:My December Miracle:

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:My December Miracle:

I guess its about time that I start this journal...I am not sure why I have been putting it off since this pregnancy has been going so well but better late than never, right?? This has been a long/rough/exciting journey to motherhood and I am so happy to be going through it right now. I am currently 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant...due December 4th with a beautiful baby boy. Our first. My DH, Matt, is great and has been very supportive through everything.

A brief synopsis of the last almost 2 years is that I have had 3 miscarriages, 2 natrual and 1 D&C. They were all first trimester losses with the last one lasting about 8 weeks. I have had all kinds of testing done but the doctors cannot find what caused these miscarriages. Frustrating, I know. This pregnancy has been going great and my doctor has been watching me closely. I am really blessed with such a great doc. Anyway, the only slight complication I have had so far is that I have a low lying placenta that we are hoping will correct itself in the next few months. This isn't causing any problems right now except that we can't BD until we know that my placenta has moved up but it will cause problems for delivery. We will cross that bridge when we get there. For my entire TTC story here is the link to my journal: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php?t=10680

Here are some pics of my growing belly and from our last ultrasound:

5 weeks............................................17 weeks

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The anxiety of having this baby growing inside me is finally hitting me. Just lookng at everything we need and how there are 5 different selections of each thing...should we buy a travel system or a stroller/car seat that are separate...when should be buy the crib....do we really need to have ______(fill in the blank)! I know that my mothering instincts will kick in once the baby is here but how in the heck are we supposed to have everything we need by the time the baby is here? We have relatives and friends asking about our registry that I haven't started yet....luckily I have a friend (that has 2 kids) that is going to come with us when we resiter...it will be really nice to have her opinion. I know I would feel so lost without it. AHhh...the joys of being a first time mommy!

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Wow..I can't believe that I am 18 weeks already. This pregnancy has gone by pretty quickly so far...I still have a ways to go but it doesn't feel quite as dawnting as it did in the beginning. Alyways waiting for that next appt or u/s to make sure the baby is ok. There is always a little bit of worry but its def. not like it was in the beginning. You know after my last loss, I thought I would be a nervous wreck during my next pregnancy...always stressed out with a high level of anxiety. But thats not what happened...don't get me wrong, I had my moments of stress but I actually felt at peace...I felt good that things were going to progress and we would meet our little baby at the end. I think a lot of it has to do with the guardian angels I have in heaven looking after me...I am not a religous person, I don't pray each day or thank god for every good thing. Not that I think thats wrong, its just not for me. However I do believe that there is something out there, that I will go to a good place when I die. This last year has reinforced that belief for me. I have lost 4 people + 3 babies and there is nothing like death to make you believe in life all over again. I can feel my guardian angels looking out for me...holding my hand and keeping me calm when I hsould have been freaking out. I have never felt alone at any point in this pregnancy. Thank you Marcia and Rogerio, Grandpa Jack and Uncle Ben...I love and miss you all so much.

Phew..that kind of got a little emotional, didn't it?? Onto happier things! yesterday was the 4th of July and Matt and I had a good day. We went to Babys-R-Us since they were having a pretty good sale and got some cute clothes for our little boy..all which only cost us $14. We then went and saw Transformers. It is an awesome movie and I highly recommend it if you like those huge action flicks.

I am feeling pretty good today...I am getting bigger every few days. Matt even said he noticed a difference since he say me on sunday..he is in the coast guard and has duty every few days. I still haven't really felt the baby move...maybe a few flutters and stuff but nothing substantial. I can't wait unitl he is kicking away in there!

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This week has been pretty slow at work so i am sitting at my desk surfing the internet for baby stuff and posting on preg.org. Bad, I know. Oh well...it is friday afterall.

I started our registries on Target and Babys-R-Us yesterday..I haven't really registered for anything yet as I want Matt's opinon on stuff too. My friend Misty is going to come shopping with us too so she can help me figure out what we need. Misty has 2 kids of her own, Ian (just turned 2) and little megan is was born at the end of March. Actually I found out I was pregnant the day after Megan was born. Pretty cool. I am excited about registering for everything but as I posted before quite overwhelmed with everything. I need to get registered soon too because we are having a shower in San Diego at the beginning of September. i want to give everyone plenty of time to get what they need before the party. Matt and I are really excited about going out there..the last time we were there was in January for our friends funerals....not a very nice visit. It will be good to go out and celebrate something good this time. I can't wait.

Matt is on duty this weekend so its just me and the doggies. I am making a trip up to Raleigh tomorrow to visit my mom and take advantage of some good maternity stores they have there. She is also making me some maternity clothes so it will be nice to try things on. She hasn't seen me since Mothers day..she will be surprised at how my belly has changed. It should be a good visit.

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My little man is growing like a weed...I really notice it in my belly pics this week. I feel like I popped out over night. I haven't really felt him move yet...maybe a few times but I am not really sure. Maybe he is at a weird angle and thats why I haven't felt him yet. I am sure it will be any day now though.

So I am starting a prenatal exercise class today..it is at a local gym and will be one day of pilates and strength training and one day of water aerobics. I am really excited to try it out. It will be really nice to get back into some sort of exercise routine and to meet some other pregnant women. Its not a cheap class but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Here is my updated Belly pic for this week:
15weeks/19 weeks

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Wow, I didn't realize it had been almost a week since I had updated my journal. Bad me!! I guess things have been moving right along so there hasn't been a lot to update.

I can't believe that I am going to be 20 weeks tomorrow, half way done! YAY for us! I am really starting to pop now..I actually feel quite pregnant now, if that makes any sense. I am also starting to feel my little man moving around..its such a weird feeling. If I hadn't been talking to other women about what it felt like I think I would consider it just gas and leave it at that. Smile I think he was actually kicking me this morning..righ on the lower left side. I know it will get more frequent from here on out and I am looking forward to it.

We had a busy weekend last weekend. Matt and I went to Target and registered for quite a bit of stuff. I am going again tonight with my friend Misty so that she can help me with the stuff I wasn't sure about..you know, what kind of bottles are best for breats feed babies and anything else we forgot. I am really having a hard time choosing a crib though..I know that I want a white one and as soon as I find one I like, I start to rethink my decision. I am sure I will like a different crib next week. LOL

Matt and I also started to clean out the junk from the nursery. Right now it is being used as our cat room and a place for extra stuff. It was good that we did that though because it forced us to get rid of a lot of stuff. I finally let go of stuff I have been holding onto....it was a big weekend. Smile

The prenatal classes I went to last week were fun. I was really sore from a lot of the leg work that she had us do on tuesday. Thursday was great because we got into the pool. I really need to find a new swimsuit though as the maternity one didn't hold my boobs in to well.

Speaking of boobs...anyone else having a heck of a time finding a bra that actually fits these hugemongus boobs??? I am getting really frustrated by the lack of large size bras out there that aren't totally ugly. All of the larger bras I have found are like 40+ DDD's and above..I need a 38DDD. Not an easy one to find...I even went to lane Bryant. I think I am going to have to shop online for one.

Well here is an updated Belly SHot for ya:

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20 weeks 1 day!

I AM HALFWAY DONE!!! YAY!! I am so excited that I have made it this far. What a relief.

So we finished our registry's monday night..its nice to have that pretty much done and not hanging over my head. I am having a hard time finding nursery furniture though...I can't seem to decide on what style I want. I am also worried about the height of the changing table...I am 5'9 and matt is 6'3 so we need a changing table that it kind of high. We can't be bending so far over each time we change a diaper that our back starts to ache. That will not be fun. I think we are going to have to buy the dresser/changing table style..those seem to be higher up.

Oh I almost forgot...my mom bought us the crib bedding set we have been wanting. I am so excited! Its called Pirates Cove by Cotton Tale and is absolutely adorable. I have no clue when it will arrive but hopefully its fairly soon. I went ahead and ordered some of the accessories too. Now all I need to do is figure out how we are going to paint the walls. I have a few ideas but will have to talk it out with Matt.

Here is a picture of the bedding we want:

I finally ordered some bras that I am hoping will work. I ordered them from Layne Bryant and will see how they fit when I get them. They are just a basic cotton bra so they should be good to go. Keep your fingers crossed!

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21 Weeks!

Another week down....19 more to go. Overall I am feeling pretty good..I am feeling lots of twinges and small cramps in my belly, not to mention my little man moving around. I feel huge by the end of the day though after eating all day...speaking of eating. My appetite is huge right now! I feel like I am constantly eating during the day...I am trying to eat healthy snacks but it is not easy.

