...we taped off for the red paint and then got to painting. We ended up having to do two coats but it just looks fantastic. Here is the semi-finished product:

    We are not done yet..we have to wallpaper one wall which we are going to work on in the next few nights. The carpet is being installed on friday afternoon and then we can get to working on putting the furniture together. It is going to look so great in there when its all done. I am just thrilled at how its turned out so far.

    I will post more pics as we get done with things.

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    So I just found out that our friends Al and Kelly are at the hospital about to have their baby! Her contractions are 3 - 6 min apart. This is soooo exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it.

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