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    33 weeks today!

    Well I am feeling much better today than I have been feeling. The cold is pretty much on its way out, just some lingering sniffles and coughs but the body aches have gone away. I have noticed though that the headaches are coming back on a daily basis..I am sure its nothing to worry about and so far they have been liveable but I really don't want to take anything for them so hopefully they don't get too bad.

    The weekend went pretty well, we went out and shopped for Pirate stuff for the nursery on saturday and since the weather has cooled off, we took the dogs downtown for a walk. They love it down there. Sunday was a lot of cleaning and reorganizing...trying to make room for bottles and other plastic stuff in the kitchen. Matt also finished priming the dresser..i can't wait until its done and I can finish washing little man's stuff and put it all away.

    The shower invites for our Nov. 3rd shower went out last week and they are adorable. I am hoping that we get the rest of the stuff we need or close to it, that way we won't have to worry about anything especially if he decides to come early. I also emailed my boss my "best case scenario" maternity leave schedule. I really hope that he is able to work out what I want pay wise....it will make things much easier. We will see what the higher-ups say about it. I don't see why I can't get what I want..i have been here for 4 1/2 years now..i think that should count for something.

    So yesterday was kind of a hard day, actually as I posted on PAL, it was a bitter sweet day. The 15th is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness day so I took the time to reflect on my previous angel babies and then to be so thankful for this little man I am carrying in my belly right now. I can't help but smile each time he moves around and kicks me...its an amazing feeling.

    Since its the start of a new week, here are my updated belly shots. I feel huge!:

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    33 w 2 days!

    Not a whole bunch has happened since I posted here last but I still felt the need to journal a little bit. It is getting so close now and I keep thinking about when I go into labor and how and when it will happen. I am not really nervous just anxious. Its hard not knowing how your own labor will go..you can read all you want to about the different kinds of labor but in the end, anything can happen. Its hard to prepare for that. I have an idea of what I want but am not going to leave the other options off of the table. I was reading the birth stories on the October 07 board yesterday and kept seeing how many women went into the labor process not wanting any drugs but in the end ended up getting that Epidural because of the pain. Is that going to be me? Am I really going to be able to go through the whole labor process without any pain meds? I know that I really want to but really that means nothing when you are going through it. I am not going to feel bad if I do end up getting an epidural but like I said, as of right now, thats not what I want to happen. I want to experience this birth..even if its painful. Does that make sense?? Matt knows what I want and at first I think he though I was crazy but now, after going to our Lamaze classes and learning more about all of our options, he agrees with me. I feel confident in having him there as my birth partner. I am just not sure how he will be able to handle me in pain...he is not so good with that. I am hoping my mom will be there too and I may have to email her some stuff to read before hand so she knows whats going to happen and what I want.

    So I finally finished all of the Thank You cards for our surprise shower in MD. There were quite a few to write but luckily its been kind of slow at work so I was able to just bust them out here and send them off. I feel so generic after writing the first few...I felt like I kept saying the same thing over and over. Oh well...its the thought that counts right?? I will have one more set of cards to write after our last shower but that shouldn't be too many. Its the least i can do after so many wonderful people have bought us so much stuff for this little guy.

    We are still deciding on which pictures to blow up from our Maternity shoot but our photographer did post some on her website. Here is the link in case you want to see some, http://www.beachykeenphotography.com/2.html . We are the first set of pictures...all the way until the beach shot where we are laughing. We have a lot more to choose from but she put a good selection on her site.

    Well I guess that is it for right now....

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    34 weeks 1 day!

    I can't believe that I have 41 days left...freakin crazy. Actually if you think about it, I could deliver anytime after 37 weeks and that is in 3 weeks! Phew..I still feel so unprepared and yet very anxious to meet this little man.

    There has been a lot going on the last few days. Mainly its the fires in San Diego that have me the most worried. THis is the largest fire that I can remember in the county. I have pretty much spoken to all my friends and so far everyone is doing fine...a few have been evacuated from their homes and since let back in but it is still hard not to worry about them. The winds are so unpredictable that anything can happen. I am just happy that they say the weather should get better. I just keep watching the local news on-line and keeping up with the evacuations. Its really hard being this far away from your loved ones and not be able to do anything to help them.

    I had an OB Appt this morning and everything is going really good with my little man. My BP is fine and so is my weight...I have gained a total of 32 lbs so far...not great but not horrible either. I dont' feel like there is a lot I could do different right now..my appetite is changing and I can't eat as much. I feel like I did back in the first trimester when nothing really sounded great and then I got full very fast. The doc said its normal and its just that the baby is pushing on everything causing me to fill up faster...totally makes sense! I am also having a really hard time with heartburn and acid reflux...it is killing me at night. I have to be careful not to eat anything late and/or eat a lot in one sitting. The doc said I could also take some Pepcid AC if I like so I might try some of that.