So one of my best friends had her baby over the weekend. Everyone is doing great and little Jakob is so freaking adorable. They live in southern CA so I won't be able to meet him until we go out for labor day weekend. I am so excited. The labor went pretty well I think..she was in active labor at the hospital for about 18 hours though she had been having contractions all week. Jakob came into the world upside down (facing up) so momma's tail bone is hurting her quite a bit. He also had some amniotic fluid in his stomach so he had a lot of gas at the beginning...once they suctioned it out, he was feeling much better. They are home from the hospital now and very happy. I am just so excited for them and this makes me want to be there sooo bad! Not to mention anxious to meet my little guy too.

I wonder a lot of time, how my labor will be. I am not really scared of the pain but just not knowing what is going to happen. I was breach when I was born so my mom had to have a C-section. I am really hoping that I am able to deliver naturally (most likely with an epideral) but a vaginal birth is what I want. I also want our baby to be healthy so whatever I need to do to help him come into the world that way, I will do.

Here is an updated belly shot:

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21 Weeks 2 days

I have my OB appt tomorrow and I am getting kind of nervous. Its nothing big just a regular checkup and a listen to the heartbeat with a doppler. I know that this nervousness is steming from my previous losses but it still seems kind of silly to me. I can feel the baby moving around most of the day and I still feel and def. look pregnant so I am sure everythign is just fine. There is just one thing...Matt most likely isn't coming to the appt tomorrow. I told him that it wasn't a big deal and that he would probably be bored anyway but I think deep down I really want him there. Him just being there gives me that extra support I need. The last time he didn't come to an appt with me was during my last pregnancy and my doc did a surprise ultrasound and we couldn't find the baby. Is it weird that I am feeling like this? I know its silly to think that just becuase matt isn't at this appt with me that everything is going to go wrong...my rational brain is def. telling me that BUT that doesn't keep my heart from remembering what happened last time. Know what I mean? We are just so in love with this little man and have made so many plans for him already that I can't imagine losing him now. Ok..no more negative thoughts...positive thoughts wherever you are..I need you! LOL

On a better note...I am getting my hair cut, colored and my eyebrows waxed today so that will help relax me a little bit. I am really looking forward to it..my hair is looking like crap right now and you don't even want to see my eyebrows!

Update you more tomorrow after my appt!

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21 weeks 3 days

I am back from my doctors appt and everything is good. I knew I was worried for nothing. We found the baby's heartbeat and it sounded very healthy. I like the doctor I saw, she was very nice and attentive to me. She is the first doctor that I have seen that noticed the Vitiligo that I have on my face (Vitiligo is a condition where you lose the pigment in your skin) and asked if I have had my thyroid tested. Which I told her, not since I have been pregnant. I did have my thyroid tested after my last loss and actually when I first found out about this condition a few years ago. So she took some blood to test for it just as a precaution. Better to be safe than sorry. I also had her look at some moles on my back that I have noticed white circles around (i thought is was from my Vitiligo), she wants me to see a dermatologist to have some of them checked out. I am not one to bake out in the sun, in fact I dont' even lay out in the sun at all anymore. So I am really not too worried about it but i will call and get a referral to see one soon.

All in all it was a good appt. My next appt is in 4 weeks and they will do my Gestational Diabetes test then. Hopefully that comes back ok. Oh and I did gain another 5 pounds or so...I think that makes 17-19 lb gain in total....a little more than I wuold like right now but I am trying to eat healthy and doing some form of exercise each day. Oh well...I will just keep trying to eat healthy though that is not always easy. especially when you are craving the sweets! Smile

I finally got my new bras from Layne Bryant in the mail yesterday...I think they will work for a little while. At least I don't feel like I am falling out of my bra. I had to order a 38DDD too! Phew..no wonder I have gained so much weight...it is all in these huge melons!!! LOL

More later....

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22 Weeks today!

Guess what???? I finally felt our little man kick yesterday. I was just sitting here at my desk and poof I felt a kick..no mistaking it. It was amazing ...and then there was another kick! He has been really active this morning too..I have felt him kicking off and on since 8 am. It is so exciting. :wootjump: Now to just feel him on the outside of my belly!

I can't believe that tomorrow is August 1st...this year has really been flying by. This also means that it is just one more month until we fly out to San Diego. I am so freaking excited for this trip and it seems like it can't come fast enough. I can't wait to see my friends again. I miss them all so much.

OMG..I almost forgot about something. The crib bedding came on saturday! It is sooo freaking adorable. I can't wait to decorate the nursery...it is going to look so good. We are still a ways away from painting and wallpapering but we will get there. We have to tear up the carpet and clear the room, take off the dog border that is currently in the room along with the chair rail that is dividing the walls (not sure if we will repaint it or leave it off completly), then prime and paint and wallpaper. fun, fun, fun!!! Once the new carpet is in..we can put the bookshelf together and start putting our baby things in the room. I also have to buy the furniture...decisions, decisions!!

Well I guess thats it for now. Here is my weekly belly shot for ya:

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22 weeks 3 days

Thank god its friday! I am feeling very unmotivated today...I am sitting here at work trying to do anything but actually work. Its bad I know but I can't help it! Oh well only an hour and 15 more min of doing nothing...then on to the relaxing weekend.

Speaking of the weekend...we don't have a lot planned but we do want to work on the nursery a little bit. At least do some measuring so we know how much wallpaper to buy. I want to get that ordered so we can begin to work on that once it comes in. The nursery is going to look fab...everytime I look at the bedding I just smile imagining this wonderfully bright and playful room for our little man.

So I found out yesterday that DH is thinking again about Sullivan for a first name but now maybe wants it as a middle name...:shock: Each time we have brought up names, he has said that Sullivan was his top name, etc, etc. Well I guess we are all entitled to change our mind but I wonder where that came from really. I hope that there isn't someone out there telling him not to name our son that though he isn't really one to succomb to peer pressure. Oh well...looks like we have more name discussions coming in our future! Ethan is still my top name though.

Well that burned a whole 8 min there! Not bad. LOL.

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23 Weeks Today!

Time sure is flying and yet I feel like I still have so much to do. Oh wait, I really do have a lot to do! LOL We still have a little over 4 months to get things together...thats enough time right???? I think the next few months are going to fly by too. August is proving to be a pretty busy month as we have appts and travel scheduled. We are goign to MD this weekend to see Matt's family (8 hour car ride should be a ton of fun!) and then we are finally off on our trip to San Diego at the end of August. I have doc appts, dentist appts, hair appts and prenatal exercise classes to keep me busy until then. I think we will really hunker down and get things finished after our trip to SD...it won't feel quite as busy then.

So we are having a little bit of problems with Tircare (military insurance). Instead of retyping everything here is a copy of the post I posted on the December board:
My Insurance Co makes me want to SCREAM!!!! They are wanting me to switch doctors at freakin 22 weeks pregnant???? Arrggghhhh. We are fighting it but still this is really frustrating..I totally started crying on friday as this has been very frustrating and I love my doctors.

Ok so here is the situation. We have military insurance and live in a remote area where there is no base so we have to see Civilian doctors. I have to get a referral to every specialist I see, including the OBGYN. Last fall I was pregnant and got a referral to the OB i wanted to see...well I lost that baby but still had the referral (it just expired July 27th) so instead of getting a new referral I started going back the OB and knew I would have to get an extension once it expired (I was told I could do this by my primary doctor). Fine. Ok so now that I need the extension they aren't giving it to me for the same freaking office I have been going to. Why in the heck would I want to switch doctors more than halfway through my pregnancy? I don't get why they are doing this. My primary doctor has been great and has done the extnesion twice for me but they still won't approve it to the right office. My DH finally had to call on friday because they dont' seem to listen to me. Right now we are waiting a call back from the nurse that does the authorizations. It just really upsets me to change doctors...they know my history..I don't have to explain it to anyone anymore. I have had three freaking miscarriages...why can't they just work with me here!!!!!! Not to mention..I really don't like the other place they want to send me...It will not be fun at all.

Ok...I feel a little bit better. Keep your fingers crossed that they approve my extension. For the most part, military insurance has been great but living in a area where there are not a lot of doctors that take it can be rough.

We are still waiting for the nurse to call us back to figure this out. Matt said that he would call today and talk to them again. We need to keep bugging them until this is situated..now way are they going to make me change doctors without a fight!

