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    38 weeks!

    Well time is winding down here...it is so exciting to think that in just a few weeks (if not sooner) I will be holding my little man in my arms. WOW..that is exciting and crazy all at the same time! So things are progressing pretty well I think, I have been having a lot of BH's lately so I am hoping that I am more than 1cm dilated at my appt tomorrow. I am getting increasingly more uncomfortable and just anxious to meet him. We have just about everything ready...my Aunt and Uncle in AK bought us our changing table which arrived last week and the pack n play will be here tomorrow. The only big thing we still dont' have is the Glider but that can wait for right now. I really want to find one used and that is not that easy in this town. I watch the websites daily to see if anyone is selling one but each time I have been too late. Oh well, I am sure one will come our way.

    So we still cannot decide on a name though we have added one more to the list. This one is quite special to me as it is my grandfathers name, Jack. We talked about jack when we first found out we were pregnant but we decided against it for some reason. In the last week both Matt and I have thought about Jack..separately...weird huh? I had a dream that when the baby was born, he looked just like my grandpa and I said we should name him Jack. Matt said that he was in the shower one day and he thought of Jack and said he really liked it...we could have fun with it and call him jack jack. LOL Anyway so we started to think about middle names and I REALLY like Jack Owen R.... THis name is now my top name. I dont' want to tell my family that we are thinkging about it so in case we don't use it, I haven't gotten their hopes up. Speaking of that..if you know me IRL and are reading this..do not say anything about this name choice..at least not yet.

    I had to laugh last night about somethign DH said. So we have two dogs and they both sleep inside at night. Every once in a while, Rory, will have to go outside a few times in the middle of the night...well last night was one of these nights so Matt was getting very frustrated. He says..You darn dogs, I can't get a wink of sleep.. LOL I just smiled to myself and though ohhhhh just wait until this baby is born!

    Ok so I usually have my belly pictures to post here but I forgot to take them this morning so I will post them later tonight once I get home.

    38 week pics:
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    38 weeks 6 days

    Well I am still pregnant! I am feeling like things will start soon but how soon is the question..tonight? two days from now?? What I do know is that wee are both sooo ready to meet this little man. Our Jack Owen..yep thats right, we have decided on his name. I am so proud to name him after my grandpa too. I am going to call my mom tonight and tell her..I think she will be thrilled about it and probably a little surpised as we haven't even mentioned that Jack was a possiblity.

    SO I had my doctors appt last week..here is an update I posted on the baby's website:

    "I had another good appt today. I have been making progress and am now a full finger dilated or a full 1 cm and I am starting to thin out. He is very low and still head down. He actually has his back to my left side and is facing to the right...no wonder I have been feeling most of his movement on the right side of my belly..thats where his legs are! My blood pressure was good and I have no protein in my urine. I have gained another 2lbs but that could be from the pizza we had at work about an hour before my appt. So we are still in the waiting game here but we do think he will be coming soon..maybe sometime next week?? We will see...."

    So how did the weekend go? Well a few things have happened:

    Friday I lost my mucus plug or what i think was my mucus plug. I went to the bathroom when I woke up to find this huge glob of mucus on the TP. The whole rest of the day I had mucus with almost every trip to the bathroom.

    Saturday I had slightly blood twinged mucus on the TP in the morning. It was something I hadn't seen before..possible TMI ahead..It had bloos specs in it and then was kind of pink too. Bloody show maybe???

    Every day I have had BH's..some stronger than others but for the most part the same and nothing too regular. Saturday also brought about quite a bit of nausea..i was feeling pretty poopy all day.

    Sunday was a lot of the same though I didn't feel as crappy. I was pretty tired and worn out though so we just relaxed. So here I sit...at home now (trying to work a little bit) with a lot of twinges and cramps just waiting for this little guy to show up. Like I said before, I feel like It will happen soon so keep your fingers crossed for me. I am trying to do some house work and stuff to keep things moving. I have my doctors appt tomorrow which I am looking forward to (that is if I am not in labor) so I can see how much I have progressed this week.

    We will see what happens!