    I have been thinking a lot about how I want my birth to go..I really want to try for a natural birth. I know I commented on this in my last post but I bought this great book over the weekend and I am convinced that if this does happen to be a "normal" birth with no complications then there is no reason that I can't get through the birth without any meds. The book I got is "Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth". Ina May is a midwife that has been practicing for a long time..she is also the author of Spiritual Midwife. The first part of the book is birht stories..all of them are about women that had natural births and how they each got through the birht process. It is very inspiring. The second part of the book (which I haven't made it through yet) talks about the techniques that Ina May and her fellow midwives teach their patients and how to apply them yourself. Even though we will be having a hostpital birth, I feel lucky that our hospital seems very keen to let you labor in different ways and to not push you to do things you odn't want to do. If I want to walk then I can walk..etc. I have no idea how my labor will actually go but I think I will be prepared for whatever happens and just roll with the punches or in this case the "rushes".

    I think that is it for now. Here are my weekly belly shots..not a lot of change from last week but I do feel huge!

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    35 weeks 1 day!

    Happy Halloween!!

    Boy it is getting close! I can't believe that I will probably be meeting my son in about a month...it is soo exciting!

    We had our hospital tour monday night..it was nice seeing where everything is going to happen. From what I have seen, the nurses are going to be great and very helpful. DH will be quite uncomfortable in the recliners they have but there isn't much we can do about that except bring extra pillows. I am going to have to get our hospital bags together soon too..I need to make a list of everything to take.

    I am so excited about this weekend. I have one of my friends from junior high coming up from Florida and my last baby shower is on Saturday. It is going to be so much fun to see her and hang out. Its been a long time since we have seen each other. My mom is also coming to the shower..I can't wait to see her either..i need some MOM time. She hasn't seen me since sometime in June or July so she is gonig to be quite surprised at how big I am. I can't wait to have her feel him moving around too. I am goign to tell her about my birth plan and what i am hoping she will be able to do for me when I go into labor. I spoke to some other friends yesterday about my "natural" birth plan and I think they were quite shocked that I didn't want any drugs. I love them but I knew they would react that way...maybe it is nieve of me to think that I can do it without drugs and maybe I will want an epidural in the end BUT this is MY birth plan. They each had their own experience with labor and while I do take to heart what they say and their opinions..what I really need is people to support me and help me to make my birth plan a success. Does that make sense??? Anyway, I am going to talk to my mom about my birth plan and hope that she understands what I want to do.

    Well the weather has finally cooled down a little bit here..it is soo nice to not be sweating each time I walk outside and we were able to turn off our AC. I love fall. the only thing is that I realized I don't have a lot of maternity pants...the capri's i have won't work when its 50 outside. So I stopped in at Kohls during lunch today and found a pair of Kahkis and a shirt..both were on sale sot hat was nice. I think I am going to wear the outfit on Saturday too for the shower.

    I wrote a list today of the things that we still needed to get before baby arrives..there isn't a lot but there are a few "big" items on there...

    changing table
    crib mattress
    Pack n play
    diaper bag
    nursing bras
    extra car seat base
    changing pad/changing pad cover
    slipcover for the boppy

    There is more but those are the essentials..there rest are just luxuries or things we can get once he is born. We will see what comes off of that list after this weekends shower.

    Here is an updated belly shot for the week:

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    36 Weeks! 28 days to go.

    Things are going good...yes I am feeling quite uncomfortable but I think I am doing pretty good for the most part. Even Matt said so last night..he said that he really hadn't heard me complain too much..as he says "not like some of the other pregnant women I have heard about." LOL The only thing that is really killing me is this acid reflux...i think this guy is going to have a full head of hair when he is born.

    We had a really good weekend. Heather, Patrick and Casey came up from Jacksonville FL and sepnt the weekend. We also had our last shower on saturday afternoon. It turned out great too, even though half the people didn't show up. That was a little frustrating but what are you going to do? We got some great stuff too..my mom made us a beautiful baby blanket and matching gown and hat. I am going to have him wear that for his hospital pictures. He will look so great in it. Also Heather made us a beautiful white blanket and matching hat...not to mention the very cute pirate onesis she found....I think that will be his take home outfit. Heathers dad made us this wooden boat rocker..it is soo freaking cute. I was so surprised by it..he is so talented. I am going to take some pictures tonight of everything and post it. We also got a ton of diapers and wipes so we are set in that department. We are very blessed....almost everything we have has been given to us. There are still a few things we need but for the most part can take our time getting. I am hoping to find a good deal on them. Actually I want to take a trip down to Myrtle Beach this weekend to do some shopping. They have some outlets and then we can also check out their target, walmart and toysrus...who knows, we may find something we just love there.

    Well there really isn't too much going on this week for once. No classes to go to..just time for Matt and I to hang out. Its actually kind of nice to not have anything scheduled and Matt has been taking care of all the dinners since he is on this diet now. So that relieves work for me at home each night.