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23 weeks 1day

Baby is kicking me right in the bladder today so that has been fun! I cna't imagine when he gets bigger and my bladder gets smaller..man I am going to have to wear a pad or something. Smile

So matt has been on the phone all day with Tricare trying to work out this insurance problem. He kept getting the run around by Tricare and then he had to actually call my primary care doctor and talk with his office....geeesshh. This is just crazy. They are acting like the last referal they gave me was something special. I just asked for it last fall and poof it was given too me..so why are they being such pain in the asses now??? I just don't get it! So now we are just waiting a call back from either my primary care doctor or tricare to let us know whats going on. Matt said he will just continue to bug them until they give us what we want. God I love him! He has been so great about this whole thing..totally there for me. I am also going to call another military wife that kind of went through the same thing when she was pregnant..she finally got her way so I am pretty sure we can work it out too. I just need to find out what she had to do in the end. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for us.

On other fronts...it is sooo freakin hot here! It was like 112 today..I had to run errands during lunch and man was I sorry I had to go outside. It was horrible. I can't believe that people are actually outside working in that heat..the humidity makes it hard to breathe. I guess its supposed to cool down sometime this weekend which is good. I feel bad for the dogs on days like this though...we can't take them for walks or to the park because of the heat and of course they don't understand that at all. They just look at us with those sad puppy dog eyes wanting us to SOMETHING with them. Hopefully this weekend will be better when we are up in MD..at least there are other dogs for them to play with.

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23 weeks 2 days

I am sorry to keep harping about this insurance issue but man this is totally frustrating. As I said yesterday Matt was on the phone yesterday with them 3 different times and also with our primary care doctor. My PCD is putting in another referral for us stating Continuity of Care with Carolina OBGYN listed and stared so they can't miss it! I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they accept it this time. I called Christine today (the other military wife) and talked to her about what she had to do..she got throught hte system with the Continuity of Care clause and also by the fact that one of the doctors at her OB was on the approved Tricare list so whenever she called she just mentioned her doctor rather than the actual Practice she was going to (they weren't on the "list"). I also called my OB office and they gave me some great insight into what is going on. They decided that when their contract was up with Tricare that they would not renew it...this is why they are no longer on the "list". BUT they will still see me with an approved authorization. Phew! She told me a great way to get around the fact that they want to send me elsewhere...the other place they want to send me has a huge waiting list...like 3 months to get an appt. There is no way that I can wait that long being 23 weeks pregnant. So we have to call Tricare and tell them that I can't get into the other place but Carolina can get me in right away and they should give me the approval. I really hope it works. Matt and I did agree that we would wait on this referral that my PCM is putting in and if they don't approve it, we will go this route. At least I feel a little bit more confident now. I just REALLY don't want to go to this other practice! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Everything else is going good today. We are leaving tomorrow for MD..it will be nice to get away even if its just for the weekend.

Update more later...

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24 weeks 3 days

Well the boards were down at the beginng of the week or I would have posted earlier. Man it has been an emotional roller coaster the last few days. We are still working through this stupid insurance issue...as of right now we are waiting a call back from someone fairly high up in the Tricare chain who in turn is supposed to be talking to the head of the North region about my case. They are still trying to make me go to the clinic that I don't want to go to..we even had the insurance lady from Carolina OB (the office I want to go to) call Tricare and say that they will take me with a valid authorization # but Tricare still wouldn't approve it because Carolina is not on the apporved Tricare list...AHHH. Did you not hear what the lady just said!!! We finally had to get the Coast Guard involved to help us out..I had to type up this email listing everything that has happend over the last year...listing all three of my losses and when they happened..who I saw, why I don't want to go to the other clinic and why I want to stay with Carolina. It was hard rehashing all of that stuff but if it will get me the approval I need, I will do it. Hopefully we hear back something today as I have my next doc appt next friday...if I dont' have my authorization #, I won't be able to go and then I dont' know what we will do. I won't be able to get into this other clinic for months (this is part of the reason I don't wnat to go there) and I need to see a doctor...I mean I am 6 months pregnant afterall! So yeah..all of this has been going on the last few days. I spend most of tuesday afternoon crying and Matt just couldn't understand why I was so upset. Hello! I am a hormonal pregnant woman! I am allowed to cry if I need to..right???

Ok, onto other things. I AM 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! Hooray! I still can't believe it sometimes..it feels like this pregnancy has gone by pretty quickly. We still have a lot to do to get ready for our little man but we have 4 months to do it..I think we can make it. 2 more weeks and we will be on our way to sunny San Diego...I can't wait!! I am so freaking excited to see my friends. They are planning this wonderful party for us..I dont' know what I woudl do without friends like that. I want to do something special for them but I don't know what just yet. Thank you cards just don't seem to cut it in this case..KWIM??? Please feel free to PM me with any suggestions!

So I have decided that I want to take some pregnancy photos. We have been threw so much to get this far and I want to document this wonderful time in our lives. After much searching and asking around, I finally found the photographer that I want to do it. Here is her website.. http://www.beachykeenphotography.com/default.htm . She has some beautiful and very personal photos in her gallery and that is exactly what I want and her prices are very reasonable. I am going to contact her today so we can setup a good time to do them. I am so excited! What do you think about giving some copies of these photos as gifts to my wonderful friends? They woulnd't get them while we are out there but I can ship them laer...what do you think???

One other thing to note here (I told you I mean to post earlier!)..matt finally felt the baby kicking from the outside. We were laying in bed the other night and I told him to put his hand on my belly and FINALLY our little man kicked! It was so exciting! I can't wait to have my friends see and feel my belly move while we are in SD. The miracle of life is just so amazing.

Oh and check out my latest Belly pic...I have really popped:

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You would not believe what I just found out...it looks like Tricare is approving me to see my doc's! I am ecstatic! I just couln'd imagine what we would have had to go through had they not done the approval. This just makes my life and the rest of my pregnancy so much easier. This is a huge relief. Yahoo

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25 Weeks!

Only 105 days to go..I can't believe it! Time is really flying by.

As I posted before, this insurance mess is FINALLY straightened out. I am so happy that they went ahead and approved me to keep going to my current doctors. We actually found out that the person that helped us the most is the insurance lady at my current doc office. What a wonderful woman she is! I think I am going to try and find her when I am in the office on friday and thank her personally. Boy am I glad that is over.

Speaking of doc visits..I have my next one on friday. They will be doing the 1 hour GD test..I am not too nervous about the test itself..i am more nervous of the outcome or rather if I get a postive result..then I have to go in for the 3 hour test and I have heard horror stories about that one. Well, we will see how things go on friday. I am just excited about (hopefully) hearing the baby heart beat again. I will also be able to schedule my next ultrasound to check on my low lying placenta. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it has in fact moved up and we will not have to worry about that come delivery day.

Little Ethan (no we have not decided on his name yet but I want to try it out) is moving around a lot and kicking me throughout the day. Sometimes its more than others but i have attributed it to anything just yet. I just love watching my belly move around when he is kicking a lot..it is just amazing.

10 more days and we will be in San Diego! I am sooo excited for this trip. I am now trying to figure out what to wear to the shower..should I look for a dress or should I wear a nice top and shorts??? Hmmm..I am think dress but then I will have to go buy something as I don't have a summery dress right now..they are all black. Maybe I can find one at Motherhood for cheap..I am going to have to hit the Mall this weekend I think. I am trying to get Matt into dressing somewhat nicely as well..I mean these people are coming out to see us and it would be nice if we actually looked good. Guys just don't get this though. Oh well.

Here is my updated belly pic for the week:

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I got it...what do you think about Mason Kail??? I love it and he would have the same initals as DH and DH's brother. The middle name could be spelled a few different ways...Kael, Kale or Kail. Now I just need to get DH to agree to it.

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25 weeks 3 days

Well I had my monthly doc appt this morning along with the 1 hour GD test. All went well and I passed the test. Phew..that is a relief. The test itself wasn't that bad actually...the drink was really sweet and it was hard to have that taste in your mouth for an hour but it wasn't THAT bad. I also saw my doc..she listened to the hearbeat (sounded great) and measured my belly which she said was right on track. We talked about my trip next week to SD and she said I should be fine but to drink lots of water and move around while on the long flights. She also had them make a copy of my records to bring with me as a precaution.

I also signed up for some classes while I was there...a breast feeding class on the 11th and lamaze classes for the month of October. My next doc appt is on the 21st where they will do another u/s to check where my placenta is and hopefully it has moved up and out of the way of my cervix.

So I told Matt about my name idea and he likes it except for the middle name...no kail...ok thats fine. Soooo, we are now thinking about Mason Kole or Mason Kaine...I like both of them but think I prefer Mason Kole. We will see what we end up deciding on.

have a great weekend!

