My story -Getting pregnant after having postnatal psychosis

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My story -Getting pregnant after having postnatal psychosis

Hi! You can call me Melly. I am 32 years old.
At the moment we are trying hard to conceieve our second child. An exciting time, but also a scary time for me given what happened after the birth of my fist child.
I am very lucky to have a beautiful, healthy little girl, but five days after giving birth I developed a condition I had not even heard of called Postnatal Psychosis. Basically I losted touch with reality and had to be hospitalised. It was three weeks before I was able to go home, and as a saftey precaution I was urged to stay on medication for 18 months or so after my illness.
My daughter is now 26months old. I have been off medication since August and feel that it is time to complete our family. My husband has been ready for quite some time to have another child, I on the other hand have needed more time to prepare myself for the journey. A journey I wish to share. So for now we will keep try to get pregnant and let you know what happens as the weeks go by,
Melly Wink