    Well here is my weekly belly shot:

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    36 weeks 1 day

    I had my doc appt today and all went really well. They did my Group B test which didn't hurt at all and then she checked me for dilation. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Some girls on the December board were saying how much it hurt so I was expecting a lot worse. It really didn't feel any different than a yearly exam. The doc said I wasn't dialated at all but I am softening a bit so things are moving right along! I have my next appt next thursday to do it all again. We will see if there are any changes then. She also got the doppler out and checked his heart rate which she only put on there for a sec so I didn't really get to hear it. I felt kind of rushed for some reason today but whatever. I had my Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book with me and the doc asked me about it...she said she hadn't heard of it before. I was a little surprised at this as I thought it might have been qutie popular. When I told her about the book, she seemed a little surprised at my choice to want to have a natural birth. She wasn't discouraging me but she did want me to be open minded since this is my first child..i totally understand that too and I will be. Believe me if the pain is more than I can handle then I will be asking for the Epidural but I at least want to try to go natural. She then asked me why I hadn't seen any of the midwives in the practice...totally valid quesiton and I guess I just never really thought about it. I have always just been scheduled with the doctors. Anyway, we will see how things go..i am just going to be open to the experience and hope that it goes well. I pretty much decided that I am not really going to discuss my birth plan with anyone that is not directly involved...I just keep getting these weird looks and everyone wants an explanation for why I want to do it that way. They will then tell me all about their experience and how I am crazy to not want drugs. Oh well..to each his own I guess.

    The only other thing going on today is that the cervical exam she gave me this morning has made me spot a little brown blood. I had heard of that happening so i wasn't totally thrown off guard but i wish she would have said something to be at the appt. Next time I am goign to make sure to have a panty liner with me and to wear a semi-old pair of underwear. I dont' want to ruin another nice pair.

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    36 weeks 3 days

    I am so glad its friday! This week really seemed to be dragging by so its nice that it finally over. We don't have all that much planned this weekend...Matt volunteered to go into work tomorrow so I have the day to myself. I plan on attenting a La Leche League meeting at our local breast feeding center in the morning and then getting fitted for a nursing bra while I am there. After that I am going to hit a few of our consignment and thrift stores to see if I can find any good used furniture for the nursery. I am just going to take it easy and do whatever I want to do...I haven't had one of those days in a while.

    I think this little man is starting to drop lower...I went out for my lunch hour to get a few things and noticed that it was really hard to walk around. I kept feeling a lot of pressure low in my pelvis making it hard to not want to hold my belly up. I think I am going to use the maternity belt that I have at home tomorrow to help with that. It seems like he is getting ready...

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    37 Weeks! Yahoo!

    We made it to full term! Its very exciting and nerve racking that he could come anytime now. When I started this journey way back in March, it was really hard to believe that I would be sitting here at 37 weeks just waiting to hold this little boy in my arms. I remember going to my 8 week ultrasound just a bundle of nerves because I wasn't sure if his heart would still be beating...now look at us...his nursery is pretty much ready and stocked...family is on call and the last of our classes is tonight. What a journey. Now if we could only decide on a name! I really never thought we would have this much of a problem deciding on one. Ethan is winning the poll on the baby's website (see signature for the link) but Mason is right behind it. I know that the decision will probably be a lot easier once he is born and we can look him in the eye...we will know at that point.

    Here are my updated Belly Shots for the week. I added some from a few weeks ago for comparison so you can see that yes I think I have in fact dropped just a little bit....

    35 weeks/36 weeks/37 weeks

    Front shots of the same weeks:

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    Ok so I finally uploaded more pictures of the wonderful gifts we received at our last shower.

    This is a boat rocker that my best friends dad made for us..isn't it beautiful??

    Here are some things my mom made for baby. The first is a blanket and gown. We are going to be bringing the gown to the hospital for his first pirctures...won't he look so handsome? She also made the duck swaddle blanket and then bought the nursing covers for us.

    Heather made this blanket and hat for us..isn't it cute??

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    37 weeks 2 days

    Well the verdict is in...I am officially dilated! 1 cm dilated and that was a week ago. Yes you read right..a week ago. I thought the doctor had told me that I was just softening with no dilation but what she wrote on my chart was that I was fingertip dilated or rather 1cm. YAY!! This is exciting. I decided today that I didn't want to get checked...I really didn't see the need for it and after I spotted for about 24 hours last time, I didn't want to go through that again if I didn't have to. Well I probaly would have made a different decision if I had known that I was already dilating some. Oh well. My doctor told me that I will be fine as long as I don't have any kind of regular contractions....which I haven't had. She did say that I was ahead of schedule and to maybe expect this little man a little bit early. My bets are on the week after Thanksgiving. I am totally cool with that! We have ordered the pack n play and some other necessities...my aunt ordered the changing table for us (YAY)..other than needing my hospital and baby bag packed we are looking pretty good. I am going to take a trip to Target this weekend since we still have some gift cards and get the last of the little stuff we need..you know, the milk storage bags, the boppy cover, etc.

    oh and onto other stats..my BP was great, babys heartbeat sounded wonderful and he kept moving from the doppler, I have gained another 2 lbs which puts me at 38 lbs total . The doctor said I was ok though and that it was probably water weight...matt did say that he thought I was getting cankles last night!

    I also found out some great news today. My good friend Natalie is coming up for Thanksgiving!!! I am so excited to see her. I did warn her that she may see a baby being born but she was totally fine with that! NO matter what happens, it is just going to be nice to have her here. I can't wait to show her the nursery too!

    Well I think that is it for now. I am so glad that this week is over..I am just pooped out and in need of a nice long sleep!

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