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I forgot to mention that I have only gained 4 lbs in the last month..phew! After gaining like 8 lbs at my last appt (in a month) i was relieved at the huge lack of gain this time. So total weight gain has been 22 lbs...not too bad, right??? I am hoping to only gain about 30..do you think I can make it?? We will see...I really just want the baby to be healthy and I don't feel like I am over eating. We will see....

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26 Weeks!

Boy time is sure flying by, I can't believe that I only have 14 weeks until our little man arrives. Will I have everything done by then??? I sure hope so.

We actually got a lot done this weekend in the nursery. We pretty much gutted it...took out all the furniture, the carpet, the chair rail molding, and are in the process of taking down the border that was up. That is proving to be quite a task. That freakin border is stuck up there! I think we finally found a way to get it down a little bit quicker though so hopefully if we spend a little bit of time each night, we can have it done in a few days. Our new carpet is now on order and should take about 7-10 days to come in. I just hope we have the walls done before it is installed. With us leaving this weekend, we are down some free time but we will do what we can.
Here are some before pics of the room:

Pics of the Bedding and Wallpaper:

I ordered our new dressers for our mater bedroom today from IKEA. They should look really nice in there. Once they get here, we can take our current dressers out and paint them for the nursery. I am also going to order the crib and changing table tonight...I just need to get Matt's opinion on the changing table and we are all set. Ohh...its just sooo exciting.

Only 2 1/2 more days and we will be in San Diego! I am so freakin excited about this trip. I bought a really cute dress at Motherhood on Saturday for the shower along with some shoes. The dress is brown with burgundy and black trim..it fits great and will be very comfortable. I have talked Matt into wearing something semi-nice to the shower. You know how men are..they insist on wearing their usual shorts and t-shirts..not thinking that this is a nice occasion and calls for something a little bit more dressy. Oh well..as long as I don't have to see him in the camo shorts for one day, I am good. Smile We are going to take lots of pics, which I will post when we get back. Oh and we finally get to eat some good mexican! YUUUMMMM!! Oh and Souplantation too. My mouth is watering now. LOL

Here is my latest belly pic:

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26 weeks 2 days

We received our first shower gift yesterday....the high chair from our registry! I was so excited that I wanted to rip it open and put it together! LOL I also just found out that my dad is going to buy us our travel system...pretty cool.

So we leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I am so excited! We have everyday pretty much planned out except for Monday. Its is going to be a great weekend. It is kind of bittersweet though because we won't be spending time with one of our great friends...her and her husband died in a tragic accident last january. It is still hard to comprehend that she won't be there to celebrate with us. I know she will be there in spirit but it's not the same...we will miss her spunk and positivity. We are planning on going to her memorial site monday so I can tell her all about the party.

Alright well I need to get some lunch..this little man is hungry. I will write again when we get back.

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27 weeks, 2 days

It is the start of the third trimester for me. WHOOP!! I can't believe that I am that far along already. It feels like time has flown.

Ok, I have a lot to update in the journal so bare with me.

San Diego

First let me say how great it was to see everyone. I love my friends and am so very lucky to have them in my life.


We started out very eary on friday morning and got on a small plane to Atlanta...I started to get worried when my back was hurting after being on that plane for only 15 min. I knew it was going to be a long day at that point. We got to ATL and boarded a much larger plane to San Diego. I soon needed a blanket to put in my lower back due to it hurting again and then the swelling started. Ouch. I tried to drink as much water as I could but well you know how that goes. i was very happy to get off of that plane when we finally landed. We got our luggage and a very nice greeting from Natalie and her mom (natalie flew in just a few min before we did so we caught her at the luggage carousel). We waited forever for our luggage and off we went to get our car. We got upgraded for a very cheap price to a new Ford Mustang. It was a base model but well worth the extra $$..Matt had a great time driving it.

We make our way to my cousin Laurie's house in La Mesa and then off to lunch at Souplantation. Can I just say YUMMMM!! Matt and I were in heaven. LOL We then did a little shopping and made our way into Santee to our friends Lisa and Chads. I was very ready to rest a little as I was quite exhausted. It was getting very hot too so I was ready to sit inside in the AC. We ended up all talking for hours while we waited until dinner time to come around. Nicole drove down and hung out with us for a little while and we all went off to Pat & Oscars for dinner. It was a great time. Jen showed up as did Natalie and my cousin. It was fun visiting with everyone. Here are a few pics from that night:

Jen, Nicole and I

The Girls

Laurie, Natalie and Lisa


I got up kind of early but not as early as I had thought I would due to the time change...I guess I needed my sleep. I took some time to read the book lisa gave me (the girlfriends guide to pregnancy) out on their front patio, enjoying the sun. Once everyone got up then we started to get thngs together for the party. The guys left to get Ice and the food and wahterver else guys do to waist time. LOL Us girls put the finishing touches on ourselves and the house so everything looked great. I couldn't wait to see everyone...i was getting very anxious. People started filing in and since it was so freakin hot, we all stayed inside where the AC was working overtime to cool everyone off. I couldn't believe all the gifts we received either..it was amazing. We had about 30 people there (not counting kids) and it seemed that everyone had a great time. It was hard to visit with everyone but we all know how that is. The food and cake was delicious and eveyone got their fill. I won't got into what all we got here as the list would be long but we got a lot of practical items...our bath tub, the diaper genie, teethers, blankets, some clothes, sheets...etc. i think you get the point. The big stuff was shipped to us and the rest we crammed into the extra suitcase we brought. Oh, one thing that my friend Julie made for us was a picture frame with these ship photos for the nursery...they go along with the Pirate theme and will look amazing in the nursery. Also nicole got me a gift certificate for our pregnancy photography session. I was shocked at that gift...not what i was expecting at all but so appreciated. here are some pics from the party:

Me and Kelly (she is due in just a few weeks)

The gift Julie gave us

Me opening up gifts:

Matt and I:

My Stepmom Becky, me and my Dad:

Me and baby Jakob (he is 6 weeks old)

Update more of the weekend later.....

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27 weeks 3 days

Ok so onto more about last weekend....


We got up and made our way north to Temecula to see the place our friends will be getting married next September and to go to a BBQ our other friends were throwing. The winery that the wedding will take place at is really pretty and will be perfect for their ceremony. Hopefully its not as hot as it was this past weekend! http://www.wienscellars.com/ . Everyone except for me did some wine tasting..I just lived vicariously through them. LOL

Once we were done at the winery, we made our way to Michell and Isaacs house for the BBQ. It was too hot to hang out outside but was still nice to sit and chat with everyone. I got to spend some more time with baby Jakob and also go through quite a bit of maternity clothes that michelle had. Needless to say we had to find another way to get all of this stuff home. We ended up buying a cheap duffle bag at Walmart for the rest of the stuff we got...it worked great and we were able to get everything home.

Here are some pics...

Julie and her new beau Karl:

Michelle, baby jakob and I:



We got up early to make our way back to San Diego to meet up with friends to visit the memorial site for Marcia and Rogerio, our friends that died back in january. I knew that this was going to be a hard morning but it was easier with everyone there. They have a beautiful spot on a terrace and we left sunflowers (her favorite flower) and some yellow roses (her favorite color). It was nice to spend some time with her and rogerio and reminice about the good times we all had. I miss her so much and it is hard to be going through this pregnancy without her. She was such a bright light in all of our lives. I forgot my camera so I will post pics once I get them from the girls.

After visitng the memorial site, we made our way into east county to have lunch and hang out at the mall (with the AC). it seems like everyone else in east county had the same idea and the mall was packed with people. We had Rubios for lunch (yummmm) and then walked around the mall.

Once we started to get tired, we went over to Chad and Lisa's to hang out before having dinner with my dad. I was getting tired and needed to sit down anyway so it was nice to spend some extra time with them. We left a little after 6 and went to my dad's house for dinner. SInce it was so hot we went to Claim Jumpers for dinner instead of cooking at their house. It was really nice to spend some alone time with my dad as I dont' get to all that often. We left his house at about 9 to check into our hotel..we were both exhausted. I got us the hotel with my reward points so we ended up paying 10 bucks total for the room..not bad, right?? In the process of us getting ready, Matt got himself locked in the bathroom so I had to call maitnenance to get him out. He was quite embarrased! I just laughed at the situation. Smile


Nothing too exciting to report except that the plane rides home were much worse than on the way out. My back started hurting quite early and the swelling got pretty bad. It hurt to even walk in my flip flops. We got into Wilmington at about 6:30 and all of our luggage made it with us. YAY!!! We picked up the dogs, did laundry and tried to go to bed at a decent hour but the time change was fooling us. LOL I got up for work the next morning exhausted but knew that I had to go in.

