My miracle baby...

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My miracle baby...

I wanted to post earlier but wanted to make it through the six week mark, that is when I tend to miscarry and didn't want to start writing only to close yet another chapter. 9 weeks tomorrow and I am so excited as well as your daddy and siblings.
I have been so sick, was put on meds b/c of the weight loss but all in all these are great signs. I had my first u/s at 7 weeks and you measured six days larger tham my actual gestation, very good sign. Your hb was 158, we saw your buds, head and brain forming, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Picture perfect.
Had anothr appt yesterday and they took 6 viles of blood from me, had to potty twice in two separate cups, thank goodness I had OJ and a bottled water. I did not gain or lose any weight, doc was pleased I did not lose weight. Still measuring bigger than what I actually am. I get to see my doctor all the way through my preg and he will deliver this baby, so very pleased with that. I feel so blessed to have him as my doctor, him and dh talk about hunting and fishing all the time.

I love you dearly and am so happy to be preg even if I am sick as h#ll, this to shall pass.

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Hello sweet baby!!! You are making your presence known, was so sick yesterday BUT today is a better day, thank you!! I can wash clothes, do dishes, put clothes away and eat!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
I feel so happy kowing we hit the 9 week mark, I know you are a keeper.
Today Pres. Bush was re-elected, I am so happy!! I told your daddy we should name you(middle name) if you are a boy of course, Walker, such a strong middle name!!!! He laughed at me. I am starting to show which brings tears to my face, finally all those maternity clothes will be worn proudly!!!
Your brother and sisters are so excited, Katie and Kelsey want you to be a girl so they can dress you up like a doll, she came across her baby pictures and finally admitted to me that she was dressed like a princess!! Of course, she is a blessing as well as all of our children.
Nick wants a brother, says there are way too many females in our home, including pets!!!
We have Godparents waiting for you, they are our best friends and have been so supportive of all the fertility tests that allowed you to be a part of our family. Thank you God!!!
I love you more than you will ever know and thank you for allowing me to feel better today!!! YAY!!!

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Hello my sweet baby!!!

Today the phone rang with the Women's Center on the other end which alarmed me because they said they would not be calling unless my blood results came back bad. Shudder!!!!
Blood test all came back fine, the CF test negative but my pap smear came back irregular. What???
The nurse said the doctor will want to do a colposcopy and I said I don't think so not with my history of m/c. She had me hold the phone and sure enough my exact words were his exact words. I had this when pregnant with dd #1, after 8 years of not being least making it to the 7 week mark is confusing my body!!!
No need to get upset...been there done that type of attitude is what I have. I have no control over it so we will see after the baby is born what lies ahead.

Other than feeling tired and nauseous I am doing good!!! Tummy is out there and there is no denying we are not pregnant!!! HOORAY!!!
Love and hugs and kisses to you baby!!!

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The two youngest kids and myself are sick with colds....YUCK!!!
I have sinus drainage anyway so the excess is making me very sick!!! Having the kids home today DOES NOT allow me to nap although I am going to make them nap whether I am met with resisitance or not.
Very cold here with the wind howling at 50 mph.

I really don't feel the m/s right now, hopefully it is moving on out, I can only hope!!!
Much love and hugs to you sweet one, as I was washing dishes I just cannot believe I am pregnant, it does not seem real to me, I am filled with much joy in my heart.

Katie your oldest sister(14) asked if she could come to the u/s where hopefully we find out the sex of the baby, she has been reserved about the whole process so I feel she is reaching out and wanting to be a part of this wonderful miracle. We are going to ask the doctor if he and daddy can help deliver the baby, he is very open to things like this as long as no complications occur which we don't foresee!!!

Much love, hugs and kisses to you sweet one, I so much am in love with you!!!

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Good Morning my precious joy!!!
Had a pretty good weekend, no throwing up just queasy and we can handle that!! Really starting to expand in the waistline area!! Wow, my Joe Boxer sweats are feeling extremely snug, wow!!!

I turn 40 in three days, I don't feel it or look it so that makes me feel all the better. I hear comments all the time on being 40 and pregnant and how awful it must be, if they only knew how wonderful it is, my dh says they are jealous, I agree. It is a breath of fresh air and I feel so blessed.

I am praying the m/s is leaving our house, I think everyone is really ready for mom to get back to a semi-normal lifestyle. Delegating more chores on our three children has been an event.
The 14 year old is in charge of her laundry and she just thinks I am being so mean...boohoo!!!!
Kelsey our 10 year old is very sensitive and wants to help out in any way, she is a helper.
Nick our 8 year old is one who observes, he helps but only when asked by his dad or when his sister's demand it, what a three ring circus!!! Wink

We are very anxious to see you my sweet baby, I know the m/s is all worth it but it sure will be nice when it disappears all together!!!
Time to clean and eat more!!!!
We sure love you more than you will ever know, sleep tight...

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Nov. 16th, 2004...11 weeks today and boy what a milestone!!!

Good Morning My Sweet Baby!!

I have a horrible cold where the cough is relentless and my sinuses are draining like a faucet left on full blast. The m/s has eased up a great deal but this drainage is making me sick to my stomach!!
I am getting my full appetite back which is very scarey but I am still walking two-three miles a day. Every little bit of exercise helps so at least I am doing something!!

We leave for Lincoln this Friday for band competition which will be a long drive but so much fun, they have "real" malls which is always nice!!

A few days ago I started feeling flutters, compared to going down a roller coaster. How very exciting..can't wait for the baby to start kicking so the kids can feel it and of course dh!!!

Doctor and u/s appt. Nov. 29..we are very excited to see the changes the baby is making!!

Love and kisses to you sweet baby!!! xoxoxoxo

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Hello my sweet baby!!!!
11 w 1 day...Nov. 17, 2004

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday and honestly I could not be any happier, 40 and pregnant..I told dh that for my birthday I wanted to be pregnant and that is the best gift anyone could ever ask for!!

I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, the scent is wonderful.

I figured out why I was so sick the other night, I took two medications which counteracted each other, I took one for sinuses running and cough syrup for the cough but I should have taken one or the other..oh well, feeling 100% better today!!!

Tummy is really starting to make it's presence, it is so exciting and my friends cannot keep their hands off of my tummy which is so funny, but they have been through my heartache and are now celebrating with me.

We are going to the Country Club tomorrow night with some friends and it should be fun, I really enjoy good friends and good food.

Time to clean but remember we love you more than you will ever know!!! xoxoxoxo