Navy mom expecting #2

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Navy mom expecting #2

So Ive never done an online journal but I'm completely stressed, need somewhere to vent and would like to be able to remember everything (i didnt do this with my first and i dont remember much of anything.) I'm also a really bad speller lmao, so bare with me. Ok so here we go...

A little history: my name is Brenda, Im 20 yrs old and 8 wks pregnant. I'm happily married to my husband Jason, who is in the Navy. I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella who is turning one Aug. 11!!:happybday:

I found out I was pregnant on the 16th of July. It wasnt really a surprise, we weren't trying but we weren't not trying either if you know what i mean lol. We already got to hear the heartbeat and dh was super excited, he wasn't home for any of the app. with Isabella so he thought it was the coolest thing kinda stressfull being pregnant now though because my dh gets shipped out 3 mths after the baby is born and will be out for 9 months. He was gone for Isabella's first christmas and when she learned to crawl and first words, and first steps, ect. and now it will happen all over again!! I know this is the life we signed up for blah blah blah, but it still sucks!!:sad11: We are based 1700 miles from all of my family so if anyone does make it out for the birth they cant stay very long and its gonna cost out the wazoo. UGH! Enough about that for now I promise this whole thing won't be a rant, well i hope not lol!! My first pregnancy was absolutly awsome no m/s no stitches no problems what so ever....... then here comes this kid, lol. I have been diagnosed with acid reflux so I'm on some meds which makes me nauseous as all get out. My left overie is severly inflamed which is causing major lower back pain. I dont remember any of these little cramps and pains with Isabella!! Im really hoping it subsides pretty soon.

I'm not gonna post any belly pics till im actually pretty big,(I might with a shirt on.. maybe) but I didnt lose all of the weight after my first, lol so you really dont want to see this.