So back to today...I have pretty much recovered from the trip. My feet and hands are back to normal and my back is finally feeling better. I can't wait to sleep in a little bit tomorrow too. We received some of the gifts that were shipped to us last night...the travel system, bathtub and the diaper genie. We are still waiting for a few more items but it is sooo exciting to have things on hand now. I just need to figure out where to put everything until the nursery is finished. The house is a mess and unfortunatly there is not much I can do about it right now. I am going to order the crib this weekend so it will be here by the time the carpet is put in. We are goign to a baby sale tomorrow so hopefully we can find a changing table for pretty cheap and maybe some other items we need. We will see what we find!

Have a great weekend!!

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I just saw a post on the December board that Sarah (uropachild) just lost her baby at 25 weeks. I am jsut in shock. I have no clue what happened just yet just that she is in the hospital or something. It is just so sad. Sarah has been through so much this last year, after losing her son zane at full term to vasa previa. How can this happen again to her? I dont' wish something like this happening to anyone but why does it have to happen to someone that has already gone through a late term loss? My heart is just breaking for her.

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28 weeks 1 day

Boy it has been a busy weekend...so much going on at home and on the boards. As I mentined in my previous post, Sarah lost her baby Ada at 25 weeks..it is just heartbreaking. I was so saddened by it that I wasn't able to get on the boards all weekend..I needed the time to process what had happened and try not to let it freak me out too much in my own pregnancy. They really don't know what caused this to happen just yet but basically little Ada's heart just stopped beating sometime friday morning. Sarah then had to have a C-Section (all went great thankfully) and was able to spend some time with Ada. I just am so hearbroken for her and Scott...how can this happen to them again?? I just don't get it. Why are some women able to have kids left and right when they really don't want them and some want them so much but can't have them. I know that there has got to be some reason this happens but I just don't see it yet. I wish there was more I could do for Sarah as she has been such an inspiration to so many of us. This tragedy really makes me thankfull for this little boy I am carrying....for each and every kick and movement I feel. I just can't imagine what Sarah must be going through.

Ok so for the weekend at home....we got up early Sat morning to go to a big sale that the Mother of Twins group puts on twice a year. We were able to find some great stuff for pretty cheap. We then came home and got started on painting the nursery. We primed the trim and the walls on saturday and then actually painted the trim on sunday. We spent sunday morning getting some great closet organizer stuff from a lady at work...it is going to look so great in our closets and she didn't want any $$ for them. We got quite lucky in that deal. The house is a freakin mess right now...baby stuff and furniture is everyone in the house...we have no where to put anything. We are also going to have to move all of the furniture out of the guest room soon so that the new carpet can be installed...I have no clue how we are going to get that to work but I am sure Matt will figure it out. We can't really move anything into the nursery until the carpet comes in either. I should take some pics of the house right now so you can all see what I am talking about...its pretty hilarious.

So our new dressers from Ikea came in monday...we were able to put one together monday night but haven't been able to put mine together yet. We will do that tonight. We had our first breast feeding class last night and it was quite informative. I took home a lot of literature to read and I am also goign to sign up for a few other classes at the Breast Feeding Center...one is a 2 hour class for introduction to breast feeding and the other is one for breast feeding and going back to work. I will probably take them sometime in November as they want you to take them pretty close to your due date.

Here are a few updated belly shots for ya:

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28 weeks 2 days

Boy am I exhausted today. I haven't been sleeping well and am just getting more uncomfortable each day. I can't imagine what its going to be like in a month or 2 months. I have my prenatal massage this saturday so I am hoping that helps my back pain. I also think all this work with the nursery is catching up with me...we have not really slowed down since we got back from San Diego and we really don't have the time to slow down until the nursery is painted.

I got great news yesterday after work. DH's cousin Regina is going to be giving us her Ameda hospital grade breast pump! How cool is that??? Now I don't have to worry about that expense any longer. I am so thankful to her right now. She bought it when her son Seth was born and only used it a few times. She is currently pregnant but won't be able to breastfeed due to her thyroid medication, which she has to take. All I need to do it buy new breast shields for it. I am so excited! That was the one item I was stressing about actually...I need a good pump since I will be going back to work but wasn't sure if we would get it at a shower so we would have to pay the $200+ for one. Phew..what a load off. We will be able to get it from her when we go up to MD at the end of the month.

Well we were able to finish putting our dressers together last night. Our room looks so much better with that furniture. I have so much more room for my clothes too...its awesome.

Tonights project....tape up the nursery so we can paint the top half of the walls blue AND finish priming the closet.

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29 Weeks!

Wow, one more week and I will be 30 weeks...I can't believe how time is flying by. Only 11 more weeks to go now. I am just hoping that we get everything done before this little man arrives.

We had a very productive weekend. I played hooky on friday because I was just exhausted and needed the day to relax a little. Boy did it help. I spent all morning on the couch catching up on my soap (Y&R) and watching a Baby Story. It was awesome. DH came home early and we got started on painting the room the first coat of blue. Here are some pics:

Saturday started off with my first prenatal massage...it was quite nice actually. She said my shoulders and my gluets were tight. The lower back pain I have been having is from the tightness in my butt...how in the heck did that happen. LOL

We then started working on the stripes in the nursery...this took us a while to get setup but I am just amazed at how it turned out. Here are some pics:

Sunday was another day to paint and clean up....oh and for FOOTBALL!!! Yeah..I love football and can't wait to catch some games on sunday. Anyway...we taped off for the red paint and then got to painting. We ended up having to do two coats but it just looks fantastic. Here is the semi-finished product:

We are not done yet..we have to wallpaper one wall which we are going to work on in the next few nights. The carpet is being installed on friday afternoon and then we can get to working on putting the furniture together. It is going to look so great in there when its all done. I am just thrilled at how its turned out so far.

I will post more pics as we get done with things.

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So I just found out that our friends Al and Kelly are at the hospital about to have their baby! Her contractions are 3 - 6 min apart. This is soooo exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it.

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Duh...in all that excitement, I forgot to post my belly pic. Here is the one for this week. I don't really notice a difference from last week.

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29 w 1 day

Kelly delivered a healthy 7 lb boy at 8:30pm PT last night. She is doing good from what I hear and so is the baby. I don't have pics yet but hopefully will soon. I am so excited for them. Welcoem to the world Trey!

So, I am doing good today..I am tired but that is to be expected since we were up until 11 finished the wallpaper. We got it all done though and it looks great. It was a lot of work but well worth it. I will post pics once we get stuff in there.

I called some day care places yesterday and we are going to visit one of them today. They are a 4 star facility and are not far from our house. One of my colleagues recommended them actually so I am confident that they are good. One of the other places we are looking at has a year waiting list so that is def. not one we can go to right away. I am sure we will find one we like though.

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So much seems to be happening now that its hard for me to keep up. I am glad that i have this journal to at least have things written out.

I made an appt to tour a local Pediatricians office today. We go next thursday morning. Its the same peds office that our friends take their kids to so I am pretty confident that we will like them. What I thought was great is that they have three separate waiting areas..one for sick kids, one for well kids and a third for infants and breastfeeding mommas. Pretty cool.

I also ordered our crib today. WHOOOPPP!!! I am so excited to get it. We ordered it from walmart too...the last place I thought I would find a crib that both DH and I liked. We should be able to pick it up at the store by October 3rd. We still have a lot of stuff to get but hopefully we get some at our next shower and from family.

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29 weeks and 3 days!

We had a great doctors appt this morning...I am still on cloud 9 from being able to see our little man again. He has gotten so big..he won't even fit all in one screen anymore. He is weighing in at a little over 3 lbs and all other measurements are normal. So for the other good news....my placenta has in fact moved up! YAY! This is great news because it means I have a good chance of having a vaginal delivery and not a C-section. This makes me very happy and relieved. Also, he is already head down and they say that he probably won't change before delivery. I was a little concerned about this because I was breach when I was born and I had no clue how his birth would turn out. They also checked out the level of amniotic fluid and that was normal too. Like I said...it was a great appt with tons of good news. My docs keep reminding me to go to the dermatologist and I keep forgetting so I have to get on that. Its just a pain in the ass wiht our insurance so I think thats why I have been kind of putting it off.

So my weight today was pretty good...I think just a few pounds since last month..4 at the most. I can't remember what I weighed last time so I am not totally sure how much I have gained. I am getting close to hitting that 200 lb mark which I have never in my life weighed. Its ok though because that will be about a 30lb weight gain for me and I don't think thats all that bad..do you? As long as he is healthy..I am fine with that.