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    39 weeks 1 day

    Well I am still pregnant! This little man really wants to stay inside right now. I have tried coaxing him out but he just isn't listening. I am also sorry to report that there hasn't been much change since last weeks appointment. I am still only 1 cm dilated though I have thinned out a little bit more. This little man just wants to stay put right now even though everyone wants to meet him. My blood pressure was really good today and I still have no protein in my urine...YAY! His heartbeat sounded great and overall I am doing good too. I am feeling very uncomfortable but other than that I really don't have a lot to complain about.

    I have been doing a little work from home this week..it has been nice to do that but I am already getting bored. From what I hear, it is quite slow at work anyway so they told me not to come in but it is hard to get used to being here and not at work. I like being able to stay in my pj's for most of the day and watch my shows.

    Well we are doing what we can to get labor started naturally..wish us luck. We really want to meet this little guy!

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    39 weeks 3 days

    Well I am still pregnant! I do have a good feeling about this weekend though..i have had a lot more BH's last night and today along with a lot more pressure and "twinges" down low. I also think I may be leaking a little bit..my underwear have just felt so wet all day long. I just put a pad on so I can tell if it is in fact leakage of just me being sweaty. We will see. I am very anxious for this little guy to arrive (if you can't tell by my previous posts). Actually just about everyone is anxious for him to get here..we keep getting calls and emails from everyone asking if we have gone into labor yet. We just try and smile and say, no not yet but what I want to say is...WE WILL FREAKIN CALL YOU WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS SO STOP ASKING!! I know everyone means well but jeash already! Its hard to get mad about it but they have to understand we want to happen as badly as they do..we are going to be very excited to call everyone.

    Well we are going to go out to dinner tonight and maybe do some walking so I am hoping that getting out for a little while will help. I went into work yesterday morning to finish some stuff up and to just get out of the house. It actually made me feel quite sick which was weird..I came hope exhausted and nauseaus. Its not like I have a demanding job either..i sit at my desk working on my computer...how could that make me feel sick? WHo knows..all I do know is that I stayed home today and worked...i have been feeling nauseaus off and on but not tired like I was yesterday. Lets hope he comes this weekend so I don't ahve to worry about singing on monday morning.

    Keep your fingers crossed!

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    Default Finally an update!

    Well I finally have the time to update this journal! I feel like such a slacker since it has taken me over a month to post my birth story here and to share my wonderful little Jack (named after my grandfather who passed away about a month before I found out I was pregnant) with all of you journal readers. Its amazing that my water broke a day after my previous post...that goes to show you that your intuition is right a lot of times. Here is my birth story:

