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My journal

I guess I'll start this journal with the pregnancy that ended on 11/17/2006.

I found out I was pregnant on October 6th. I was only 8 dpo. I had just gotten home from $tree with my monthly supply of pregnancy tests. Even though it was only 8dpo and not even fmu, I just couldn't resist taking one. The whole time that I was in the bathroom, I was laughing at myself for being so ridiculous. Until, that is, I saw a faint, faint line.

I tested again in the morning and the line was a lot more visible. So it was official. I was pregnant! I remember how excited I was. Me and dh decided to tell the kids right away since we're so rotten at keeping secrets. My daughter was thrilled, my son couldn't be bothered. He said it was too far away to bother thinking about it.

I went for my first appointment at 5 weeks and the dr confirmed I was pregnant.