We nailed down a date for the NC baby shower. It will be on November 3rd at around 2pm. I am really excited for it...we should have a great time. One of my best friends from childhood will be driving up from FL to come to the shower...she will win the farthest traveled award! Her husband and son are coming too and I can't wait to see them. Its been a while since we saw each other last.

I know I am forgetting something else, oh pics from the u/s. I will post them once I can get home and scan them in. He is just adorable already! We got some great face shots too..Matt says that he looks like his dad...I can't see it yet but I wouldn't be surprised.

Have a great day!

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I knew I was forgetting something else. I wanted to update this journal with our name choices as of right now. We have 4 that we are deciding upon and I have a feeling that we won't make the decision until he is born. That's ok though, right?? Smile

In no particular order:


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29 w 6 days

I finally got the ultrasound pics scanned in over the weekend. Here they are:

Face pics. These are with the top of his head all the way to the right and he is looking straight at you. The middle one is our favorite....

This one is of his legs...his bum is to the right and ankles to the left. He has his ankles crossed too...

Sooo what name do you think after you have seen these photos?? I think maybe Jonah.....

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31 weeks 1 day!

Phew it has been a busy last few days which is why its been hard for me to update the journal....I can't believe I didn't update at all last week. OOPPS! Oh well, I will get caught up now.

Last week was pretty uneventful...it was Matt's birthday on the 26th, we didn't do anything special..just ordered dinner and had cake and ice cream.

We toured a pediatricians office on the 27th and we really liked it. It is big, clean and everyone we met was very nice. I don't see the need to go anywhere else..we like this practice and they take our insurance. YAY!!! Soo, all we have to do is tell the hospital when we have our little man that we want this practice as our pediatrician and they will see him in the hospital. They will also perform the circumcision there too. All we have to do now is just check with our insurance company to see if there is anything we need to do for them before the baby arrives.

Friday I took a half day from work as we were driving 8 hours up to Maryland to visit Matt's family. The drive was not fun and I am really glad we aren't planning on doing that again for a while. Saturday we hung out for a bit with the in laws and then we all made our way to Baltimore for a party that was supposed to be for Matt's birthday...a surprise party. Guess who the surprise was on??? ME!!! They planned a surprise baby shower for us...well matt knew about it and had kept it from me this whole time. That stinker!!! We had a great time and his family got us sooo much stuff. I couldn't believe it. It was a great party and I feel so lucky to be loved so much by his family. They are all really great people. His aunts went in together and bought us the swing we wanted (160.00) and we also got the bouncy chair, stuff for the nursery, clothes, blankets, pacifiers, bottles, stuff for the car, etc, etc...we got a lot of stuff. We have one more shower planned in NC on the 3rd so hopefully we get the rest of the the things we need there...if not, we will just use the $$ and gift cards for the rest of it.

Sunday we all just vegged and watched football. I was quite exhausted actually..I think it was from all the excitement of the day before. it was nice to just lay around but I was also getting ansy..I was ready to come home and sleep in my own bed.

Monday was a driving day..we got up early and hit the road. It didn't seem to take as long to drive back but it still sucked. We got home about 4 pm and had a few hours to sort things out before our first lamaze class at 7:30. We found out that our crib had arrived and so we ate quickly and picked it up. We got it home and quickly opened up the box to check it out...my first reaction was not a good one. The description says White but its not white..its like an off white or a cream. Everything else that is going to go in the nursery is pure white so this kind of clashes. It has actually turned out ok now that we have it put together....I am just picky like that. I had in my head how everything was goign to look and in my head it all matched. Oh well..the crib is adorable so I will just live with the color difference. Now all we need is the changing table, glider and ottoman, crib mattress and the dresser. The dresser we already have, it just needs to be painted.

So back to monday night...we went to our first lamaze class and it was really nice. I have already learned a lot about those early stages of labor. It is a 5 week class and the last class we actually take a tour of the hospital. I am excited for that. So the more I think about the kind of birth I want to have, I am thinking I want it to be totally drug free. I am going to really try to go natural...I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I know that an epidural helps ease the pain but it can also slow labor down and may have other side effects to me and the baby..I am not sure if I want that. My ancestors did it so why can't I??? Who knows if this will actually happen but this is what I am going to try for as of now.

Yesterday, I went back to work and spent most of the day just getting caught up on emails and stuff. I had my wonderful prental exercise class and matt and I spent the night putting stuff together. Its fun getting all the baby stuff up...it makes everything feel some much more real. I can't believe that he will be here in about 9 weeks...freakin crazy!

So that is all that has happened in the last week...I told you it would was busy! LOL

Here are some belly pics from last week. I keep forgetting to take them this week so those will be a littls late.

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31 weeks 6 days!

Another week begins...hopefully this one is filled with good stuff and goes by quickly.

We had a pretty good weekend...we didn't do all that we wanted to do but all in all it was good. We went for our maternity photography session on saturday afternoon and it was great. Lisa, our photographer was really nice and I think we got some great shots. I can't wait to see some of the preliminaries. Hopefully she sends some soon. Sunday we made our way down to Riverfest (it is an Octoberfest like festival that we have downtown each year) to look at all the cool stuff that people are selling. We found one pirate booth with a few cool things for the nursery. We were tired out from walking so we both layed on the couch for most of the afternoon watching football. I had planned on getting more done but oh well!!! Everyone needs a veg day eveyonce in a while. LOL

I had my 32 week check up today and everything is going good. Our little man kept kicking the doppler when she was listening to his heart rate..it was very cute. I met with a new doctor at the practice and she was very nice....so far I have been really lucky with the docs I have seen..they have all be great. I see her again in 2 weeks for my next appt. They said my BP was good, I gained another 2 lbs and I have a little bit of protein in my urine but she wasn't too concerned about that. We will see how things continue to go.

Tomorrow is my dermatologist appt. I have quite a few issues for this doctor to figure out! My moles (if there is a problem with any of them), a rash on my inner thigh (my doc thinks its a yeast type infection) and then a diagnosis on my Vitiligo (if thats what it really is and what, if anything, we can do about it). I am not sure if we will be able to solve anything tomorrow but I hope to at least come away with some information.

We have our second lamaze class tonight..I am quite excited about it actually. Tonight we are going over some breathing techniques and pain medication during the active phase of labor. Should be quite interesting.

Update more tomorrow...

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32 Weeks! 8 weeks to go...

Today has been a pretty good day though I think I am coming down with a cold. I woke up with a sore throat and have had the sniffles all freakin day not to mention the sore throat has not gone away. I am hoping its just a 24 hour thing and tomorrow morning I will wake up to feeling like myself again. If not...I may have to stay home to rest and fight it off so that it doesn't get bad. Thats the last thing I need right now is to be sick!

I saw the dermatologist this morning and things went really well. He found one questionable mole that they scrapped to send off to be biopsied though he thinks it just looks bad because it is right on my bra strap line which caused trama to the mole. I should hear back about that in a week. I am not worried just yet. He also looked at my rash and prescribed me some cream to use...it should clear it up in about 2 weeks. He also noticed my Vitiligo right away...well most people notice it right away becuase its on my forehead but whatever. Anyway, he seems confident that he might be able to treat it. I almost jumped up and down right there! I have been living with this for the last 2+ years and always thought that there was nothing I could do about it..i just had to live with losing my skin pigmentation on my forehead. I have to wait until after this little boy is born to use it though as not enough testing has been done to prove that it is safe during pregnancy. Thats cool though, I have been living with this for a long time now, whats a few extra months?? Just keep your fingers crossed that it does actually work.

Here are my updated belly shots:

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32 weeks 3 days

Boy I have been feeling like crap the last few days! So when I said in my last post that I thought I was coming down with a cold...boy that was an understatement! This cold is driving me crazy. I stayed home on wednesday and then went home half a day yesterday..I have just been miserable. Its just hard to be sick like this and not really be able to take anything for it. I broke down last night and took some tylenol which actually did help a little bit. Today I am sticking it out at work and am just trying to load up on water and juices. I think its on its way out though and I should be back to normal sometime this weekend.

Other than this cold, things are going fine with the pregnancy...he is kicking a lot..keeping me from worrying about him. My dermatologist called yesterday to tell me that the results of the mole biopsy they did tuesday came back fine...no cancer or anything. YAY! I just need to get the rest of my moles checked every year or so for any abnormalities.

I am so glad that its friday even though this day is dragging by! I am going to try and go to a La Leche metting tomorrow morning..its at the breastfeeding center so I can kill two birds with one stone and check that place out too.