    I woke up Friday morning (November 30th) with an inkling that something was going to happen that day. I had been feeling sick off and on the day before and was very tired. I stayed home from work and just took it easy. When Matt got home, I told him that we should go to dinner as I thought that the walking around and just being out might help move things along. We got home about 8pm and called the OB’s office and spoke to the doctor on call who told me that the only way to really know if my water had broken was to go into Labor and Delivery but she was pretty sure that it had in fact broken. I was excited yet kind of nervous, I was happy that we would be meeting our little man soon. Matt took a shower and I finished packing the bags. We checked into L&D around 8pm and watched TV until about 10 when we decided to go to bed. As I got up from the couch I felt this small gush of fluid…..I said to Matt, “Ummm, I think my water just broke!” I went to the bathroom and as I sat there, more fluid just kept coming out. I remember telling Matt to listen and with a smile on my face I said, “I am not peeing”. We called the 11pm and they did confirm that my water had broken and I had 24 hours to deliver before the risk of infection increased. I still had not had any real contractions so I was not sure how the night would go. When they checked me at the hospital I was still only 1cm dilated (had been for about 3weeks!)…my doc gave me 2 hours to make some progress or else we would have to start the Pitocin. I knew that walking was my best bet so Matt and I started our many trips around the L&D floor. After the two hours I had only progressed to 2cm and about 70% effaced, not a lot of progress but it was progress. I now had 2 more hours. I had hoped to deliver little Jack without any pain medication but by the time I was only 4cm my contractions were really painful and coming about every 2-3min and lasting about a min…the really hard part was that during each contraction I had this horrible nauseous feeling. It made it really hard to breathe through each one and I was so tired since I had not had any chance to rest. I looked at Matt and said to him, I think I am going to have to get the Epidural…this is really hard and I still have so far to go. Not to mention I knew that I would need the Pitocin soon since I really wasn’t making enough progress on my own. So by 5am I had the epidural and I was resting in bed…not very comfortably but at least I was able to get some rest. The Pitocin came not long after that as my labor had stalled from the epidural. My mom arrived about 9:45am and I was still only about 5cm though I started to feel some of the contractions so the Pitocin had started working. Not long after that the monitors were showing that Jacks heart rate had dropped. Our nurse Linda came in and we tried moving the monitor around to see if that was the problem. They had me move from side to side but that didn’t help. Finally they had me go on all fours which when you have an IV, an epidural and a blood pressure cuff hooked up to you is not the easiest thing to do. It helped though and Jack’s heart rate came back up. My doctor came in and checked to make sure that he was ok and we found that I went from 5 to 8cm in about 30 min and he had dropped to a +3 station…it must have freaked him out a little which is why his heart rate had dropped. After that they turned off the Pitocin and my contractions started to get pretty painful. I had heard that transition was bad but I thought that since I had the epidural, it wouldn’t be that bad….boy was I wrong about that! By the time I was 9 ½ cm I was in so much pain that I just wanted him out…I felt the urge to push but since I still had a lip of cervix left I had to breathe through each contraction. Boy that was hard! What made it even harder was that he was so low. I even asked the nurse at one point if they had turned off the epidural, when she said no I said “Jesus Christ, are you kidding?” I was really thankful when I was finally able to really start pushing…I felt like I was finally able to do something and since you push during a contraction I wasn’t in so much pain. My mom, Matt and all the nurses where there keeping me going and pushing hard. I just remember them saying, come on Jamie, he is so close…one more push and he will be here. My Dr. was down there trying to prevent me from tearing and helping little Jack out. Not long after that I remember them saying, he is out…look Jamie, look at him. I looked down and saw his head and then the rest of his body come out...it was the most amazing and beautiful thing I had ever seen. He had the umbilical cord wrapped around his body a few times but other than that he was just perfect. They put him on my lap and Matt went to cut the cord. I was so happy to have him in my arms finally. Little Jack Owen was born at 12:56pm on Saturday December 1st, weighing 8lbs 1oz and was 19 in long, I was 39 weeks and 4 days. His Apgars were 8 and 9. I made it through the delivery with a second degree tear but that is nothing compared to what we got out of it….our precious little boy, Jack.

    Here are some pictures of Jacks birthday:

    Pictures of his homecoming:
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    Default What life has been like the last month...

    Well let me first say that life as a mother is wonderful and its amazing how much you love this little person that has come into your lives. Its also a lot of work and requires a lot of you but its not like you really mind doing it...Jack makes it all worth it. It doesn't bother me to feed him while everyone else is eating because it was his time to eat OR to stand by his crib and pat his back so he will go back to sleep even though it means missing some sleep. Well I think you get what I am trying to say. This motherhood thing is quite possibly the best and hardest thing I will ever do.

    Jack is growing really well and we are working out the kinks. He is quite the feeder and overcoming some very sore and cracked nipples took some time but Bfing now is a lot easier. He really likes to eat and it has been hard to get him on a schedule though we are working on that. I am using the Baby Wise principles and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get him sleeping on his own at night ( we have had quite a few successfull naps sleeps in his crib during the day so I am very hopefull). From the beginning Jack did not want to sleep on his own..everytime we would put him down he would freak out. It was pretty disheartening at first as my plan was to have him sleep in the bassinett (in our room) for the first few months and then transition him into the crib. So since he has come home he has been sleeping with us at night and I have been breastfeeding him in the sidelying position. It works really well for the most part..my nipples take a beating as its harder to get him latched correctly but at least we are getting some sleep. Anyway..I am going to try and make some changes in the next few nights in hopes that he will in fact sleep in the bassinet at night.

    Other than some sleeping/fussiness issues Jack is wonderful...we love showing him off and taking him places. I have been home from work on maternity leave the last month and will start working part time from home tomorrow. We have been trying to stay busy as being at home all the time can be a downer sometimes. I am actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of things even if its from home. I will do that for another month and then go back to work full time in February. We have a great day care picked out for Jack..I think he will have a good time there. It will be harder on me than him I think.

    Well Happy New Year! I hope this coming year brings great things for everyone.

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    Default Some more recent pics..

    Here are some more recent pictures of Jack:

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