Have a good weekend!

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33 weeks today!

Well I am feeling much better today than I have been feeling. The cold is pretty much on its way out, just some lingering sniffles and coughs but the body aches have gone away. I have noticed though that the headaches are coming back on a daily basis..I am sure its nothing to worry about and so far they have been liveable but I really don't want to take anything for them so hopefully they don't get too bad.

The weekend went pretty well, we went out and shopped for Pirate stuff for the nursery on saturday and since the weather has cooled off, we took the dogs downtown for a walk. They love it down there. Sunday was a lot of cleaning and reorganizing...trying to make room for bottles and other plastic stuff in the kitchen. Matt also finished priming the dresser..i can't wait until its done and I can finish washing little man's stuff and put it all away.

The shower invites for our Nov. 3rd shower went out last week and they are adorable. I am hoping that we get the rest of the stuff we need or close to it, that way we won't have to worry about anything especially if he decides to come early. I also emailed my boss my "best case scenario" maternity leave schedule. I really hope that he is able to work out what I want pay wise....it will make things much easier. We will see what the higher-ups say about it. I don't see why I can't get what I want..i have been here for 4 1/2 years now..i think that should count for something.

So yesterday was kind of a hard day, actually as I posted on PAL, it was a bitter sweet day. The 15th is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness day so I took the time to reflect on my previous angel babies and then to be so thankful for this little man I am carrying in my belly right now. I can't help but smile each time he moves around and kicks me...its an amazing feeling.

Since its the start of a new week, here are my updated belly shots. I feel huge!:

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33 w 2 days!

Not a whole bunch has happened since I posted here last but I still felt the need to journal a little bit. It is getting so close now and I keep thinking about when I go into labor and how and when it will happen. I am not really nervous just anxious. Its hard not knowing how your own labor will go..you can read all you want to about the different kinds of labor but in the end, anything can happen. Its hard to prepare for that. I have an idea of what I want but am not going to leave the other options off of the table. I was reading the birth stories on the October 07 board yesterday and kept seeing how many women went into the labor process not wanting any drugs but in the end ended up getting that Epidural because of the pain. Is that going to be me? Am I really going to be able to go through the whole labor process without any pain meds? I know that I really want to but really that means nothing when you are going through it. I am not going to feel bad if I do end up getting an epidural but like I said, as of right now, thats not what I want to happen. I want to experience this birth..even if its painful. Does that make sense?? Matt knows what I want and at first I think he though I was crazy but now, after going to our Lamaze classes and learning more about all of our options, he agrees with me. I feel confident in having him there as my birth partner. I am just not sure how he will be able to handle me in pain...he is not so good with that. I am hoping my mom will be there too and I may have to email her some stuff to read before hand so she knows whats going to happen and what I want.

So I finally finished all of the Thank You cards for our surprise shower in MD. There were quite a few to write but luckily its been kind of slow at work so I was able to just bust them out here and send them off. I feel so generic after writing the first few...I felt like I kept saying the same thing over and over. Oh well...its the thought that counts right?? I will have one more set of cards to write after our last shower but that shouldn't be too many. Its the least i can do after so many wonderful people have bought us so much stuff for this little guy.

We are still deciding on which pictures to blow up from our Maternity shoot but our photographer did post some on her website. Here is the link in case you want to see some, http://www.beachykeenphotography.com/2.html . We are the first set of pictures...all the way until the beach shot where we are laughing. We have a lot more to choose from but she put a good selection on her site.

Well I guess that is it for right now....

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34 weeks 1 day!

I can't believe that I have 41 days left...freakin crazy. Actually if you think about it, I could deliver anytime after 37 weeks and that is in 3 weeks! Phew..I still feel so unprepared and yet very anxious to meet this little man.

There has been a lot going on the last few days. Mainly its the fires in San Diego that have me the most worried. THis is the largest fire that I can remember in the county. I have pretty much spoken to all my friends and so far everyone is doing fine...a few have been evacuated from their homes and since let back in but it is still hard not to worry about them. The winds are so unpredictable that anything can happen. I am just happy that they say the weather should get better. I just keep watching the local news on-line and keeping up with the evacuations. Its really hard being this far away from your loved ones and not be able to do anything to help them.

I had an OB Appt this morning and everything is going really good with my little man. My BP is fine and so is my weight...I have gained a total of 32 lbs so far...not great but not horrible either. I dont' feel like there is a lot I could do different right now..my appetite is changing and I can't eat as much. I feel like I did back in the first trimester when nothing really sounded great and then I got full very fast. The doc said its normal and its just that the baby is pushing on everything causing me to fill up faster...totally makes sense! I am also having a really hard time with heartburn and acid reflux...it is killing me at night. I have to be careful not to eat anything late and/or eat a lot in one sitting. The doc said I could also take some Pepcid AC if I like so I might try some of that.

I have been thinking a lot about how I want my birth to go..I really want to try for a natural birth. I know I commented on this in my last post but I bought this great book over the weekend and I am convinced that if this does happen to be a "normal" birth with no complications then there is no reason that I can't get through the birth without any meds. The book I got is "Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth". Ina May is a midwife that has been practicing for a long time..she is also the author of Spiritual Midwife. The first part of the book is birht stories..all of them are about women that had natural births and how they each got through the birht process. It is very inspiring. The second part of the book (which I haven't made it through yet) talks about the techniques that Ina May and her fellow midwives teach their patients and how to apply them yourself. Even though we will be having a hostpital birth, I feel lucky that our hospital seems very keen to let you labor in different ways and to not push you to do things you odn't want to do. If I want to walk then I can walk..etc. I have no idea how my labor will actually go but I think I will be prepared for whatever happens and just roll with the punches or in this case the "rushes". Smile

I think that is it for now. Here are my weekly belly shots..not a lot of change from last week but I do feel huge!

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35 weeks 1 day!

Happy Halloween!!

Boy it is getting close! I can't believe that I will probably be meeting my son in about a month...it is soo exciting!

We had our hospital tour monday night..it was nice seeing where everything is going to happen. From what I have seen, the nurses are going to be great and very helpful. DH will be quite uncomfortable in the recliners they have but there isn't much we can do about that except bring extra pillows. I am going to have to get our hospital bags together soon too..I need to make a list of everything to take.

I am so excited about this weekend. I have one of my friends from junior high coming up from Florida and my last baby shower is on Saturday. It is going to be so much fun to see her and hang out. Its been a long time since we have seen each other. My mom is also coming to the shower..I can't wait to see her either..i need some MOM time. She hasn't seen me since sometime in June or July so she is gonig to be quite surprised at how big I am. I can't wait to have her feel him moving around too. I am goign to tell her about my birth plan and what i am hoping she will be able to do for me when I go into labor. I spoke to some other friends yesterday about my "natural" birth plan and I think they were quite shocked that I didn't want any drugs. I love them but I knew they would react that way...maybe it is nieve of me to think that I can do it without drugs and maybe I will want an epidural in the end BUT this is MY birth plan. They each had their own experience with labor and while I do take to heart what they say and their opinions..what I really need is people to support me and help me to make my birth plan a success. Does that make sense??? Anyway, I am going to talk to my mom about my birth plan and hope that she understands what I want to do.

Well the weather has finally cooled down a little bit here..it is soo nice to not be sweating each time I walk outside and we were able to turn off our AC. I love fall. the only thing is that I realized I don't have a lot of maternity pants...the capri's i have won't work when its 50 outside. Smile So I stopped in at Kohls during lunch today and found a pair of Kahkis and a shirt..both were on sale sot hat was nice. I think I am going to wear the outfit on Saturday too for the shower.

I wrote a list today of the things that we still needed to get before baby arrives..there isn't a lot but there are a few "big" items on there...

changing table
crib mattress
Pack n play
diaper bag
nursing bras
extra car seat base
changing pad/changing pad cover
slipcover for the boppy

There is more but those are the essentials..there rest are just luxuries or things we can get once he is born. We will see what comes off of that list after this weekends shower. Smile

Here is an updated belly shot for the week:

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36 Weeks! 28 days to go. :eek:

Things are going good...yes I am feeling quite uncomfortable but I think I am doing pretty good for the most part. Even Matt said so last night..he said that he really hadn't heard me complain too much..as he says "not like some of the other pregnant women I have heard about." LOL The only thing that is really killing me is this acid reflux...i think this guy is going to have a full head of hair when he is born.

We had a really good weekend. Heather, Patrick and Casey came up from Jacksonville FL and sepnt the weekend. We also had our last shower on saturday afternoon. It turned out great too, even though half the people didn't show up. That was a little frustrating but what are you going to do? We got some great stuff too..my mom made us a beautiful baby blanket and matching gown and hat. I am going to have him wear that for his hospital pictures. He will look so great in it. Also Heather made us a beautiful white blanket and matching hat...not to mention the very cute pirate onesis she found....I think that will be his take home outfit. Heathers dad made us this wooden boat rocker..it is soo freaking cute. I was so surprised by it..he is so talented. I am going to take some pictures tonight of everything and post it. We also got a ton of diapers and wipes so we are set in that department. We are very blessed....almost everything we have has been given to us. There are still a few things we need but for the most part can take our time getting. I am hoping to find a good deal on them. Actually I want to take a trip down to Myrtle Beach this weekend to do some shopping. They have some outlets and then we can also check out their target, walmart and toysrus...who knows, we may find something we just love there.

Well there really isn't too much going on this week for once. No classes to go to..just time for Matt and I to hang out. Its actually kind of nice to not have anything scheduled and Matt has been taking care of all the dinners since he is on this diet now. So that relieves work for me at home each night.

Well here is my weekly belly shot:

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36 weeks 1 day

I had my doc appt today and all went really well. They did my Group B test which didn't hurt at all and then she checked me for dilation. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Some girls on the December board were saying how much it hurt so I was expecting a lot worse. It really didn't feel any different than a yearly exam. The doc said I wasn't dialated at all but I am softening a bit so things are moving right along! I have my next appt next thursday to do it all again. We will see if there are any changes then. She also got the doppler out and checked his heart rate which she only put on there for a sec so I didn't really get to hear it. I felt kind of rushed for some reason today but whatever. I had my Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book with me and the doc asked me about it...she said she hadn't heard of it before. I was a little surprised at this as I thought it might have been qutie popular. When I told her about the book, she seemed a little surprised at my choice to want to have a natural birth. She wasn't discouraging me but she did want me to be open minded since this is my first child..i totally understand that too and I will be. Believe me if the pain is more than I can handle then I will be asking for the Epidural but I at least want to try to go natural. She then asked me why I hadn't seen any of the midwives in the practice...totally valid quesiton and I guess I just never really thought about it. I have always just been scheduled with the doctors. Anyway, we will see how things go..i am just going to be open to the experience and hope that it goes well. I pretty much decided that I am not really going to discuss my birth plan with anyone that is not directly involved...I just keep getting these weird looks and everyone wants an explanation for why I want to do it that way. They will then tell me all about their experience and how I am crazy to not want drugs. Oh well..to each his own I guess.

The only other thing going on today is that the cervical exam she gave me this morning has made me spot a little brown blood. I had heard of that happening so i wasn't totally thrown off guard but i wish she would have said something to be at the appt. Next time I am goign to make sure to have a panty liner with me and to wear a semi-old pair of underwear. I dont' want to ruin another nice pair.

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36 weeks 3 days

I am so glad its friday! This week really seemed to be dragging by so its nice that it finally over. We don't have all that much planned this weekend...Matt volunteered to go into work tomorrow so I have the day to myself. I plan on attenting a La Leche League meeting at our local breast feeding center in the morning and then getting fitted for a nursing bra while I am there. After that I am going to hit a few of our consignment and thrift stores to see if I can find any good used furniture for the nursery. I am just going to take it easy and do whatever I want to do...I haven't had one of those days in a while. Smile

I think this little man is starting to drop lower...I went out for my lunch hour to get a few things and noticed that it was really hard to walk around. I kept feeling a lot of pressure low in my pelvis making it hard to not want to hold my belly up. I think I am going to use the maternity belt that I have at home tomorrow to help with that. It seems like he is getting ready...

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37 Weeks! Yahoo!

We made it to full term! Its very exciting and nerve racking that he could come anytime now. Smile When I started this journey way back in March, it was really hard to believe that I would be sitting here at 37 weeks just waiting to hold this little boy in my arms. I remember going to my 8 week ultrasound just a bundle of nerves because I wasn't sure if his heart would still be beating...now look at us...his nursery is pretty much ready and stocked...family is on call and the last of our classes is tonight. What a journey. Now if we could only decide on a name! I really never thought we would have this much of a problem deciding on one. Ethan is winning the poll on the baby's website (see signature for the link) but Mason is right behind it. I know that the decision will probably be a lot easier once he is born and we can look him in the eye...we will know at that point.

Here are my updated Belly Shots for the week. I added some from a few weeks ago for comparison so you can see that yes I think I have in fact dropped just a little bit....

35 weeks/36 weeks/37 weeks

Front shots of the same weeks:

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Ok so I finally uploaded more pictures of the wonderful gifts we received at our last shower.

This is a boat rocker that my best friends dad made for us..isn't it beautiful??

Here are some things my mom made for baby. The first is a blanket and gown. We are going to be bringing the gown to the hospital for his first pirctures...won't he look so handsome? She also made the duck swaddle blanket and then bought the nursing covers for us.

Heather made this blanket and hat for us..isn't it cute??

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37 weeks 2 days

Well the verdict is in...I am officially dilated! 1 cm dilated and that was a week ago. Yes you read right..a week ago. I thought the doctor had told me that I was just softening with no dilation but what she wrote on my chart was that I was fingertip dilated or rather 1cm. YAY!! This is exciting. I decided today that I didn't want to get checked...I really didn't see the need for it and after I spotted for about 24 hours last time, I didn't want to go through that again if I didn't have to. Well I probaly would have made a different decision if I had known that I was already dilating some. Oh well. My doctor told me that I will be fine as long as I don't have any kind of regular contractions....which I haven't had. She did say that I was ahead of schedule and to maybe expect this little man a little bit early. My bets are on the week after Thanksgiving. I am totally cool with that! We have ordered the pack n play and some other necessities...my aunt ordered the changing table for us (YAY)..other than needing my hospital and baby bag packed we are looking pretty good. I am going to take a trip to Target this weekend since we still have some gift cards and get the last of the little stuff we need..you know, the milk storage bags, the boppy cover, etc.

oh and onto other stats..my BP was great, babys heartbeat sounded wonderful and he kept moving from the doppler, I have gained another 2 lbs which puts me at 38 lbs total :eek:. The doctor said I was ok though and that it was probably water weight...matt did say that he thought I was getting cankles last night! Smile

I also found out some great news today. My good friend Natalie is coming up for Thanksgiving!!! I am so excited to see her. I did warn her that she may see a baby being born but she was totally fine with that! NO matter what happens, it is just going to be nice to have her here. I can't wait to show her the nursery too!

Well I think that is it for now. I am so glad that this week is over..I am just pooped out and in need of a nice long sleep!

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38 weeks!

Well time is winding down here...it is so exciting to think that in just a few weeks (if not sooner) I will be holding my little man in my arms. WOW..that is exciting and crazy all at the same time! So things are progressing pretty well I think, I have been having a lot of BH's lately so I am hoping that I am more than 1cm dilated at my appt tomorrow. I am getting increasingly more uncomfortable and just anxious to meet him. We have just about everything ready...my Aunt and Uncle in AK bought us our changing table which arrived last week and the pack n play will be here tomorrow. The only big thing we still dont' have is the Glider but that can wait for right now. I really want to find one used and that is not that easy in this town. I watch the websites daily to see if anyone is selling one but each time I have been too late. Oh well, I am sure one will come our way.

So we still cannot decide on a name though we have added one more to the list. This one is quite special to me as it is my grandfathers name, Jack. We talked about jack when we first found out we were pregnant but we decided against it for some reason. In the last week both Matt and I have thought about Jack..separately...weird huh? I had a dream that when the baby was born, he looked just like my grandpa and I said we should name him Jack. Matt said that he was in the shower one day and he thought of Jack and said he really liked it...we could have fun with it and call him jack jack. LOL Anyway so we started to think about middle names and I REALLY like Jack Owen R.... THis name is now my top name. I dont' want to tell my family that we are thinkging about it so in case we don't use it, I haven't gotten their hopes up. Speaking of that..if you know me IRL and are reading this..do not say anything about this name choice..at least not yet.

I had to laugh last night about somethign DH said. So we have two dogs and they both sleep inside at night. Every once in a while, Rory, will have to go outside a few times in the middle of the night...well last night was one of these nights so Matt was getting very frustrated. He says..You darn dogs, I can't get a wink of sleep.. LOL I just smiled to myself and though ohhhhh just wait until this baby is born!

Ok so I usually have my belly pictures to post here but I forgot to take them this morning so I will post them later tonight once I get home.

38 week pics: